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The Voice of Melody
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Mystically centered harmonium music that in itself represents a journey in connection with the harp's origin, and wherein, the story of the harp's origin is likewise incorporated in the form of rhyming poetry that is being narrated over the faded music.

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Related styles: Spiritual: Hebrew, New Age: Celtic New Age, Solo Male Artist

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IMPORTANT NOTE⦠Beware of the occasional 'rogue' postings (egâ¦on Google) which use my name to misrepresent me. It is better to type my name into the⦠CD babyâ¦. search bar to obtain ACCURATE details.

Graeme R Gwin / Gwin, Graeme R
(My CD / MP3 "album notes" are directly related to my continuing biography referred to on my CD baby âbiography pageâ)
Type Graeme R Gwin into the CD baby âsearch barâ to see all my 19 ARTWORKS & biog. notes (and you may need to type Gwin Graeme R as well, because some of my artworks come under this name)
Type into Google: âHorse Whispering with Truthâ to see my video on Youtube⦠where I am speaking one of my CD related poems in a forest environment. (NB: the other "very similar" name posting of "same words" (if still present) is NOT mine, and nor do I have any connection with it)
These are my latest CD / MP3 Album Titlesâ¦Revelation 6.2 (and the bow), Spirit of Truth, Prophessor in Archery, Marriage of Truth, Revelation 19 Defense, Revelation 6.2 and an Arrow of God, Principles of Manhood, etc.
List of all my CDs/ MP3s Graeme R Gwin /Gwin, Graeme R
(NB⦠an envious saboteur has been trying to stop you from seeing some of these; and particularly their album notes; when you type into Google⦠Graeme R Gwin or Gwin Graeme R), for when you type my name into Google they are ALL meant to appearâ¦as they previously did.
Revelation 6.2 (and the bow)
Spirit of Truth
Prophessor in Archery
Marriage of Truth
Revelation 19 Defense
Revelation 6.2 and an Arrow of God
An Arrow Called Music
Feathers of Silver and Gold
Inseparable Devotion
Whispers of Knowledge
The Voice of Melody
The Well in the Desert
Three Feathers of an Arrow
The Well in the Desert and the Two Trees
Principles of Manhood
Revelation 6.2 and the Harp
SunStar of Righteousness
The Bow the Heart and the Harp
Global Warning

The Sun of Righteousness shines Peace upon All nations
The bow, the Heart, and the Harp
(for all harpists & harpers of the world)
A long, long time ago, in days of old
Before âcivilizationâ began to unfold
Primitive tribes did roam the world
In primitive ways before words unfurled
Animal hides did clothe the skin
Whereby warmth and protection may thence begin
The joining of skins became a need
So thin strips of hide fulfilled the deed
As time passed on, these thin strips of hide (gut)
Found their way onto a sapling tied
which âbentâ, did stretch the hide for use...
Being more effective than leaving it loose
This âtoolâ; much later; became called a bow
It was found that this; a stick; could throw
which later became an arrow by name
As a means of hunting it gathered fame
It far superseded the throwing of stone....
and long pointed stick; as was easily shown
Thus many a tribe did learn of it too
Whereby as a weapon its effectiveness grew
Yet through this earliest tribal bow
An âarrow of musicâ was destined to grow
For when the bowstring gained a pluck
A chord within the heart was struck
Whereby a feeling âpleasedâ was felt
The âheart-iceâ seemed to slightly melt
And as the string was made more taut
Its different sounds inspired thought
For through these sounds the heart could feel
Something within, worthwhile and real
which seemed to speak in a way of âeaseâ
Compared to the primitive fears and âdis-easeâ
And as more strings were connected in
The primitive harp did thence begin
At first its sounds were harsh to hear
Whilst groups of strings were strummed âunclearâ
Yet the âheart did reignâ as a gauge to sound
Responding, through pleasant feelings found
As unto sounds which all agree
In essence, the search for âharmonyâ
And thus did tuning reach the mind...
To please the heart toward âharmonyâs findâ
For the heart did cause the mind to âseeâ;
through feeling; what wonderful sounds could be
And as the strings were better played
A greater pleasure became displayed
To thereby reach the hearts of more
Compared to arrows sent in war
For feelings good began to rise
In musicâs voice lived something wise
That surely spoke unto the heart
Of deeper meanings to impart
As unto âeaseâ which more could feel
Toward feeling Good as something real
For Good allowed the mind to âseeâ ....
âOf GOODâ, that better ways can be
Whereby through âInspirationâs Voiceâ
Constructive ways may be the choice
Which link unto the heart, the mind ...
Inspiring thought toward man- âkindâ
Harmonies and melodies began to grow
For Inspiration began to flow
From Inspirationâs Holy Source
To help the soul to be on-course
Toward the deeper search to find
A joyous heart and truthful mindâ¦
And this continues free-flowingly for many pages, yet its continuation
is saved for my intended book, of the story of the world
The Voice of Melody
The poem on this CD is the first few pages of a 44 page poem that I have written, as being the story that uses this symbol (CD cover) as a link between the ideals of Heaven and the world. The low and high music octaves symbolically portray male and female (in an honorable sense of harmony). And as is a harmonium also called a melodeon, and that this music of melody that rides upon harmonies is my heartâs voice in connection with my Source of Inspiration, thus did âThe Voice of Melodyâ enter my mind as being the title for this CD⦠as being likewise relative to the poem spoken upon the CD⦠the story of âThe Bow the Heart and the Harpâ, which came about, as able to be seen in my associated biography that links my bow with "An Arrow called Music" and "The Voice of Melody".

In 1991/ 1992 I wrote "an Arrow of Meaning" with "waltz music" in mind. This below, is the "arrow" in its shortened version...

The Physician âinâ Waltz Music
The âtransmissionâ of harmonious âunityâ and therapeutic effect through waltz music and its direct relationship with the heart.

To bring about the feeling of Joy; with the quality in Joy itself, being the âphysicianâ over stress related conditions.

As does knowledge have its ultimate Source (in the Divine sense of Meaning), so too is this same Source the Origin of all quality âoutpouringsâ in music, art, poetry and so on which are constructive relative to the soulâs search to know the sense of freedom felt in True Joy and Happiness, wherein, stress and its destructive effects have no place.
Waltz music (as is all quality music) is a form of âtransmissionâ over which âhealingâ is conducted, in âreceptionâ. At âthe other end of the scale, music (or noise) of inharmonious nature is the âtransmissionâ of stress, and correlates to war, by being destructive in its content.
Waltz music; constructed properly as a transmission harmonious to the soulâs search; has a basic underlying structure that functions in the principle of ¾ timing. The heartbeat functions in this same principle.
This âunderlying structureâ common to both, is the âmediumâ over which the melody of âharmonious orderâ is âtransmittedâ directly to the âfeeling qualityâ of the heart, to bring about the experience of Joy, within which, a quality of healing exists. It is a form of âconstructive re-organizationâ.
Stress; and its destructive effects relative to progressive deterioration; is the result of âinharmonious disorderâ.
The âAUTOMATIC manifestation of harmonious existenceâ is directly related to the feeling of Joy (in Joyâs virtuous and honorable meaning, of course). Henceforth is quality music so vitally important (regarding a constructive and stable civilization that is based upon honorable principles associated with the Meaning of Life, in its Divine connection with the soul), and particularly, music that is directly related to the heart, wherein the feeling of Joy is able to be experienced in an âupliftingâ way... as is required by the Meaning of Life.
The importance of properly constructed waltz music (âmusic of the heartâ feels more appropriate as a name) exists in the fact that it generally inspires the heart âto dance the bodyâ in âcircular flowing motionâ, and in so doing, weakens away the burden of rigidity that is able to be recognized as being stress related, compared to the more freely flowing movement that circular waltz dancing exhibits so easily.
It is the quality within Joy itself that weakens away stress (dis-ease), thereby conducting a positive therapeutic effect, which even works to reverse physical deterioration that has taken place from its âprior seatâ, called stress.
We all know; with stress removed, ulcers weaken away.
We all know; with stress removed, cancers weaken away.
We all know; with stress removed; wars weaken away,..
for all these conditions have stress as their basic common denominator, whether mentally, physically, or otherwise.
This same principle is able to work into âeveryâ problem, where âprogressive deteriorationâ is the âwarâ that stress imposes through it medium of âinharmonious disorderâ.

The âtransmissionâ of harmonious melody is a direct form of communication that is beyond the limitation of words and language problem, being directly related to the realm of harmonious feeling... a direct form of constructive communication which is more universal and harmonious than verbal communication that does not harmonize: as such; with the heart âtiming structureâ... which is common to all persons of whichever nationality, and wherein exists, the principle of True Harmonious Unity.
And thus does the âUnited Nationsâ take on a more accurate Meaning, in connection with the âhonorableâ Meaning of Life.

If anyone knows the hacker, intellectual property thief and identity thief who is trying to sabotage my CD efforts⦠as spoken of in the album notes of my CD: Revelation 6.2 (and the harp)⦠can you please alert the Australian Federal Police, Centerlink, Crimestoppers, ASIO, and the FBI and CIA (America). This also refers to the Google front page (type into Googleâ¦Revelation 6.2) and the Google entry on this page that visually incriminates (against proof to the contrary) Revelation 6.2 as being the anti-Christ, by the person who is trying to infer through this that anti-Christ is relative to my posting.. this being also a part of his act to sabotage my efforts.

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