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MP3 Bill Sargent Bands - The Best Of Bill Sargent Bands - Volume 1

Swing and jazz at its best, featuring an emotional quartet with an incredible vocalist; a happy, toe-tapping dixieland band; a take-no-prisoners hybrid swing band; and a driving, animalistic, all-stops-out big band.

12 MP3 Songs
JAZZ: Swing/Big Band, JAZZ: Dixieland

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"They''re the tightest, most solid ensemble of expert musicians Milwaukee may ever see. Sargent shines . . ."
- The Milwaukee Journal.

This album is the real deal. NO SYNTHESIZED SOUNDS OR INSTRUMENTS WERE USED. 100% REAL instruments were used in its making, all played by real human beings.

This album represents the ultimate in human, and God’s, creativity. It contains all the exiting and spontaneous interaction between individual performers and the electricity between the bands and the audience.

All performances were single take, “LIVE”. There has been no tracking, no overdubs, and nothing has been digitally “fixed” or tweaked, i.e. Pro-Tooled.

What you get are real people, playing real music with awesome improvisation by some of the very best players on the planet.

This is HAPPY music, upbeat and uplifting, that swings with a groove and tempo that will get your feet tapping and your body moving.

This great for driving your car, staying awake while driving your car; during your exercise and workout routine, aerobic walking, jogging or running, while cleaning your house, while trudging through mundane chores. It also makes wonderful music at picnics and parties to help keep things in an upbeat mood.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


THE BILL SARGENT QUARTET (plus one) is classy, cool and in the groove with awesome, refreshing, original vocals featuring Chelsea Krombach. Chelsea’s phrasing and ability to get into a song and make it go somewhere is as good as it gets, and maybe as good as it’s ever been. While she has since traveled the country with many famous jazz greats and traveling Broadway shows, she is currently appearing in New York on Broadway. What you won’t believe is the fact that this recording of her was made before she graduated high school!

BILL SARGENT’S TRAD-JAZZ ROUSERS DIXIELAND BAND is happy, carefree and composed right before your very eyes, or ears. It’s a bodacious band that really kicks . . . nothing pretentious or refined about it. The musicians you’ll hear are phenomenal!

BILL SARGENT’S SWING KINGS is an All-Star hybrid swing band that plays both Dixieland and classic swingin’ straight-ahead jazz. The clarinetist has the best tone in the world combined with a hard driving improvisation that simply makes him the world’s greatest living clarinetist. The trumpeter wails with originality and imagination combined with chops that won’t quit. On and on and anything else said about the rest of the band, becomes a redundancy of what I wrote about the two guys above.

THE BILL SARGENT BIG BAND is hard driving, animalistic, kicking and swingin’! It’s an All-Star band of fantastic musicians who don’t need a studio and recording tricks to sound tight. They approach swing classics with a refreshing zip and more happening tempos. It’s a kinda “in your face” sorta thing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1. ST LOUIS BLUES MARCH – 3:44 - THE BILL SARGENT BIG BAND - This is a popping version of a Glenn Miller Air Force Band arrangement that features Bill ala Ray McKinley that will get you up and bopping around the house. This is a great track for those who exercise or are into aerobic walking.

2. FIDGETY FEET – 9:35 – BILL SARGENT’S TRAD-JAZZ ROUSERS DIXIELAND BAND - Is designed to do just that – get you moving . . . and smiling! This is a great track for those who exercise or are into jogging.

3. AVALON – 8:36 – BILL SARGENT’S SWING KINGS - Features the world’s greatest living clarinetist. Just when you thing it has gotten as good as it can get, he takes another chorus and kicks it up a notch! This is a great track for those who exercise or are into running.

4. OVER THE RAINBOW – 5:42 – THE BILL SARGENT QUARTET (plus one) - You may have heard this classic done many times before, in many ways, but not this way. Of all the versions I EVER hear, this is the very, very best. It literally gives me goose-bumps every time I hear it. Chelsea sings with sensitivity and a passion that will take your breath away. Her phrasing is not only original, but the best I’ve ever heard. There’s one very long phrase she does that’ll make you say, “No way!” Only a young high school kid, with all the musical chops in the world, her whole life before her with a bright future could put this kind a real hope, expectation and belief into this song. Even if you don’t buy the whole album, you need to seek out this track and buy this track as an mp3. There’s no exercising here . . . only reflection and dreaming with a renewed hope and outlook.

5. BASIN STREET BLUES – 5:58 – BILL SARGENT’S TRAD-JAZZ ROUSERS DIXIELAND BAND - Features our trombonist with a round, rich, commanding tone in a boisterous blues. This is a great track for those who exercise as a warm-up or cool-down or are into leisurely strolls.

6. AND THE ANGELS SING – 3:17 - BILL SARGENT’S SWING KINGS - And yes, this “angel” of a vocalist sure does sing! A classic big band vocalist with a classic style. Features our Mr. Chops on trumpet playing the famous Ziggy Elman solo in a small group setting. He truly nails it!

7. AMERICAN PATROL – 3:01 – THE BILL SARGENT BIG BAND - An upbeat version of a Glenn Miller classic. Nothing tame about it – it drives, it’s dynamic and it swings like crazy. This is a great track for those who exercise or are into jogging. Awesome for uptempo Swing Dancing.

8. TIN ROOF BLUES – 7:24 – BILL SARGENT’S TRAD-JAZZ ROUSERS DIXIELAND BAND - Bodacious, bawdy blues. About as laid back as it gets . . . and talk about dynamic, from a whisper to a scream, it lets it all out. This is a great track for those who exercise as a warm-up or cool-down or are into leisurely strolls.

9. TWO O’CLOCK JUMP – 2:54 – THE BILL SARGENT BIG BAND - Nothing laid back, pretentious or classy here! The jumpin-est 2 minutes and 54 seconds of your life! For those who like to dance around the house while they work . . . you just may get all your work done in under 3 minutes!! Features the animals of the brass section. Punchy, precise, like bullets coming out of the brass. This is a great track for those who exercise or are into running. Incredible for uptempo Swing Dancing.

10. BYE BYE BLACKBIRD – 5:08 – THE BILL SARGENT QUARTET (plus one) - Cool & grooving. Chelsea puts feeling, emotion and swing into this classic song along with a very original, inspired scat. Great trumpet solo too! Your toes will tap to this one. This is a great track for those who exercise as a warm-up or cool-down or are walking.

11. THAT’S A-PLENTY – 8:59 – BILL SARGENT’S SWING KINGS - This is sooooo hot it burns! This is as driving, cooking, dynamic a Dixieland track as you’ll ever hear in your life. Played by our eight-piece band, it is exceptionally full and textured too. You’re gonna love our surprise ending . . . yea, we sure do have fun! This is a great track for those who exercise or are into running – but only if you’re really fast!

12. SING, SING, SING – 11:52 – THE BILL SARGENT BIG BAND - Featuring Bill Sargent with an extended drum solo on the Gene Krupa/Benny Goodman classic. It’s a popping, happening tempo with “in your face” drive and spunk. Turn it up loud when you’re diving in the car and you’ll have no problem staying awake . . . just make sure you stay in your lane! :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Celebrating 25 years of serving Wisconsin''s finest clients and 25 years of never missing or canceling an engagement for any reason!

25 years ago on November 18, 1982 we debuted our band in the Ballroom of the Bavarian Inn in Glendale (Milwaukee), Wisconsin.

We went from no engagements, to all the very best engagements for the top events and venues in the next two years. Since then, we have gained an international reputation for quality music and entertainment.

We perform for Concerts, Weddings, Conventions, Festivals, Country Clubs, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Formal Balls, Ballroom Dances, Anniversaries, Grand Openings, Picnics, Tailgate Parties, Celebrations, Birthdays, TV, Radio, General Entertainment, Holidays, Ethnic, Jewish and Christian Events.

Our line-up includes a "REALLY Big Band", a standard 16-piece Big Band with 2 vocalists, Small Groups including Quartets, Trios, Duos, Soloists and a Dixieland Band. We also have Christian Bands and Musicians.

We specialize in Swing, Jazz (Traditional, Dixieland and Straight-Ahead), Big Band, Ballroom, Variety and Christian Music.

Over the years, we have had the VERY BEST musicians in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, and from around the nation, perform with our bands.

Aretha Franklin, The Drifters, The Shirelles, The Ink Spots, Steve Allen, Pat Metheny, Bowzer from Sha-Na-Na & The Stingrays, Buddy DeFranco, Bob Schulz, Ritchie Cole, Heinie Beau, Dick Contino, Sam Most, Bob Havens, Barrett Deems, Chuck Hedges, Dan Nimmer, Bobby Lewis, Karolyn Kafer, Dave Gannett, Steve Jensen, Paul Wertico, Cliff Almond, Roger Pemberton, Jesse Hauck, Annette Griffin, Michael Bettine, Dick Eliot, Jack Grassel, Howard Schneider and all of the finest musicians in Wisconsin have performed with a Bill Sargent Band.

We have consistently employed more musicians per engagement (on average) and provided more work for musicians in our area over a longer period of time than any other band in existence and probably in the history of the state of Wisconsin.

While other band leaders have cut their big band into imitation big bands, our big band has always remained our big band. We have never cut corners on quality. If someone can''t afford us for the gig, we just won''t do the gig. I''ve always felt it was better to let some other band go in and sound bad.

Now, that all said, there have been engagements where a small band, such as a trio, quartet or quintet, and on, have been totally appropriate. In those instances, we have provided exactly what the client needed. But, overall, we have provided a lot of work for the musicians in southeastern Wisconsin and helped provide for many, many families. Many rent and mortgage payments have been met because of work provided by our bands as a result of our fantastic clients.

We have also been a fertile situation for musicians to network and make connections with other musicians. Many musicians have been able to make connections on our bands that have enabled new career opportunities and take their careers to new levels. This has been because of the high level of musicianship and professionalism that we employ and expect. Some people have even met their husband or wife on our band.

We have a VERY extensive website at: https://www.tradebit.com

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


This year, Bill is celebrating 40 years as a professional drummer. In that 40 years, he has never missed an engagement for any reason!

Bill began playing piano at age 8 and switched to the drums at age 10.

He was very fortunate to have the world-renown cornetist & vocalist, Bob Schulz, as his mentor and band director for his entire school life from Junior High School through his departure from high school. Bill also was mentored by Dr. James Latimer - University of Wisconsin and Pavel Burda - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Over time, his studies also included lessons with "The Granddaddy of Percussion" Roy Knapp, Gary Gauger of "RIMS" fame, Casey Scheuerell, Franklin Else and Lance Haas. Bill studied music full-time at UWM for about 3 years.

He began playing professionally at age 13 and full-time touring with the world-famous Clyde McCoy at age 16.

Bill started his first full-time band on the road at age 19 and later that year became the musical director and bandleader for the Lloyd Pedersen Show.

In 1976, he located in Milwaukee at age 22 and about 2 years later came off the road and began working full-time with a couple of primary bands and as a "hired gun" with about 30 other bands.

Bill officially launched Bill Sargent Bands on November 18, 1982.

Aside from working with every top musician in Wisconsin, Bill has performed with The Jim Cullum Jazz Band, The Drifters, The Shirelles, Jon Bauman "Bowzer" from Sha-Na-Na & The Stingrays, Terry Blaine & The New York City All-Stars, Buddy Morrow, Charlie Spivak, The Russ Morgan Orchestra, The Ink Spots, Steve Allen, Clyde McCoy, The Jan Garber Orchestra, The Dick Jurgens Orchestra, Bob Havens, Ray McKinley, Ray Brown, James Moody, Marvin Stamm, Buddy DeFranco, Ritchie Cole, Sam Most, Barrett Deems, Chuck Hedges, Bryan Lynch, Dan Nimmer, Henry Cuesta, Bob Schulz, Ed Polcer, Brian Lynch, Bobby Burgess, Kerry Christensen, Jimmy Duffy, Tommy Justice, Tom Artin, Ed Reed, Heinie Beau, Smokie Stover, Bob Hirsh, Bill Hanck, Ruben Ristrom, Bobby Roberts, Dave Bany, Duane Thamm, Dale DeVoe, Vince Giordano, Buddy Apfel, Gary Church, Bobby Gordon, Kim Cusack, Tom Bartlett, John Bany, Russell George, Bobby Lewis, Gene Bolen, Dave Gannett, Art Davis, Jordan Baskin, Lee Richardson, Tom Hook, Steve Jensen, Tommy Griffith, Bob Leary, Joe Lulloff, Ron Thielman, Barney Floyd, Guy Fiorenza, Dan Shapera, The Steamboat Syncopators, The Leningrad Dixieland Band, The Gypsy Hombres, Lou Brown''s Firehouse Jazz Band, Sensation Jazz Band, Roger Pemberton, Willie Pickens, Mark Shane, Dave Hazeltine, Jon Weber, Paul Libman, Jimmy Damon, Tony Galante, Cathi Hayes, Herb Jeffries, The Spiral Staircase, Darryl Kennedy, John Cooper, Jerry Martin, The Lloyd Pedersen Show, Heritage, Sam McCue, Jim Schwall, Phil Driscoll, LaMar Boschman, Paul Ferrin, Pat Mesiti, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Randy Ruiz, Radiant Church Worship Team - Colorado Springs, Rory Hoffman, Joe Alme Big Band, Williams & Ree, Annette Griffin, "Miss Iowa" - Sherry Riley, Tony Renard, Ivan Fleming, Dizzy Dean, St. Leo''s Catholic Church Choir - Minot ND and many others!

Bill has an extensive website at: https://www.tradebit.com
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