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Sell Music Online Like Crazy

This will be the very last time that I reveal this information, and there are just hours remaining, the clock is ticking, so get in now or lose out big time...

"Who Else Would Like to Be Just 1 of 50 More People That I Teach My Super Easy, Extremely Simple Formula that Makes, Generating Money, Getting Radio Play, Attracting Multitudes of Loyal Fans and Getting the Music Business Deals of Your Life as Easy as Shooting Fish In a Barrel?"

If you answered YES, and are serious about being one of the very few who make it in the music business, it is absolutely critical to your success that you read every, single word on this webpage!

"Online Music Sales Generated
Over $1,100,000,000.00
In the First Half of 2008 Alone!"
- International Federation of the Phonographic Industry


Independent Artist, Musicians and Label Owners are Making A Killing selling their music and music from their artist online... Are You?
(by "independent" I mean those not signed to a major record label)

Now You Too Can Now Easily And Quickly Transform into
an Online "Music Industry Phenomenon" and Take Advantage of the Dramatic Online Shift That the Music Industry is Headed to!

(Just Like Thousands of other independent artist, musicians, singers, rappers, executives, labels owners and even Prince, Gwen Stephani and Dozens of Others Before You, take a look)

Dear fellow music enthusiast,
every independent artist dreams of making it big in the music industry. Everyone knows someone who is making it big selling their music on the Internet. You're an artist, not a computer geek and the geeks you do know don't know anything about the music business...

So What's An Up And Coming
Indie Artist To Do?

Well, the process is easy, let me show you...

My name is Ty Cohen and I am a former recording artist. I can clearly remember waking up in the middle of the night with a new song running through my head. I 'd jump out of bed and go write it down before it fled from my consciousness forever.

My passion was music. All I ever really wanted to do was share the music inside me with the rest of the world. My family and friends thought I was crazy. Sure, they thought I was talented and the music was great...but they all told me it was almost impossible to make it big in the music business...

My Dad always used to say, "I know you love your music, son, but you need to get serious about getting a real career! You can always play music part-time."

You know, even if he had been right, I had no choice. I had to let the music out. It was driving me to set it free and present it to the universe. No matter what else I tried to do, all I could think about was my music...all I wanted to do was play...but I had to make money to eat and pay for a place to sleep.

For years, I did all the local gigs I could find. In between gigs, I worked at menial jobs ...anything that wouldn't interfere with my music. I barely scratched out a living but I was doing the thing I loved most ...making music ...nothing else really mattered. My fans loved me and kept telling me I ought to be making records and CDs...but that record contract just wasn't happening not matter how hard I tried to get noticed by the big labels...

I Knew There Had to Be A Way to
Get More Exposure for My Tunes...
But How?

Does This Sound Familiar?

I was where you are once and I know how confusing and frustrating it can be trying to figure out the best way to promote your music. Back in the day the only way for a new artist to get the kind of exposure that could launch a successful recording career was to sell a large number of records or CDs.

The only way to sell that many records or CDs is to get a lot of commercial radio play. Unless you sold your soul to a major label so they would make and promote your records or CDs, that wasn't going to happen.

The Internet changed all that. Now you can create a music website and put your music on it for the whole world to hear! No longer do you need the big labels because you can do it yourself. Putting your songs on the net can let you reach your audience directly.

Here's PROOF...

"16 of All Music Sold
in Europe and North America...
...Will Be Sold Online"
- ZDNet Research

Most People In the Music Industry, including YOU more then likely have NO Idea on how to Properly market their music online, so that it Sells like crazy. (I'll show you how to do it, even if you've never been heard before or are a rank newbie artist!)

The day I realized I could use the Internet was the turning point in my career that started my journey toward success. It wasn't easy. I didn't know anything about business let alone how to build a website or what to do with it once it was built.

It took me years of trial and error to figure it out. I had to learn all that boring stuff about business and all the geek stuff about web sites. I know...I know...just thinking about it gives me a headache. But, man, you got to learn enough to get yourself started. Once the money starts coming in, (and boy oh boy does it come in), you can always hire someone else to do the boring stuff.
Do You Fit Into One of These Categories?

The Problem -

You Know NOTHING About the Internet, including How to Build a Website, Let Alone Sell Anything From It.

The Solution -

If you know nothing about the Internet (or even if you consider yourself an expert), the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course was created just for you! If you are a complete newbie to the Internet, we have a special section within the course that will show you step-by-step everything you need to do to quickly get started with selling your music or anything else online. If you are already an expert online, don't worry we have a special section for you as well, and you'll be amazed at the amount of behind the scenes information you'll learn.

The Problem -

You Don't Have a Website and don't know where to start.

The Solution -

If you don't already have a website, the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course will show you how to effortlessly put one together in just hours, or if you would rather have someone build it for you, you'll learn how to get it done for pennies on the dollar.

The Problem -

You Already Have A Website, but No-One Knows About It.

The Solution -

Having a site that no one knows about can be horrific, its as simply as no visitors means no sells. With the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course you'll learn how to get a flood of traffic to your website in less then an hour! Not only will you learn how to get people to your site, but you'll learn how to get people who are specifically interested in what you have to offer and the genre of music you specialize in. This part of the course is on of the most beneficial because it shows you how to get people to be aware of your site and how to turn visitors to your site into die-hard fans.

The Problem -

You Have A Website and It's Getting Visitors, But No One Is Buying or are you just getting a few sells instead of the explosion of sales that you deserve???

The Solution -

Are you getting visitors to your website, but no or not enough sales?

If this is the case, Click Here to get your hands on a copy of the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course right now! In it you'll never before secrets to converting visitors to sales!
Just having a site and getting visitors to it is not enough, your site has to contain certain "Triggers" that will get people to buy, not once but repeatedly, making you as much money as possible. In the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" we reveal everything your site should have in order to squeeze the maximum amount of sales out of it. (Note: Failure to include certain "triggers" on your site can mean the difference between a website that makes $100.00 in sales and one that makes $10,000.00 in sales)

The Problem -

You Have A Website but Don't Know How to Sell Your Music From It, Including How to Accept Payment (credit cards and other payment forms) for the Items You Want to Sell From It..
The Solution -

If you are not providing your customers and fans with multiple ways to order from your site you are killing your potential for profit! It's as simple as that, the more payment options the more sales you'll make that's why in the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course you'll learn how to easily start accepting credit card, debit card and online check payments for your site in minutes.

We'll show you step-by-step how to start accepting multiple payment forms in less then 10 minutes, for less then you'd pay almost anywhere else. Get your hands on a copy of this course and you'll learn how to explode your site's sells like crazy!

The Problem -

You Don't Have Any Music to Sell, Because You Have Yet to Record Anything.
The Solution -

No music? No problem?

Don't let the fact that you do not yet have any recorded music stop you from putting together a money making, fan generating website. In fact, preparing and creating your site before you actually have any music to sell from it is one of the best things that you can do. Not only does it give you a chance to build a loyal list of fans who will be eager to purchase your music once you have it ready, but it will also give you a chance to promote the site and earn money from it promoting other people's products, which is just one of the many ways you'll learn how to make money and generate tons of loyal fans, even if you have no music to sell them yet.

Click Here to order your copy of the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course now!

The Problem -

You Want to Sell, Promote or Advertise Something Other Then Music Online
(websites can be used to sell and promote anything, including your music related services, record label, management company, promotion company or even non-music related products).

People are making millions of dollars selling and promoting hundreds of thousands of different products and services online everyday, why shouldn't you? The Solution -

If you want to sell, promote or advertise something other then music the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course is just the thing you need to do it.

Make no mistake about it, you can use the information contained in this extremely rare course to sell, promote and advertise just about everything under the sun, including:

1- Your record label (use the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course to find artist for your label),

2- Your production services (use the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course to find people who will pay you big dollars to produce their music)

3- Your written songs and compositions (using the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course is one of the best ways to quickly and easily find people who want to buy your written songs and compositions.

4- Anything else! That's right, the information contained within the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course can and has been used to sell hundreds of thousands of others products and services. If you can think of it, you can use this course to sell it, LIKE CRAZY!

Just Think...

"If You Are Making Just $10 A CD and You Sell 10,000, That's Not So Bad...
...With the Ease of Internet Sales"

Do The Math
$10.00 x 10,000 = $100,000.00 In Sales!

The reality of it is that you can easily make more money Doing It Yourself and keeping up to 91 in royalties, versus going about it the old fashioned way of seeking a major label deal and getting stuck with a lousy 7 royalty deal. Ask yourself would you rather keep 91 cents of every dollar or just 7 cents?
- It Works!

I'm a living example that it works! I own a successful independent record label called Platinum Millennium. Maybe you've heard of me. If not, you may have seen one of my books or heard me speak at a seminar.

For nearly a decade my goal has been to help you and thousands of other independent musicians, singers, rappers, composers, record label owners, producers, managers, agents and others reach their music business goals. My goal is to educate and empower you, the artist, by giving you the tools you need to succeed in the music industry. With these tools you can avoid making many of the mistakes I made along the way and be that much more closer to success and riches!

Independent Labels and Artists Have Traditionally Struggled with Distribution, and the Net...
...Allows Any Artist to
Reach A Global Fan Base
- CNET https://www.tradebit.com

My latest course, "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" will teach you how to promote your music or band on the web. It all of the things you need to know to successfully create a web site, fill it with content, promote your music and even how to sell your tunes to the visitors.

No matter what genre of music youre into, the
"Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course is for you!

In it, I Show You Step-by-Step:

online music promotions, music promotions, music industry, music business, independant music, indie music, ty cohen, platinum millennium, record label, start a record companyHow to make bucket loads of cash with your music Without a record deal.

online music promotions, music promotions, music industry, music business, independant music, indie music, ty cohen, platinum millennium, record label, start a record companyHow to get top websites, to promote and sell your music, then send you a big fat juicy royalty check every month!

online music promotions, music promotions, music industry, music business, independant music, indie music, ty cohen, platinum millennium, record label, start a record companyHow to attract fans that will buy everything you sell to them, including your music, DVDs, posters, t-shirts and more!

online music promotions, music promotions, music industry, music business, independant music, indie music, ty cohen, platinum millennium, record label, start a record companyHow to set up a free, professional website that you can sell your music and merchandise from, all on auto-pilot, hands free, 24 hours-a-day, raking in truckloads of cash!

online music promotions, music promotions, music industry, music business, independant music, indie music, ty cohen, platinum millennium, record label, start a record companyHow to easily place your music online in the form of MP3s, and video for millions to hear.

And More

Why Settle and Earn Royalties of Only 2 to 3 of Your
Musics Sales, When You Can Get Paid 100 in Royalties
Using the Information contained in the
"Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" course?

"Ty Cohen is a perfect example of someone who doesn't just learn what everyone else learns, he applies what everyone else doesn't. His material will show anyone who is serious about really making it in the music industry, how to do it. If you are one of those people who are looking to make it big by sending demo CD after demo CD out, this is NOT for you.

However, if you are prepared to listen and follow the wisdom of a man who has risen from the depths of despair to successful mentor to a countless number of successful individuals in the music industry, read his books now!"

John Bassaraf
P.R. 3rd Triangle Music

The section titled, "The Musician Guide to WebSite's" cuts right through all the geek speak and gives you step by step instructions on how to set up your website and use the site as an electronic promo kit by explaining how to provide:

All your contact information

Photos or video clips of your live performances

Sound clips from your latest CDs for listening

Biography of you and/or your band

Your upcoming live performance schedule

Press releases, reviews and customer testimonials

The latest news about your act

Sale of your CDs, downloadable MP3s, t-shirts and other logo products

"The Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy! Course Is Huge"

This thing is so jam packed with never before
revealed secretive, music industry success info
that it will be sent to your home or office by
U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail Truck

Here is Everything Included in the Kit
Take a Look ...


Discover How to Start A Record Label and Make Huge Profits, The Ultimate Record Label Course Makes Starting a Record Label or Record Company Easy. Start a Record Label Now! You'll get the "Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!" manual

This guide contains all of the key points and a step-by-step information you'll need to become an online music industry success. This manual comes complete with tons of tips to accelerate your learning so you start applying what you uncover faster than you ever thought possible.

Stop hoping that people will like your music, learn how to get thousands of maniacal, raving fans you crave your sound! Never again hope and pray that you'll be able to find a fan base of loyal fans to listen to and buy your music. (you know play your music for a few of your family, friends and co workers hoping that they'll like it. ... Your new fans will love it and pay you to listen to it!")

This is NOT wishful thinking, is a fact...

Discover how to set up a proven system online that will practically create a legion of fans beating down the path to you website, more fans than you ever before imagined. We'll break down all the barriers, and show you exactly where and how to generate a continuously growing stream of fans.


Discover How to Start A Record Label and Make Huge Profits, The Ultimate Record Label Course Makes Starting a Record Label or Record Company Easy. Start a Record Label Now! Four (4) Audio CD's - YES Four, count them.

We give you four audio CD's jam packed with never before revealed information that will show you what to do and what mistakes to avoid

CD #1 - On this CD you'll learn why it's so much easier to sell a ton of your music online then it is almost anywhere else, even if no one has never even heard of you before. This is the "starter" that sets the tone for your run of success online!

CD #2 - On this CD you'll learn how to build a site - trust me the are not all the same! So on this CD you'll learn how to build a profit pulling site that will generate sales of your music and help you to build a huge fan base almost hands free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

CD #3 - Now that you have a money generating site, how do you get people to it? On this audio CD you'll learn everything you need to know and more to effectively promote your site on the Internet

CD #4 - This CD pulls everything together to ensure your success, among the many other gems contained on this CD you'll discover the one key ingredient that can allow you to dominate your genre and generate more sales from your music in a month than most artist will sell all year.

4. Six (4) Online Marketing "Blue Prints"

Plus so much more...
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