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Review 2 Profit Product Review Template

If you've always wanted get paid for selling products that you didn't even create, but struggled to get raw content to help you promote... then you need...

PRE-SELL Content That Blows The pants Of Your Competitors And Sends You BIG FAT Commissions!

It's Time You Cheated A Little And Grabbed The RAW PLR To My Reviews So You Can Pick Up Easy Commission From Products You've Never Even Bought!

RE: How to ramp up your affiliate commission with soft-selling!

When it comes to promoting products as an affiliate, theres nothing worse than NOT knowing where to start.

Do you start by blasting links all over the forums?...
Do you start by blasting emails to everyone on your list?...
Do you spam the article directories with sale pitches?...

If so, then youre probably not getting the best results... if any.

You see, people generally dont like being sold to and have a naturally tendency to back away from hard sales people.

Its like a sales man knocking on your front door, when youre busy working on your business, and theyve got a fake smile on their face with a pre-written sales script stored up in their head and ready to play. I dont like it and Im sure you dont like it too.

Except on the web, you can just click the back button on your browser rather than standing there looking at the sales man, not listening, and youre just waiting to slam the door shut.

Now what if you were actually interested in buying something and you needed a second opinion from a friend, someone who has already bought the product and has first-hand experience with it.

Would you trust him/her? Would you trust them more than a sleazy sales man pitching you something you dont want?...

The principles are still the same on the web. People buy into people, not products. And when someone is giving an opinion about someone else and their product, the effect is much more powerful than selling directly.

This is what Reviews2Profit is all about.

Reviews 2 Profit
...21 Quality Conversationally Written Review Articles On In-Demand Products!

With review articles, you can post them practically anywhere on the web and as soon at the search engine pick them up, youll get traffic.

Why would the search engines pick them up?... Because theyre long-tail keyword-specific buying keywords that people are already aware of. People would be typing in the product name with review and YOU are going listed at the top!

Would you want to target a keyword like make money online?... sure you would but really what are the chances of that when the big boys are spending tens of thousands on back-links to stay at the top? Wouldnt it be much easier to find little gaps that have been untouched, where you can still pocket commissions?...

With Reviews2Profit, youll be supplied with quality review-style articles that you can edit and use one your blog, your website or even on the Web 2.0 social networks like HubPages, Squidoo, Wet Paint, Weebly, Zimbio, Live Journal and so many more...

You just edit how you like, add your own voice into the articles, add your affiliate links, and then use them in conjunction with your online marketing!
Youll receive 21 quality review-style articles in Word .DOC format which you rebrand with your affiliate links!

These reviews are designed to promote some of the best products in the I.M. niche and youll be able to receive up to $75 commission from one sale some products even have recurring payouts!
Heres a sample review for Easy Banner Creator
(Pays 75 Commission Via ClickBank)

Easy Banner Creator Review

If you would like to discover how to make quick and easy banners without having to hire a graphic designer and without having to become a photo shop whizz, then you should check out Aaron Dankers latest release at https://www.tradebit.com.

The software on this site claims to help you to create 100s if not 1000s of professional looking banners in a matter of minutes. Well find out the truth.

I came across Easy Banner Creator after searching for quite a while for a tool to help me with banner creation, and when I saw Aarons site I knew that it was worth further investigation as I was aware of his success as a graphic designer and webmaster online.

Aaron has been making money with his graphic design skills for years and he has now decided to offer a software package to enable anybody, no matter what their technical or design skills, to create professional looking graphics that can turn into affiliate sales without having to ring the graphic designer first. I had known that banners were a great way to make money back in the day and had lessened in popularity for a while but they are now a great way to earn extra income and they can work really well on all manner of sites like forums, review sites and social networking sites.

After deciding to take the plunge and make my purchase I was soon using the three step software program and finding it a lot easier to use than I had previously thought. In step one you simply create your banner choosing from the 21 pre-set banner sizes and after spicing it up with whatever text and images you need, you simply save it so you can export it later on. There are a number of other features to choose from here too including a huge rage of images and icons, and you can also layer one message on top of another for that 3d effect.

After using easy banner creator for a number of weeks Im really pleased with the results, and considering Im the least technical or design orientated person I know Im even happier with the designs Im creating. After implementing the graphics on a number of ad campaigns of mine I am also noticing a steady increase in sales and opt ins so this is something I will continue to use.

I would recommend Easy Banner Creator for anyone out there in the market who wants to increase their profits with a proven system that is easy to use and can save you money on design costs.

Visit the official site for more information:

Here's another sample review for The GTP System (Pays 75 Commission Via ClickBank)

Google Traffic Pump (GTP) System Review

After numerous back breaking attempts to get more traffic to my site that ended in pitiful rewards for the efforts I was making in the last 6 months I am really pleased to have found something that actually works and I wanted to share it with anyone out there who is in a similar position at the moment.

What I am referring to here is the latest release from Aaron Danker at https://www.tradebit.com where he reveals some of the most powerful and up to date methods for driving traffic to your site with the launch of the GTP System.

Aaron has been making a great living online for a number of years now but like many of us, he failed on numerous occasions before he finally made it. The GTP System is what turned his fortunes around and it made his traffic counters register thousands instead of hundreds of visitors, putting him on the map in internet marketing success and creating financial independence for him. I had heard about his success on the warrior forum and I wanted to see if this system would solve my traffic woes so I gave it go and dived in.

After going through the content I download I discovered that the GTP System is basically made up of 5 parts. Starting out with keyword research in the first module, you then go on to formatting your questions into traffic pumping questions, before setting up your traffic funnel Gmail account. The final two steps involve setting up the Google alerts traffic pump and finally you are told how to get the traffic flowing. I found the videos clear and easy to follow and had no problem with any part of the process.

Having implemented what I learned from the videos in addition to the bonus tips that you get from Aaron for driving traffic to your site I have to say that I am more than pleased with the results, having increased the traffic to one of my sited by up to 300.

If you are looking for a free way to increase your traffic at the moment and are open to following a simple proven system than I would have no hesitation in recommended the GTP system.

Visit the official site for more information:

Here's another one for Graphix With Impact
(Pays 100 Commission via PayPal!)

Graphix With Impact Review

A lot of your success online will come down to how well you can set yourself apart from your competition and one of the key ways to do this is to make sure that your graphics are a cut above the rest and stand out in the mind of your user. If you would like access to the types of graphics Im talking about, you should check out Aaron Dankers latest product entitled, Graphix With Impact, right now at https://www.tradebit.com

I have known for a while now that my websites needed sprucing up in the graphics department in order to get my marketing message across more effectively but I was not willing to continually pay my graphic designer to come up with new designs all the time. The answer to my quest for more effective graphics would come from a well established graphic designer, but this time I was getting a number of design templates that I could customise with my own marketing message and make a greater impact on my readers. Aaron Danker is the man behind Graphix With Impact and he has established himself as a highly skilled designer and web marketer, so I thought this product was an ideal place for me to start.

When I downloaded the content I received 6 premium designs all differing in look and texture that I could use on a variety of different sites and blogs that I own. A few of my favourites were the treasure Template that I could use to deliver powerful marketing messages and the raw silk template that I could use to deliver the marketing message on some of my premium sites. These were not just raw templates though, as I also received headers that I could customise, testimonial boxes opt in boxes and a download page with each template.

As with anything that I invest my time or money in I was looking for this product to give me some kind of return and Im please to say that I was not disappointed as my conversion rates are already up on the sites on which I have implemented the new designs.

I would recommend Graphix With Impact to anyone who is seeking to get professional graphics on their site to boast its impact and conversion rates and to anyone who simply wants great looking graphics without the hassle of paying a designer.

You can check out the quality of these templates here https://www.tradebit.com

Now imagine you got these reviews in front of qualified traffic and image they had YOUR ClickBank IDs and PayPal emails attatched to the links!...
How cool would that be?...

Wouldn't it be nice to pick up commissions JUST for display a bit of content that you didn't even write in front of them?...

With a source of traffic and these reviews in your hand, money doesn't get any easier!
You Get 21 Of These Quality Article-Style Reviews...
And Can Claim Copyrights & Authorship To Them!
Now You Have The Power To Build Links, Submit Compelling content To The Networks, Add Quality Emails To your Auto-Responder And So much More...

Now you may be thinking... What can I do with these and How do I make money with them?... Good question, and allow me to answer them for you...

Here are just a few ideas to help get you going...

Submit to article directories straight forward and simple. You register a domain such as https://www.tradebit.com or https://www.tradebit.com and use sub-directories like /1dayproductcreator, /easybannercreator or /clickdraggraphics as your affiliate links. Then submit the articles to your favourite directories, and add your affiliate links in the bio box. For example, you add an article on The 1 Day Product Creator and then you finish off by saying... Visit the official site for more information... https://www.tradebit.com Not only does Google love articles, but webmaster too, and when they take your article and distribute them, who do you think will end up with the commissions?... You!

Set up a review blog add your affiliate links into the reviews and drip feed the reviews into your blog using an auto-posting plug-in (freely available) and let your site grow NATURALLY over time. Google will see this as a human operated blog and will reward you with higher rank listings as a result, youll get the important long-tail keywords traffic and commissions!

Create an eBook or report use the content to create an mini review guide that tells informs entrepreneurs about the products. Add your affiliate links with each review and youll get commissioned for the sales. You could give your guide away for free and even build your list at the same time! To really hit home run you could...

Add them to your auto-responder theres nothing better than to read a laid back newsletter that calmly and honestly talks about a product without hard selling it. Your readers will appreciate this and your commissions will show for it!

Charge a branding fee Why not take it a step further and charge a branding fee so that other marketers can add their affiliate links into your report as well? You could set it up as an upgrade offer so that after they subscribe to your list for your report, you charge them branding rights. Theres another source of income for you!

Create a downloadable PDF newsletter why not do one better than just an email newsletter? Compile each review into a PDF with your affiliate links, upload them to your server, and use your auto-responder to hand out the download links on a weekly or biweekly basis. Your newsletter could be entirely about honest product reviews and your subscribers will really appreciate it!

Create a ClickBank-Adsense website Use a simple website template, and add the reviews to your own ClickBank and Adsense-based website. Add your ClickBank affiliate links to the reviews and insert some AdSense ads that will bring in an additional source of revenue! And because these reviews are based around the make money niche, youll have ads that pay top rate for clicks! Who said Adsense was dead?... The people that dont make money with them?... Now you can use the raw content to create a themed review site!

Sell the reviews as they are youll receive Master Resell Rights to the entire site. You have permission to use the reviews as website content, and now you can sell the reviews as they are for other marketers! Your cost for creating the reviews... none. Your potential profit for selling them... unlimited.

Rebrand the reviews and sell them as conditional PLR webmasters need content. They want traffic just as much as you. Why add your affiliate links into the reviews first, and then sell them as plain TXT files with conditional PLR. That way webmasters get to use your content freely, but must keep the links intact. Its a great way to deliver content and get paid for it at the same time!

Create an MP3 recording either read the reviews aloud yourself and record it or hire a voice over artist for the job. Simply add your affiliate links into the reviews and when you or your voice-over artist reads the review they can finish of with... for more information please visit the official site at... YOUR LINK. Its a great way to advertise your affiliate links!

Submit to podcast directories use the MP3 recording you make and submit it to the podcast directories! Everyone that downloads your MP3 review will know exactly where to go to for the official site! When they buy, you get the commission.

Give sample reviews away as a tell-a-friend gift youve seen those site havent you... tell 3 friends about ABC and well send you XYZ worth $497 absolutely free. Why not use the reviews as bait to send more traffic to your site? We use this technique ourselves and its been working solidly for years! Your subscriber gets free content, you get free referred traffic, and the referred traffic gets to come to your free website! Its a win-win-win situation.

With Reviews2Profit there are just so many ways to monetize this content that youd be...
throwing money away by nOT using it!

Look at it this way, there are 1000s of searches going through Google right now with people who are thinking about buying a product but dont know if its right for them and so need that final push. With Reviews2Profit youll have the answer theyre looking for (social proof) and with your final call to action at the bottom of your reviews is your affiliate link.

Becoming an affiliate doesnt get any easier than that.

So how much is this going to set me back?

Let's take a look at the real value of what you're getting here. These numbers are based on what it would cost to have these reviews created for you so you know you're getting a lot for your one-time investment.
1 Day Product Creator Conditional PLR Review

3D Cover Creator Conditional PLR Review

43 Blogging Tutorials Conditional PLR Review

Affiliate Marketing 4 Newbies Conditional PLR Review

Article Marketing 4 Newbies Conditional PLR Review

Auction Profit Pack Conditional PLR Review

Auctions 4 Newbies Conditional PLR Review

Audio Niche Riches Conditional PLR Review

Build My Affiliate Army Conditional PLR Review

Camtasia Video Profits Conditional PLR Review

Click Drag Graphics Conditional PLR Review

ClickBank Approval Conditional PLR Review

Copy Paste Audio Conditional PLR Review

CPA 4 Newbies Conditional PLR Review

Dynamite Trends Conditional PLR Review

Easy Banner Creator Conditional PLR Review

Easy Banners Maker Conditional PLR Review

Extract Max Cash Conditional PLR Review

Fast Action Newbie Conditional PLR Review

Graphix With Impact Conditional PLR Review
Total REAL World Value


a total value of $567!

As you can see, outsoucing this kind of work takes a lot of time and money and can easily total up to $500+. But you won't have to pay anywhere near that amount!

Without beating round the bush, we're going to offer you generous discount for taking action now rather than later. If you buy right now from this page, we'll provide you with all the article reviews for a one-time payment of only $97 $17! - Yes you read that right - $97 $17 to $567 worth of content which you can use to drastically increase your site exposure and affiliate commissions!

But Wait!... That's Not All!
Secure Your Copy Today, And We'll Make Sure You Get LIFETIME Updates And The 'Link Wheel' Ranking Booster Technique!

Bonus #1 - A *Lifetime* Supply Of Review Articles!

Yes that's right! We want to ensure your every success and we're going to do that by supplying you with a lifetime supply of new review articles! Every time we create new products that you can promote, we'll email you with fresh written reviews that you can download so you can post them on your blog or website and continue to bring in more commissions! Simply register your purchase to secure this unbeatable deal!

A REAL value of $997!

Bonus #2 - The Link Wheel Technique

To make sure you really get the most from these reviews and turn every visitor into a customer, you'll also receive the special link wheel tutorials that shows you how to rank your reviews higher than everyone else by optimizing your sites for specific keywords!

Inside this video series you'll discover...

See what a link wheel is and how they work and are constructed
How to research keywords for your link wheel
The secret keyword strategy for maximum success
The 3 sources of content for your link wheel
The 2 strategies for link wheels
See exactly how to create a link wheel site
What you need to do to configure and run your link wheel sites
How to take your link wheels to the next level
How to make the link wheel even more effective and profitable
3 stepsto take with every spoke in your link wheel
Where to outsource your link wheel creation

and much more!...

This detailed SEO and linking report contains techniques that 99 of online marketers dont have a clue about and now you get it free with these quality reviews! Even though we intend on selling this as a seperate produc the future, you'll receive NOW absolutely free as a bonus to get the most out of your PLR reviews!

A REAL value of $97!

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of Reviews 2 Profit NOW and start making affiliate commission today without having to write a single word! These unbeatable bonuses will not be available for too long so make sure you act quick to secure these too!

You see, affiliate marketing is great and it allows you sell other peoples products without having to create your own, but what the gurus dont tell you is how much work is involved in getting your affiliate links exposed so that you can eventually get paid for it.

With Reviews2Profit, youll have all the drudgery work of writing reviews out of the way and youll be able to start posting them within minutes to all the high-traffic article and social network sites including your own sites and blogs... not to mention the other ideas mentioned earlier!

So go ahead, top up your ClickBank and PayPal account and become the next super affiliate. Reviews2Profit brings you that one step closer without all the hassles.

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YES! I want conditional private label rights to your reviews! I want to start making money as an affiliate by providing people with honest, quality and informative reviews that theyll love and pay me for with commissions!

YES! I understand that I can earn as much as $75 per commission sale, as well as recurring commission with these products and that my investment will be recuperated many many times over!

YES! I understand that I also get Master Resell Rights to all the PLR review articles and a duplicate of this website (except for the special bonuses due to licensing restrictions) so I can start selling as many copies of this myself to other marketers and webmasters!

YES! And finally I understand that I backed by a solid 60 day guarantee and if I dont think that these reviews were worth the price I paid, I simply ask for a full and prompt refund no questions asked! But Im already very clear about what Im getting and already have a plan in place for monetizing this content, so let me place my order now for only...
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[YES] Can sell conditional private label rights - reviews may be edited but must STRICTLY NOT be used to promote another product to abide with FTC regulations.

[NO] Can give away MRR package for free
however you may give up to 3 Word .DOC reviews away for sampling
[YES] Can be sold on auction sites
[YES] Can be sold in fire sales
[NO] Can be sold in dime sale events
[NO] Can be packaged/repacked with other products
- STRICTLY MUST sell with lifetime updates for your customers.
[NO] Can edit the mini-site graphics
[YES] Can claim authorship
[YES] Can claim copyrights

To Your Success!
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