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MP3 Daddy a Go Go - Mojo A Go Go - Real Rock For Kids

*Top Ten Best of https://www.tradebit.com 2004* & 2004 Parents Choice Award Winner. Daddy A Go Go wants to rock your house, and on Mojo, their 4th CD, they will. The songs are smart, and funny, and did we mention the music rocks? Check it out.

16 MP3 Songs
KIDS/FAMILY: Children''s Pop, KIDS/FAMILY: General Children''s Music

This CD made https://www.tradebit.com''s Top Ten Best Kids CD''s of 2004 List!

"...There is not a single track you won''t love...this is retro-throwback-goofball-jangly guitar rock reduced to its rowdy good-time elements. Certain music-critic cliches bear repeating, and in the case of Daddy a Go-Go, the one about audible fun--the idea that you can actually hear how much a band is enjoying making its music--applies. A lot. Standouts on Mojo, the fourth in a line of consistently groove-worthy A Go-Go records, include the Radio Disney spoof "Radio Dizzy" (sample lyric: "We''ll change our names to Avril Lasagna/Or Broccoli Spears if you''ll play our songs, yeah") and leadoff track "I Don''t Wanna Go to School Today," a Ramones-inspired hoot-and-howler that proves that while Papa may have a brand new bag, Daddy is off-the-charts hip, too." --Tammy La Gorce/https://www.tradebit.com

This CD is also a 2004 Parents Choice Award Winner -- "John Boydston is a rockin'' dad with an authentic 1960s electric guitar-and-drums Surf City-Liverpool vibe. His boisterous lyrics are aimed as much at baby boomers as young listeners, but he keeps kids in mind as he puts his slick retro spin on songs about doing chores, the school blues and reaching the ripe old age of 8 or 10 in "I''m Too Old for That" ("When I look back at the things I did, back when I was four ..."). "Linus & Lucy" is a stand-out instrumental and "Radio Dizzy" slyly tweaks the mouse ears of a certain kids'' radio station for its limited play list. Lynne Heffley ©2004 Parents'' Choice

This CD is also the proud recipient of a 2004 Children''s Music Web Award for Best Recording for Older Kids. These are the only such awards voted on by kids & families.
Some other reviews for Mojo include the following, all of which were approved of, but not written by Daddy A Go Go:

Los Angeles Times --
" Sounding like a rowdy 1960s rock ''n'' roller, (Daddy A Go Go''s) John Boydston serves up comical kid- and parent-centric lyrics and slick guitar riffs in songs with a maximum bounce factor guaranteed to give baby boomers flashbacks to their Beatles-and-Beach Boys days."

Nick Jr. Magazine --
"...Straight up rock and roll that would be considered adult it if weren''t for the funny, goofy lyrics delivered in (Boydston''s) rootsy twang."

New York Post --
"If you''re going to call yourself Daddy A Go Go, you''d better live up to it. John Boydston, the Atlanta father who records under that hipster name, does that and more with his fourth album, "Mojo A Go Go" due May 4th. From the opening, Ramones-like "1-2-3-4" of "I Don''t Wanna Go To School Today," to the jangly, Byrd-esque guitars of "Radio Dizzy" (a spoof of Mickey''s syndicated station), Mojo A Go Go gets the feet going.
He''s also got a way with words: On "Don''t Blame The Weatherman," there''s a meteorologist under a lot of "barometric pressure and know he''s got the Doppler, but that''s not making him popular."
He even dares to do a cover of the beloved, jazzy Charlie Brown TV-Special song (Linus and Lucy) -- in surf guitar style, with an organ riff that sounds ripped from a 60''s garage band. This is one hip Daddy!"

Chicago Sun-Times -- "With songs like "I Don''t Wanna Go To School Today," "Do the Chores" and "I''m Too Old for That," kids ages 5-10 will be rockin'' out to songs they can easily relate to. The fun, upbeat sound makes this a CD parents will enjoy playing on long road trips. They may even find themselves singing along to a song or two."

Stomp and Stammer (August 2004) -- "Knocking out fun, upbeat twang rock full of goofball, hilarious lyrics, John Boydston''s long-running rock-for-kids project Daddy a Go Go is the proud pappy of a new self-released long-player, Mojo a Go Go. Enjoyable for children of all ages, the new CD features...Boydston''s own boys on guitars, burps, slurps, and various commentary. Charles Shulz is given tribute with covers of "Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron," and "Linus and Lucy," while elsewhere Boydston asks the question no one else has dared utter, "Where in the World is Sasha Foo?" Well, if its any help, I ran into her in LaGuardia about four years back, but seriously, after four albums on this theme, Boydston has become a master of clever, irresistible kid-pop that will appeal to parents just as easily -- maybe more.

School Library Journal (August 2004) -- "The coolest dads in the world score another hit with their fourth album of kid-friendly rock and roll. From their covers of cool classics like "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron" and "Linus and Lucy" to original songs like "I Don''t Wanna Go to School," "Don''t Blame the Weatherman," and "Do the Chores," these high-energy tunes combine humor and toe-tapping beats that will have kids and parents alike out of their seats. Listeners will appreciate the hilarious lyrics of songs like "The Scaredy Cat Cowboy" (whose fears include, among other things, hats and horses and the opera, because the fat lady might sing, "then come over and sit on him and squish him") and ''Of Mice and Mensch,'' which lists the many characteristics of a mensch (Yiddish for "admirable person"), such as ''We change our underwear even when they''re barely dirty.'' A great album for families to enjoy together."

Publishers Weekly (May 2004) says -- "Consistently catchy songs and a feel-good beat that just won''t quit make this a great choice for bopping around town or a family
air-guitar jam session."

Parenting Magazine (May 2004) says -- "From the opening track, this CD is a burping, slurping, nose-picking good time. Doing chores, not wanting to go to school, and being afraid to use deodorant are a fact of life on this zany and rollicking rock and roll record from stay-at-home dad, John Boydston, aka Daddy A Go Go. And Boydston plays most of the instruments--guitars, keyboards, percussion--himself."

Kathy O''Connell of WXPN Radio says in METRO KIDS (Philly-May 2004)
-- "A rocking fun collection of original new tunes and new takes on kid-friendly classics such as "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron" and "Linus and Lucy." The latter gets an excellent electric guitar treatment that transforms it from Christmas piano classic to the stuff of rock legends."

Ventura County Parent Magazine says (May 2004) -- "https://www.tradebit.comls the gap between Barney and Blink 182 for kids.

Thanks much to these nice writers, and I hope I''ll be sharing more reviews here soon.
This from the official Daddy A Go Go PR department. Even though its an election year we do put forth this formal release because it makes for a great story and has the added bonus of being true, mostly anyway:

"Find Your Inner Mojo with Daddy A Go Go, Who Puts the World on Notice: "Kids Can Rock Too!"

Atlanta - Daddy A Go Go, a.k.a John Boydston, announces the release of Mojo A Go Go: Real Rock for Kids, the fourth CD in this one-man band''s highly-acclaimed and award-winning collection of family-oriented and original rock and roll music. Mojo A Go Go features 16 tunes that will have all family members tapping their toes and smiling, but not necessarily for the same reasons, thanks to the dual young and old appeal that critics and fans have been raving about. Written, recorded, produced and played by a busy hands-on, full-time, stay at home dad (Boydston) with near top-notch technology in the quasi-sanctity of his almost insanity-free home studio, Mojo A Go Go will be in stores nationwide on May 4.
Mojo A Go Go continues the rabble-rousing rock and roll traditions of Daddy A Go Go''s three previous CDs, including 2002''s widely hailed and "Revolver-era Beatles influenced" take on family life Big Rock Rooster. According to chief Daddy John Boydston, the new Mojo A Go Go CD picks up where Rooster left off, with songs about the joys of getting up for school (or not); songs about doing the chores, (or not); and even songs about kids who just wanna do the right thing (or not).

But while the rock and roll riffs are as up front and center as ever on "Mojo A Go Go -Real Rock for Kids," Boydston says he''s carrying a bigger ''schtick'' this time around. I''ve always tried to make sure my songs were as funny as they were catchy, Boydston says, "but the humor has always taken a back seat to the music." While Mojo is not a comedy record per se, Boydston says he wanted to make a family record that is as funny as it is rocking. "I think there is room in the front seat for both humor and rock and roll in a family context; I''m shooting for a ''hard not to tap your toes, hard not to smile'' kind of thing." And you don''t have to wait long to hear that start to happen on this new CD. The Ramones-inspired opening song "I Don''t Wanna Go to School Today" tells you immediately that something is up. The twist at the end of the song will confirm your happy suspicions.

Boydston is a former CNN Producer turned stay-at-home dad who''s style of family rock and roll has been warmly embraced by parents and critics since he started making CDs a few years ago. For two years in a row, Daddy A Go Go made https://www.tradebit.com''s "Top Ten Best Kids CDs of the Year" lists: Boydston''s debut CD Cool Songs for Cool Kids received the honor in 1999, and the follow-up Monkey in the Middle, also a Parents'' Choice Award Winner, made the list again in 2000. Big Rock Rooster won wide national acclaim. Disney''s Family Fun called it "the rockingest kids'' album around," the Iowa City Free Press said it is "the best darned rock and roll album ever made for kids." The Big Rock Rooster single "Out in the Garage" (about a curious child who discovers a batch of his dad''s old garage rock records) was played by Dr. Demento, and chosen as one of the Top Indie Singles of 2002 by the Village Voice''s Pazz and Jop critics poll. With this demonstrated cross-over appeal that intrigues grownups and kids alike, Daddy A Go Go tunes have been featured on morning drive-time radio and TV stations in more than 150 markets, and they are a staple of hip kids'' radio programs across the country.

Since he picked up the guitar and started chronicling his family life in songs and on stage, Boydston says his life has been like a cross between the movies ''Daddy Day Care'' and ''School of Rock.'' "I drive two carpools, volunteer at school, and am usually coaching at least one of my kids sports teams at any given moment. I''m around kids all the time and I listen to kids. I hear what they say, and I have a good general sense of what they are thinking half the time. I think kids are funny and by just putting their words into songs, the songs are then automatically funny, and true to life at the same time." The Tulsa World describes Daddy A Go Go music as "songs for kids with brains." Boydston says that might be the ultimate compliment to him as an artist and father.

Boydston says "When I started doing this I wanted to be known as ''The Band That Rocks The Cradle.'' But after doing Cool Songs for Cool Kids, which is for younger kids, I realized it was the older group of kids in the 5 to 10 range who really don''t have anywhere to turn when they outgrow the Wiggles and Barney. Kids are expected to go from toddler music to Top 40 radio and I don''t think that is much of an option. The average 6, 7, or 8-year old likes a good guitar riff but I don''t think he should have to be hearing Blink 182 to get one. I want to give kids and parents a good middle-ground choice."

Newsweek describes Daddy A Go Go''s music as "wonderfully warm and upbeat...the perfect soundtrack for washing the mini-van or just bopping around the kitchen." The Washington Post credits Daddy a Go Go with helping change the face of kids'' music by moving "playroom tunes into the pop-rock era and leaving the childhood jingles of Barney and Disney in history''s nursery." And Billboard says Daddy A Go Go''s alterna-rock perspective pitch to the 5-10 crowd "sets the band apart from the vast majority of preschool targeted children''s music."
John lives in Atlanta with wife Cory, their two sons Jake and Max, and their dog Boomer. While Boomer has made appearances on previous Daddy A Go Go CDs, this time it''s Jake and Max who help out musically. Mojo A Go Go features nine-year old Max Boydston playing rhythm guitar on two songs, and 12-year old Jake providing burps and slurps where needed. As with other Daddy A Go Go CDs, Boydston plays virtually all instruments on Mojo A Go Go, except for drums, and he actually got up the nerve to play those on one song.

Mojo A Go Go: Real Rock for Kids is a digital recording. There are no synthesizers on this CD, only real instruments were played and none of them were hurt. Too much anyway.

--------Mojo A Go Go: Real Rock for Kids
c. 2004 John Boydston/ Daddy A Go Go


Notes on the songs:

* I Don''t'' Wanna Go To School Today - 2:28 - Sometimes a kid just has to take a stand.
* Of Mice and Mensch -3:07 - Some kids are rebels, some kids are Dudley DoRights. This is their anthem.
* Do the Chores - 3:20 - A kids'' sing-along chorus to clean the house by. This year''s catch phrase could be from this song "Scrub that Tub, Don''t be a Schlub." Or not.
* The Battle of the Bands - (3:24) a fun ditty that answers that musical question "What did you do to make the world a safer place for rock and roll, Daddy?"
* Scaredy-Cat Cowboy Part - 2:31 - A two-parter about a cowboy who has what people call "issues," a whole box of issues in fact.
* Scaredy Cat Cowboy Part 2 - 2:58 - ...But he learns to deal with them after tackling them head on, no thanks to the BeeGees. Yippeetiyotiyea!
* Snoopy vs. The Red Baron - 3:00 - John Boydston says, "I thought kids might like hearing this long lost nugget about everyone''s favorite Beagle, and I thought parents might enjoy hearing it again. Dig that fuzz bass."
* I''m Too Old for That - 3:33 - Kids can''t wait till they are older, counting the days to their next birthday. Parents would rather talk about the weather than their next birthday.
* Don''t Blame the Weather Man - 3:22 - Speaking of which, TV meteorologists are "under a lot of barometric pressure" - so let''s cut them some slack. At least until the next rainy day.
* I''m Too Old for That - 3:33 - This song captures that strange limbo-land between childhood and being grown up.
* Whatever Happened to Sasha Foo? 3:21 - another getting older-themed and movin'' on song. This one about Captain Kangaroo, Billy Baloney, and (because she''s got a cool name) Sasha Foo.
* Linus and Lucy (instrumental) 3:15 -- Only a schlub would try a remake of this song on a piano. But only Daddy A Go Go would attempt a surf-rock interpretation. Let''s Dance.
* The Git Down Towns - 2:29 - Just a little word play ditty on places we, and maybe you, have seen in your family travels. Dedicated to Loud N. Wainright.
* Radio Dizzy - 2:11 - Meet Nigel Spillmore, a character who can''t find anything good on the radio anymore.
* Grandpa Says - 2:08 - Grandpa lives the good life - he can fish, take naps and say whatever he wants. What a guy!

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