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MP3 Echo's Aim - Echo's Aim

Modern Rock. Along the lines of: Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Crossfade, 7 Mary 3, Three Doors Down etc.

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ROCK: Modern Rock, ROCK: Hard Rock

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When the Walls Fall Down
Band: Echo''s Aim
Genre: Modern Rock

Mercury, a liquid metal
That''s how this feels...a silkier version of a lot of the metal I hear, generally. I think I''d attrivute that to the singer: his delivery brings out an innocence that the destructive riffs counter in their vehemence. That opening guitar riff shreds. It sounds like something coming straight from the depths...reminds me of the Deftones, or the F*cking Champs. The hook is right where I''d expect it...the song opens up to allow the listener a chance to breathe. This performance is exceptional...the drummer holds it down, keeping me waiting for the next change. Generally, I''m not a huge fan of this type of song, but I think this one could be a grower. If I could change anything, I think I''d look for more jam time...an opening for a solo before that last chorus.
- MorganFreemason from Charlottesville, Virginia on 25Jul2006

The vocals in this mix are a bit too faded for my liking, sounds like the lead has a strong voice and should be the cornerstone of this song. The mix of the other artists is well thought out, but those vocals need to come at me a bit more. 2:19 like the background effect of the guitar, but also needs to be brought out to make that part a hightlight in the song, leave the chords in the back, and bring that back guitar forward and rip through that peaceful air. Good lyrics, catchy song, everything is good, but lyrics are too quiet.
- pbrouwers from Union Grove, Wisconsin on 22Jul2006

good track
I like this one alot. Only complaint is maybe you should turn the vocals up just a bit. In parts the awesom guitar is somewhat masking what the singer is saying. Other than that this is an awesome song. It always good to hear a good rock song as there is not many true rock songs out there.
- Emrotica from Hays, North Carolina on 20Jul2006

beavis and butthead
would love this track!

as such, i quite like it too.

good riffage, good vocals... it''s all a bit quiet too. better production would be well deserved here.

oof great drums.

- spytim from Paisley, United Kingdom on 20Jul2006

bang your head
Good head thrashin intro. The performance sounds solid though, so that''s the good news. Diggin the vocal harmonys. Sounds like like a Metallica-meets-Shinedown tune. Enjoying the vocals the most on this track. The chord bangin gets kind of old after a while. Underlaying a palm-muted section in the second verse might help build it up a bit. It''d be cool to get a harmony on that last high ''known'' to really cap off the song. Not a bad tune...most of the issues are in the mix...a good take on straight-ahead modern rock.
- Jaek from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 19Jul2006

I dig this!!hard to believe that something this heavy could be so melodic,this is one riveting and grinding intro riff that makes a statement as soon as the song begins!aside from the production keep on doing this,also I''m not too impressed with how it ended and could have used some crazy guitar work coming on to the end in that space between vocals,but hey!!!It''s great work guys!
- gary4inniss from Jamaica, New York on 8Sep2006

I liked the intro. Good punch when the whole band comes in.

I like the chorus. Very smooth and sing song. Good melody presented there.

Solid vocal tone. Very clean and clear. Doesn''t try to do too much.

I like the arrangement. You didn''t try to do too much with it. Nice and symmetrical.
- Brad_SfG from Grand Forks, North Dakota on 7Sep2006

this track rocks you guyz really have something going with this tune def would like to hear more
- kimaic2000 from Fall River, Massachusetts on 6Sep2006

Close to the cuban...
THis is radio friendly hard rock done almost to perfection but it feels like everthing is hloding back, and never seems to REALLY go over the top.

It sounds nore like a live track than a studio recording, which I do not think you were looking for since the musicianship is excellent.

I would say very close, but no Cuban yet. good job....
- dandman71 from Saint Petersburg, Florida on 5Sep2006

very progressive
new age...john is that you ! did you die or did you fake that cuz this sounds like something i never heard before very industrial yet has meaning and integration
- LM from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 3Sep2006

Just great, all the points are hit upon, If ya dig thrash mtl u''ll love this, Nice production and good playin strut ur stuff,
Nice hook and good arrangement and the words hit home
- evrdman from Granada Hills Ca., Usa, California on 2Sep2006

very good bass sound!!...a tipical classical hard rock song...lead vocal is good but to comon!performance is good ..lyrics are interesting!
- thegreyeminence from Alba Iulia, Romania on 30Aug2006

A Message From Me to You
Band: Echo''s Aim
Genre: Modern Rock

I''m on the fence
This is not a bad song at all, so please don;t mistake my critiques below. I''m a fan of the feeling and also of the performance overall, but I''m not sure if I like the song too much; here are the things that popped out to me upon listening. I''m not a huge proponent of the synth keyboard line, especially as it overshadows everything else in the mix. I do not like the drawn-out vocal before the chorus...especially because as it is held, it loses its pitch. (Same should be said at the 2:25 mark) Evanescence and Linkin Park correlates in the verse, but more of a Chris Cornell chorus. - MorganFreemason from Charlottesville, Virginia on 27Jul2006

nice harmonics
Nice use of natural harmonics in the intro! I always thought that was a great modern rock hook idea. I think you should bury it a little more in the verse, because that''s going to get old going through the whole song though...it''s been continuous for a minute and a half now. Vocal wise, singer has a good voice for the genre, but sometime seems to be searching for pitch in the tune...could be because of the types of chords you''re using or whatever, but it gets a little iffy at times. Overall a good performance in that department though. Song wise, I would hit sooner with the chorus...only getting two 8-bar choruses in after 3 minutes isn''t so great...after that time length for a song like this, I should know what part to be expecting again, and at this point I''m not really sure where the track is going. You easily have at least a minute of instrumental riffs...some of that could be trimmed to tighten up the track.

Overall a pretty good tune though! Keep up the good work.
- Jaek from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 25Jul2006

definately good
definitely a head nodder. i like the guitar effect and when the whole band kicks in it''s great. The voice is good too but turn it up needs to be louder!!!! great tuner!
- DESHEVLD from Hudson, New Hampshire on 23Jul2006

The intro really implies caution to me, which is a pretty interesting feeling to get out of modern rock music. The guitar riffs are mixed perfect. The mix overall is great. Well produced. I really dig that mysterious feeling this song brings. At 2:00 and I am getting kind of tired by the repetition, wait here we go, that change up was needed. Vocals are good, but could be brought to the front a little, lead seems to have a good voice, put some focus on that. That mysterious tune is what I am left with, and I like that. Good job, play with the mix a bit.
- pbrouwers from Union Grove, Wisconsin on 22Jul2006

good guitar work
but i think u need to get ur hands on some mesa boogie dual rec''s for the guitar sound u need.

good vocals and really nice harmonic thing going on in the background.

this song is pretty cool. seems to be building towards an almighty bang... i hope.

there we go!

good stuff guys, keep it up.
- spytim from Paisley, United Kingdom on 20Jul2006

The intro is too long
The vocals are fine. Kinda cliche. The hamonic guitars remind me of Linkin Park. The song is fone.
- sangrone from Tucson, Arizona on 19Jul2006

Linkin Intro
I like the bass/guitar intro, which seems to be Linkin Park influence shining though. I also like how this part shows up on numerous occasions later in the song. This leads me to believe that the band knows its strengths.
The chorus is a nice display of subtle contrast, mainly due to the vocals. The vocal pattern starts of at a progressive pace, only to end with a drawn out vocal that compliments the rest of the band.
The chorus is good, but not all it could be. The guitar distortion sounds like a small amps built in distortion. With a crisper tone and possibly a hint of flange, the choruses weak spot could be it''s hot spot.
The bridge of this song is simple, and doesn''t show me anything the rest of the song hadden''t already, but it works to say the least.
- Comlag from North Muskegon, Michigan on 19Jul2006

Loved it
At the start of this. I had to go turn on my keyboard to see what you were doing. For us keyboard players, granted you have it tuned up or down, if not null and void. Eflat, f#, b, is beautiful.I continued to play with this and see just how hard it was to catch on. Nice changes..

Though I think the pitch quality could use some attention, I am soo glad to hear someone who is not trying to sound like someone else. You have a style all of your own. No auto tune, just you. Work on the pitch here and there is all I have to https://www.tradebit.comk on fine tuning it.I hear so many songs of this nature that are not real hard to pick notes out, real repetative. Vocals especially try hard to mimmic thier favorite artist, not so much intentionally, just happens that way. Everyone should learn from their favorite artists yes, but not become them. They have already been discovered and there are thousands out there that could do the same thing witch is why you never hear of them.
You have nothing to worry about. I loved it.5 for you..
- Venda from Jesup, Georgia on 5Aug2006

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