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MP3 Sister Janet Lovell - Healing Affirmations

God was the first user of affirmations; use these powerful Affirmations and take your health and peace now. Regardless of your challenges you can be healed.

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Sister Janet Lovell’s Testimony

When I was brought home from the hospital I told myself that I would never return to the hospital neither would I take any more medication. I decided to depend only on God to heal my body and mind. Like the Hebrew boys, I knew God could heal my body and mind but if He refused to heal me I knew I had to accept it. Due to the spirit of unforgiveness, my body and mind malfunctioned.

Needing help beyond medical technology, I had to use my mind with the help of God to heal myself of arthritis and other disease. During that time I experienced and communicated with demons. I actually wrestled with demons. They would pull my mind and I would pull it back. This went on for hours within a day, and over several months. It was a constant Tug-O-War. When I realized what was happening to me I said to the Holy Spirit, “You can heal me if you want to. Tell me what I need to do in order to be healed.”

A voice without sound sternly spoke, “No healing will take place, unless you forgive. Get up off knees!” Suddenly I learned that God is a hard teacher. God has no teacher’s pet in His class. God sternly warned me, “Obey me and live; disobey me and die.”
Prior to my healing from God, I experienced the following:

• Being unable to breathe the air outside
• No heat in my body regardless of the temperature- blankets were useless
• Negative words made my head spin- I could sense the vibrations of people and their voices, certain voices would trigger my condition
• Could not watch television, it would trigger days of negative images especially if I saw the news or a movie that had violence in it. My head would spin similar to playing “Ring around the roses.”
• Had no energy- I could not rest one limb on another, my body could not take the weight of even resting my hand on my lap, one arm on the other arm nor could I cross my legs.
• My fingernails would hurt
• Lost feeling in the skin, I would take extremely hot showers that scorched my skin due to the lack of feeling in the skin
• No energy to speak - I had to use hand signals
• Blowing my nose resulted in dizzy spells
• Nothing cold could touch my body- not even a pin
• Could only drink lukewarm water
• For months could not walk to kitchen
• If home alone and called the ambulance, I could not get to the door to let them in
• The raising of my hands to comb my hair would cause dizziness, heart palpitations and difficulty breathing
• When around dust it fell like needles sticking me
• When I stood up my body would shake
• Could not write – writing triggered a nervous reaction in my body
• Doctors deemed my medical condition rare and could not determine the cause of my symptoms
• Had no feeling in my scalp; my hair fell out
• Constant itching of the skin as if being bitten by insects
• Tug-O- War with my mind; I felt my mind being removed- fought to stay sane
• Felt as if I was moving even though I was stationary; I had to put object in place and gaze at them to insure I was not moving.
• Eyes secreted a crystal clear, gel-like substance
• Skin discoloration- white spots appeared on my body
• Different voices zapped my energy- I could only listen to a certain tone of voice
• Doctors told me blindness was going to occur and my nervous system was failing
• Could not articulate what I was thinking in my mind – thoughts and speech did not connect (example: If I needed a black blouse I would say I needed a white blouse)
• Poor memory, extremely forgetful- could not remember placing of possessions
• My eyes got dim
• Doctors made recommendation for me to be admitted to the psychiatric ward
• Everything had to be neatly organized, all books had to be lined up according to their size, the groceries would have put in a certain order, etc.

These experiences during my illness gave birth to the CD “Healing Affirmations- How to Remove Negative Thoughts & Images from Your Mind”. I had to look beyond the physical, look beyond technology to receive healing. No one could help me, no doctor and no medication- only God. I took my eyes off the circumstances and placed it on the power of God.

This CD affirms these themes:

1. Healing begins in the mind.
2. Change your thoughts and you will change your life.
3. Regardless of your challenges you can be healed.
4. Words have power use them well.
5. God’s healing energy is available.
6. Negative thoughts destroy positive thinking and positive thinking is the key to prosperous living.
7. Light travels, sound travels and thoughts travel.
8. Guard your thoughts it is your power center.

This CD has proven to helped individuals who had or needed the following:

1. Help to sleep well at night
2. Migraine headaches.
3. Anxiety.
4. Release anger.
5. Bring healing energy into the body.
6. Build faith.
7. Help you to be peaceful.
8. Build self-esteem.
9. Remove fear
10. Heal memory loss.
11. Help you to appreciate God’s creative power.

About the Author:
In November of 2003 Sister Janet Lovell became gravely ill, needing help beyond medical technology; she decided to fight for her health, eventually she won. If you are experiencing health challenges, her experience will strengthen your faith. If you are experiencing other life challenges, this CD will change your life. Do you need to avoid unnecessary bumps in life? If yes, her CD is definitely for you. Sister Janet Lovell is a living testimony that regardless of your challenges you can be healed. Change your thoughts and you will change your life!

Sister Lovell’s sickness lasted for approximately four years; her wellness is approximately 98% but this is an extra ordinary improvement compared to her past state of being. When doctors gave up, she didn’t; she used the power of thoughts and words and the healing power of God to keep her alive.

Sister Janet Lovell is pastor and founder of God’s Miracle House of Power, Praise & Worship. She is also the leader and founder of Women Helping Women Ministries. As an advocate for women, Sister Lovell has transformed many lives especially the lives of women and children through seminars, workshops and televised ministry. Her name is not alien to the New York Times and the Daily News that once described her as an “empowering” force. As founder and director of Metropolitan Learning Associates she has transformed the lives of parents and children, initially raising the standard of education in community schools, by organizing parent involvement seminars and educational outreach programs. To say the least in term of community service, she organized support to keep affordable classical music (violin, cello) available for minorities throughout the City University Program, as stated in the New York Daily News.

Sister Lovell returned hope to the hopeless, gang leaders moved on to colleges with a different mind set. Children who were emotionally disturbed and labeled as learning disabled were decertified due to her initiatives. These children are now successful adults, paying their way through college, one in particular who was labeled as emotional disturbed is now a special officer in the U.S. Navy. As a former Teachers’ Choice Book Store owner, she was always in contact with teachers and parents. Parents complained that schools in the community lacked proper ventilation due to their original use as warehouses. The lack of ventilation resulted in frequent asthma attacks and the spreading of chicken pox, ringworms, colds and the flu. Sister Lovell pioneered a parent involvement drive and fought for change, as a result new schools were built. Now her desire is to enter the hearts of people who are in need of God’s healing power in their lives, and share words of wisdom that will further empower their lives.


Cheryl St. Louis:
I am Sister Cheryl St. Louis. Previously I suffered severely with asthma for many years. I had to walk around with medication and the pump. I could not enjoy life. Since using Sister Lovell’s healing affirmations I have been asthma free for over four years.

Andrean Phillip:
I overcame many life challenges using the CD. The best way to put it is… this CD kept me from going insane! I had to hear Sister Lovell’s victory over her challenges in order to save my own life. I don’t know how to express my experience any better but when you listen to this CD yourself, you will understand. I have used these affirmations via the telephone with my mother who has been ailing with Alzheimer’s disease. She now knows that I am her daughter when I call and she recognizes my voice and no longer addresses me by a chain of unknown names and speaks sensibly to her other children and other people. We are planning to bring her and others to testify at the New York Open Center in the near future.

Anesha Castellano:
I use to suffer with severe headaches one day Sister Lovell placed me in a chair and tested one of her tracks on me. I went right to sleep and when I woke up the headache was gone. The Healing Affirmation keeps me peaceful no matter what is going on in my atmosphere.

Dexter Phillip:
I was taken in an ambulance with severe chest pains. While I was awaiting medical care in the emergency room I suffered two seizures and still no medication was given to me as they were running tests. During that time Sister Lovell had a copy of her Healing Affirmation CD sent to me along with a walkman. I listened to the CD repeatedly while I was still in pain and I feel asleep. When I awoke around 4:00a.m. the following day , still with no medication administered to me , I realized that my chest pains had subsided.

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