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MP3 Colleen Coadic - The Opposite Only Better

Dido, Nelly Furtado, Macy Gray move over. Must be something in the snow. This chick is incredible. If I were a betting man, I''d make money predicting this CD and this girl will be the next best music to go massive.

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POP: Today''s Top 40, ROCK: Acoustic

Musical,wise, compelling, acute, honest, fun, gritty, inspiring, challenging, delicious... These are words that have been used to describe both Colleen Coadic and her music. Her personal and spiritual integrity combine with her child-like seeking nature to make her a perfect musical witness of what it is to be human, woman, mother, sister, lover and divinely feminine.

Throughout her solo career, spanning four independently released CDs, Colleen has plumbed the depths of her own soul - exploring, discovering, integrating, healing. Then, in the way of a natural teacher, she returns to the light of her music stage, with enchanting tales of her experience, mermaid scales flashing as she shows us her hand-mirror, reflecting inner truths that resonate powerfully with all who pause amid their own noise to hear.

Colleen was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, to a musical home. Her prodigious talents spoke earliest via her voice, then ukelele, guitar, and bass guitar. Vocal prowess and harmonizing came easily. Songwriting became a natural extension of sounding her inner landscape.

Although she debuted professionally at age 17, it has been only since 1994 that Colleen has harnessed her abilities and creative style to tape, amassing an impressive list of accomplishments along the way:
Independent release and distribution of four albums:
Say Anything (1994)
T o D a Y (1996)
Scream Of Consciousness (1998)
The Opposite Only Better (2001);

Heavy rotation of her first video
( I Am - T o D a Y)
on MTV Europe,CMT Canada and
Manhattan Cable, New York;
follow-up video, Splashpoint, directed by acclaimed Indie Film Producer Sean Morris - The Opposite Only Better;

Multiple live performances on national
television and radio;

Recognition of her songwriting and performance
skills as a three time recipient of the Canadian
government''s prestidious F.A.C.T.O.R awards;

hometown market vote as Anchorage''s best
performer, and best singer, best songwriter (1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001, 2002);

Top Pop Song Of The Year, Alaska, 2001 Splashpoint;

Multiple tour and opening slots for headlining acts
including Ani DiFranco, Blues Traveler, Dishwalla, Laura Love, Alanis Morissette, Blu Cantrell etc.;

Extensive porfolio of international fanzine, magazine and newspaper accolades and reviews.

what the critics are saying:
"From Anchorage, Alaska comes a real pop gem. With a voice somewhere between Rikki Lee Jones and Suzanne Vega, Coadic growls, emits breathy wanton wisps, sounds coy and sexy, and is a sheer pleasure to listen to. Her sound is poppy, somewhat new wave, acoustic meets electronica. The first three cuts - "Splashpoint," "Beige," and "Flakes" - could easily chart the top ten, serve as a background song on "Friends," or find their way to an indie film love-story soundtrack. "Flakes" utilizes that voice modulation that Cher used on her last hit, but here it''s not annoying. Neither, for that matter, are Coadic''s lyrics, which are sharp, insightful, and intelligent storytelling. Add this one to your collection. "
NY Rock reviews

"Thanks to artists like Ani DiFranco and Alanis Morrissette, a wordy, earthy and confessional singer-songwriter pop style has thrived over the past decade. Unfortunately, within the female ranks of this sub-genre roams a marauding band of painfully over-earnest Ani clones. So it''s refreshing to hear a singer who brings good tunes, powerful delivery and interesting musical twists to this strain of music. Many of the songs on this full-length CD ("Splashpoint," "Tonic," "Driven" and "The End" to name a few) have strong melodic or sonic hooks, and Coadic''s tunes and thoughtful lyrics tend to draw you in. The arrangements are simultaneously straightforward and interesting - a difficult feat to pull off - and sport half-tongue-in-cheek effects and quotes that make you smile without distracting you from what the song''s all about. Now and then, in a couple of songs, you get the feeling the music is an afterthought to the lyrics, but these are exceptions. Coadic has a slightly hoarse delivery reminiscent of Sheryl Crow, and she is every bit as good a singer. She''s not afraid to occasionally explore the upper limits of her range, where she has both power and control (and gets better results than some comparable singers like Melissa Etheridge). Crucially, Coadic steers clear of the self-indulgence that modern singer-songwriters too often allow into their writing. And as a singer she''s both original and professional. This, her fourth album, shows a mature artistry that deserves wide recognition."
- Jon Sobel - https://www.tradebit.com

Coadic emphasizes the pop/electronica side of her music in her press materials, but I hear folk on this CD as well. It''s an interesting mix. Her voice is low and warm on folk/rock tracks like "Velvet Rape," sounding a little like Edie Brickell. When she snaps into the catchy, swaying guitar pop, she''ll occasionally blend her voice with a synthesizer. It becomes metallic, in contrast to her natural voice. I like the effect.
I also like her lyrics, although they''re often dark. In "Flakes," she describes the way she''s treated by a flighty friend:
"I''ve got this great idea - I''ll plant reality now,
My angels are really pissed at me
for not honoring myself anyhow.
I''ve held my breath and now I''m dead,
which doesn''t matter, you can''t remember
you made plans with me instead."

I also like the imagery in "Driven":
"God is a spider down my shower drain,
He almost made it but then I drowned Him again.
I''m not proud just realized too late,
He came to show me as so small so great,
started innocently,
''Stupid place to build a web,''
I cover with my vulnerability that''s me."

"Each song has something quirky about it, from the playful vocal delivery of sad lyrics in "This Late Night" to the sensual yet sinister mood of "Velvet Rape." She creates unique songs about universal emotions. I hope she makes it in this business. Of course, at the rate she''s going, she''ll probably be up for an MTV Video Award by the time I finish writing this review. "
Jennifer Layton, Indie Music

"The opposite only better I''ll tell ya one thing. Colleen never disappoints. She''s been sending me her music since 1996. And she''s still not signed to a major label. Fools, fucks, idiots! Everyone who hears Colleen knows that she''s more than ready for that big contract. I know it. Alaska knows it. Allanis Moresette knows it. (Colleen opens for her when big lips is in town) Do the smooth alternative. Get this CD!"
Michael Anthony Show - Shake Me

"Anchorage, Alaska may be associated with freezing weather, but warmth is all that emanates from local singer/songwriter Colleen Coadic on her latest The Opposite Only Better effort. The 11-track album, her followup to 1998''s "Scream of Consciousness," embodies warm heartfelt lyrics and lush vocals, emphasized by bold, folk acoustic-pop statements on tracks like the up-tempo "Tonic" and the blossoming, vocal-driven "My Hunger." Coadic touches on living life and focusing on its good sides on songs like the opening "My Invincible Summer" (...in the midst of my darkest winter/began my invincible summer"), though tracks like "Tonic" examine darker moments of lost love ("we walked to the end/where I turned around/another sunrise...surprise/so goodbye"). The Opposite Only Better is an album that touches on many levels. ---" Omar Perez - Altar native

"Colleen Coadic''s voice is as beautiful as her native Nova Scotia. Her soaring vocals are complemented with excellent musicianship. The production of this self-produced album is astounding! I''m glad to see that her first video is making headway in Europe because she deserves all the attention she gets. A style all her own with a refreshing lack of feminine angst and depressing vocals that seem to dominate the female pop world. What will appeal to the record labels-each song could be a single. What will appeal to the underground-she''s done this independently for a long time and has great credibility. What should appeal to everyone-her music is beyond words. Perfect for a coffee shop. Perfect for a big arena. Perfect for a candlelit dinner. Perfect for you. "
Smother E zine

"Wow this girl has a good voice. It''s a soothing mix of Edie Brickel, Sheryl Crow, and Frente. You remember Frente, don''t you? She did the acoustic cover of Labor of Love? I used to listen to her album when I had to keep myself awake on late night drives. It''s nice to crank up the radio real loud and pretend you can sing once in a while. If I could sing like Colleen Coadic, I probably wouldn''t be peforming for such a small audience of steering wheel and gear shift. "
Sparechange Magazine

Coadic''s vocal range is impressive. Her voice can be soft, subtle and sweet and then instantly break into rivetting and powerful. Each song on this album is a celebration of these talents set to soothing accoustic guitar, bass, and drums. The lyrics are clever and well composed. The 10th track on the disc, "How To Cultivate a Garden," is a clever analogy comparing Coadic''s life to a flower. The eleventh track, "The End," is my favorite on the disc. It''s a little faster than some of the others, and describes the need to dump the smothering significant other. Also ways a good choice when you want your fans to relate.
Overall, I think this album is an excellent collection of intimate expressions from a very talented woman. "
--Lady K

"By the second or third listen, this nice pop-rock record with "electronic flavor" turns into a very deep lyrical journey through a storyteller''s soul. Lyrics are full of Coadic''s life experiences through heartache and longing for affection. Her vocals sound strong at times but fragile just the same. Like many other female songwriters, Coadic also plays acoustic guitar on her fourth independent release out of Anchorage, Alaska."
Impact Press

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