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Facebook Fan Page Traffic Secrets Pack +2 Mystery BONUSES

Get 9 HOT products on "Facebook Fan Page Traffic", along with two Mystery BONUSES!

If you want to make money from Facebook fan pages, then this package is for you! Listed below are the 9 products you will get as part of the package:

Product 1. Facebook Marketing Extreme - with Master Resell Rights:

This complete course will show you step by step how you can harness the power of Facebook to market to its users and drive insane amounts of highly targeted traffic to your site.

You will discover how to use free traffic methods as well as how and why to use highly targeted Facebook ads so that you can decide which ways (or both) to use for your internet marketing needs.

Here's A Peek Into What You Will Discover, When You Download The "Facebook Marketing Extreme" guide:

* How to get huge amounts of niche-targeted Facebook friends quickly.

* Free techniques to generate floods of traffic to your websites using Facebook.

* Secret script that will get tons of members to your group.

* Underground tips to make your fan page or group go viral quickly.

* Establish yourself as an authority in your niche, quickly.

* How and why to use Facebook Ads as most targeted traffic source on the internet.

* How to maximize your Facebook exposure.

* 2 case studies that paint a picture of how Facebook ads work best to help you instinctively grasp it better than if you were poring over "fine print" guidelines.

* A tip about one particular sort of product to create that helped PayPal process over $5 million in sales for this item alone, last year.

* An actual example of 11 ways to support your Facebook Advertising - to help you make sure you have covered all the angles.

* A closer look at the Facebook platform, which will allow you to make sure you include these 3 key ingredients

* A basic overview of Facebook ad creation and payment options that will help you decide on the spot if it could fit into your marketing plan.

* An unflinching look at the "down" side of Facebook ads - and what you need to be aware of.

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:


1. Section 1: The Free Traffic Power Of Facebook
-How to get targeted Facebook friends quickly
-You have friends, now what?
-Ways to get free traffic with Facebook
-Status updates
-Posting links in groups
-Create your own groups
-Facebook Fan Pages
-Facebook Marketplaces
-Videos and photos
-Creating Events
-Invite ALL your friends - Secret
-Underground tips

2. Section 2: Facebook Social Ads Exposed
-How Facebook Social Ads Work
-A Case Study: Zynga's "Farmville"
-The Importance of Planning and Facebook Users

3. Section 3: Getting Down to Business
-The Facebook Platform
-Facebook Ad Creation - The Process
-What's the Deal with Facebook Beacon?
-Facebook Fans
-Do Keywords Still Matter?
-What Type of Events or Items Can I Advertise?
-Should Facebook Ads Replace Google AdWords?

4. Section 4: Maximize your Facebook exposure
-Sweepstakes and Contests
-Facebook Social Ad Branding
-Facebook Marketing Solutions
-Facebook Fan Pages
-7 Tips for Making the Most of your Facebook Fan Page:
-Facebook Groups

5. Section 5: The Down Side of Facebook Ads
-9 Facebook Ad Mistakes
-The Privacy Issue

You Also Get This Over-The-Shoulder Tutorial Video And See Exactly What You Have To Do To Build A Viral Facebook List, Using Facebook Groups. This Easy To Follow Step By Step Video Will Reveal:

* How to set up your own Facebook group - to use as your own marketing push button cash machine.

* How to make this group go viral so that you have a huge Facebook "subscriber" list.

* How to use it to make targeted friends easily.

* How to market this group for every penny's worth.

* How to use a Secret script to get loads of group members almost instantly.

You Also Get This Insider's Report Free, To Discover How Facebook Can Skyrocket Your Business. This Insider's Report Will Show You:

* Why to use Facebook for marketing and how to do it effectively.

* What Facebook Advertising is and why you should consider it

* Benefits of Facebook advertising.

* How Facebook ads work and the mechanics thereof.

* Free ways to market on Facebook.

* 7 Tips to get traffic with viral Facebook marketing.

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Introduction

2. Why use Facebook to market your website and how do you do it?

3. What is Facebook Advertising and why should you consider it?

4. Facebook Advertising Benefits

5. Does SEO still apply?

6. Why Profile Pages Are Your Friends

7. The Mechanics of Facebook ads

8. Free Ways To Market On Facebook

9. 7 Tips To Get Traffic With Facebook Viral Marketing

10. Recommended resources to check out

BONUSES: Here is the "extra" stuff you would get, along with the product:

BONUS #1: Facebook Marketing Extreme Social Networking Videos ($67 real value): This Video Series Features:

* A Collection of 24 Professionally Recorded Videos-This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about marketing on Facebook.

* The Advantages of Facebook Marketing- Before you actually start building up a Facebook empire, I want you to understand the advantages, so you can use them to their fullest extent.

* The Marketing Strengths of Facebook- Facebook is a very unique marketing tool. It is absolutely imperative that you understand how to best take advantage of this when beginning your marketing campaign.

* How To Setup and Customize Your Own Profile- Watch me over my shoulder as I create a Facebook account and customize it for marketing.

* Understanding the Facebook Wall & Newsfeed- I will share several techniques on how to use the Facebook wall and newsfeed to propel your marketing forward.

* How to Find and Add Friends- Discover how to find friends that are a perfect fit for your niche, so you can market to them.

* How to Use Fan Pages and Groups- I will show you the powerful aspects of using fan pages and groups in your Facebook marketing strategy.

* Powerful Networking Tips- Learn how to interact with others on Facebook in the best possible way, assuring the highest percentage of sales.

* Using Applications on Facebook- I will show you how to use the powerful applications tool to start a viral frenzy on Facebook.

* How to Create Your Own "Facebook Action Plan"- I will show you how to create your own action plan for dominating your niche on Facebook.

BONUS #2: A squeeze page template to help you build a list using Facebook


Product 2. Facebook Fan Page Script - with Private Label Rights:

What does it do?

Facebook Fan Page Script makes it simple for you to get more 'likes' for your fan page by using Facebook sharing, invites, Hidden Content, Product Downloads and Opt-in Integration - all from ONE easy to install script!

Facebook Fan Page Script is very simple to set up and customize


Product 3. Facebook Fan Page Blueprint - with Master Resell Rights:

This all comprehensive step-by-step blueprint will reveal:

* Why you should use Facebook to skyrocket your business.

* What Facebook Fan pages are and why you should create them.

* How to do Search Engine Optimization to drive more traffic to your fan pages.

* Step-by-step instructions with pictures to create your first viral fan page from start to finish.

* How to use traffic hubs to drive tons of traffic to your page.

* How to monetize your fan page to maximize your profits.

* Lots of *SECRET* ways to get massive amounts of fans for your page fast.

* How to BOOST your fans with Facebook Pay-per-click traffic.

* Secret scripts to literally FORCE people to become your fans.

* How to use CPA offers, Clickbank offers and other less known ways to squeeze MORE money from your fan page fans.

* How to flip your easy-to-create Facebook fan pages for HUGE profits.

And much more!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Introduction

2. Social Media Marketing - The simple explanation

3. Why Facebook?

4. Groups or fan pages?

5. So, what exactly are Facebook's fan pages?

6. SEO for Facebook Fan Pages

7. Time to create your first fan page

8. Directing traffic to our traffic hub

9. How to drive traffic to our fan page

10. Other ways to drive traffic to your pages

-Driving traffic from your fan pages to your blogs
-Applications for your fan pages
-Tagging and @ tagging feature
-@ Tagging feature
-The "suggest" feature

11. Monetize your fan pages for huge profits

12. Creating a nice looking ULR for your fan pages

13. Update on my fan page

14. Boost your fans with Facebook PPC!

15. Types of Fan pages To Create and Types of CPA/Clickbank Offers

16. Fan Pages + CPA offers

-Converting high involvement CPA offers

17. Squeeze even more money from your Fan Page

18. Flipping Fan Pages for profit

19. Conclusion

20. Recommended Resources and Bonuses


BONUS #1: "Hot Ideas For Viral Fanpages" will reveal:

* What viral fanpages are and why you should create them.

* How it is possible to get push-button traffic on demand with fanpages.

* Hot markets and niches to target for viral fanpages.

* Huge list of HOT ideas to use to create your own cash pumping fanpages.

BONUS #2: An AWESOME package of secret viral scripts and tools that include:

* FBML Source Code to create an easy 3 step viral fanpage for huge profits.

* Huge Fanpage and Group list to use for getting thousands of friends on autopilot.

* Select-all-friends code to invite all your friends to your page with the push of a button.

* The video source code to enable you to put videos in your fanpages.

BONUS #3: Here is the "extra" stuff you would get, along with the product:

a) A minisite, with graphics, salespage, and download page, to help you sell the product

b) A One time Offer Template!

c) Banners for Your Affiliates to Help Them Promote the Product

d) 8 Promo Articles to Help You Pre-sell the Product

e) Autoresponder e-course to Help You Pre-sell the Product


Product 4. Facebook Fanpage Dollars2 - Video Course with Private Label Rights:

Discover the Strategies I use to Dominate Any Niche - Using the Power of Facebook Fan Pages!

Facebook Fanpage Dollars2 is A Complete, Step-by-Step Course on How to Make $3000 A Month From Fanpages!

In This Package, You Will Get 8 Complimentary, Step-by-Step Videos:

Video 1 (a) - How to get 500+ Fans A Day, My Ultimate PPC Fanpage Strategy Exposed!

Video 1 (b) - How to get 500+ Fans A Day, My Ultimate PPC Fanpage Strategy Exposed! (part B)

Video 2 - How to outsource to the Philippines and get more fans!

Video 3 - How to make money from your Fanpages through CPA/Clickbank

Video 4 - How to use Fiverr Gigs to get more Fans to your Fanpage

Video 5 - How to interact with your Fans And Make More Money!

Video 6 - How to make money from Welcome Pages

Video 7 - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) + Fanpages

Video 8 - How to Sell Fanpages Offline!


Product 5: Facebook Iframe Domination - with Master Resell Rights:

Now You Can Create Awesome Facebook Fan Page from This Wordpress Minisite Template within Just 5 Minutes - GUARANTEED!

Introducing the "High-Conversion" Facebook Fanpage Wordpress Theme:

Fanpage Iframe Domination gives you everything you need in order to create a high conversion fanpage in less time and the best thing of all, it doesn't require you any technical knowledge in order to set up.

You won't find any theme on the market that offers benefits like Fanpage Iframe Domination does.

With Fanpage Iframe Domination, you will be able to:

* Create a fanpage in blazingly fast, using Wordpress blog - Easily edit your content and enhance your fanpage with plug-ins.

* Convert your Facebook traffic like crazy - Fanpage Iframe Domination is designed with conversion in mind and there's no doubt this theme won't convert.

* SEO-Friendly - Fanpage Iframe Domination is coded with semantic code, aid to the SEO of your fanpage.

* Powerful admin control panel - Fanpage Iframe Domination has more than 15 options to tweak your fanpage, so each fanpage will be pretty unique.

Stop Struggling with Cr*ppy Fanpage That Doesn't Convert Well And Let Fanpage Iframe Domination Do All The Work For You!


Here is the "extra" stuff you would get, along with the product:

a) A minisite, with graphics, salespage, and download page, to help you sell the product

b) Banners for Your Affiliates to Help Them Promote the Product


Product 6: LikeList Facebook Viral Traffic Script - with Master Resell Rights:

Having the internet marketer's needs in mind, I created what I believe to be the perfect Facebook viral marketing tool that works as an automatic way to make money on Facebook. It is maybe the best and easiest next-to-free way right now to generate a HUGE amount of leads and to multiply your list; it's designed to be as simple, easy and enjoyable to use as possible for the users, while as effective and easy to maintain as possible for the site owner.

Top benefits of using LikeList:

-After you set up your site and with literally next to zero promotion, by the time the first users start using your site, more users will follow, that will bring even more, and then EVEN MORE, etc, while you sit and watch your earnings skyrocket!

-The other huge part of LikeList is that all the entries of your sites are actually FACEBOOK PAGES. This means that if the top 50 entries have been liked by 100.000 people, then you have also 50 PAGES WITH 100.000 FANS, that you can send updates AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! And since the whole website is built around liking things, these numbers are easily achievable! You'll have a HUGE user base in no time!

-There is an integrated CMS with a full WYSIWYG editor, with which you can easily create pages integrated in the website (that can also be liked and be virally spread over Facebook!).

What, even THAT isn't enough for you? Well, there is even an integrated feature to add an e-mail sign up form with an "export as .csv" option.

-There are also features such as daily trending quotes, an integrated ad manager, full integration with other Facebook functions, and many more (check below)!

-On top of all these, you get the options to add social features to your site, like a comment box feature, or an activity feed that shows the users that did the latest likes. With all these, your visitors will not want to leave the site and will make it a money generating machine.

-Finally -and maybe the best of all: you can make a NETWORK of INTERCONNECTED sites, that grow on top of each other, and work as a really big automated site! My 3 TEST sites together get MORE THAN 50.000 daily visitors in a small country!

-LikeList is virtually bug free, it's fast and light for the user AND the server, it's easily customizable, it's REALLY secured, and the design and architecture are tweaked so to give the best feeling when browsing the site.

Most important and unique features are:

* Easy and efficient design.
* Supports Text, Image, YouTube likes.
* Practical admin panel providing many useful tools.
* Pinning feature - You can put a specific entry on top of all others, which can be a up as suggested in each page load (this can also be a text link or a banner!)
* You can add FULL HTML CUSTOMIZATION on any entry you enter from the admin panel.
* CMS with a fully functional WYSIWYG editor (so you can easily create additional pages for whatever you want).
* Integrated ad manager.
* Show trending, latest, top and random quotes, and the ability to sort these as you like.
* Optional "Add your e-mail" form.
* SEO friendly URLs.
* Social activity feed to show latest people that have liked something.
* Facebook comments on every page - your users can comment on each page, and it will also show up on their FACEBOOK profile, making this even more viral!
* Optional Facebook comment box - this works like a shout box, letting your users talk about anything.
* Security from spambots using Google's ReCaptcha technology.
* RSS feeds, to be used for SEO as well as anything else you could use them in!
* Ability to like whole pages.
* Adding and deleting entries.
* Users can report entries that should be deleted
* EVERYTHING you read above is easily customizable.


Product 7: Facebook Profit Secrets Video Course - with Master Resell Rights:

In This Video Course, You Will Learn Things Like:

* VIDEO #1: How To Set Up Your Facebook Account (1:43): This video helps to get you started on Facebook by showing you how to set up a new account.

* VIDEO #2: How To Create A Facebook Fan Page (1:48): Facebook fan pages have been used by many savvy online marketers to make a lot of money. This video shows you how to set up a fan page for your business.

* VIDEO #3: How To Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page (6:51): This video shows you some easy tips and tricks to make money with your Facebook fan page without spending any money at all.

* VIDEO #4: How To Make Money With Facebook Fan Page (3:02): Facebook groups (different from fan pages) can be used as a great marketing tool because they allow you to send mass emails to the group members for free. This video shows you how to create and use your Facebook group.

* VIDEO #5: How To Build An Email List With Your Fan Page (2:38): A large mailing list can be a great marketing tool. This video shows you how to build your mailing list by increasing the number of members in your Facebook group.

* VIDEO #6: How To Create A Facebook Group (2:38): Facebook advertising allows you to easily create and show ads to millions of Facebook users. This video shows you how to take advantage of this effective marketing tool.

* VIDEO #7: How To Grow Your Facebook Group (7:47): Before you starting spending money on Facebook ads, you need to know who your potential customers are. Use these market research tips to figure out the demographic of the customers that you should be targeting.

* VIDEO #8: How To Set Up Your Own Facebook Ads (3:17): By creating effective ads, you increase the likelihood that customers will click on them. This video shows you how to make ads that will increase the number of clicks you get.

* VIDEO #9: How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads (2:46): Facebook has to approve each ad before running it. Find out how to make sure that your ads are approved.

* VIDEO #10: Facebook Ads Control Panel (1:45): This video shows you how to start, stop, edit, copy, manage, and organize your ads. It will also show you how to change the way you pay for your ads (per click or per impression).

This product comes with MASTER RESELL RIGHTS! To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two announced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!


Product 8: Facebook Rockstar System Video Course - with Master Resell Rights:

Here is what you will learn in this video course:

Video #1: An Introduction to Facebook Marketing

Video #2: Free Facebook Traffic

Video #3: Facebook Advertising - Socially

Video #4: Let's Get to Work

Video #5: How to Get "Noticed" on Facebook for Maximum Exposure

Video #6: The Hidden Dangers of Facebook Advertising

Video #7: Common Facebook Ad Misconceptions

Video #8: The Wrap Up!

BONUSES: Here is the "extra" stuff you would get, along with the product:

-100 Unique Facebook Rockstar System 8 Video Series - These videos are completely unbranded" Brand yourself as the expert

-Professionally Written Salesletter

- Includes professionally designed minisite with unique graphics & buyer triggers known to convert into sales Receive a copy of this very salesletter to sell your readymade video info product

-Matching Video Squeeze Page and Professional Marketing Video For Sales Page: You will get this professionally created video and squeeze page proven to increase sales page conversions as well as build a list. You also receive a facebook video with giveaway rights as a high quality opt-in gift !

-Graphics Collection - You'll receive a different banners and e-cover sizes to help you promote your site!

-Professional Affiliate Page: Maximize the TRUE power of having an ARMY of affiliates! Start your own affiliate program and get affiliates to drive traffic for you

- Affiliate Promo Tools - The easier you make it for people to sell your product the more you'll make! You now have a complete Affiliate Suite to offer your affiliates to make them want to promote YOUR product.

-3 Autoresponder Emails: Follow Up with your customers with this professionally written email series. Now you can follow up with your prospects that didn't buy the first time, just add to your autoresponder, and fill in your new domain name and you are good to go.

-Pre-made Thank You Page With Built In Backend Streams Profit On Autopilot With Built In Relevant Recommended Products On Your Thank You Page. The money is in the backend, so show your customers these handpicked products as recommended resources.


Product 9: Fanpage Ad Secrets - with Private Label Rights:

29 pages - 2,806 Words!

Discover The EXACT System I Used to Generate Just Over 41,000 Fans For One Of My Clients, In Just A Few Weeks!!


"Fanpage Ad Secrets - The Simple, No-Fluff Course That Teaches You How I Siphon Hoards Of Traffic From Facebook Ads To ANY Facebook Page!"

So what does Facebook Ad Secrets Contain?

A 30 Paged Guide where I show you exactly how to get started and how to get your cheap clicks using this powerful, underground system!

Inside the guide I reveal my EXACT Facebook Pages I tested this strategy and how to pick the right niche - plus much much more!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Getting Started

2. Picking The Right Niche

3. Results Of My Facebook Fan Page Campaign

4. List Of Countries You Can Target To Get Lots Of Fans In A Short Space Of Time

This course also contains 10 Complimentary Videos:

* Video 1 - My Campaigns Exposed

* Video 2 - How to find the Right Niche for your Ad Campaign!

* Video 3 - How to create a compelling Campaign from the word go!

* Video 4- How I find the RIGHT Target market for my ad

* Video 5 - How to set your costing and budget for your ad

* Video 6 - How I siphon CHEAP Traffic from Foreign countries for Pennies and DOMINATE My Niche!

* Video 7 - How to use the Insight Feature to create a targeted campaign for pennies!

* Video 8 - How to make your Fanpage Ads More Creative, to get high click-throughs!

* Video 9 - How to I get companies paying me to advertise their business on my page!

* Video 10 - Fanpage Interaction Secrets!


Here is A Summary of Everything You will Get in This Package:

Product 1. Facebook Marketing Extreme - with Master Resell Rights

Product 2. Facebook Fan Page Script - with Private Label Rights

Product 3. Facebook Fan Page Blueprint - with Master Resell Rights

Product 4. Facebook Fanpage Dollars2 - Video Course with Private Label Rights

Product 5. Facebook Iframe Domination - with Master Resell Rights

Product 6. LikeList Facebook Viral Traffic Script - with Master Resell Rights

Product 7. Facebook Profit Secrets Video Course - with Master Resell Rights

Product 8. Facebook Rockstar System Video Course - with Master Resell Rights

Product 9. Fanpage Ad Secrets - with Private Label Rights

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two announced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!
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