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*NEW!* Perpetual Profits by Brian Campbell | The Complete Internet Marketing Process Exposed

The entire Internet Marketing Process is finally revealed...

Create Your Own Online Autopilot Cash Generating Business using this Complete Marketing System

This fantastic course explains everything you need to know to understand the entire Internet money making process in rich detail to give you one of the most incredible opportunities in modern history!

Dear Friend,

Making money online is a skill that thousands of regular people just like you are using to make fortunes online. You can learn how to make money online yourself. "Perpetual Profits" will teach you how to do it! Please read this entire letter to see how you can become one of the secret elite that are quietly making money online.

"Perpetual Profits" gives you an eagle-eye-view of the entire Internet Marketing process. You'll learn advanced concepts right from the beginning. This jam packed eTextBook contains traffic strategies, business models, flowcharts, success philosophies, payment processing, profit growth, idea generating, backend marketing, types of products to sell, and much, much, more...

This amazing eTextBook has already helped thousands of people to build real Internet businesses, and in this newly updated and expanded version, you can learn how to make money online - lots of it. I know this sounds amazing to you, but I assure you it's true! In fact, I've made my entire living off of the Internet for nearly 5 years now! Although I can't legally promise that you will be as successful as me, I can show you how I continue to steadily earn 5 to 6 figures consistently each and every month, and how I believe that anyone who does things properly can also benefit immensely from the power of Internet Marketing.

As with any endeavor, there are correct ways to make money online and there are also horrible mistakes that you can make if you're not careful. The beauty of making money online is that you can start your business for $20-$100 and reinvest your profits until you are making millions. Seriously, this tiny "investment" is really all you need to start off with, and in many cases starting with more is simply unnecessary. If the business doesn't pan out, you only lose $20-$100 and some time. If the business succeeds you can make hundreds and thousands of dollars each month. There is no other opportunity that exists today for you to start with so little and make so much money! It really is incredible.

Become Totally FREE!

My absolute favorite part about making money online is the time and financial freedom to do what I want to do. I sleep as late as I want. I stay up at night whenever I feel like it. I work my own hours, which fluctuate as often as I like them to. I go to the beach when everyone else is stuck at work. I go on several vacations throughout the year. I take days off when I feel like it. I have enough money to do anything that I want to do, whenever I want to do it. It's really awesome, and I would love to show you how I do it (that's why I wrote this book).

You'll never get rich working at a job. By working at a job, you're actually making someone else wealthy (the owners of the company). As long as you trade time for dollars (work at a job), you'll be limited to how much money you can make. When you start doing the work once, and getting paid for it over and over again, you have the opportunity to become wealthy!

Do the Work Once, Get Paid Over & Over Again!

For nearly 5 years now, I've been making money virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When I go to bed I wake up with more money than when I went to sleep. I make more money in my sleep than most people do working at a full time job! I also make money while I'm awake too :) The best part about Internet Marketing is that once you do the work to setup your money making business, you can make money with very little effort to maintain your business. Once you know the initial process, you can setup multiple websites & online profit centers for multiple streams of passive online income! With the Internet Marketing University courses, you'll be able to do the work once (i.e. setup your businesses) and get paid long after the work is done (you're website could be accepting sales for many years to come).

"Perpetual Profits" explains this entire process. This 130+ page, newly updated eTextBook gives you a complete understanding of how an Internet Marketing business works. This eagle eye perspective will help give you a holistic view to understand the big picture. With "Perpetual Profits" alone, you can start an entire web based business from scratch, starting with only a few dollars and a little extra spare time.

Here's some of what you'll learn in "Perpetual Profits":

Millionaire Success Philosophy

How to See The Big Picture

Stay Focused

Create Your Own Never-Ending Supply of Priceless Internet ASSETS

Excel without ANY competition!

How to make Automatic Profits that work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even while you sleep!

What types of product to sell (the ones that have the highest profit margins)!

Avoid costly inventory, licensing, and product development costs. Make money the easy way!

How Content Relates to Your Income, and how to make it work for you.

Why You MUST Have a Website & how to make it.

Create valuable Virtual Estate out of thin air!

Why You Must Have Your Own UNIQUE Info Product for optimum success

Types Of Hot Selling Info Products you can easily create yourself

The Sales Process from brain to bank account

Payment Processing

BILLION dollar success strategy

Taking Action the "correct way" for Massive Success

How to Have the Right Tools & where to get them

Advantages of Affiliate Programs (both sides of the coin)

The Downside of Affiliate Programs (both sides of the coin)

Ways to Increase Your Profits by leaps & bounds

How to Get Tons More Visitors Without Breaking a Sweat

How to Increase Sales Per Visitor Rate (SPV) - devious secrets of the elite!

The Shotgun Splatter Concept and how to "widen your empire" for expanded profits

Strategically Add Value in Everything You Do For Solid Results

Ethical, Honest, Legal & Profitable Best Practices

How to Under-Promise and Over-Deliver - Impressing Customers to Spend More!

Make huge profits by finding Non-Existent Information

The First Commandment of Marketing Online - Be Sure To Do This or Else!!!

Three Main Ways to Get Instant Traffic

Implement one little "trick" at a time to grow your business massively over time! This concept alone is priceless

Get What You Really Want - don't settle for mediocre

Create an Idea Overflow so you never run out of profitable ideas

Pick the Right Market at the Right Time

Tap Into Your Million Dollar Idea Archive

Ultimate Viral Marketing Strategies

How To Exaggerate What Works for Others

Understand the Backend & Why it is so Important

And much, much, much more...

The Entire Internet Marketing Process Exposed

You'll get the entire eagle eye view with "Perpetual Profits," you'll understand all of the fundamental elements that make the Internet Marketing process work. You'll be introduced to concepts of what to sell, how to structure your website, how to get visitors to your website, and how to get them to buy from you (there are multiple ways to do each of these steps).

This course gives you the thorough explanation of what to do and why you need to be doing certain things. You'll also know what not to do, which is equally important. Specific techniques will change from time to time, but the fundamentals taught in "Perpetual Profits" continue to be solid.

My Promise to You

I've used these exact strategies to feed my family and live a very rewarding lifestyle. All of this even fed the families of numerous employees working for me! I am a professional and I rely on these strategies to produce my entire income. At IMU, you'll always know exactly what's worked for me:

My Promise to You: I will never teach you strategies that I haven't even tried without telling you that I never tried it. There are still things that I haven't done yet but are making other people tons of money. There are also things that have put money into my pocket. I'll share certain things with you before I try them to give you a good opportunity, but you'll know the difference between the stuff that's actually put money in my pocket, and the new experimental groundbreaking techniques.

It's my mission to compile the most complete source of tips, tricks, techniques and strategies for making enormous profits online into one affordable resource. The stuff that I teach in "Perpetual Profits" (and in all the other IMU courses) is what actually works for me, thus I am a great person to learn from about those methods. There are concepts out there that work and concepts that really don't. Don't believe anything you read until you try it yourself. Trust what you read enough to go out and try it for yourself. If it puts money in your pocket, do more of it. If you lose money, stop doing it. Do more of what works and stop doing what doesn't. It's that simple.

Take It To The Next Level

The rest of the Internet Marketing University teaches you how to do what's taught in "Perpetual Profits." This book explains everything to you so you can understand how everything fits together, and then the other courses give you the mechanical steps you can use to implement these strategies.

"Perpetual Profits" is far more valuable than other eBooks selling for up to $500! There is a lot of misinformation and fluff being taught about Internet Marketing, but this course tells the complete truth and holds nothing back from you about the marvelously lucrative secret process of making money online. This book is absolutely required reading for ALL who wish to make money online.

To Your Perpetual Success,
Brian Campbell

P.S. I've seen a lot of eBooks that pathetically try to touch on what "Perpetual Profits" elegantly describes in comprehensive detailed simplicity. There simply isn't a better explanation of the Internet Marketing process in such an easy to understand, yet comprehensive format.

P.S.S. If you currently know nothing about making money online, this course will teach you how it all works in a very short time. All it takes is the time to read 130 pages, and you'll have all the concepts that you need to begin making money online. The rest of the Internet Marketing University courses will help you with the rest of the steps, but you'll have a firm grasp of what to do after reading "Perpetual Profits."

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