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Would You Be Able To Build A List Of121 Subscribers In Less Than 48 Hours While Making $132.45?
All of it without a boring product, crazy investments, a website, a costly autoresponder or any JV connection!
If Youre Like 95 of Marketers, Your Answer Is NO.
And the reason is simple: ListBuilding is frustrating as hell! I know youve heard it dozens of times, the money is in the list. Of course, its 100 true but why are they making it sound so simple?
The reality is, its not THAT easy to build a list with the usual methods and Im not even talking about making it profitable . If youve tried to build a profitable list in the past, you probably have an idea of what Im talking about.
There Are Two Ways To Build A List, Either You Buy Your Way Into Failure
The first one involves buying traffic to a Free offer to capture emails. Whats great is you can immediately start getting leads but the downside is you have to bet a lot of your hard-earned money in the hope of making it back later, not even sure that you have the skills to monetize a list in the first place.
This is risky and kind of like paying for taxi without knowing exactly where youre going. While the bill goes up and up, your motivation goes down and you finally give up, only to find a big nasty and dark hole in your finances.
I dont know about you, but I like to know my investment is going to Get me a return. Im not talking about thinking, no. Im about being hyper-confident where Im heading and hope just doesnt give me that satisfaction. You are here to make money, not to aimlessly lose it trying to build a list, right? Yes, sure.
Or You Work Yourself Into Exhaustion
The second option then is to go the free traffic route, which typically means spending hours and hours of your precious time building backlinks, spamming Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or your favorite forums, in the hope of getting a few leads. The problem is free traffic really isnt that free, it costs time.
And, lets face it, time is wayyy more valuable than money. See, you can always get more cash somehow, but time is precious, its limited. When it runs out, GAME OVER, youre dead.
Of course Im over-dramatic here but the reality is, you dont have much of it! If youre anything like me, you want to see profits fast, not in a month or not even in weeks; I bet you need money for yesterday!
If thats the case, free traffic isnt the solution. Youll only wind up burning yourself out because of the hard work it involves with almost nothing to show up for it and then youll give up
Counting on free traffic is just like going on vacations from Canada to South America on foot because its free,good luck
But What If I Said You Can Use The Power Of Paid TrafficAnd Minimizing The Risk Of Losing Your Money?
Thats exactly what ListProfitSprint teaches, pretty ambitious, right?
Well ListProfitSprint is a complete, step-by-step strategy aimed at building a huge list thats rock solid and profitable, hopefully without losing money on traffic or waiting days for results (aka money in your pockets).
Its a system built with efficiency and simplicity in mind. The goal is to get you to build a list fast (in less than 7 days from now) and make profits while you do, so you literally are paid to build your list, your most important business asset.

How cool is that?

Spending outrageous amount of time or money isnt necessary
Are you in Internet marketing because you want to make money? Of Course! Everybody does, yet most people act like all they want is spend, spend and spend some more. Youre also here because youve been told the internet is easy to make money with, that you can work 4 hours a week, and still make a 6 figure income, which is true.
But you wont get there heading head first with the usual strategies of building lists, you need a real system, thats thought to maximize your success rate, while making sure you get there as fast as possible without requiring you to spend a large amount of investment in time or money.
Instead, it shows you how to get the best part of both ways, without the disadvantages
It shows you the exact route, lays out the detailed treasure map for you to rapidly build your list with paid traffic, and possibly make back your investment while your subscribers get in, in a matter of hours. Plus, the system was carefully engineered so that even if you dont make back your investment in the same day of buying traffic, you get strategies to help you make it back usually within the first few days, after the traffic dies out, using the power of what I call the Hybrid Approach (more on that further down)
And Im not talking about simply putting an affiliate offer on the thank-you page. Thats effective, but not powerful stuff, youll need more than that to make sure you turn in profits. Plus, most marketers show you greedy ways of monetization that piss your subscribers off, which is, my friend, the last thing you want, am I correct? Yeah.
In ListProfitSprint, all youll learn is high-impact monetization techniques that are so natural your subscribers will thank you for it instead of screaming and running towards you with a pitchfork claiming your death. And yes I mean literally thank you for it, see for yourself
ListProfitSprint Is For Those Who Want Profits YESTERDAY!
On any given day, if you ask anyone how to build a list, youre going to get a ton of opinions. Everybody seems to know how to build lists fast and profit from them instantly but few people actually walk the talk. Remember, we want to maximize your chances of turning in profits, so you better not base your future on opinions, you want certainty.
Im talking about this exciting, easy and warm feeling in your chest when you are 100 certain that what you want is actually coming. Doesnt that remind you Christmas time when you were a kid, when you went to bed and you absolutely knew without a doubt that tomorrow morning Santa Claus would have passed?
What if you could get that exact feeling, of confidence and bliss, except tons of money will be waiting for you, not toys! How about waking up every morning without the usual stress and pressure of money and proud of yourself to have thousands of dollars in the bank that you can use to do what you want?
Reason 1: Its based on a scientific and calculated system, which makes it very hard for you to fail. Its not random theory, brain dump or what I call hope marketing.
Reason 2: This is not some secret magic hypnotic mind tricks. This uses sound and applicable methods of monetizing a list that the 5 of top marketers use on a daily basis but wont share If you want a magic wand to hand you hundreds of thousands of dollars instantly, exit this page right now, I do not want to deal with you.
Reason 3: It is proven by the hardest and most honest test of all: real life. Nothing can beat real, tangible testing dont you think? Of course.
My First Try = 121 Subscribers In Less Than 48 HoursWhile Banking $132.45, OMG!
See, its funny to say now but a couple of months ago I was exactly where you are. Yeah that sounds cheesy but I was desperately searching for ways to make money online because I wanted to escape the 9-5 job that paid my studies but really enslaved me.
You know the deal, trading my hours for 10$ apiece plus a nice little depression in bonus. It didnt take very long before I felt like there was more to life than that, Im sure you also had those thoughts one day.
So I did like most of you and turned to the big ol internet
And the typical story unfolded. I got scammed to death in schemes, bold promises and get-rich-easy products. Couple that with the shiny object syndrome and I went from SEO and affiliate marketing, to offering services to local businesses and dipping my toe in CPA and finally creating products with absolutely no return on investment!
(Actually yes, I made one sale of $15 one day and the feeling was incredible, until it got refunded a couple of days later Ouch, welcome back to earth Joe)
Those were all cold, painful and knife-deep failures but they all taught me one thing I found out that in any sub-Niches of internet marketing, one message kept coming: build a list.
I Needed To Build A List!
That really resonated with me, the idea to simply push a send button, do whatever I can think of in the day and come back to a nice $500 excited me so much and made so much sense to me! When you think about it, its the best traffic source on earth and extremely powerful. Its just like having an ATM machine in your house. You literally click a few buttons and wait for your pile of cash, without leaving your comfy bed if you wish.
But like I already explained, its not that simple, the conventional ways of building a list are either too risky or plain old not effective.
So I started to realize most people and most courses give part of the answer but most of them were not complete systems, they revealed simple ideas or concepts. I wanted a way to make sure I would be successful and turn in profits, which would back me up in case my skills arent that good.
So I created ListProfitSprint, combining paid and free traffic, plus extremely natural monetization techniques that the biggest publishing companies use regularly. And it sounded great on paper, almost guaranteeing a profit while I build a list, but theory is useless until it works, right?
The Test Of Fire
So I took a weekend and dedicated my all into this strategy. It was do or die, succeed or quit, I was pissed off! Guess what hapenned? I started out Saturday morning at 6:00 AM and by Sunday night, I had a good $132.45 sitting in my Paypal account and over 120 names in my GetResponse Account. I made profits in 2 days WHILE I got 123 leads in my funnel!
I can still experience the twirling feeling, the energy rising up my spine in excitement! I swear I couldnt believe it. For the next two days I kept calling my family and my friends telling them the internet thingy I talked to them for so long about was finally working!
But The Best Thing is this is not a one-time-wonder lucky shot, I found out the process is easily repeatable. Once everything is set up, I can immediately run another campaign and see profits in a couple of hours. Dont you think thats better than aimlessly building a list and hoping you make back your investment in a couple of weeks?
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