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MP3 Deep Dickollective - BourgieBohoPostPomoAfroHomo

Don''t let niggas call you faggot, and don''t let faggots call you https://www.tradebit.comer is Black, and the hiphop don''t https://www.tradebit.come Jimmy Baldwin freestyling or Sweet Honey In The Rock with https://www.tradebit.com Dolemite stereotypes of gays or dykes.

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HIP HOP/RAP: Alternative Hip Hop, HIP HOP/RAP: Rap

***Oustanding New Recording Duo Or Group***
" The Famous Outlaw League Of Proto-Negroes"
***Outmusician Of The Year***


"It''s a highly literate, polished route that Tim''m West (aka 25 percenter), Juba Kalamka (aka Pointfivefag), Phillip Atiba Goff (the Lightskindid Philosopher) and their colleagues negotiate through ''misty-eyed'' Afrocentrism, homophobia and racism. They do it with theoretical lucidity and no sledgehammer politics.
But the really great thing about BourgieBoho is that the music''s so good: the Deepdickollective have also served time as performance poets and studio wizards. The deconstructed beats owe something to drum''n''bass minimalism, but just as you lock into a groove, this ensemble surprises with a loop of lush violins. It''s an album that sets the agenda, musically and politically, for some time to come."
-New Internationalist Magazine

"Their raps are intelligent and clever with references to queer African American heroes and excellent social commentary/poetry,"
- Patrick Arena,The Washington Blade

"The Deep Dickollective are fearless poets that never bow to mediocrity for a frigid'' second. The samples are inventive, the beats are dope, and the production is crisp and mean.

"From start to finish DDC have powerful lyrics, excellent rhythms, and a strong sense of humor. The subject matter is serious, however these musicians take the music and message seriously and add a heavy dose of humor to send their message home; using music to address social injustice, capitalism, prejudice, and ignorance these five have crossed a new chasm by offering an empowerment to their listeners. Bringing the black GLBT experience into the consciousness of today''s society. They have combined the essence of cultural art with a needed statement in a most effective way."

Given the impress hip-hop has had on culture internationally, the interventions lyrically and politically of a bunch of queer Negroes is bound to have ripple effects.

The point is that Deep Dickollective represents a "coming out" in hip-hop about what some of us have known for a long time: that any black cultural Renaissance needs fags.

There is no cypher without the sissy - whether they appear as the abject reference of the insecure closet fagrapper or whether the fervor with which they approach lyricism, beatmaking, graffiti art, or breakin has inspirations that have been cloaked in compulsory silence.

The fag has entered and the cypher is stalled.

The anti-gangster aesthetic of quasi-Nationalist "conscious" hip-hoppers and bohemian MC thrift shoppers pave a space for D/DC to articulate its word play.

They represent a political lyricism that does not take itself too seriously.

They are the brave mavericks of a movement that some affectionately refer to as homo-hop.

They are Oxymoronic "out" black queer Emcees the world says do not exist.

They are the rumblings of a revolution that have for too long been silenced.

Overstand? It''s not that deep.

" Gawd, that group is so gay, and proud of it.
These self-defined"BourgieBohoPostPomoAfroHomos" get the word out to hip-hop haters and enthusiasts. Their lyrics are brainy and political, but their live shows are pure animal energy"
-San Francisco Bay Guardian
Annual "Best Of The Bay" Readers Choice Award
Best Hip Hop Group,2003

"D/DC shows are kinetic displays of rhyme-juggling, often with performers finishing one another''s raps before segueing into their own. If the MCs'' skills raise some eyebrows, however, their lyrics raise more"-
-Neva Chonin,San Francisco Chronicle

"These guys are the intellectual architects of homohop; superb MCing, tight lyrics, presentation and music..... Each member of D/DC retains their personality; yet collectively, they''re https://www.tradebit.comy''re the quintessential hip hop posse...(Their) freestyles were hot, in case you had any doubts about their abilities. I can''t say enough about DDC... their records are good but live they''re something else."
-Matt Wobensmith,
Outpunk Magazine/Queercorps
founder, A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Records

"Their tongues are as sharp as switchblades, their vocabularies would put most college professors to shame, and although the name is clearly absurd, make no mistake: the Deep Dickollective is not a gimmick".
-Amanda Nowinski , San Francisco Bay Guardian

Essexincantations (BMI)

Can I get an oxymoron on (word is bond)
Can I get a contradiction on (to the breaka breaka dawn
That''s the short-long of it
D/DC be like sex before the foreplay
Everyday and all day


I be oxymoronic/like bourgie niggas rhymin'' ebonics
like an unspoken phonic/a robot without bionics
like leafless trees/like atheist god belief
like silent speech/or an unbelieved creed
a downer called speed, or unfertile seed
like vegetarian meat or yummy-ass beets
I be a homeless real estate agent with a deed
Getting high with a soggy ass blunt, nigga please
Gregory Hines without his tappers
Common-folk being Okay with gay rappers
Toronto without Vince and the Raptors
Im the pimp daddy of the week afraid to pimp-slap ya
I defy dictionaries, and flex the index
I be the 25percenter like funky underarms fresh
Like a conformist rebel, like an angelic devil
Rhymes defy temporality like being on some before level
Next level Ill conjure up a short saga
A thirsty Mexican unable to say agua
Or a Star Wars with a skinny-ass Jabba
Me trying to get busy with your daughter or your mama


I be a very/oxymoronic thing
like no swing in Harry Connicks singing
like a sedative tonic/
sip my lip balm psalm of calm panic
Im a steady and resolved manic/ Im a still heartbeat frenetic
Im a overheating cryogenic
like an earthbound Jetson/Im a shoelaced Stetson
like blown out dreads/on the heads of pacifist vets and
I be non toxic meds as i write to fight literary night sweats
in a separate session/Im a truthless confession
i digress though on topic/ Im a visionary myopic/
pepto that dont stop make/you pop make?
I plant my feet and dropkick/
Im a realized wish and hope to meet
a Muslim Hebrew Israelite Rosicrucian Greek Orthodox Irish Catholic Ethiopian Coptic
Im a public mystery systemic/ Im a citified yokel
Im a local pandemic/Im a loose fitting chokehold
Youre the steel band spastic/Im the Plastic Ono
Im the long time the wrong rhyme, the unspoken vocal
Im sans gimmicks and sales pitch/Im the non-itching histone
Im a functioning glitch/because I do not compute
Im a catalyst not triggering/ Im an analyst not figuring/
synapse not firing/ Im Richard Pryor not "niggering"
for an albums entirety/Im legalized piracy
and youre urgently urging me/ Im a grassroots counterinsurgency
I am unreal/like GoldenSeal/purging pee of impurities
i know with asssurety worrying/Im the dark that sends all the vermin scurrying
Im flurrying rhyme at a standstill/ I take my time hurrying fast
Im favors and flavor currying/Im an Indian with no caste
I am 4/4 jazz, I am a Rapper''s Delight/with copyright for Grandmaster Caz
Im the bored inspiring the first fired to last

LSP The Lightskindid Phil/osopher:

I be oxymoronic like a Clotidian cataclysm
A trendsetting anachronism/ a Latter Day Saint without a mission
Im an elongated acronym
Im a church hymn or her sung by pious church bombers
D/DC be oxymoronic like a vegetarian Dahmer
If youre a baller you recognize my flow
I be that part of your subconscious that everybody know
I be kicking ugly beauty and lying truth
Like breathless respiration and sweatless perspiration
I be that comfortable irritation/cause Im a unified Black Nation
( A Salaam Alaikuum!) Oxymorons what?
When Im within myself I be effortless creation
Like a silent radio station, a disconnected realation
Giving you heartless palpitations as you enjoy joyless recreation
I be a coon show at a slave auction
You got me nervous and scared, but with no sign of caution
Flowing with that shy confidence, I bring that humble arrogance
2000 years of failed revolts have given me a revolutionary patience
I be oxymoronic like godfathering where no moms be
When Im with my boys I be a Jel-lo Pudding pop
In the mouth of Bill Cosby
put it in your mouth, wont you put it in your mouth?
Mmmm, and it taste good
I be a simple ethnic identity-
Fuck it I am Tiger Woods


I be oxymoronic like a friendly rival
Like a muhfuggin atheist bible, like the innocent being liable
I spit gift that be like solidified saliva
Like a penniless buyer, who didnt think Id try ta
Alliyah with a CD Ice Cold Like Fire
A babymaker who cant sire
My rhymes implode cyphers like actionless verbs
Sentences without words,magnet school without nerds
Somebody stupid censoring what the deaf heard
A potpourri smelling terd, an aquatic skybird
I list sensible as a bridged rift or an Indian Gift the chief dont even wanna F with
I make signs and be the motionless mime, currency without dimes
Notebook paper without lines , a brief moment without time
A sissy banji boy emcee like me writing dope ass rhymes


I did it all/I have no regrets

Watch this figga slide up cool as hell.
You didn''t see. Dead still. All the way live.
A little in here, absent-minded. Blinded.
Game recognize game walkin'' away lame.
Queer actin''the same. Unclearly declare my name.
G Minus. Me: 2. Runnin for eternity. Still here.

Essexincantations (BMI)

grammatically gifted
collaborative ebonics like chronic be addictive
our philosophy be grammatology
that dignify the black and proud
say it loud!
How? How? How? How?

G Minus:

I wasn''t fuckin'' witchoo. Now you got my cutlass drew
crushin foo''s such as you busted bruised;
hush and view structure''s true
grudging pseudo-slugproof ruggedness: Ralowe Ruffshot!
Now the mike''s in trinitro-trouble!
Recite a couple recondite double entendre
triple quadruple stupid googleplex of excessive text.
Trainwreckage and detritus.
All you satyr-haters upset with us.
Lecherous. Spread your lexicon
I supplex through your poo-poo spout without provo.
Hop on your mobe, touch your toes
and booty-bally-hoo
a bourgsie bohopostpomoafrohomo
to letcha know, like fo-eleventy.
Most heavenly. One less than seventy.
Rap fucked my mouth raw
and said next time he''d use a saw.
Watch the ill builder hammer solidly
all grand grammatology.
Ralowe-anthology. Knowledge all you see.
G Minus down your spine in the bindery
maquilladora and free senoras fleein'' over the border
to recapture Sea World. This is D/DC, girl.
Karenga-tang slang hurl barrels of petrol to oil
my Fillmoe slim jimbo through your cracked window
as if I lack mental acuity,
as far as usage, tooking whoops!
taking a memory loss on my favorite word
I used to toss around
RE-in'' as my ex at the unisex.
Reluctantly sucked into starting a conversation
with his replacement
I''m the coon from whom Doom got his doctorate
Judging how you''re cockstruck now, ain''t it obvious?
For sheezy. Leaving sentences deceased
with my No. 2 sword drew
I''m just happy to be that release for you
Release for you
Release for you


I scatter through the paginas
like a collegiate bilingual speedreader
Check ya belly grumble for ya
bound to choke on the food for thought I feed ya
Rhymes so abstract that iambic pentameter
be personified like an amateur
Words and verbs disturb
when they be definitively obscure for sure
In case ya forgot
I gave birth to discursive verse with metaphor wars
Memory breath like Yoda
cuz I abide by what his old ass advised and I use the force
Check the breath for funky dialect,
take the next step, is that affect or effect
Analogously blessed, like my lyric
make mathematically equivalent
a pointfive-tit to half a breast, YEP!
Grammatology translated into masterful, magical realism
Like Audre Lorde and Anzaldua
activate postcolonial schism
Ebonic flows simplify the minds third eye,
I call it interiority
Niggas dream they can understand half of what I mean,
complex called inferiority
No doubt Im always making up words
consider it country ass conjugation
Old rhymes like Latin become dead language:
lexicon stagnation
Now heres a little nasty, nasty mastabatory story
written as ego glory
Ima pass the mic like oracles pass riddles
cuz this is a third of the story
Philosophical mind boggle
laced with a lil bit of Good Times (Damn, Damn, Damn!)
An ambedex, unapologetic about the terse verse,
I hi-jacked Websters dic with my left hand (right hand)
with my left hand (right hand)
With my left hand (right hand)


I got the methodology, etymology
Word origins encouraging incorrigible
Rhyme dirigibles
Smidgins of pidgin
Within the ridges and curves
I got the swerve
I serve the bitchniggering herbs
And wack toys with Blakkboy
A factoid fag-boy
Destroying your annoying story deploying
I tell it like it was
It used to be so simple
Just a say what?!?
Instead of all of that break it up, shake it up
Tense terse tense you love
Line your pockets corroded
(adam) Corrollas putting on the gloves to show it
aint nothing to it, aint nothing for it
cause if you pull it, I tow it
and dont you blow it and if you do it
dont think its cause you already know it
in the back of your mind, designs that youre blind to
one of those other kinds finds you
ties that you bind your rhymes to
come unwind
monkeyshining like a junkie tying off
near the fear of your (cough cough) first cough
the hard will eventually go soft
I write about niggas biting Tigers
But not even liking golf
Sporty Joe Calisthentic now you in it to win it
Sporty Joe Calisthentic and you still a jocksniffer
But Ill rock witcha for a minute
Just pretend its not happening son
Plain brown rapping, and one hand clapping is done
With my prose I be the Woman Called Moses Gunn
Under smothering onions
Off Maxwell, the real street from the Hill Street
I Kiel Martin to kill Martins Kielbasa
Shule, Boule , IPE Andare Uhuru Sasa!
For Jews Falasha
And Denny McClain
And hot angry big booty Ethiopian waitresses
In Jack London Square
You stare and watch and youre beginning to claim
That my greatness is overrated, overstatement
Latent, and laying there
like gravy on a Salisbury Steak
a pool congealed with fillers and no feelings
but you eat me any day
on GP on any tray
cause Im cheap, and Im greasy
and there aint no other way
aint no other way
aint no other way
aint no other way

its grammatology nigga
aint no other way...

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