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MP3 Memo - Healing Heart

The Native American flute at its healing best. A compelling and sentimental journey of a heart filling itself with life experiences on its way home. Haunting and poignant.

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NEW AGE: Healing, WORLD: Native American

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Healing Heart

"...Wow! Native American Flute Music with a Celtic Influence!"

A Heart’s Journey Home

“… music that heals with each listen.”

Memo’s Native American flute music takes your heart on a poignant and healing journey. This is haunting shamanic music that has definite healing properties. It breaks you free of time as you step into a musical world of sacred echoes.

“I drew upon life’s experiences to create this collection, including the healing that occurs over time after the loss of a loved one or a family member.” In time, I found that those feelings of loss can fade and be replaced with a warm glow of love remembered.

I played all of these melodies in the musical keys at or close to the key of F -- the key associated the heart chakra. These songs range between the keys of E flat and F#. When finished, I found that I would just leave the CD playing and repeating, sometimes throughout the night. I would wake up feeling renewed, peaceful and filled with hope. My wish is that it may do the same for you.”

About the Tracks:

“Star Brothers” starts this album with a recognition of the heavens from which we come and to which we will return.

“Respite” recalls those days of youth where time seems to last forever.

“Farewell” to youth and on to celebrate life’s journey.

“Summer Friend” recalls the warmth of those friends that come and go in our lives.

“Glimpse” has a definite Celtic feel. It expresses the magic of the maturing self as we come into our own.

“Promise Remembered” is a poignant melody inspired by an old promise made and suddenly recalled.

“Glances,” recalling a face in the crowd or the welcome recognition a lost friend in an unexpected place.

“Distant Heart” feeling the knowledge that a kindred heart somewhere exists.

“Shooting Stars.” Look up! We’re not alone any more.

“In the Moment” where there is no past or future, just the infinite ‘now.’

“One Constant” awakening the things in our lives that don’t change with time.

“Summit Trail” with twists and turns and rests until the summit view opens up the horizon.

“Walk with Me” a drone flute finds two hearts walking life’s trail.

“Second Breath” Coming full circle, with healing energy brought home from life’s experiences.

About Me
Memo is the Spanish nickname for “Bill.” It stuck to me during a trip to the jungles of the Yucatan. On that trip, I seemed to be invisible as “Bill”, “William” or “Guillermo.” Then I recalled that “Memo” was the correct nickname to use in Spanish. So, when I introduced myself as “Memo”, invariably the response was “Ah, Memo, my new, deep friend! How wonderful to meet you! When you return to the Yucatan again, you should really try to learn to speak Maya!”

I am a healer/artist and shamanic practitioner in the Inca tradition. The flute first appeared to me in a shamanic journey called a ‘soul retrieval.’ I later incorporated the Native American flute in the shamanic practices of opening sacred spaces, sound healing and divination.

After receiving the “Creator Rites” of the Munay-Ki from the shaman of Peru, I soon began recording music inspired by their powerful healing ways. And it connected me with my Celtic roots; I guess that’s apparent in some of the music.

I’m inspired by the music of R. Carlos Nakai, Mary Youngblood, Stephen DeRuby, and Scott August.

The Native American flute accompanies me on a quest for light, love and harmony. I hope you enjoy these melodies as much as I do playing them for you.

About the Flutes
I have found that makers of the Native American flute are special people, both spiritual and gifted craftsmen. I use flutes made by the following individuals and I feel blessed to call them my friends:

Ancient Territories Flutes (John Stillwell), https://www.tradebit.com
Earthtone Flutes (Geoffrey Ellis), https://www.tradebit.com
Love Flutes (Stephen DeRuby), https://www.tradebit.com
RV Flutes (Russ Venable), https://www.tradebit.com

About the Q’ero of Peru
When Pizzaro arrived in the first half of the 16th Century in Peru, the lives of the Inca, ''the people of energy'' were forever changed. Conquest, disease and civil war spared a few to flee to cities in the high Andes like Machu Picchu, where it has been said that ''no Spaniard in his right mind would follow.'' For 500 years they were to live in isolation and await for the time when the world would need them again.

The Q''ero are the last direct descendants of those Inca. They call themselves the Children of Inti (the Sun). These mountain Shamans of different levels (Altumisayuq, Pampamisayuq) still have a high reputation, and have begun to bring their knowledge down from the mountains for the benefit of the world and its healing. They worship Mother Earth (Pachamama) and believe that mountains like Apu Ausangate in Peru as well as the other great mountains of the Earth are the sources of ancient wisdom long forgotten in today''s world of technology. Only recently has science and quantum mechanics shown that there may be more to their ancient wisdom than lore.

The Q''ero tell us of turning points (Pachacutti) when one age replaces another. Legend tells of the first age, the time of the first men who disappeared with the coming of the sun. The first Inca subsequently appeared during the first age.

The current age (Kay Pacha) was initiated by the arrival of the Spanish and the violent death of the Inca king, Inkarri, who afterwards raptured to the sanctuary Paititi. The time of the Incas is often referred to as the Kay Pacha which is also the age of the sun (Inti). This age will end with another Pachakutiy when Inkarri returns converting everything into gold and silver (Taripay Pacha).

The Q''ero are now beginning to share their wisdom and healing methods. The teach us how to live our lives ''in the moment'', full of spirit and bliss ''dreaming our own world into existence.'' We come to realize that we are much, much more than the stories that have bound us to a life a stress and dis-ease. Once shed, we make room for our new, healthy lives, where it is possible to manifest our bliss without feeling stalked by time or death.
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