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MP3 The Coma Lilies - ROCK: Instrumental Rock

Dark, electronically influenced, instrumental rock band.

9 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Instrumental Rock, ROCK: Progressive Rock

The Coma Lilies are Michael Spector, Gabe Katz, Hunter Ellis, Asher Katz, and Brian Kincaid. The Coma Lilies are recording a new CD right now (August ,2005) and it should be finished in the next month or two. In May of this year, they went on a small tour of Southern California and hope to tour again in the fall. The Coma Lilies have been playing shows since April 18th, 2003 and they have a large local following. The band has successfully organized and executed four small tours of California, and another to Portland, Oregon. The Coma Lilies are from Sonoma County, CA, and hope to live somewhere else relatively soon. Furthermore, Calvin and Hobbes is by far the best comic strip in funnies history.

Here''s a review:
There''s little that can be more confounding to a reviewer than the schizophrenic whirl of styles and rhythms that The Coma Lilies use as an introduction to their debut album. Opener "Grab a Fork Micron" seamlessly stitches ruthlessly precise percussion to textured guitar lines, impatiently veering from mathematic polyrhythms to metronomic cymbal splashes with aggressive, hook-packed restlessness. Such evasive stylistic variation makes pinning references on this horse futile; the closest approximation of their sound, albeit more in atmosphere than technique, would be Modest Mouse''s The Moon and Antarctica on amphetamines, crossed with Isis''s theatricality and distorted assaults.
Vocals are nearly non-existent; the group moves through challenging collage pieces with listless energy, keeping melodic ideas intact in their instrumental transitions. Their success rests largely on the presence or palpable non-presence of drummer Gabe Katz, who is as comfortable riddling the walls with shifting snare fire as he is inflecting an occasional cymbal whisper onto the group''s more atmospheric compositions. Sometimes he steps entirely off-stage, leaving the focus on his multi-talented bandmates as they exchange keyboard, electric guitar, and bass lines in almost effortless melodic concoctions.

At these moments, the album caresses the ears like velvet -- witness the complex harmonic coordination of guitars and bass that form the honeyed "My First Big Sale". Then, without a second thought, these theory-philes slither their way into a cataclysmic assault on "One Day He Will Disappear", pouring a gigawatt of power into its distorted, snaking riffs and murderous rhythm. The group''s ethic is occasionally alienating; its obsession with technical prowess and songwriting complexity can come across as clinical. But there are enough delicate moments here, as on the slowly considered, peaceful "I am Spartacus, Part One", to balance The Coma Lilies'' cold technical ambition with instrumental warmth.

Unlike many bands employing the typical post-rock formula -- overbearing tension built to inevitable cathartic release -- The Coma Lilies are content to let tension sit unresolved, crackling with potency. For all the time it threatens to burst into a supernova of crashing guitar explosions and machine-gun drum patterns, "Peggy Sue" never indulges in a bombastic finale, instead demonstrating remarkable restraint. The smooth delicacy of (pretentiously titled) closer "Fin" ends the album on a soft landing of keyboards and lilting guitars, emphasizing exactly how much The Coma Lilies can sit tight with clear tones and gentle beauty rather than earth-shaking power. Not that they''re afraid to use it -- they just don''t need to flaunt it.

It''s frankly refreshing to encounter this amount of fearlessness when it comes to rhythm, chord changes and harmonic experimentation in post-rock. The only question is where can the group go from here? With such immense density of sound, all The Coma Lilies have left to do is downgrade their execution -- that, or risk becoming hopelessly technical and inscrutable. If nothing else, it''s testament to the profound complexity of this self-titled powerhouse.
-- Amir Karim Nezar
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Thanks for the CD...it''s real nice. I checked it out
to and from the city yesterday. That first track
rocks! It''s like (I hope you don''t hate this
description) 80''s era Metallica if they went
prog...and I mean that in a really good way.
Yeah, I''ll have to reach out to Mike Patton, I know
he''s been trying to get ahold of me for awhile.
Thanks again for the CD, I''ll keep you guys in mind as
I start my next record...never know when I might need
some live stuff put down.


-Josh (DJ Shadow)"

MishMash Reviews:
The Coma Lilies -The Coma Lilies: Off the Beaten Path
"When I first put this disc in, I was reminded of the early days of 80''s icons, The Cure. The music evolved into something that was frustratingly, yet admirably, hard to define. The aggressive guitars and driving rhythms on the first track, Grab a Fork Micron, gave way to an almost anthemic lullaby in Have fun at your war. The soaring Spartacus parts 1 & 2 built to an almost surrealistic crescendo before ending the disc with the gentle Fin. The subtle, yet intricate guitar work on the rest of the disc had an enchanting quality to it and the arrangements and the mix of the guitar with the keyboard and synths was masterful. Let me say that I''m not a huge fan of all instrumental music, but the Coma Lilies know their art and have produced a disc to be proud of. "

"Think Mum, Mogwai, and Aphex Twin.  Think of every band you ever thought sounded better while sitting in the corner of a dark room with a bottle of Jack Daniels.  Think of instrumental rock music that is melodic and based in electronics.  Think of music that never gets old.  Think of the Coma Lilies.
A band that is vocal-free and better for it, the Coma Lilies are a group that pride themselves on the excellent craft-work of their songs.  Creating quirky drum rhythms that ascend and descend at just the right times, guitar lines that are both original and catchy, and an overall sound that is engaging, varied and interesting, the Coma Lilies have succeeded in becoming a band that works as a unit.  With signature bass lines that are fun, intricate, and enjoyable carefully juxtaposed against keyboards that are spacey, somber, and beautiful, the Coma Lilies blend all the elements that are essential to making good music: skill, energy, variety, and vision.
Combining innovative instrumentation with highly stylized, picturesque soundscapes, the new self-titled Coma Lilies album is a decadent, dark, and soulful piece the listener will never tire of.  An album that builds each song with perfect transitions and great ease, the album flows wonderfully while each song retains its own unique sound and special place.  While very well put together, the album is filled with experimentation and the different directions the songs take on are refreshing.
There are several stand out songs on the new Coma Lilies release.  ''Peggy Sue'' is an example of an amazingly constructed piece which contains virtuosic violin playing, soft yet enveloping guitar lines, and climactic, multi-faceted drumming.  Technically stunning, beautifully executed, and extremely memorable, this track is a testament to the incredible musical abilities that the Coma Lilies possess, and more importantly, a piece that grows more and more interesting with each repeated listen.  ''One Day He Will Disappear'' is another song that is particularly grabbing.  The song contains haunting and eerie keyboards, ominous guitar lines, and low, reverberating bass lines.  A dark piece fit for an extremely suspenseful sequence in a film, this track draws you in with its layered instrumentation, building guitar, bass, and drum lines, and the overall way the song bombards you with sound.  The perfect follow up to ''Peggy Sue'', ''One Day He Will Disappear'' is an impressive and well written piece that echoes and is truly lasting.
The new Coma Lilies release is a unified and captivating album.  Creating its own definitive sound with lengthy melodies, elaborate and intricate compositions, and the strong presence provided by each and every musician on this album, The Coma Lilies made an album that I am proud to have had the opportunity to listen to."

-Michelle Threadgould

"The Coma Lilies have an ambient yet edgy sound that falls somewhere in the realm of ''My Bloody Valentine'', ''Three Mile Pilot'', and ''metallica''s'' most lucid instrumental. A perfect soundtrack for a chaotic world."

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