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Smart Outsourcing - PDF eBook

Smart Outsourcing - PDF eBook + Reseller website
Get Most Of Your Business Tasks Handled For You – and See Your Business Grow Faster!

Youre About To Learn How Ive Been Outsourcing Some Of My Business Related Tasks And Work For Mere Pennies And Thats No Exaggeration!

Dear Friend,

If youre here, you probably have an existing Internet business or youre about to take the plunge and start one.

Either way, youll encounter a huge amount of work when it comes to creating a business on the Internet.

In fact, Id go as far as saying that starting an Internet based business requires more work than setting up a physical store front.

There are literally hundreds of important tasks that have to be completed and managed on a regular basis when it comes to running a business online.


Simplicity x 200 = A Complex Mess.

In an internet based business, there are literally hundreds of tasks that youre going to have to do on a regular basis if you want to succeed.

Im talking about things like building links to your website or blog, writing articles, monitoring search engine positioning, writing meta tags, doing keyword research, submitting content, doing social media marketing, etc.

And thats just a small portion of all of the tasks required to make your business successful.

On the surface, none of these tasks are all that complicated but when you take about 200 simple tasks and smash them together, that changes.

Simplicity x 200 = A Complex Mess.

When you have hundreds of simple tasks bundled together for one person to handle, those simple tasks become a total nightmare!

Why Most Businesses Fail And Most People Get Burned Out!

Because of the barrage of tasks that you need to complete on a daily basis to maintain your website and keep traffic flowing to it, many people get burned out.

Its far from easy to handle hundreds of daily tasks, regardless of how simple they are, if you have to do them everyday.

This is the number one reason that people get burned out and e-businesses fail.

They get tired of doing the tasks in the business and their business transforms into a job overnight.

Thats a big disappointment when you started your own business so that you could have the financial and emotional freedom of working for yourself.


The Old Solution - Outsourcing

Many of you reading this might be thinking Hey, I know about outsourcing, I can hire other people to do the work and youd be absolutely right.

There are numerous sites out there that allow you to put up projects so that you can select a person to do all of the work for you.

These have been a great solution for getting work done in the past.

You pick a person after reviewing their credentials and they go to work doing the tasks that youve given them.

This is something that tens of thousands of people have done for many years to manage their businesses.

Even big companies have gotten into the mix and started hiring people via various outsourcing methods.

Theres no doubt that outsourcing has been an incredible way to get work done without having to sit down and do it yourself.

But thats all changed:

Why Traditional Outsourcing is ineffective and doesnt work anymore
One thing that most people who outsource dont think about when they hire a traditional outsourcer is that they too will eventually burn out.

Some of you say That cant be, Im paying them, why would they mess up? Ill answer that with another question:

If you got burned out in your own business where you keep ALL of the profits, why wouldnt a person who is just working for an hourly rate get burned out?

You see, your outsourcer is also human and has the same human tendencies that you have inside of you.

Its because of this that your outsourcer will also eventually burn out and become bored with what theyre doing.

Ask 100 business owners who have outsourced work either presently or in the past and At Least 95 of them will say this:

Working with outsourcers is a major pain because the Outsourcer always ends up burning me.

The truth is, its not a matter of if your outsourcer is going to burn you, its when!

That may seem harsh but, in the large majority of cases, outsourcers crash and burn and that hurts your business.

What usually ends up happening is the outsourcer works out great for a while, doing all of the tasks that you ask him or her to do.

Then, progress slows down and they stop providing the quality of work that they initially were delivering.

Finally, the outsourcer disappears for weeks at a time, doesnt finish work, and becomes rude and unresponsive.

Not cool, right?

The Permanent Solution To Outsourcing Burnout
As you now know, outsourcers burn out too and will most likely disappear on you costing you both time and money eventually.

Until now, there hasnt been a solution to this. As business owners weve been forced to just deal with it.

Luckily, theres a new system for outsourcing thats unlike anything youve ever seen.

In this system you can work with anywhere from 1 person to 100 people on each project, even more if necessary!

Where you used to hire one person to do something, youll break that project into smaller parts and hundreds of people will help you do it.

For example, instead of having one person build hundreds of back links for each new article or blog post that you post, you can have 200 separate people each do one extremely high quality back link each and pay only pennies for each one!

Need keyword research on 40 keywords in your market? When you previously would have had one person do all of it and start slacking at the end, you get 40 different people to each do a high quality report on one of the keywords for a buck or so.

Can you see how this completely eliminates Outsourcer fatigue and saves you money?

Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing is a Game Changer.

Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing is the the permanent solution to outsourcing burnout and getting things done fast.

Youll see a higher quality of work because no one will get tired of doing your projects. They will give you that high quality work that you get when you first start with an outsourcer.

You dont have to worry about managing hundreds of workers either! Youre going to learn about a system that does all the management for you, you just click a button.

If youre tired to messing with failed outsourcing attempts, its time that you do Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing

Need Help In Your Business?
Eliminate Outsourcer Burnout, save Money, And Get A Much Higher Quality of Work Done!

• One quick manual that explains the entire process of Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing
• If you can click a button, you can outsource your business tasks!
• Read the manual and youll be able to start outsourcing tonight!
• Reclaim high quality workmanship that you previously could only do yourself!
• The easiest way to outsource in the world!

Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective outsourcing via other sites when it comes to your Internet Marketing business!

Shouldnt you reclaim all that time that you used to have in your life?

Are you tired of feeling like you have just another 9-to-5 even though you own your own business?

It doesnt have to be like that!

By using Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing in your business, youll eliminate the majority of the tasks you are dealing with on your own each day.

All you have to do is get started and get hundreds of other people working for you and knocking out all of the tasks needed to keep your business rolling!

You could sit around, ignore this website and continue doing all of the tasks yourself if you wanted to.

However, we both know thats a very bad move and that you will eventually hit a wall of boredom which will affect your business.

It only makes sense that you get someone else to do the work and do so in a high quality, highly affordable fashion.

You need your life back!

You dont have to worry about the usual road blocks that come into play when using a standard outsourcer or standard outsourcing service because Smart Outsourcing eliminates all of those headaches.

Introducing…Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing

Here are some of the things you are going to learn:

• Creating a New Software Solution—the Components of a Software Project
• Project Size as a Determining Factor
• The Requirements Document
• Reflecting Changes in Requirements
• Documenting Requests for Enhancements
• Choosing a Service Provider
• General Principles For Using Online Services
• https://www.tradebit.com – Old School Outsourcing
• https://www.tradebit.com – Covering Every Base
• https://www.tradebit.com – Focusing On The Code
• The Four Stages of a Project

Do you need help in your business but fear that youll be the next victim of outsourcer burnout?

The Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing manual eliminates outsourcer burnout completely so you dont have to worry about that ever again.

Getting your business tasks taken care of has never been so easy! Youve never seen outsourcing that produces the kind of quality that youll receive when utilizing Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing!

Can you afford to lose anymore of your valuable time in your business?

There are two main reasons people start their own businesses:

1) They want to have financial freedom so that you didnt have to continuously worry about money issues.

2) They want that financial freedom to give you personal freedom so that you dont have to worry about working 60 hours a week or never having time to enjoy life.

By using the Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing manual to guide you through getting all of your work done, youll never have to worry about wasting all of your time again!

Dont continue suffering doing boring, repetitive tasks in your business. Jump on the Smart Outsourcing - Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing bandwagon!

Get Your Time Back Or Get Your Money Back!

There is no question in our mind that if youll just use the system we show you, youll get the majority of your free time back.

Youll be able to outsource nearly every task in your business so that you have time to go out and enjoy life.

Were so sure that youll be amazed at the time you save, that we will make you this bold guarantee...

Use the system, put it into practice and if you dont get the time youve been spending in your business back, well give you your money back.
I dont know how we could be more fair.

Make more money in your business while saving money on expenses and getting a higher quality of work!

Your business will take a dramatic rise for the better once you start outsourcing most of your business tasks.

Youll make more money, youll get higher quality work done, and best of all, youll keep more of the green stuff in your pocket!

What could be better?

You Have All Of Your Free Time To Gain!
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