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Monday, October 08, 2007

Dear Marketing Sensation of Tomorrow,

Making money on the internet is easy when you know how. The sad but true part is that, many people have "NO CLUE" about how to make money fast on the internet....if at all! Many of us are falsely led to believe and that, (and I'm sure you've bumped into this common catch phrase) "if you join ABC program today!", all of your money troubles and the millions you've been dreaning about are going to magically appear on our doorstep when we wake up the next morning. Sorry to say this...but,

"You've been bitterly lied to...and probably more than once!"

The truth is far from it. If it looks too good to be true, it most certainly is. Know better than to fall for that again. We are led to believe that we can "become a millionaire overnight" by doing nothing at all but investing a decent size chunk of your hard earned cash and sipping a pina-colada on the shores of Tahiti.

While it is true that money can be made quickly on the internet, more times than not, these deceiving "programs" return nothing more than an empty wallet, a sick sinking feeling and a thick lump left in your throat where your pride used to be, very hard to swallow.

And I’m sure you know that what I’m supposed to say next is that “this is not one of those websites that foolishly promises a schemes that are cleverly covered all lies and rip-offs” and it isn't.... in case you're wondering. But that’s not what I’m going to say....

....If you're looking for a proven fast-track to on-line success,

"The Fastest And Most Reliable Way To Internet Riches Are In Creating
And Selling Little Digital Downloadable Files Commonly Known As

Selling other people's products you have resell rights to is going to make you some money but the reality is, it will only take you so far. The sales will quickly dry up. That's why it's essential to get a product with your name on it that you can sell for any price you want as many times as you want. Nothing can take you so far in such a short amount of time than your own info-product!

Believe it or not: You can make some fast cash on the internet....that doesn't fizzle out!

How would you like to start and continue to earn great money right from the comfort of your own home in as little as one week from now by creating and selling your very own info eBook product? If you didn't know it before, info-publishers are among the richest people in the world.

You've probably noticed the waves of "high-quality-lower priced" $5 - $7 eBooks exploding onto the market and particulary the I.M. scene. This surge has opened the doors for internet marketers on any level.

Have you been tearing your hair out in frustration trying to get this happening for you....

* Make a name for yourself as an expert in your niche
* Multiply and grow your on-line presence
* Build a targeted and responsive list of buyers
* Make a "nothing to sneeze at" paycheck
* And, see it all by the end of next week?

Only a few short months ago, I was a bummed out "nobody". I can't say I have reached the "GURU" status yet. However, with a few original eBooks now under my belt, I've been stoked to see my online business and bank balance grow like I'd always wished!

But what's more is...it's easily attainable for literally anyone!

The money I earned was easy come and it was ALL profit! SO easy in fact, that anybody with half a brain and an internet connection is able to pull off the same kind of results without breaking the bank or pulling his hair out from frustrating product creation.

Sure....I would have preferred one of those "$50,000 in 1 day" launches like some of the big gun marketers pull off, but what those guys forget to mention is that they have years and years of experience, expensive copywriters, an arsenal of affiliates and a HUGE budget for advertising!

Here's how the "little guy" can make play the I.M. game like a "big shot"....
"eBooks Are Paving The Way To $10,000's For The Average Joe Marketer!"
Q: Why is an eBook so good? Why not start selling some junk on eBay or have "Smilie" banners plastered all over my website?

A: Are you kidding? Listen to this.....Information sells like Hot Cakes! Here’s why if you're not into selling info packed you're missing out big time and why eBooks "kick butt" over everything else on-line:

* NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED! You don’t need any money to create an eBook, all you need is some time to invest into researching and writing about information people are willing to pay money for (anything from dog training information, weight loss techniques, tips on picking up beautiful women etc.)

* INSTANT DELIVERY - NO SHIPPING HASSLES! You don’t need to ship, pack and deliver your eBook to your customers once it’s finished, all you have to do is email your customers the download link and they will save your masterpiece to their computer all by themselves. Or better yet, out the instant download link on your thankyou page!

* NO PRODUCTION COSTS! You can sell an unlimited amount of copies of your eBook without worrying about running out of inventory (Selling eBooks not like selling physical products, once you have one copy you can sell it a trillion times over)

* PURE PROFIT! Since you are selling an electronic download and NOT a physical product, every sale you make can be 100% profit! It can be downloaded 1,000,000,000 times for all you care! (or as much as your bandwidth can handle:)

* REACH EVERY HUNGRY READER IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Once your eBook is complete and up on the internet, you will have the potential to sell to the whole world! (unlike the “real world” where you are limited to the people who come into your store, the internet allows you to sell to who ever understands your language). You can even get it translated into any language of the world you like! Now that's POWERFUL!

* AUTOMATED INCOME! Your whole business can be run on complete auto pilot! The advertising, payment and download process can easily be automated by your merchant (ie. Paypal) or shopping cart so all you would have to do is check up on it occasionaly to see that everything is running smoothly.

* YOU ARE THE CREATOR IN CONTROL! Writing an eBook is NOT like writing a novel: an eBook can be anywhere from 10 pages to how ever long you want to make it (as long as it contains valuable information your customers will be more than satisfied).

* ESTABLISH YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT! Gain instant credibility in your niche. Writers are educated people and if you have something available in digital print that others want to know about, they'll happily open their wallets and pay you for it!

Laying it out plainly for you, if you're not in the eBook business, you're wasting your time on something so much harder and probably losing money doing it. Make and sell your own eBooks, pocket some some easy money!
"Ok, you've proven your point. I want in! But I don't even know where to begin to make an eBook?"

If you've been assuming that eBook creation is only for the pros, you're terribly mistaken. I want to show you that it's easy and you DON'T need to be a genius or have a writing degree to do it and make cash with it. Heck! I'm no Einstein or Hemmingway!

"I thought you'd never ask! Here's how easily YOU can do it!"

"...Shortcut to your own cash-cranking ebook empire,"

"Hey Stuart,

Excellent job on "Instant Cash Payouts"! For anyone who's looking for a solid content loaded shortcut to your own cash-cranking ebook empire, this is an absolute no brainer - get it and read it! I highly recommend it."

Dylan LohDylan Loh - https://www.tradebit.com

"Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Pocketing HUGE Sums Of Cash Instantly From Your Very Own PIPING HOT eBooks Is In This 45+ Page Step-By-Step Guide!"

* Exactly how to pin-point and select that "STEAMING HOT" topic to base your eBook creation on that'll make you a ton of money instantly... People are ready to buy! Your target market plays a KEY role if you want to make money! I'll show you the simple steps you must select a hot and profitable topic.

* How to magically cut your eBook completion time in half or less...Even if you HATE writing! Complete your eBook in record time! On a tight time restriction? Hate to write? Simply lazy? I'm the "laziest man in internet marketing".... I would never get anything done without appliying this technique.

* How to make your readers stay sitting on the edge of their seat in anticpation of the next page and even better...your future eBook releases! Interested readers are happy readers! Never get a refund. Make your eBook a pleasure to read ensuring every last word on every last page gets read.

* Secrets To Making Your eBook *Stand Out* From The Rest! Setting your eBook apart will be the difference between success and failure. Learn how to create desire in your prospects to make YOUR eBook the ONLY choice for them.

* Make Money More Than Just Once - Direct and Indirect eBook profit strategies! How your efforts can pay off long after you've written your eBook and launched it. It takes no extra time or effort at all! I still get unexpected payouts from having these "landmines" worked into my eBooks.

* Everything you need to put on your website for "sky scraping" conversions! If your website doesn't convert, you may as well set fire to your computer. You'll learn how to "pimp" your website out for major eBook sales.

* How to price your eBook to have customers' fingers tap dancing all the way to their wallets! After reading this section, you'll know the "perfect price" to charge for acess to your new eBook so you get paid what you deserve....if not MORE!

* How to "Sweeten The Deal" and Increase Conversions so much that customers won't be able to refuse your offer while wanting to tell the whole world about it...and they actually will.

* What 99% Of Marketers Out There Don't Know About Affiliate Programs And Affiliates And Where To Find Them! Affiliate programs and affiliates are the back bone in every successful eBook campaign. Trying to sell anything online without knowing and applying these facts is like trying to eat soup with chop-sticks.

* How To Supercharge Your eBook Sales By Finding That Perfect JV Partner! Nothing is going to accelerate sales of your eBooks faster than finding that perfect Joint Venture partner (these are guys that can become your best friends in business).

* Unstoppable Underground Advertising Resources! Discover sales magnet "markets" that are so powerful, yet so greatly overlooked it's not funny. If you want to pull customers from thin air, you must know these!

* More 100% Free Traffic Promotion Strategies Than You Can Poke A Stick At! This needs no explanation because Nothing Beats Free Advertising!

And that's just a small example of what you will learn in the “Instant Cash Payouts” guide!
Now....Are You Ready For The Mind Blower?

"Mix It With A Proven Cash Sucking "Secret Weapon" And Send Your eBook Sales Through The Roof On Complete Auto-Pilot!"
You're all excited about pumping out your first eBook and selling a million copies! I know, this is exciting stuff. However, ther is a secret to making them sell and sell and sell and go and go and go like the "Energizer" bunny. You can now rest assured that you will get paid for your hard work. That's why....

I want to make it "dead-easy" for you to get the avalanche of sales you deserve....

Extreme Bonus eBook!

7 dollar secrets

Get your hands on a copy of the "$7 Secrets" weapon that has made it possible for turning hopeless newbies to unstoppable marketing tycoons selling $7 info-products!

* Jonathan Leger unveils the secrets he used to make over $3000 in 7 days selling a 30 page $7 eBook! What's more is you get instant download access to the very scripts he used to make it happen.

* You get the scripts to run your very own 100% commission sales!

* Set-up instructions included -- get it up and running before the sun sets!

* This is the revolutionary website code that makes selling eBooks (and any other digital product) do-able for even the simplest minded technical drop-outs!

(This sells for $7 on Jon's web site but don't buy it there -- it's included in your "Instant Cash Payouts" package for FREE!)

Here's why you MUST have a 100% comission affiliate program running your eBook sales...
Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!! (...and did I mention traffic?)

* Get 100% FREE Auto-Pilot Traffic! An Affiliate program is the #1 "Secret Weapon" every marketer who is actually making money is using to drive raging floods of targeted visitors on auto-pilot to their sales pages for FREE continuously!

* Get Wall-to-Wall Laser Targeted Traffic! Offering 100% commissions is like a dream come true for internet users trying to make a quick buck on-line. They know that sending it to other "like-minded" people waiting to pounce on it, will bring them a truck load of instant cash!

* "No Fussing With SEO, PPC, Safelists, Blasters, RSS, FFA's, Co-reg and Other Time & Money Wasting" Traffic! Your biggest worry should be fulfilling the demand for your eBooks and not about these often time ghost-town result producing traffic sources.

And, I musn't forget to mention, an affiliate program is the ULTIMATE WEAPON for setting yourself up with other marketers to do the big 'ol "Joint Venture". What better offer for affiliates is there than to pocket 100% commissions instantly? They'll be begging you to let them promote each one of your products every single time...you won't even need to ask!

Jon Leger's "$7 Dollar Secrets" eBook is the perfect match for "Instant Cash Payouts" making for an unstoppable cash spewing machine you can set up before you next have to shave!

Quality traffic generated from JV partners is where the REAL secret to
massive on-line sales lies and where over 90% of marketers fail !!

So don't be a statistic! An affiliate program is what will supercharge your sales and on-line presence. Incorporating an affiliate program such as the $7 Dollar Secrets script, having your own Web Hosting, Domain Name and Autoresponder is highly recommended and without them, this "out of control" system will majorly suffer. All serious online entrepreneurs needs these 3 essentials to grow their on-line business, however, don't stress....If you don't have them yet, I'll show you where to get them cheap!

"...create big money,"

"Stu, I never tire of the writing you do! This book is a sure-fire guide for those who want to receive Instant Cash Payouts!

The revealed information shows a step-by-step system that can be duplicated to create big money, I wouldn't expect less than U$1000 on my first go if I do it like you point out.

"I have purchased similar ebooks in the past but this ebook is a sure winner."

It may have been better to keep this kind of information under wraps, let alone sell it! At least put a limit on the numbers allowed access to this information.

Plus it is totally under-priced for the amount of content that you have got here. You made it too simple."
Dee Ferdinand Dee Ferdinand - https://www.tradebit.com - Free eBiz Automation Tools & Secrets

And when you thought it couldn't get any better...

"Your Backstage Pass To Rub Shoulders With The Creator Of Some Of The Most Profitable $7 eBook Releases Seen Do Date!"

Here's your chance to grab exclusive "behind-the-scenes" access to one of the pros BEST eBook creation "tips and tricks" the world has never seen...

Extreme Bonus Mp3 Audio!
3 Part Interview Series With
James Brown!
Full 80+ Minute "Down & Dirty" Mp3 Audio Interview With The eBook Marketing Mastermind Himself, James Brown!
cd cover

James Brown Internet Marketer EXCLUSIVE: James Brown gets grilled in this GUT-SPILLING 3 Part Audio Interview "Worth it's Weight in Gold"! He reveals.....

* Every "Guru's Hidden eBook Secrets" for succes you were never meant to find out about...

* How and Why James was able to deliver "sizzling" hot reports in succession like a mad man on a rampage...and how ANYONE can do the same!

* What's stopping the 95% of "wannabe" marketers from creating info products and how to separate yourself from the crowd (this is also so many aren't making any money at all on-line).

* How eBooks can be the perfect weapon for more than just making a quick buck. We're talking BIG success and bucks here! (you'll be racing for your pen and paper when you hear this one!)

* How to find what types of eBooks ARE always going to sell and which ones are NOT! Before you even think about launching your own eBook, you MUST know this.

* How he gets marketing "Heavy Weight" JVs to promote his eBooks for him every single time and how you can too!

* Too much more to list in this short box....and I'm not kidding!

The value of this audio alone is easily worth 10 times the whole asking price of the eBook!! Yours Absolutely FREE!

This is what is going to catapult you and your earnings to the next level if you....

* Are looking for an easy way to jump into the Internet Marketing scene with a splash and make some quick easy cash!

* Have always wanted to release your own digital info product but was too overwhelmed or simply didn't know how to do it properly and/or profitably?

* Already have an eBook out there but getting jack squat traffic and no sales. Are hopelessly trying to pump life back into your eBook "flop".

* Are working on ideas for your own (very first or next publication) $7 eBook and want to make sure it's a smash hit before launch day!

To tell you the truth, I'm a "little guy" like 95% of others out there! And unfortuntely for most of us, even if we have a great idea for an eBook, we simply can't get a product out the door. When we finally can, it often doesn't pull in the results as well as he had hoped for.

What I've done is not something that took me months of planning, writing, preparation and headaches to put together. And, it didn't cost me a fortune in outsourcing, web site design, advertising and the rest. Like I said, "You can have your first sizzling eBook flying off the download shelves before next Monday even if you can't type to save your life!"

"...EXACTLY what I was looking for."

"Hi Stuart,
I have been looking for a step-by-step blueprint on how to launch my own 'Instant Cash' business.

What you have put together here is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Anyone can set this business up regardless of their experience.

Here's to Instant Cash Payouts!"

Jason James Jason James
- https://www.tradebit.com

"....a virtual "COOK BOOK" for creating info products. "

"Stuart, I have always focused on marketing other peoples products. At times I've thought of marketing my own product but have immediately put the idea aside for not knowing even where to begin and having some doubt as to my ability to create my own product.

I've spent a couple of hours today studying your new report "Instant Cash Payouts" and then listening to your interview with James Brown. The report is outstanding and a virtual "COOK BOOK" for creating info products.

The interview is informative and inspiring.

Clearly this information is for the new marketer as well as the veteran and a must have for anyone wondering if they could really create their own product.. I come away from my very first quick reading of "Instant Cash Payouts" with the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to know that I will soon be marketing a product of my own creation!

Thank you for investing your time to teach us.

Tony Germana
Tony Germana - https://www.tradebit.com

I've been able to make thousands already doing this and I'll keep doing it. Why? Because it's the easiest, fastest and most profitable way for internet marketing entrepreneurs like you and myself to build our businesses while enjoying instant cash payouts.

Look! I'm not a rocket scientist and I don't care if you're not one either. The exact same results I got are possible for literally anyone with a heart beat, a computer and an internet connection!

All you have to do is follow the simple and proven steps outlined in my easy to follow guide, and quickly develop your own hot selling ebook that earns you instant money even while you sleep! And the best part is, you can do it as many times as you want, cashing in big each and every time!

"The Time To Start Making Instant Cash On-Line Is Now!"

I've spent a fair amount of time on this project putting together the ultimate Instant Cash Payouts system so you don't have to. This is not some old rehashed eBook you can find for free. This eBook packs the goods.

The way I see it is, you have two choices. Pass this offer up and continue to settle for peanuts "clicking" or snap up this deal today and slam home an extra $1000 or more in your pocket by this time next week! I know which one I'd choose...So, are you with me? Good! Let's roll!


Download Your"Instant Cash Payouts" eBook and Audio Package Now For A One Time Only Payment!

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To Your Instant Cash Payouts,

P.S. No, that is not a typo. Yes, it is just $7. For such a small drop in the ocean, I'll show you how you can finally start making money on the internet by showing you step-by-step how to create smoking hot ebooks that will have people spilling their coffees reaching for their credit cards the instant they see it!

P.P.S. There has never been a better time than now to make YOU instant cash and putting you in the spot light in the process!Will you be next to have your own INSTANT CASH PAYING eBooks working for you everyday on auto-pilot?

P.P.P.S. Still wondering if this is good enough value? I recommend you take another good look over the offer. I can bet you will never see an offer of this caliber at such a "no-brainer" price. I could easily be charging anywhere from $37 to $97. Seriously. I'm charging $7 only to prove that this system works and to keep it within reach of everybody. However, that could change. Do yourself a favor and grab this bargain before I come to my senses and raise the price. If you blink, you will miss it.

>> Secure Your Copy of "Instant Cash Payouts" For Just $7 - Click Above Now!
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