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MP3 Desert Wind - Flute Fest

Beautiful and uplifting flute music. ~A new experience of contemporary flute music over keyboard trancescapes with polyrhythmic percussive textures and influence from Jazz a la Miles to Classical Beethoven ~ with a tabla twist. Please listen, read on . .

13 MP3 Songs
NEW AGE: New Age, JAZZ: World Fusion

Flute Fest features Andalin Bachman on the white/gold/platinum Miyazawa flute. It fuzes beautiful Middle Eastern / Mediterranean scales and rhythms with jazz improvisation, progressive rock and just the "right amount" of classical commentary. In fact, this CD includes perhaps the only world dance version of Beethoven''s Moonlight Sonata. The flute part is amazing, and now flutists will be able to play along with their own melody!

All songs are original by Alan Scott Bachman of Desert Wind, except for Beethoven''s Moonlight Sonata, to which Andalin wrote a moving flute part. Alan''s arrangement is stunning. This full length CD contains strong melodic structure featuring a powerful and beautiful flute performance enhanced by serious underlying percussion including tabla, conga, trap drums, riq, doumbek, electric and acoustic bass, guitar, mandolin, grand piano and much more!

This delicious musical blend is both soothing and exciting. Full of surprises, from the opening thunder (recorded live from the studio window) to the the ending rock guitar / flute duo, Desert Wind has taken this instrumental music to a new level. Zjari adds the perfect vocal touch to Flute Voyage, Andalin''s Song and Downtown Beladi. Flute Fest is a showcase of flute talent, which flutists can refer to in embracing numerous musical styles!

Flute fest is dedicated "to the dancers, dreamers and believers who awakened this flute fantasy" as well as to "Miles Davis and Ludwig Van Beethoven who inspired this music."

MUSIC DESIGN, INC. IN REVIEW: "Alan Bachman and his crew at Desert Wind shift gears with this album, toning down the
Middle Eastern exoticism of their usual
releases in favor of melodically-powerful
flute-based compositions. FLUTE FEST
is a showcase for Alan Bachman''s intuitive
arrangements and Andalin Bachman''s gorgeous
flute playing. The sound is contemporary, featuring
a backdrop of keyboard trancescapes, polyrhythmic
arrays of drum beats and percussive textures (Latin,
African and Asian rhythms all come into the mix),
piano playing and an assortment of different ethnic
instruments. The Bachmans touch upon such subgenres as jazz, bossa nova and even classical music to create an intoxicating hybrid of east and west."

LEADING EDGE REVIEW: "Astounding flute work and world beat rhythm bring new life to Beethoven''s ''Moonlight
Sonata.'' Jazz / Rock flute merges with Desert Wind''s Middle Eastern / Mediterranean passion, reaching new heights on the tribal fusion frontier. Dedicated ''to the dancers, dreamers and believers who awakened this flute fantasy,'' FLUTE FEST is a ''MUST HAVE'' CD!"

ONLINE REVIEW BY~ Samantha Jones, NJ, for ALEXA, an https://www.tradebit.com Company: Incredible Flute CD!

"Congratulations Desert Wind! You did it! In thirteen songs you ran the gambit of all possible genres on one CD. Yet, somehow it has a coherent, magical flow. Someday I hope I can play flute like that! ~Guess I''d need to find a band like that also. :) Thank you for the uplifting and inspirational CD and website. I''m looking
forward to getting the other Desert Wind CDs now."

ANOTHER ONLINE REVIEW, AOL Customer Review By "FluteMusicNow", NYC: Fantastic Fantasy Flute Music

"Beautiful, relaxing and upbeat all at the same time, this album is a first in combining American Jazz Flute with Mediterranean style rhythms and scales. ~Great for dancing
and dreaming! (This CD was dedicated "to the dancers, dreamers and believers who awakened this flute fantasy.")

Desert Wind takes flute music to a new level with this fun flute CD. Starting with the thunder of ''Parthenogenesis'' and ending with a rock flute / guitar duo, this Flute CD
rocks! ~But wait! It''s also jazzy and lyrical all at the same time. This is the kind of CD you want to put on for a road trip!

Andalin''s flute work is spectacular as she spontaneously weaves jazz and Middle Eastern scales over funk bass in ''Downtown Beladi''. That song alone is worth this CD!

Then there is the surprising take on Beethoven''s ''Moonlight Sonata'' where Desert Wind added a flute part, drums and even tablas! Go figure. (!But then again, Desert Wind is famous for tribal fusion, world-beat innovations in music.) No wonder the dedication also includes a tribute to Miles Davis and Ludwig Van Beethoven in the same breath!

Buy this CD! :)"


"The first time I had the opportunity to listen to this CD was on a flight headed to California. Because this was such an early morning flight there were very few people - so I had one three seat section to myself. I really wanted to sleep since it was so quiet and I was so exhausted from long days at work and long nights at the computer. But, in went the CD - and to my delight, not only was I blessed with the music of the incomparable Andolin Bachman and Desert Wind but a view ascending through the clouds to the site of the morning sun gave a euphoric feeling that is somewhat difficult to describe. My body was saying "sleep", but the beauty of the music and the site unfolding before me had me glued to that window - listening and watching.

The heavy cloud cover seemed to go with the beginning of the first piece of music ''Parthenogenesis'' which begins with rain and thunder. We were rising through the clouds, breaking through to orange and pink hues often only seen on a canvas. The music fit this incredible break through to a level above the clouds, and just as we were topping out over the cloud cover, the song ended with more rain. I began to wonder if Goddess had blessed us that day with this site - specifically for the accompaniment of this CD. I know it sounds a bit strange, but as I go on, you might begin to understand.

The next piece of music ''Roses Bloom'' had me nearly out of my seat. The gentleman across the aisle must have noticed my struggle to keep my arms and hands down. They were telling me to ignore the guy and dance. As well, my mind was rapidly trying to figure out how I was going to incorporate this piece of music into the routine I was to do the next day in Sacramento.

The next piece, ''Downtown Beladi'' reminds me of sitting in my favorite spot in Northwest Portland on a busy Saturday afternoon in the summer - people watching. I can actually see people in my mind, moving about, in time to this lively beladi rhythm. The flute adds the strut of the crowd, while the rhythm, the excitement of the day.

By this point in the flight, we were high over the clouds and the orange globe of the sun was coming up over the horizon. The scene before me and the music playing are so much like the woman the song is named for ''Andalin''s Song'' - brilliant and powerful, yet delicate and loving. The veil work running through my head is never ending. The sun did quite a miraculous thing as the ending to this song began to unwind; the glow of the sun actually began to pulse, it seemed in time to the last few beats of the song.

I was still getting over those last few beats, when the next song kicked in. I hadn''t yet looked at the name of the song, and as I listened, still watching the glow of the sun which hadn''t yet completely topped out from the horizon, I had the thought that the sun was fighting for supremacy. The music seemed to go with that very thought. The Sun claiming its place as King of the Universe. I looked down for a moment to catch the name of the song, and began to laugh, ''You''re the Bossa'' was just so fitting. This piece of music will always remind me of the Sun''s fight to get over that horizon - exciting and exhilarating.

Now, just as the sun topped, and the next piece of music began ''Tribal Convergence'' I was watching the colors the sun had splayed over the clouds below. The pulsing rhythm and the haunting flute made it seem as though there was a great gathering of dancers below, moving and coming together, across the clouds in celebration of life. I could almost see them, their arms uplifted, circling, dancing. What a joyful, fun piece of music this one is.

Personal note to Andalin: ''You have outdone yourself - this is the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard''. I was thinking it somewhat ironic though, since the sun was fully blossomed. Then, as I turned my head tentatively to look out the windows on the other side of the plane, thankful that this time the gentleman there was leaning back, I caught a glimpse of the pale moon on the opposite horizon. Now, I have to say that is just earie - - since the name of this piece is Moonlight Sonata. Haunting, powerful, glorious, this is by far my favorite piece and I can see you in my mind''s eye - - playing your flute.

Shake me out of this - - ''Return of the Tribes'' is the next piece. ''They''re back'' comes to mind first, a fun, upbeat piece that again a little chuckle for the gentleman to the right.

''Veil Dancer'' in typical Desert Wind format, the beginning is slow and deliberate, I can see the dancer with her veil lingering in the air, just above her head, and she is dancing, just above the now pink and purple cloud cover.

''Fly with Me'' begins, just as a few bursts of turbulence hit the plane. Again, I am chuckling as I look down and see the name of this piece of music. I am really beginning to wonder about this experience now. As I look back out to those spectacular puffy pink and purple clouds below the music causes the vision of those ''oh so impish'' fairies and sprites dancing about the clouds. I could almost see those silly little creatures pointing at me and snickering - their antics causing the turbulence we were feeling. This music seems to lend a mischievous ''aire'' (no pun intended). I will always feel fairies and fun in this piece, with veils flying and expressions playful.

''Bachman''s Bolero'' - First the guitar riff, then the drum beat, then in joins the flute to this exciting bolero. You can feel that Spanish essence, however this is not a fast piece, but rather somewhat slow and very deliberate.

Now there is fog enveloping the sun casting a blue/white hue over the clouds. There is a shimmer effect in the clouds. In the distance, you can see a blue strip between sun and clouds. ''Flute Voyage'' begins. There is a driving feeling in the music as though we are heading toward that blue sky, out of the clouds, away from the fog, a voyage resulting in happiness.

Last is ''Disco Beladi'', an upbeat fun piece that begins as we begin our ascent. Foot tapping and chair dancing is happening bringing another of those strange looks from the gentleman across the aisle. There are horn shorts, keyboard sections, flute and drum. Fun Fun Fun! While I realize this is probably one of the strangest reviews you have ever read, the experience for me was more than I can express in words. I had picked up the CD several times - put it in the CD Player to listen to in class and somehow managed to skip over it. There was something here - - something holding me back, to bring it out on this very special day. It was meant to happen just this way, at just this time, and for me, at that point it was more perfect than you know.

I would say this is a must have CD just for the overall ''warm and fuzzy'' emotional effect it gives. To say the music is fabulous, incredible, wonderful? Well, that is an understatement. Is it danceable? Absolutely, and you WILL see me use it. This one gets my very highest rating, and a must have for any dancer''s tool kit. Yours in dance and friendship, Zaina Hart" https://www.tradebit.com
https://www.tradebit.com 360-891-7041 P.O. Box 820186 Vancouver, WA 98682-0004

JAREEDA,The International Magazine for Middle Eastern Dance, Reviewed by Assistant Editor, Jasel: "FLUTE FEST! ANOTHER PHENOMINAL CD FROM DESERT WIND"

If you are looking for a CD with a "lighter" sound, then run out and buy this CD! Andalin Bachman and Desert Wind have created one of the best CDs for dancers, music lovers, jazz enthusiasts, and dreamers of course!

This CD has 13 songs and is just over an hour of awe-inspiring music. There is almost everything on this CD: world beat dance music, rock, jazz and Middle Eastern tribal fusion, all enhanced by the exotically beautiful sound of Andalin''s flute. The songs on this CD feature Andalin on Miyazawa silver/gold/platinum flute while Alan and the rest of Desert Wind add the grand piano, mandolin, tablas, doumbeks, electric and acoutic bass, guitar and so much more! It makes for some of the best music by Desert wind yet.

The first song, "Parthenogenesis" begins and ends with sounds of rain and thunder, which was recorded live from their studio window. This is the perfect way to start and end this song, because it is almost elemental in the way it reaches into you and pulls at your soul.

Two of my favorites on this CD are "Roses Bloom" and "Veil Dancer." They are both chiftitellies and are exceptional pieces for dancing, especially with veil. "Roses Bloom" brings to mind spring, the wonderful light blessed feeling of springtime, flowers and sunshine. It is a joy to listen to. "Veil Dancer" will inspire you to be all you can be just to dance to this song! It is magestic and slow, but also uplifting and awesome at the same time. Anyone dancing to or just hearing this music can''t help but believe.

"Andalin''s Song" and "Flute Voyage" are also excellent veil pieces to dance to. On both of these pieces Andalin has outdone herself. They both push the feeling of leaving on a journey of discovery and the joys that wait at the end. "Andalin''s Song" is very moving and powerfully sincere, while "Flute Voyage" brings you the joys of voyages and leaves you with the longing to just listen to it one more time, and trust me: you will!

"Downtown Beladi" and "Disco Beladi" are both of course beladis, but while they both just make you dance to that wonderful rhythm the flute work is what makes them different. "Disco" brings to mind just that: a room filled with people just dancing for the sheer joy of it. This song would work wonderfully for a troupe, duet or just a group of dancers wanting to just DANCE. "Downtown" is earthier and brings to mind an organized dance with lots and lots of people. It just brings you to earth with that AWESOME funky bass. That sound just makes this whole song the one that I want to listen to over & over again.

All of the songs on this CD are original except for "Moonlight Sonata" which is of course by Beethoven. Now this version of this Beethoven favorite is definitely all Desert Wind! They have added a hauntingly powerful flute arrangement to it, plus drums and tablas, all in their tribal fusion/world beat way. This is hands down the best song on the CD to me. It combines a beautiful classical piece loved by all into an even more beautiful awesome piece of music. It truly brings classical music into the world beat music arena. It blends east and west, past and present flawlessly giving hope for the future of music.

"Bachman''s Bolero" is of course Spanish inspired and you can hear it in the guitar and drum beat. But the flute makes this song so much more than that. It brings to mind the vision of a stately cantina dancer who uses this song not only to entertain but also hold her audience breathless as she conveys her love to her lover. It is very powerful and almost reverent in sound.

"You''re the Bossa" is one of those songs you hear that just makes you glad to be alive on the planet. It is beautiful and fun all at the same time, dancing to this song would be pure joy for all involved, dancer and audience. The flute in this song takes your breath away, makes you smile and fills your soul all at once! Not too bad for a 5 minute song!

"Tribal Convergence" and "Return of the Tribes" are both excellent examples of Desert Wind''s tribal fusion sound,and once again bring joy and fun into your dancing or just listening pleasure. They both bring to mind gatherings of people, dancers and musicians alike who have come together to just celebrate life! You can almost see the dancing, hear the laughter in their voices as they return to the gathering like in "Return." These songs are tribal fusion at it''s best.

Everyone has at one time or another experienced the feeling of being in a rut due to all sorts of things. Well here is the song to fix that feeling!!! "Fly with Me" is phenomenal! The vocals that are added, the music accents, the pure FUN sound in this song will make you dance. If after turning on this song you don''t feel the absolute compelling need to dance, then I want you to sit down, take your temperature, and call your doctor! Hands down this song is what this CD is! A joyful, fun, uplifiting voyage with music for all.

There is a dedication ont this CD "to the dancers, dreamers and believers who awakened this flute fantasy. . . ." As a dancer, dreamer and believer I can only say this to Andalin and Desert Wind for this wonderful CD: BRAVO, BRAVO, and BRAVO! You have my heartfelt thanks for creating this wonderful sound!

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