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Lazy Link Building: If You Can Follow Simple Directions, Here's How To Build Unlimited Authority Links In Your Spare Time - And Enjoy Doing It...

Originally Posted by CraigRC View Post
This is one of the most comprehensive, detailed, and simple to understand guides to getting actual high-value white-hat backlinks for search ranking increases that I've ever seen made available.

What Richard is providing in this is the key to unlock the door to finally getting on Page 1 for even competitive keywords, and staying there no matter what changes or adjustments Google makes to their algorithm in the future.

It's basically an inside look at what so many of us are doing privately to get the rankings that generate six-figure incomes in a truly passive way, and it leaves nothing on the table.

I can't recommend this highly enough, honestly I've seen $300+ SEO courses offered that don't have the level of actual working information that Richard's offer today does. Really spectacular and one everyone should have a copy of in their digital library.

Craig Mako
Fast Attack Solutions
Originally Posted by gabibeowulf View Post
If I had to only recommend anyone a single SEO guide, it would be Lazy Link Building.

Richard has done such an amazing job at uncovering the best places to get links in the first part that I never thought a version 2 will come out ... but here it is nevertheless!!

And you know what... it's just as good as the first one. And believe me, that is a serious challenge.

If you follow the directions laid out in this guide, it's impossible not to create PR4 - PR6 authority sites that dominate even the toughest of niches.

Anyone who's doing (or relies on) SEO for a living should get their hands on this guide. I didn't even know half of techniques described here, and I consider myself a pretty savvy SEOer with years of experience under my belt.

My only regret after reading Lazy Link Building was .. that it was over. Could I persuade you, Richard, into writing a new version every month?

Originally Posted by Paul Clifford View Post
I've read this.. its refreshing, groundbreaking.. and a really good read. If you are into SEO in any way - pick this up.. its unlike any of the other rehashed nonsense around.

Looking around various internet marketing discussion forums and blogs over the last few weeks you'd think the world was coming to an end. First Google publicly outed Authority Link Network, then promptly deindexed most of the Build My Rank network. Shortly after closing their doors thanks to their business going up in smoke High PR Society followed suit. And so on. This is war – and Google will win.

The tried and tested “golden goose” of blog networks to rank niche websites and blogs has finally been slain. Marketers left, right and center are seeing their links getting discounted, their sites getting penalized and their rankings dropping through the floor. I have personally spoken to several people whose income has literally dried up overnight – from a comfortable lifestyle and thousands of dollars of passive income each month to a trickle of visitors and next to no sales.

For many people the sky is falling.

Our community is struggling right now to deal with the situation. What should we do now? What comes next? How do we maintain our search engine rankings – or even push them yet higher in the face of the “new Google”?

Essential Information For All
Former Blog Network Customers

If you've used any kind of blog network in the past to market your site then this is your wake up call. Whether that's BMR, ALN, High PR Society or any of the other competing networks the writing really is on the wall now. They're simply not a realistic link building solution any more – and there may be negative results pending for sites that have used them. Even worse if you've outsourced any of your link building there is a risk that blog networks may have been used on your site in some way without you even knowing it. If so, then your traffic – and income – is at risk right now.

If you're waiting for a sign to make a change to your link building processes then this is it.

It's time to change tactics – and fast. Think about all those hours you spent on building your websites. Think about all the effort and passion you've put into growing your online income with the dream of finally quitting your job and living the “internet lifestyle”. Think of all the money you've spent on content creation, article spinning and blog network subscriptions.

You don't want to have to start from zero again do you? Yet for a lot of people that's what's happening right now. All of a sudden that summer spent in the sun enjoying lazy days at the beach while your internet empire churns out money on autopilot is looking less and less likely for many people...

The Latest Google Loophole

As marketers we love “loopholes”. We love to find ways to outsmart our competition and the search engines. We want a quick fix. A guaranteed boost in our traffic. Many of us (myself included) are guilty of chasing that next “bright shiny thing” that we're sure will lead us to the success we want so badly. Frankly that's one reason why so many WSOs get sold here each month. People want quick, easy results.

But there's a problem when it comes to SEO and link building. Google always finds out. They always figure out what's going on - and when they do the loophole gets permanently closed.

Oh, don't worry it's not just the blog network situation. To those of us who have been online for a long time it's like watching history repeating itself. Long term internet marketers may well remember how easy it was to get Google traffic thanks to the Traffic Equalizer software back in the day. Or what about reciprocal linking? Soon afterwards came Stephen Pierce with his “Smart Pages” concept that also worked for a while. But all these “loopholes” have one thing in common – they all came to a sudden and messy end when Google took note of what was going on.

It's important to understand that loopholes are always going to be temporary. The better they work, the more people will use them and the sooner Google will take note. And even though one day you may be owning the top spots in Google, the next your income can dry up like a slug in the desert. When you focus on loopholes you're going to find yourself getting taken straight back to the start time after time after time.

So you need to make a conscious decision – whether you're going to accept your hard work going down the pan before potentially rebuilding from the ground up, or changing tack and going from the latest “fad” SEO techniques to high quality links that last for ever more.

if you take nothing more away from this page it is this: when you combine both the Google Panda update, the latest “authorship” code that displays your face in the Google search results next to your content and everything Google stood for with the recent deindexing of the blog networks there's one undeniable fact staring you in the face: Google is now focusing ever-more on quality. It's time to finally stop trying to “game the system” and instead work within the guidelines. Leave the “tricks” to the amateurs – if you're serious about succeeding online you need to get serious with your link building too.

Why I Laughed All The Way To The Bank
When Google Exterminated The Blog Networks

The whole internet marketing industry has changed over the last few months and those changes are only getting faster. Like a giant tidal wave heading towards you, you've either got to get on your board and ride this baby or get knocked down while trying to decide what to do next.

Those marketers who have been using evergreen link building techniques are doing fine. I know I am. Infact a lot of sites are actually seeing an increase in traffic recently.

Indeed all those sites dropping off the face of the earth has also led to unprecedented opportunity for smart marketers like you and me. Over the next few months we're likely to see even more link building services and blog networks shutting up shop and even more websites dying slowly.

And for you and me that's a good thing. Ranking with the blog networks was just too easy. Top SEO positions were being gained by anyone with enough cash to throw at the networks, irrespective of how good their sites were. Now you're going to need some street-smarts to really make inroads.

As these hundreds of thousands of sites struggle to survive this will leave the top spots in Google for all sorts of keywords wide open for a whole new batch of sites – sites with high-quality links that were built to last.

Suddenly the playing fields are opening up again. It's like a giant tree just fell in the rainforest and thousands of seedlings are now racing for the sunlight. One will take over in the rankings for the keywords you're targeting, drowning out the rest. That site could be yours.

So while this latest update will spell disaster for many people it is also a time of unbridled opportunity for the few smart individuals to make the most of it. I have a feeling you're one of those people.

The Number One Factor Holding
You Back From Search Engine Domination

I have sites that I built 8+ years ago that are still going strong, bringing in visitors on autopilot and earning an income from dozens of affiliate programs and contextual advertising networks. These are sites I don't work on any more. At all. I created them, built links to them and then left them to it. I don't accept blog comments. I don't build Facebook pages for them. I don't tweet about them. I don't even check the sites are still up and running. Several times the only way I worked out a certain domain or web hosting account needed renewing was because my earnings from a specific site were lower that month. A quick renewal and off we go again.

What I'm saying is that when you build the right kinds of links you don't need to worry about the latest algorithm changes or the blog networks dying. A site that is marketed properly weathers the storm. And my network of sites is a perfect example. How many changes do you think there have been over that 8+ years? And yet my sites are still earning!

Why? Because I build high quality links to my sites. And no, I don't mean the types of links that some of the “gurus” claim are high quality – we're not talking thousands of spammed social bookmarks, barely-readable blog comments and profiles on forums that nobody visits. We're talking about high quality, one-way links from from top-quality, authority sites. Sites with age, sites that Google trusts, sites with high PageRank, with great design, plenty of visitors and tons of great content. By a process of association, some of this " ranking magic" rubs off on you – and your site floats to the top of the rankings. They're the kind of links that always have (and always will) lead to top search engine placements – even for the most competitive keywords going.

But there's also a big problem with generating genuine “best in breed” links to your websites and that is that they typically occur either randomly or take a lot of time and/or money. Getting authority links takes work. Work that's worth doing, yes, Work that's highly profitable, yes. Work that can transform your online business, yes. But work, none the less. And lots of it...

Why Link Building Sucks

Link building is my “bread and butter”. It lets me rank my ever-growing network of websites prominently in the search engines and drive thousands of leads to my websites each day. And I focus my efforts on generating those high quality links that really get results.

Genuinely – just a handful of these authority links can be enough to skyrocket your results and glue you to the front page of Google – especially when all your competition are using low-quality, spammy link building strategies.

But there's a problem. When you do it the “old way”, link building flat-out sucks...

Link Building Is Boring

I don't want to spend hours on end sitting at my computer visiting one blog after another leaving endless well-thought-out comments about cordless drills and mattress cleaning services to try and boost my incoming links.

I don't want to spend hours spinning a single article going through one rewrite after another and one synonym after another until I finally have a spun article that makes sense no matter what you request of it.

And I certainly don't want to spend my evenings creating dozens of Web2.0 accounts, writing unique content for each one of them and then linking them back to my sites.

However if you follow much of the advice that the SEO "gurus" give you'd be led to believe this is really the only solution.

Link Building Is Slow

As if that wasn't bad enough, link building takes time. Too much time, in my opinion. For example many “gurus” recommend building pages on the various Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and Hub Pages and then linking them back to your site. But setting up dozens of these accounts, then writing a unique article for each one, arranging the layout, adding the links, images etc and then publishing it is almost a full time job in itself.

And that's only assuming you want to build links to your homepage. Many of my niche sites have hundreds of pages of content – just how do I scale this up to build deep links to all my web pages so that they all receive top rankings and drive traffic to my site? Its just not possible.

Link Building Is Expensive

The only way to get around the “slowness” is to outsource – either by paying a freelancer or by investing in expensive software with a steep learning curve. Both of these cost a pretty penny and come with all sorts of new problems.

For example if you want to outsource your link building efforts it's not enough to just throw some money at someone and let them get on with it. You need to figure out what kind of links you want them to build for you. You need to test out different freelancers to see who is the most reliable and gets the best results. You will need to manage them and communicate with them, keeping track of their work and paying them on time. And remember that one “false move” on their part could result in your site getting penalized. One spammy link too many and your investment could go down the toilet. That sounds pretty risky to me.

Alternatively you invest hundreds of dollars in software that takes forever to learn and that is constantly being “updated” because the sites they spam don't want you there. And even then the kinds of links they're going to generate you are hardly going to be what we would define as “authority” links, wouldn't you agree?

Surely there has to be another way, right? A way to build high quality links that really explode your search engine rankings and traffic. A way to build these links quickly and efficiently without spending all your free time on blog commenting, article spinning and automated forum profile creation or all your disposable income on software that doesn't produce any results? And lastly there has to be a way to build these high quality links without spending a penny.

Luckily, there is...

The Result Of 15 Years Of Real-World
Link-Building Experiments

Over the last decade I've built literally hundreds of websites from tiny niche sniper sites up to giant authority sites and everything in-between. Just look at my profile – I've been here on the Warrior Forum since 2002 and I started building and ranking sites long before that. Over that time I've spent thousands of dollars on link building software and services. I've tested everything from social bookmarking to article distribution to – yep – blog networks and I've observed their results across all those hundreds of sites, pages, domains and keywords to see what link building strategies really produce the kind of results you're looking for.

Over those years I have time and again proved the “high quality links” theory but the problem has always been how to generate these quickly, efficiently and all while spending as little cash as possible. After all if you're launching new sites every week but you're spending hundreds of dollars per site on link building it's quickly going to add up.

In this way I have tested and tweaked my own strategies over the years and gently refined my process down to a small number of highly-effective tools and techniques – all of which are free to use and get astonishing results.

So to be certain; we're not talking any theory here. We're not talking about the same old rehashed tips here of “outsourcing to Fiverr” and suchlike. Nor are we talking from the perspective of someone who has built a couple of sites for low competition keywords and now considers themselves a guru. We're talking about years of real-world practice, experience and experimentation. Most of all, we're talking about results.

The effect on Google of these high quality authority links is like crack for a sniffer dog – it just can't get enough of them! These links are so potent thanks to the power, trust and authority of the sites that link to mine that it makes me virtually unstoppable.

Which means no more posting “What the hell just happened?” threads on the SEO forums. No major slips in rankings or traffic. No sales drying up overnight. It means steady, predictable, reliable traffic and results that are consistent enough to feel comfortable sticking it to “the man” and quitting your job to laze around in your underpants all day (or is that just me?!).

Isn't that the kind of result you really want? Not just top search engine rankings by itself, but top search engine rankings with ease, using as little of your precious free time as possible and without investing one red cent in the process? If so, then you're going to love what I have for you today...

The Fast And Fun Way To Build Unlimited
Authority Links On Autopilot – Easily and For Free

My girlfriend runs a small number of blogs on subjects she's passionate about. She loves to research and write content and she loves the interaction she gets in the comments section of her blogs. But she hates link building.

So last year I put together a small Word document for her that she could refer back to detailing the most powerful, automated link building strategies I was using to quickly rank my sites – even for highly competitive keywords. After giving it to her, I wondered if anyone else would appreciate a copy. After all it has taken years of real-world testing to get to this level of knowledge so I thought it might be valuable to other internet marketers.

As a result I improved the writing, fleshed out the methods, added a shiny ebook cover and listed it here in the Warrior Forum. That little ebook went on to sell hundreds and hundreds of copies in the space of a few days. Warriors of all levels were emailing me to thank me for the advice they'd received and many more have emailed since with their results. Sure, it was great to make some extra cash but it was the response from a whole list of very genuine people working hard to improve their lives and build a sustainable online business that really got my attention.

Getting a genuine thank you out of the blue really is the best feeling in the world.

But something else happened that I wasn't expecting – suddenly I started to get emails from experienced SEO people like myself about other techniques and services worth testing. I also noticed several techniques I was using successfully that I had somehow forgotten to include in the report. All this meant that I had plenty of new advice on tools and tactics that will let you generate authority links the easy way.

With the motivational push of all the people I helped last time I decided once again to put pen to paper (in a virtual way) to create this new follow-up of my well-received Lazy Link Building guide.

To anyone who bought the first guide all the content in Lazy Link building 2 is brand new and never seen before. I haven't just added a few new tips and corrected a few grammatical errors (no, they're still there, ha!) – this is the new breed of techniques; still just as powerful as ever even after the Panda update, the demise of the blog networks and all the other major changes going on in the search engines.

This is, in essence, a masterclass on getting to the top of the search engines. It's a complete, detailed blueprint full of the specific tools and techniques I use myself on a daily basis to quickly take top positions in the search engines for any keyword I choose and to build significant authority in my niches while investing minimal time and zero cash.

Here's just a small snippet of what you're going to learn inside...

- How to build dozens of one-way contextual links to your website in a matter of hours – without needing to email a single website owner begging for a link

- The incredible Wordpress plugin that will build high PR links for you on autopilot (10 minute set-up then let this baby run!)

- The secret system for article syndication that puts your content onto related, high PR authority sites – without you needing to speak to anyone! Just upload your article and sit back as the links come flooding in!

- The "so-simple-your-granny-could-do-it" techniques for getting authority links from closely-related high PR sites

- The exact free tools for finding hundreds of potential link sources (never run out of prospects again!)

- How to leverage content curation to get your site noticed by thousands of interested, niche-specific visitors

- The unique tool for turning one link prospect into dozens before your very eyes

- How to generate 500+ backlinks to your site within the next 30 minutes (anyone can do this)

- How to quickly build tons of free authority links to your internal pages as well as your home page (deep linking how it's meant to be done)

- The “networking” tools that act like dating sites to help you meet other websites who want to link to your content

- The true story of how an Australian radio station transformed my business

- Specific templates you can use to contact other authority sites and how to use the power of “reciprocity” to magically compel them to link to you (so easy this has to be seen to be believed)

As you can see, this really could be the last SEO ebook you'll ever need. Just putting a handful of these techniques into action could be enough to hit the top spots for your chosen keywords but there are so many different tactics and tools here that you'll never be stuck for ideas on how to build more authority links. Even better you can pick and choose those strategies that you think will be most enjoyable for you to action and get going from the outset.

Just a few questions you make be asking yourself right now:

What Other Investments Do I Need To Make?

Nothing. The whole point of the strategies and tools included in this report is that they are all free. While I do use some paid link building solutions myself, these free tactics are really all you need to rank highly in the search engines. So you need spend no more money to implement everything you're about to learn.

What Type Of Sites Do These Techniques Work Best For?

Many of these techniques can be applied to any site however in my experience they work best for sites built on Wordpress because a few of the tactics are made far easier with the use of a few free Wordpress plugins that I outline in the guide. Further these techniques seem to work best for sites that have content-rich pages such as niche sites, Amazon review sites, affiliate sniper sites, and Adsense sites for example. These techniques will help you rank inner pages (deep links) as well as just your home page.

What Do Other Website Owners Like You Have To Say?

But don't just believe what I have to say. Here are just a few publicly accessable comments left by Warriors just like you when I launched the first Lazy Link Building guide...

Originally Posted by cabmos View Post
Hi Richard,

First things first......WOW

Thank you, this is a must read! Lazy Link Build has listed way to get links easily that I didn't even know existed, and not only links but DEEP LINKS.

This has strategies for WP users and non WP users alike, I am about to start some of these strategies right now. In my honest opinion this is one of the best WSO that you will ever buy. it is easy, straight forward and will generate big returns!


Originally Posted by masynee View Post
This is a refreshing breath of fresh air.

Just great quality content revealing excellent resources and some free helpful tools to create natural, authoritative, real links. And most of these were completely new to me.

My sincere thanks, Richard.
Originally Posted by Bazbo View Post
Two thumbs way up!!

I buy just about every WSO on link building and SEO, and I've never heard of many of the techniques in Richard's guide.

This is a tremendous value!
Get Rid Of Your Link Building Worries For Good

Here's the honest truth – if you're even remotely serious about driving tons of free traffic to your websites from the search engines then you need the information in my new report. The amount of time and money it's going to save you is going to make this one of the very best investments you've made so far this year. And when you see the magic of your site rising up the rankings with your traffic and sales growing all the time you're going to thank your lucky stars that you took advantage of this opportunity.

But there's something you should know. Look, I have a complete 30 day money back guarantee so all the risk is on me – if you're not happy then just send me an email (I'll give it to you when you purchase) and if you're not happy I'll refund you. But my last WSO suffered from a lot of tire kickers towards the end – so I closed the offer without warning. A number of members were “locked out” and emailed me asking if they could still buy a copy. This isn't false scarcity – they really did miss out.

I anticipate a similar pattern again this time – the action-takers jumping in early and the tire kickers following up the rear. Don't be one of those people because just like last time, this offer can close at any time – and without warning. Again: please don't assume this is just a scare tactic – it's very real.

Ok, so with that fair warning in place, and assuming you really are serious about growing your online business the only real question left is one of price. Personally this is where I always struggle so I emailed a random selection of previous customers to ask what they felt was a “fair” price for the last guide. Remember that the last guide was smaller than this one and contained fewer tactics. And the answer? It seems $37 was about average. Some a bit higher (thanks to the guy who suggested $67 - you know who you are!) some a bit lower, but around $37 was the average.

But I want to make this such a “no brainer” deal that there really is no barrier to you getting the results that you want and deserve. So I accept I'm probably undercharging and leaving some money on the table. That said, it's time to click that lovely yellow button below and I'll see you on the download page in just a minute. Go on, be an action taker. Click the button now...
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