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MP3 Calvin L. Coolidge II - Club Tiaj

A smooth, expansive mix of World, Urban, Club, Dance, Pop, New Age, and Ambient electronics.

13 MP3 Songs

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Along with Yanni, this CD is named Best Recording of 2003 by Wind and Wire.

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CLUB TIAJ (Tee-ah-j) is the third release of presidential relative Calvin L. Coolidge II. He is a classically trained musician who studied theory and composition.

His musical styles are varied. His first guitar release, CLEAR DREAM DAY, shows his ability to compose complete pieces spontaneously while being recorded, like CLUB TIAJ. His critically acclaimed second release, aptly titled SECONDS, adds top musicians from across the United States to his strong melodic, story-telling compositions.

CLUB TIAJ artistically combines Urban, Dance, World, New Age, and Classical styles that creates a new upbeat and fun recording. Club DJ''s that are looking for a new sound have now found one. The danceable songs are in bold type on the CD jacket and include the intro time and song length. It''s a fresh sound and is perfect for dancing - or to "zone out" to and stare at the SWIRL as it plays!

See his other recordings SECONDS, Clear Dream Day and Meditations On God and The Meaning of Life. For more information see his web site https://www.tradebit.com.



"There''s no question that music has a profound impact on people," says Presidential relative Calvin L. Coolidge II. "It can change a mood with it''s slightest touch, it whisks away cares, brings people together, and brings joy to our hearts."

Ask anyone who knows Cal and there''s little doubt that his music leaves a lasting impression.

"His compositions are prime...he does great work" are just a few of the good things people say about his music.

A guitarist, pianist and synthesist his attraction to music spurred him to earn his degree in music. Today he writes Jazz, Pop, Folk, Rock, New Age, Electronic, World, Urban, Classical, Chant, and Blues.

It is because of this diversity that listeners are often surprised to learn that it is one and the same person on his different recordings. "I consider it a high compliment when people tell me that they didn''t even know it was me (playing and composing) on different pieces," says Cal. Compare the ensemble, guitar centered SECONDS to the multi-textured CLUB TIAJ and you''ll know what we mean!

Fans agree. "Both recordings are excellent musically and demonstrate his expertise not only as a player but also as a writer," as one critic put it. "After I heard SECONDS, I expected CLUB TIAJ to be something similar. It isn''t. I''m quite impressed! I must have listened to CLUB TIAJ at least 20 times in disbelief that it really came from the same person."

Another observer says, "A lot of musicians are really good at playing in their one style. But if you ask them to play out of that style, they get lost. Cal is not like that."

"As a guitarist, I''ve heard him easily go from Folk to Rock to Country to Blues without skipping a beat. Then to hear his symphonic arrangements...well, you have to hear it to believe it!" says another.

"Rare is a musician who is so well versed in many different styles. Not many can do that! And you never hear him play the same thing twice!"

"Composing music is like acting," adds Cal. "The objective of a great actor is to play their roles so convincing that the audience is unaware that it is this same actor who is playing another different role. I think this can be done with music too."

His first CD, an intimate recording, Clear Dream Day, showcases his spontaneous compositional skills as these light-spirited solo guitar compositions were recorded on the spot as they were being created.

His second CD, aptly titled SECONDS, adds top musicians from both the West and the East coasts to his masterful guitar playing and his strong musical compositions. SECONDS is often described as "intelligent instrumental soft rock backed up by a smooth jazz ensemble" and shows his ability to effortlessly weave Rock, Folk, New Age, Classical, and Jazz elements into one smooth recording. Several of his fans have told him that they keep this CD in their car players permanently - and no wonder. It is produced by Grammy-nominated artist Paul Speer (David Lanz, Michael Stearns, David Arkenstone) and features the woodwinds of New Age/Jazz great, Richard Warner (David Lanz, Tingstad and Rumbel).

His self-produced third CD, CLUB TIAJ, shows his venture in a new direction and gives each listener an expansive array of sounds. CLUB TIAJ combines Dance, World, Urban, Rock, Pop, New Age, Classical and Ambient styles into one cohesive and upbeat CD. This music is FUN! It is danceable - and songs like TRIBE and NIGHT HAUNT FAREWELL are 2 of the more mysterious songs that are on this CD. CLUB TIAJ is named The Best Recording of 2003 from Wind and Wire along side recording luminary YANNI. (See AWARDS).

The music found on his release, MEDITATIONS ON GOD AND THE MEANING OF LIFE, is music for solace for those who suffer from personal loss.

"The production of quality music and CD art is very important," says Cal. "Every detail is inspected. The quality of the final recording lies first with the choice of song. Adding just the right instruments at just the right moment is very important. Working also with talented musicians is a must. Helpful too is being mindful of the production and mastering process before recording even begins. Then selecting top-quality and appealing artwork makes all the difference for a quality record." Adding, "I believe people want recordings that make a difference, that make them feel a certain way and ones that become more alive as they listen to them over and over - and be pleased with looking at what''s in their hands too!"

There''s much more to come from this talented and versatile musician as he writes and records new definitive melodic music where each piece remains fresh and contains that "something special."


CLUB TIAJ is a professionally duplicated CD (NOT CDR) at Red Book standards. It comes in a full-sized standard CD jewel box - and has a BIG SWIRL right on the disc! Makes for great viewing on today''s clear-topped CD players!



Calvin L. Coolidge II

Club Tiaj

30th President Productions (2003)

In the current issue of Synchronicity magazine, I reviewed Calvin''s Seconds, and suggested that he impressed me as a subtler, and smoother version of Craig Chaquico.

I still believe that, but on Club Tiaj, he offers a more eclectic approach to music, and calls it an ''electronic journey through an ambient village''. Indeed, it is just that-marvelous manipulations of musical instruments, electronic sounds, and rhythms.

"Starfire Dancer" begins what seems to be a regular melodic line of guitar work, but soon segues into a cosmic interplay of repeating riffs echoed from shimmering curtains of space and time.

"Tribe" is aptly named for this beat-driven, ambient electronic work that brings to mind cybernetic aboriginals dancing to throbbing tom-toms around some mystic campfire in a world of the future.

Following several other electronic works, "Boost" begins a special dance mix that Calvin suggests using with two other selections, "Sleek" and "King Diddy", each with its own introductory bars.

"Slither" offers what I would call an approach to the movements of an electronic snake through a computer hardware jungle, certainly unique to say the least, and the creature brings us again to the cybernetic tom-toms of "Skins". I love listening to drum solos and, although this piece doesn''t utilize a fully-equipped drum kit, nonetheless, I certainly enjoyed the pulsations presented here.

These are just some of the selections available of the thirteen compositions Calvin has set down for the listener''s enjoyment. In some of them, I think the prominent drumbeats are a little distracting, but that''s just a personal observation; I''m more melody-oriented rather than rhythmically inclined, but I don''t let that cloud my judgment of a piece of music. Overall, however, Calvin has done a masterful job at creating some excitingly different, diffused, and electronically based musical compositions.

My favourite track: "Starfire Dancer"

CD Length: 47:47 minutes

Web Page: https://www.tradebit.com

- Michael Woodhead, https://www.tradebit.com


Club Tiaj
30th President Productions (2003)

Performing a 180-degree pirouette from his previous recording, the adult contemporary guitar/ensemble Seconds, guitarist/keyboardist Calvin Coolidge II''s Club Tiaj (tee-ah-j) is a trippy fun-filled exploration of assorted electronic music stylings. A fairly wide assortment, in fact, as Coolidge criss-crosses the electronica genre, never seeming to traverse the exact same area twice. This means that those who favor a cohesive music statement may find Club Tiaj either a bit confounding or unfocused. Myself, I think the album is tres cool and a blast and a half. I''ll admit the sheer volume of styles on the thirteen tracks is daunting to get used to at first (and no matter how many plays I gave it, I didn''t come to love every song here). Just the same, by the third or fourth listen, I started to detect an overall "feel" to the album, so hopefully you will too.

The sounds on the CD were made either with synthesizers or Coolidge''s guitar (I would hazard a guess it''s usually acoustic in nature, although always amplified) However, synthesizers thoroughly dominate the recording. Most of the tracks here reside comfortably in the "pure" electronic music arena, featuring programmed beats, laser-zapping synths, and filled with other trademarks of dance, ambient, chill-out, and trip-hop music. Some songs also contain vague elements of spacemusic and new age music as well.

The opening number, "Starfire Dancer," blends amplified acoustic guitar with choral effects and spacy "classic spacy" synths that pretty much accurately reflects the cut''s title. "Tribe," which is next, offers up polyrhythmic pumping drums, skitch/glitch beats, and alien outer space synths flying all over the place. "Tropical Peak" is a rapid-fire tempo number, reminiscent of Christopher Franke''s solo work, circa Pacific Coast Highway - it''s melodic, has a recognizable refrain, is wholly electronic in sound, and is catchy as hell.

Coolidge knows his way around the mixing board, too; the album has a wide soundfield and features many cool panning effects. Considering the wide variety of keyboard sounds he uses on Club Tiaj, I was frankly surprised at the level of Coolidge''s quality control. I have noticed that, with some artists, the more "kinds" of sounds they try to throw onto a recording, the less discriminating they are. I''ll admit that there are some effects on this CD I was not wholly enthusiastic about ("Sparklin''" features an annoying guitar-feedback texture that seems poorly-placed given the other musical "pieces of the puzzle"), but on balance the CD is more than solid enough. Missteps, when present, are minor ones and do not detract from the overall positive reaction I had to the recording''s strengths. To my ears, there were only one or two misfiring tracks (e.g. the drum-only "Skins" which is well-executed but obviously somewhat monochromatic compared to the rest of what''s here). However, considering how ambitious this album is, I can certainly forgive the artist these instances when his reach exceeded his grasp.

Other tracks I enjoyed include the quavering ambient washes of "Sunbeam," the funk-fest beats and quirky synths of "Slither," the Ray Lynchian cascading keyboards of "Spin" (almost to the point of being an outright homage to the new age music pioneer), and the funky guitar and trippy beats of "King Diddy." Best cut honors go to "Blush" which is one killer track, marrying dance/chill-out beats to ebbing and flowing liquid keyboards and Berlin-esque textures.

I suppose the audience for a recording like Club Tiaj is similar to that for Jan Hammer''s solo offerings (such as Beyond the Mind''s Eye or Drive). Coolidge offers up catchy hooks and snappy rhythms, doing both in high style and with high quality production values. I do hope that this isn''t one of those recordings that is too "tuneful" for ambient fans and too "dancey" for new age fans, but even if it is, those who like to chill-out with an assortment of music should enjoy much of Club Tiaj. Variety is the spice of life, so they say. Calvin Coolidge II seems to have taken that statement to heart. He has infused this CD with a healthy dose of variety as well as an underlying belief that music should be fun to listen to whenever possible.

Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

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