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MP3 Mancarious A Austin aka "The Disciple" - Have Mercy

It takes you into a Hip-Hop experience that leaves 2PAC and Master P on the outside lookin in, relax as the door of your soul is opened and your heart is exposed to music and lyrics that exhales the very essence of Hip-Hop''s soul.

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HIP HOP/RAP: Spiritual Rap, URBAN/R&B: R&B Rap mix

Staff Records presents,

Mancarious A. Austin
AKA " The Disciple"
"Have Mercy"

Listen, as The Disciple''s music takes you into a Hip-Hop experience that puts 2PAC and MASTER P on the outside lookin in. Relax as he opens the door of your soul and ushers you into the secret place of your heart. Born the Fifth son of Joe and Debra Austin,his God given gift to touch the soul through music has truly blossomed into an ASSUME experience that exhales the very essence of Hip Hop''s soul . So as every note seems to fall from the heavens and transform your home, car, or work place into a heart to heart encounter, surrender, and as you do you will know why we call this album " Have Mercy ".

Song Sheets Below
All Rights Reserved © 2003 Staff Records inc.

Have Mercy


Have mercy on me help me turn from my wicked deeds
Because the Devil wants me six feet deep
Lord have mercy on me
Help me turn from my wicked deeds because the Devil wants me six feet deep (R:4)

My life hangs in the balance of fate
Soul attacked by the Devil''s army but angels join me
Therefore no evil can harm me
Like Hitler dark forces seeking a spiritual Holocaust
But give me the victory Lord
Cause if I lose then my souls lost
Sinful solutions to Satan''s temptation
Leads to eternal damnation after the tribulation
The cold embrace of alienation is what the church is facing
Through separation of congregations by denominations
Divided just as the races I see the Devil''s faces
Like bloodstains in the snow I see the Devil''s traces
In the jealous eyes of my brother''s I find a love that traceless
Crack smoke fills the air another life is wasted
Systematic genocide I see God''s people die
Tears flowed like waterfall from Mama''s weeping eyes
Late at night she tossed and turned is this why doves cry
Emotions were kept hard as stone by the weed that kept me high
Like a savage alcohol kept me read to brawl
Throwing hands at the hideaway the Devil played us all
Club Yak stayed packed by thugs that carried gats
Memories haunt me like ghost of being busted at
Darkness seeps through hidden cracks
Unleashing a lethal venom
False Christians preach and teach but where''s the truth within em
Lord keep a sin short from being unrighteous with em
Like Jonah trapped in the whale
In sin life is hell
Remember me my dear Father
Please let my soul dwell
Amongst the angels of heaven
Unless my so fail
Have Mercy on Me


Have mercy on me
Even as I pray for the weight of sin rest upon my bended knees
Shackles locked around my ankles my Lord set me free
Held by spiritual chains unseen
Bound by iniquity
Imprisoned by death until I change or meet my misery
Slaves of the mind
Sin intertwines upon the False Vine
I''m bussing lyrics of truth my mouth is a nine
Protecting my soul
And reaping the harvest of a holy man
Pray to the Father my people uplift your holy hands
The time is near there is no fear
Christians face persecution
But I walk by faith and not sight
The Word''s my constitution
Dead to the law as sinners awe at the final solution
For the ways of sin are like magic can you see the illusion
Conclusively my eyes are open setting my soul free
Some religious leaders preach the word but walk in hypocrisy
Misplaced in a maze of sin
Your sickness God shall remedy
Repent or be baptized in hell for your treachery
For present is the past
And life is but a memory
So Father let me die as your spirit lives inside of me
Through all my wicked deeds
My Lord my God
Will you have mercy on me?


A man that dies in Christ is blessed for he truly lives
Eternal essence a present our Father truly gives
Time ages as tomorrow becomes yesterday
Just as black hair turns grey our lives will fade away
Where will you stand when the wrath of God dwells upon man?
And death takes you off to be judged in the palm of hostile hands
Staring through heavens gate you await your fate but it''s far to late
A lost man
You''re turned away from the promised land
And hell beckons as the Father reckons with his final lesson
Trapped in transgression and sin burden we face oppression
Satan''s deception has our eyes closed and legs open
Seeking and hoping for peace with disaster approaching
An evil notion gives birth to an evil action
In the heat of passion
The lustful die and note the chain reaction
Satan''s distraction leads to sin and sin will cause death
Just as most gangsters will die with a bullet in they chest
Claiming they hard willing to perish our some non sense
Who side you own?
If it ain''t God''s then it''s irrelevant
Silly rappers brutish spirits be spitting your evil lyrics
Triple 6 I bind your power through crucifix
Blood covenant in Jesus name I bind all hypocrites
Lord Have mercy on me
Have mercy on me


Murder Plan

Chorus: Murder, Murder, that murder plan (R: 2) (simultaneously thugs die they cry R: 6)

Them boys be riding out
Wallowing out black -n- mild in they mouth
Representing that dirty south
Where them girls be pooted out
Newport smoking lacing
Blunt lacing
Run in the club with they guns blazing
Straight liquor no chasing from powder head to free basing
Think they fly cause they high
Infidels about to die
Reaper coming better gird yourself
Hope you worded up it''s the last thing left
The killer bout to come and his name is Death
Hollow tip released from the Smith and Wess
Bull''s eye the word don''t lie be baptized in hell fire
Sowing season for your treason
Teeth gnashing voice wailing
From the second death there ain''t no bailing
This is what happens to eternal felons

So you big time shipping keys over seas with the Lex and the D''s
Tightest girl phatest crib and the fire weed
I heard you quick to make a foe bleed
Drop him down to knees chop him up like Bruce Lee
Making money is easy for a man affiliated with the Feds and the P.D
No more standing on the block selling rock with the glock moving up to the top never gonna stop
Cause you a god in your own mind
Living legend in your own time
The Black Prince of the ghetto
Roll with killers and they quick to pull a kick doe
Shot up the scene with your team better lay low
Player think he a ghost untouchable
But now the 44 proved he was smokeable
It''s the rule of killers
You live by the gun and die by the gun
And never think that you the only on that''ll pull the trigger or kill a nigger for the Hilfiger
Gangsters they die for territory
Rap fans they kill for the poetry

Chorus: Don''t'' get caught up in the (Murder, Murder) {alternate with gunshot}
Murder that murder plan (simultaneously) Thugs die that cry (simultaneously)
(Repeat 4)

These streets ain''t playing lil boy
Many like you done died before
From the street heater sweeper keeper
Bury you deeper then they call your people
Shorty wanna be a thug
Shorty caught a slug
Now shorty is gone home
Should have listened to Ma, grandma, pastor nem all along
Dreams of Caddy''s and chrome
Turned to nightmare''s of blood and death
Two slugs up in your chest
Release your last breath
I hope you learned your lesson
Beware of the Smith and Wesson
Pale face at the procession lethal injection

Tribulation what we facing without aggravation hesitation divination and lies
Therefore we rise like a phoenix from a burning fire
Lord wishes that we all fly
Satan wishes that we all die
Annihilated, captivated, eradicated decimated but unfaded by the one''s that hate it
And the Lord never judged me
Though I fell in sin
Sippin'' on gen with Hen cause I fell again
Creeping and cut with the girls
Yes, I hit again
Tied up tangled up in a life of sin
Now I''m looking for peace
When will the game end
Searching for Christ
But misled by the dividends
Where are the black men?
Revelation has come to bring life to a dead situation
Holy nation rise
We never compromise with the beast
Make him cease
He decrease we increase
Walking in the gospel of peace
But yet we still war cock and release
Pulling principalities from the heavenlies
Yall boys don''t wanna fight El Elyon
Father, Holy, Spirit and the Son
Who dares make war against his kingdom?
Behold the wicked tremble as they run
For the righteous Day of Judgment and vengeance has come


My Precious


I reminisce on your smile the most
Passionate kisses and lovin'' kept you on fire like the Holy Ghost
Girl I must admit it was you who I dreamed of
Ways as gentle as a summer''s breeze
My true love
Precious dove
Anything greater God kept above
My earthly angel taught this ex-thug how to love
So I choose you
Cause you fit me snug like a glove
And I could rely on your strength when push came to shove
Blessed to call you my wife
I have no regrets
Rub ba dub dub
Splish! Splash!
In the bath tub
Candle lit dinner walks in the park
Therapeutic bath rubs
Who would''ve imagined that I would fall for ya like the rain?
Who would''ve thought that I''ll be real wit cha saying bump the game?
I''ll give my life if I could cause our past to change
Now who''s the blame?
I forgive you for whatever you''ve done
Whatever you do
I love you bo, but lord I give her back to you


My heart is my diary of intimacy and pain
Will you make love to pages as my spirit calls your name?
Are you ready to see naked?
Look upon my glory and shame
When will you be there?
Is my love in vain?
As my days fade away
Nothing but change remains
Will you not comfort me?
Are you the only one that grieves?
Do I not weep?
As my Father lies at Death''s feet
Have I not been betrayed?
Wounded we both bleed
Do you remember me?
Am I your enemy?
Drenched in misery
Inhaling my final breath crying out so desperately
My love my darling will you comfort me?
Caressing my head as I weep
Quoting scriptures as God strengthens me
Holding hands we bowed and pray
Together we always intercede
The blessed unity of souls that have touched and agreeded
The sacred harmony of lives
Holy matrimony
This is my vision for us my friend my lover and my queen
Let all creation bear witness
The wicked as well as the redeemed
Can we be whole again?
Or is my faith based on a dream
Disillusioned by a mirage
Enticed by a fantasy
If so I pray let me sleep for all eternity


Closer to God

I remember being trapped by the adversary
Doing everything that I could to be contrary
To the will of my God who loved me more
Then any friend any fiend or any two-faced whore
Even more than my family which I would die for
Jesus thank you for touching my heart the feeling I can''t ignore
And to ya soldiers of Satan that think you''re hardcore
Seek Jehovah''s face and see what our savior has in store
For the gift of God is destined to be eternal life
And the wages of sin is death so turn to the purest light
Lord forgive us cause we come short of your perfect glory
Don''t get caught in the Devil''s lies there ain''t no purgatory
Straight to the pits of hell is where you deceiving cowards going
I represent a living God and I don''t care whose knowing
Blessed be the giver of Life so I can keep on flowing
The Spirit burns like a fire and it just growing
This little light of mine comes straight from the true vine
I''m gonna place it on the mountain top
And let it shine
I''m getting closer to God!
I''m closer to God, closer to God
I''m getting closer to God!

Chorus: I''m getting closer to God
(Go on, go on, go on---praise team )

I was known to do some really wicked deeds back in the past
But the devil has never ever will last
I heard you flex in a Jag and own a Range Rover
But you can have all that
Cause all I needs Jehovah
Demons beware
Because the Word explodes like a supernova
I got an army of saints, gospel raps takin'' over
Cause greater is he that dwells inside of me
Then he that wallows in the filth of iniquity
Stand to your feet if you''re down with my G.O.D.
But if you ain''t repent or hell will be your destiny
I''m getting closer to God
I''m closer to God, closer to God
I''m getting closer to God!


Behold God''s children as we mount up with wings as eagles
I heard a hypocrite say that all rap was evil
Hold up, make sure you don''t blaspheme
Cause glory, glory, halleluiah I''ve been redeemed
Strap on my armor just like you and battle for the king
You better elevate your mind
Don''t be Pharisee
Self-righteous people are the ones that crucified Jesus
I''m on a mission
Don''t have time to be a people pleaser
I''m spittin'' hardcore word
Verb for verb with spiritual lyrical lyrics ascending like a bird
The truth is what you heard
The Devil can''t stand to this
Dismiss a thousand demons through the word of righteousness
Now feel the joy of the Lord as the spirit approach ya
From 2003 until eternity
I''m getting closer to God
I''m closer to God, closer to God
I''m getting closer to God!


Suicide Note

Chorus: (My) Suicide Note
Quote the Raven "Nevermore"
To Live to Die
To Walk through Death''s door (R: 8)

Embrace me Father as I draw near
Cautiously I approach
Head bowed teary eyed as I search for hope
My soul staggers like wino drunken with anguish
Overwhelmed by misery restore me lest I be vanquished
Send your Anointing dear Christ
Lift the burden break the yoke
Rebuke the torments of life the pains to great I cannot I cope
Death vowed to end the dread
Suicide note on my dresser
Glock to my head
Visions of my brains upon the wall paint the room red
My minds leaving
Finger gently caressing the trigger
Lord rebuke the demon
Should I live?
Should I live or should I die?
As I peer through the window lifting my head up to the sky
How I envy the birds
Wishing I also could fly
But I''m trapped in the flesh
Pleading with the Lord to give me peace in this life or give me death
Broken words I quote in my letter to God
My suicide note
Suicide note

Chorus: Repeat 4 (Background vocal)

The Nile dry I thirst
Searching for love to quench this emotional famine
Am I cursed?
Decreed to die
Pursued by Haaman
My wife''s warm greeting has turned cold
I''m an outcast
Agony swallows up my soul
Has God forgotten me
I''m screaming Lord make me whole
Black sheep of the family I''m screaming where will I go?
When praise turns to a death cry
Do your prophets lie?
Speaking peace when there''s only grief
I stand alone come and take me home
As I pucker up to kiss the chrome
Close my eyes and hope to die
And I can hear my mama singing that sad song
Swaying back and forth holding my picture
What''s going on
My son observes with puzzled eyes
Is Daddy coming home?
And across my bed a black vale and a black dress
My last gift to you mama so you can look your best
Toria will you show only God knows
I''m sorry for the pain I caused but I still love you though

Chorus: (R: 4 Background vocal)

Farewell my friends
My journey begins where the cycle of life ends
Suicide note blood stained and so is my pen
As I stare at my dead body
On my face a slight grin
And from behind me I heard a voice saying you''ve sinned
So I turned around slowly
And I said boldly while shivering
Nall not me you gotta be mistaken my friends
See I heard one voice but yet I saw three men
Where Jesus who you talking to bring accusations
Then I yelled and screamed and cursed them out in my frustration
Finally one of the three stepped forward and he shouted I''m he
Holding out his arm
He pulled up his sleeve
And gazed at me
Lord forgive me I''m sorry
I didn''t know it was you
With tears flowing down his face he responded I died for you
But it is written what you do to the least of them
You do to me to
Depart from me you worker of iniquity
Cause I don''t know you and it''s a shame that you never knew me


Sounds of hell (Welcome to hell!)

Alarm goes of with man screaming thanking God that previous experience was only a dream

Til Death Do Us Part

Broken I face the trial of my life alone
Desperately I wonder where''s my wife my beloved''s gone
I turned the world upside down wishing she was home
Searching for my bride on a lonely winter''s night
While passing the cemetery I beheld a horrid sight
Under the faint and pale rays of the moonlight
There I observed you in your toil so weak and weary
Covered in the filth of the pass upon a midnight dreary
Nauseated I regurgitated inhaling the stench of flesh
Every second seemed like an eternity stalked by death
Suddenly I heard hell hound coming from the west
Eagerly I ran to you to save you from distress
Reaching you panic stricken and nearly out of breath
My mouth dropped in terror from your black wedding dress
Why are you here in the graveyard?
Answer my Precious
Why are you here in the graveyard?
Answer my Precious

Who are you to be demanding me? Mr. Adultery
Because of you I kissed the cold and bitter lips of grief
Heart stolen by you, you thief
What fellowship is there of me
You desire stranger
I don''t know you
You better be moving on or prepare for danger
My love was washed away in tears
Captured by fears
How often you pushed me away and now I''m no longer near
Do you remember all the times that you beat me?
My wedding dress is now black married to agony
Innocence lost like a child violated by the misery
How could this be?
We''re encompassed by darkness and silence
I nearly hate you for all the abuse and violence
Is God your Father than why do you act like tyrant
Blood drips down my fragile face as I nod in compliance
Ran to pastors to help but they said I''m defiant
I know I ain''t perfect but I don''t deserve to be hit
I tried my best to be a good wife
Would you have me die to submit?
I sick and tired of this all my life I''ve been misused
Now we separated
You out on the streets sleeping with God knows who
Divorce is looking tasty and my friend Mike do to
Besides what can be worst than being married to you

Chorus: Til Death do us part
Forever in my heart
Bone of my bone
Flesh of my flesh I give you back to God (R: 4)

Holy Bible King James Version (Ez. 37:1-6) Spoken in Creol French and Interpreted in English

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