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Internet Marketing Contact Manager with Private Label Rights

Keep Track Of Your Business And Your Customers In More Ways Than Even Thought Possible....
Impress Your Customers And Keep Them Loyal!
Now You Can Keep Track Of Every Detail About Every Customer, And Access That Information With Just A Quick Mouse Click!

How Would You Like Your Customers To Feel So Valued And Special That They Wouldn't Even Think Of Doing Business With Anybody Else?

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for words, trying to remember a name, a face, or the buying history of a customer?

Does keeping track of important details like these seem to be getting the best of you, with information falling through the cracks and getting lost?

Wouldn't it be great to find an easy and convenient way to keep track of every detail about every customer, right down to birthdays, anniversaries, and favorite vacation spots?

Maybe you'd like to be able to check for these details quickly and easily so that you can include them in a conversation so smoothly that your customer can't help but be impressed.

Now you can do all this and much more, thanks to this powerful new contact management software that's specially designed to meet your needs every time!

From: Your Name Here
Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Friend,

Since you have found your way to this web page, it's pretty easy for me to guess that you are looking for better, easier, and more convenient ways to keep track of your customers and keep them coming back time and time again.

Sure, you have looked at a bunch of different kinds of contact management programs that might be able to help you, but so far they have all been too expensive, too complicated, or both.

Using the right contact management software can make all the difference between your business doing "okay" and your business taking off into wildly successful new directions.

How is this possible?

Because the right software allows you to capture all kinds of important information about your customers, and then access it again quickly and easily when you need it.

Most software programs like this are made for very large companies with very large budgets to spend, which makes sense because this is still a very profitable market niche for the brand name software companies to serve.

More than ever before, though, Internet marketers just like you are in real need of high quality contact management software that is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to afford.

And now that exact software is just around the corner!

Finally, you can have the advantages and benefits of using a professional contact management program that's designed especially for your unique needs.......without busting your budget into pieces.

The best way to manage your customer information and use it to create phenomenal business success is close at hand, and you're in exactly the right place to get it for yourself!


Internet Marketing Contact Manager

IMC Manager for short...

This is the first software of its kind, specially designed for internet marketers and small business owners like yourself to provide comprehensive tools and unparalleled capabilities in a format that's incredibly easy to set up, use, and make a central part of your ongoing business success.

Whether you are brand new to using contact management software or have been trying to cobble something together for a long time, there's finally a complete software package available to help you transform your business and make it the resounding success you've always dreamed about!

Now, when I first thought about building IMC Manager I thought it was something I'd never be able to afford to actually make work to help grow my business. Every other software like it was too fancy, too complicated, too expensive, and just not right for a small business like mine.

I figured that kind of advanced contact management was something only the really big companies could do successfully.

Boy, was I ever wrong!

The truth is anyone can use Internet Marketing Contact Manager to keep track of important customer details and then use those details to keep your customers happy, satisfied, and incredibly loyal.

The possibilities are practically endless, all you have to do is be creative and capture all the little details you think might be helpful each time you are in contact with any of your customers or affiliates, because chances are someday you will find a good use for that information.

Capturing useful details and information is incredibly easy. Ask lots of questions, take note of interesting tidbits on their Facebook page or Twitter page, and jot down anything unique they mention about themselves when you're just talking and interacting.

If your customer, mentions little Johnny is staring in his school play new seek, write it down! Then the next time you talk or interact via your support desk or email 3 months later, ask.. "Hey how was Johnny's play" Thing that will impress your customer and show them that you actually care about them?

What about birthdays, how impressed would your customers be if you remembered to email them a note or send a small gift on their birthday or anniversary?

What if you knew right of the top of your head every single product that they had ever purchased from you when they need support, or if you knew the name of their favorite dog?

Do You Think That Kind of Personal Attention Will Keep That Customer Coming Back For More For Years To Come?

You Bet It Will!

And the best part is that IMC Manager will keep track of all these kinds of things and much, much more. Before you know it you'll be an expert on every one of your customers, impressing them as well as any other people you encounter along the way.

This is a great way to show your customers you really care about them as individuals, and not just about the financial benefits you get when they buy something from you!

Look, we both know your business will only grow stronger as you get to know more and more people. So why not make it easy on yourself and keep track of all of those people quickly and easily?

Internet Marketing Contact Manager

Is The Perfect Solution For Making Your Business Incredibly Successful And Profitable!

How many times have you connected with someone on the internet, met someone at a networking event, talked with someone on the phone, and then lost contact with them over the next several weeks, months, or even years?

The next thing you know, that person is on the phone, at an event, or online again and you can barely remember their name, let alone anything personal or interesting about them.


If you with IMC Manager, this kind of embarrassing situation will be a thing of the past, this kind of 'forgetting who your customers are' will never happen ever again!!

With this powerful yet easy to use software at your fingertips, it's incredibly easy to jot down lots of information about each person you meet and then access it quickly and easily months down the road when it can make a HUGE difference in the outcome of your conversation!

Think about it for a moment.

How impressed do you think that potential customer will be if, after many months or even years, you are able to casually ask "Hey, how is little Suzy doing, is she still playing basketball?"

Even more importantly, how likely do you think it is that this potential customer will become an actual customer thanks to your ability to connect with them in a personal and memorable way?

The answer is obvious, of course, and you certainly don't need me to spell it out for you here.

Once you put IMC Manager to work for you this kind of outcome will happen over and over and over again!

What if I told you this amazing and powerful software package can pay for itself in just a very short amount of time?

Would you be interested in getting your hands on it right away?

Of course you would, so why wait even a single moment longer, read on and then order below?

Internet Marketing Contact Manager
Will Help You Turn Your Business Into A Profit Generating Machine!
bullet Easy to install, set up, and use right from the start!
bullet Practically limitless ways to record valuable information and then access it later when it is most useful to you!
bullet Keep track of birthdays, hobbies, spouses, children, favorite vacation destinations, and so much more!
bullet Add new contacts, update old contacts, and keep your database current with just a few quick clicks of the mouse!
bullet Never struggle to remember a name or forget a customer's buying preferences ever again!

bullet IMC Manager can be setup with multiple user or admin accounts so everyone in your office can add data about your customers each time they are in contact with them!

IMC Manager Is A Complete And Comprehensive Solution...

Keeping Track Of All Of Your Super Important Internet Marketing Customer Information Has Never Been So Easy And Affordable!

Internet Marketing Contact Manager is the most valuable and powerful tool you can have for growing your business to keep your customers incredibly loyal and happy.

It doesn't matter what kind of business you own, IMC Manager can help you make your business more successful than you ever thought possible!

While we built it with Internet marketers in mind, truly anyone that need a contact management solution will be able to use IMC Manager, honestly the only field that you would not be able to use if you are not in Internet marketing would be the affiliate number spot, everything else is universal to any business!

And the very best part is that you don't have to be a computer software expert to install Internet Marketing Contact Manager and put it to work right away. Whether you are an experienced computer user or just starting out, everything you need to know is contained right in the software itself!

You Can Make Your Business Stronger And More Profitable Using The Power Of Internet Marketing Contact Manager!

Dear Your Name Here,

Internet Marketing Contact Manager helped me take my internet marketing business to an entirely new and more profitable level.

Thanks for providing me with the powerful tool I needed to succeed beyond my wildest dreams!

Michelle Rothbert
Ontario, Quebec

This May Sound Too Good To Be True, But I Assure You It Is, IMC Contact Manager Is 100% Real, Tested, And Proven To Work!

Now, I understand that you may have questions and that s little doubt may be swirling around in your head right now, so let's address it and get rid of it right from the start...

There's no doubt that anyone can make their business more successful, more profitable, and more valuable with Internet Marketing Contact Manager.

The software is so easy to set up and so easy to use that absolutely anybody can understand it and put it to good use right away. Even if you're a total "newbie" on the Internet, success is just around the corner waiting for you to grab hold of it!

Listen, I would never expect you to buy anything that I haven't already used successfully myself, and this time is no different.

IMC Manager worked wonders for me and I know it can do the same for you.

Look, I don't know how to do a lot of things, like tie a bow tie from scratch, carve a marble statue, or even teach my dog to walk calmly on the leash. But one thing that I absolutely, positively know how to do very well is manage my customer contacts quickly and easily using Internet Marketing Contact Manager.

Signup now to get our 5 day e-course that includes the most important facts and details you must know about effective customer contact management! Without this information you face serious obstacles to achieving the kind success and wealth you deserve!

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What's Included In

Internet Marketing Contact Manager?

Here's just a sample of what's included when you invest in IMC Manager for yourself today...

Easy, Non-Technical Installation - You'll be astounded at how easy and straightforward it is to download and install IMC Manager in just a few easy steps.

Create And Update Contact Information Easily - All you have to do to create a new contact or update an existing contact is click your mouse a couple of times and start inputting the information exactly as you want it to be!


Fast And Easy Access To Contact Information - It's incredibly fast and easy to access the contact information you've gathered, making it simple to click your mouse and get "up to speed" on a contact while your actually carrying on a conversation.....and all without your contact knowing what's going on!

Customized Information Categories - You can set up customized information categories to better capture and store the kinds of information that's most important for your business and for your customers!

Reliable And Bug-Free Operation - This powerful software is set up to be absolutely solid and reliable, so you'll never have to worry about bugs or glitches keeping you from getting to the information you need!

Specially Designed With Your Needs In Mind - Unlike other "brand name" contact management applications, this powerful tool is specially designed to meet the needs of internet marketers and small business owners like you!


Easy To Follow Online Video Training Included!

You Simply Cannot Remember All Of The Information You Need To Be Successful By Keeping It In Your Head, Scribbled On Various Pieces Of Paper and Post-It Notes, Or In Some Other Unreliable, Un-Findable Format!

I don't need to say it again, because you're smart enough to have already figured this out.

Effective contact management is worth a huge amount of money when it comes to running your business profitably. So ask yourself this important question.....

What would you do with your life if your business could make enough money to eliminate all worries about your financial security & your future?

Is it really possible to put a price on that kind of success?

Of course not. I don't think so, and neither do you.

And before you think I'm just trying to justify hitting you with a ridiculously steep purchase price for my new IMC Manager, let me stop you.

All B.S. aside, this software really works and I know it will work for you. I want to see you succeed and I will personally be there for you via e-mail if you need help.

I also want you to be able to afford the program that I'm going to share with you so I'm going to let you grab the software for a measly $47 bucks.

Click Here To Order Now

In an attempt to sweeten the deal even more for you, I'm also going to add the following three hot bonuses to your order at no charge if you try my amazing software right now...
Private Label Rights Tips by Jeremy Burns

Private Label Rights -
New SECRET Tips Course Value $97.00

PLR Rights Marketing Tutorial Package Value $97.00 Private Label Rights products are hot right now!

There is a killing to be made from these ready made turn-key products if you know the insider secrets to making them work.

I have worked out a special deal with Jeremy Burns where you can grab a copy of his PLR Tips course with your purchase of this package as my free gift to you!

Additional - Bonus:

Viral YouTube Traffic -

The new Viral YouTube Traffic Guide Value $97.00

If you are trying to get attention on the Internet and traffic to your website, have you considered YouTube?

YouTube is one of the top 5 visited sites on the Internet, let me show you how to re-direct some of that traffic to your website starting today!

The Niche Marketing Report
Full MASTER Giveaway Rights Value $47.00

This is a great tutorial that will teach you how to research Niche markets. You now have full giveaway right to this incredibly informative report!

Go ahead and grab this powerful software for the cost of an evening out at the local pizza joint and start on your own path to financial freedom!
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