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ClickBank Sets PLR.

5 Minutes To Larger ClickBank Affiliate Commissions!*

These Message Sets, Just For ClickBank Affiliates, Creates Attentive and Receptive Readers Ready To Click and Buy and Puts Your Marketing On Autopilot. In Just 5 Minutes* They Are Ready To Generate More Sales For You Automatically!

* Just add your ClickBank Affiliate ID!

Dear ClickBank Affiliate,

In just 5 minutes you can begin increasing your ClickBank commissions and put them on autopilot.

Are you like me? You have your squeeze page or mini-site all setup. Youre getting traffic and people are signing up but you agonize over what to sell and what to write about on your blog and in your newsletter. The blank screen stares at you expecting a response, but your eyes glaze over and your brain begins thinking of what is on TV. You get up for a snack, settle into another exciting episode of 24 and forgot you were going to write those killer emails or blog posts so you can make some money?

Does the idea of trying to write world-class copy (that gets response!) cause sweat to pour from your palms and drip from your brow?

Do you put off what you know you should do, but just dont get around to it because youre unsure of how to get started or what to write about or how to write messages that generates responses?

Then it happens!... another day goes by without anything loaded into your autoresponder or posting to your website or blog that could have earned you a commission! Another lost opportunity!

Well, youre not alone... 97 of my subscribers and customers that I have spoken to over the years have a good grasp on how to setup a squeeze page and get decent traffic but when it comes time to selecting, extracting benefits from a sales page and writing killer response-pulling copy, they are less sure of themselves.

Crafting your online messages in a way that draws the reader into the copy using techniques like trance inducing language will create a massive increase in your conversions and sales. And if youre like most people online you just want to see results... you dont care about learning the intricacies and psychology of response generating copy techniques!

Let me introduce you to Trance Inducing Language. Including Trance Inducing Language in your messages gets your readers attention and puts them into a highly receptive state of mind. Thats all it does. But the results are spectacular! It takes an expert to craft that kind of copy... thats why the most successful online marketers hire the best to write this kind of copy for them.

Dont worry - Im not going to ask you to hire me and even though I do reveal my exact formula for creating killer trance inducing messages below, Im not going to teach you all of my techniques because that would take too long.

If you are like me you want results NOW, not years from now!

So instead, Im going to hand you valuable pre-written, special messages crafted with Trance Inducing Language for specific ClickBank products that I guarantee will increase your ClickBank commissions for a fraction of what you would be forced to pay a professional trained in these techniques.

These are Pre-written Sets, Ready-to-Go Messages that you can use in the next 5 minutes to start earning larger ClickBank affiliate commissions! I say they are ready in 5 minutes and I mean it... you only have to do ONE THING! Include your ClickBank ID in these messages and they are ready to work hard for you!

How well do these specially crafted messages work in real-world marketing? Well, I know one person who generated more than $1,200,000 in online sales using this as his only copywriting technique. His name is David Vallieres. Yeah, you could say this technique gets massive results.
Your messages work harder for you when you include trance inducing language which triggers trance-like attentiveness. Instead of the one-thousand-and-one things that are going on around them every minute of every day readers feel compelled to follow your message paths.

Sometimes its almost magical the way these messages get people to respond. Of course, theres nothing really magical, in the supernatural sense of the word... but the results can be magical!

The fact is, people ACT on your messages because they are drawn into your words/thoughts and, even if they do not accept them 100, they do not want to give up a potential advantage by continuing to read your message.

So heres my exact formula for creating massive response

Are you ready? This is a million dollar technique:

Here it is: Draw people into your message in a way that suspends their skepticism long enough to convince themselves that if they dont follow you they will be missing out on some key advantage they could obtain from you either now or in the near future.

Thats exactly the formula I used to create these messages for you!

You can induce deep attention or a trance-like state in your audience on command once you learn how. The bad news its almost impossible to do if you have no experience or havent been trained to do it properly.... but you dont need to, because I have done it for you!
Yep... Ive decided to create a series of response generating messages that do the job for you earning you larger commissions. What they really do is help your reader get into a highly focused and attentive state while guiding them to take your Most Desired Action.

I love to make money online - automatically. But making money online comes down to how good you are at crafting messages that focuses your readers attention, keep it and lead them to take an action.

We have a practical purpose in mind when using these messages: We want our readers to click-through to a website and order the product, generating a commission for us!
These ClickBank Message Sets can be added to your autoresponder sequence or they can be blog posts, on your website or used in your postcard marketing - automatically earning larger affiliate commissions for you.

5 Minutes To Larger Commissions With ClickBank Affiliate Message Sets were created using a system that I developed in 2000 to extract the maximum desired response from readers. Each message has a specific job to do and they are created with the reader in mind. Their job is simple: Get clicks-throughs to the product site and pre-dispose the reader to ORDER NOW.

First, each Subject Line has been crafted carefully to create curiosity and high open rates... then we get into the body of the messages...

1) ...The first Message in each set puts readers into an attentive state by building rapport, drawing them into the copy, introducing the product and communicating the BIG benefit of the product, suspending their skepticism long enough, to make them immensely curious so they click-through to the site to learn more ...

But as we all know... sending a single message gets some sales, but over 60 of the real profits come from the follow-ups. So I created 2 additional messages for each product being promoted, using a specific and proven successful method, that helps close even more sales for you automatically.

2) ...The second Message puts them into an attentive state by using Q&As about the product and answers any objections they may have so that they are pre-disposed to order the product now that their questions are answered...

3) ...The third Message puts them into a attentive state by using bullet points to drive home important benefits so they click-through to order immediately...

The copy in each message series is CAREFULLY CRAFTED for MAXIMUM DESIRED RESPONSE and ENGAGING! Your subscribers will love them and ACT ON them.

This set includes 180 ClickBank Affiliate Messages that pre-sells 60 quality ClickBank products. Each ClickBank product has a commission of approx. $20 or higher. You can immediately upload these to your autoresponder, post to your blog or website. All you need to do is customize them with your Clickbank ID!

ClickBank Affiliate Message Sets are written for products in the Business-To-Business marketplace and the Health and Fitness marketplace.

Each product being promoted includes a series of 3 Messages in the format described above that can be used in an email autoresponder series or on a blog or website or in your postcard marketing campaigns.

Once you receive this massive set of response-generating messages, all you need to do is add your own ClickBank ID inside the body of the message so you can start earning commissions immediately.

All the messages in this Set are listed below and follow a consistent, proven and highly targeted method of pre-selling the product selected as mentioned above.

If you outsourced this high-level copywriting it would cost you a minimum of $25 or more per message! Minimum. Youd be forced to pay well over $4,500.00 for just these 180 messages alone!

But dont worry because I am not charging anywhere near that astronomical amount of money...



Who Loves Money (preview site)

Internet Marketing Legal Secrets (preview site)

Campaign Blasts Method (preview site)

Average Joe Marketer (preview site)

Internet Marketing Master Plan (preview site)

Micro Niche Finder (preview site)

Internet Marketing Home Study Course (preview site)

One Grand A Day Amazon Adwords (preview site)

Video Pop-In Genius (preview site)

Quick & Easy Infoproduct Creation Guide (preview site)

Dan Lok Insiders Club (preview site)

$14.13 / Mo.
How I Make $7,116 Every Month Online (preview site)

Attraction Marketing BluePrint (preview site)

Financially Free With OPP (preview site)

Google Snatch (preview site)

CD+DVD Kunaki Automator (preview site)

Ewen Chias Autopilot Profits (preview site)

DJK Google Assassin (preview site)

Fit Over 40 (preview site)

Turbulence Training (preview site)


$14.13 / Mo.


Confessions of A Lazy Super-Affiliate (preview site)

Project Quick Cash (preview site)

Get Google Ads For Free (preview site)

Affirmations Software - Sculpter 3 (preview site)

The Power of Conversationalist Hypnosis (preview site)

$28.81 / Mo.
Ewen Chias Newbie Cash Machine (preview site)

Ewen Chias Super Affiliates (preview site)

Blogging To The Bank 2.0 (preview site)

Boomers Income Plan (preview site)

Build A Niche Store-eBay(R) Affiliate Sites (preview site)

Resale Rights Blueprint (preview site)

SEO Elite (preview site)

SaleHoo Wholesale / eBay(R) Directory (preview site)

Easy Web Video (preview site)

Acne Free In 3 Days. All Natural Cure (preview site)

SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program (preview site)

No Nonsense Muscle Building (preview site)

The Truth About Six-Pack Abs (preview site)

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle (preview site)

Anxiety And Panic Attacks (preview site)


$28.21 / Mo.


Web 2.0 Traffic Stampede (preview site)

The Last Affiliate Secret (preview site)

The Millionaire https://www.tradebit.com (preview site)

Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days! (preview site)

Automated Cash Formula (preview site)

Get Paid To Submit Photos To The Internet! (preview site)

Peel Away Ads (tm) (preview site)

Instant Video Site Creator (preview site)

Atomic Blogging System (preview site)

$160,000 Per Month With Google AdWords (preview site)

Make Money On eBay(R) With Website (preview site)

Money Animal (PPC+eBay) (preview site)

UncleSamsMoney Grants Program (preview site)

The $5k Per Day Subliminal Video Message (preview site)

Exercises To Completely Stop Snoring! (preview site)

Unlock The Hidden Fat Burning Secret (preview site)

Fat Loss Lifestyle Program For Moms (preview site)

FatLoss4Idiots - Updated in 2008! (preview site)

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret (preview site)

Get Rid Of Tiredness & Sleep Less (preview site)



*Only 200 of the Message Sets above will be sold before they are taken off the market under these Terms and License.

Lets see. Thats 180 messages for ClickBank product promotions total or $4,500 ($25 X 180) in value!

The value is $4,500... but today $97 is your only investment!

And YOU HAVE UNLIMITED USE for Blogs, Emails, Postcards, etc.

If you hired a copywriter (if you can even find one with the expertise for this type of project) it would cost you a minimum of $25 per message ($75 for each set) and then I doubt you would get messages crafted for maximum response like Ive put into these messages.

Look, I wont kid you... creating this kind of high-response copy is a bear to write. They take a boat-load of time to research, strategize and conceive. If you have struggled writing your own messages that get attention and action and havent done as well as you expected then youre going to appreciate how much time, effort and money I am saving you.

Remember, if you had to hire an expert by outsourcing these ClickBank Affiliate Message Sets it would cost you a small fortune...if you could even find someone qualified to write them!

You get the entire ClickBank Message Set above (60 ready-to-promote messages in all) for just $37!

Only 200 of These Ready-To-Promote Message Sets Left!

The value is $1,500... but today $97 is your only investment!
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