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Resale Rights Blueprint -how to profit from resale rights

"Give me 7 Days And I Will Teach You
How To Build a Resale Rights Empire
From Scratch That Makes You Money
24 Hours a Day on Complete Autopilot"

Forget Fads & Gimmicks - Follow A Real Blueprint To Guaranteed Success?

From: John Thornhill

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you're feeling tired and alone when it comes to making money online then you're going to want to read every single word on this page. You see, it's time to face facts and it's time for business.

For too long you've struggled to get to grips with the online circus which is why today I'm going to give you a ...

Complete Blueprint For Online Success

But first I'd like to ask you a question if I may.

Are you tired of bumping around from sales page to sales page only to get suckered in one more time? And for what? More broken dreams and empty promises as you suddenly realize that it's happened again.

That once again you've tried and failed and there's nothing that you can do to stop it.

Yeah, well you're not alone. You see, I know all too well what it's like to have to dodge the cheats and the rip off merchants in pursuit of your online dream.

I know because I was in the exact same position just a few short years ago and I can still remember the pain. And now? Well, let's just say that the the online con artists are more afraid of me than I am of them.

You see, I'm a full time marketer and I literally make a fortune online each and every day.

But that's not important right now. What's really important is that I'm not just going to kick back and enjoy my success. Hey, I mean why should I?

I suffered online for a long time too which is why I'm going to ...

Level The Score Once And For All!

You see, it's time to face the facts that are staring us in the face. Look, there ARE ways to make money on the Internet. You just have to know where to look for the right answers.

And guess what? The online con artists who knock open your wallet with a ten ton pack of lies really aren't the ones to be listening to.

Heck, I make thousands every week on complete autopilot so of course it can be done. But here's the thing. I got to the top by doing the exact opposite of what the rest of the sales pages said I should be doing.

They said go left and I went right. They said look up, and I looked down.

I am living proof that the ordinary guy can get to the top if only he can learn to avoid
the cheaters and the scammers who are just out for an easy ride at your expense.

So here's a question I'd love you to answer...

If I've proved that it's possible for the ordinary guy to make a ton of money on autopilot then why do so many people...

Fail Before They've Even Started?

I mean, just think about this for a second. Everywhere you look you'll see wananbe rich kids selling the 'next big thing' but why does it never seem to work?

It didn't work for me, and I'm sure that it didn't work for you either.

And here's why. All the books and the courses and the videos all might teach you how to try and build a business to earn millions of dollars. Sounds good, right?

But let me ask you this. If you put your hand on your heart do you think it's really THAT easy to flick a switch and enjoy the feeling of having millions of dollars slam into your bank account?

Of course it's not and if you're honest with yourself you'll agree.

Sure, you might get lucky and land the big one. But realistically! You've got more chance of being hit on the head by some space shuttle debris than you have of being the one in a million who is actually able to make that stuff work.

It's Time For a Wake Up Call!

Not everyone has the potential, smarts, or marketing savvy to make millions, but most of us have what it takes to make thousands of dollars.

But first you need a proven system that works.

And think about this. Every day thousands of people across the world pay thousands of dollars for 'so called' million dollar systems. And for what? Nothing but more broken dreams and empty promises.

Belt Yourself in Because this is Going to Get Bumpy

People fail to make millions of dollars online because the systems they're given simply no longer work. Sure, they might work for the one guy in a million, but for you? Well, you'll probably be waiting for a long time to come.

It took me a long time to realize this but people fail online because they're given bad advice by people who just don't know any better.

Heck, I don't know about you but I'm getting double tired of listening to this nonsense every time I read a sales page.

When I was starting out, I was working harder than anyone else I knew. I had a full time job. I had a wife and two little kids (I actually still have those, thank God), I had a mortgage and a dozen different bills that always seemed to need paying. So like I'm sure you did as well, I sat down in front of my computer for hours every night and tried to earn some extra money.

I read sales page after sales page and bought product after product.

I did my research and tried to follow the directions I was given to the T. The results? Laughable and it was all because of the tired old advice that no longer cut it.

But still, I kept at it. I kept tearing my brain apart with project after project, but I couldn't sell a thing. I was literally burning the midnight oil, but despite every ounce of work I put in, I couldn't make a sale and I couldn't make a profit. Heck, I could barely even get anyone to visit my website.

I was at my wit's end. I was reaching the bottom of my barrel. I was close to quitting.

I went for broke and decided to ignore all the 'expert' advice I'd been given and just do my own thing.

I closed my eyes and wiped from my memory every piece of bad advice that I'd ever come across. And then I went to work. And then something spectacularly unexpected happened ...
... I Started making Money

Sure, it was small fry at first compared to some of the big guns, but I was buzzing. I was like one of those cartoon characters rubbing my eyes to make sure I was seeing the screen right. But I was. My PayPal account had more money in it than the day before.

And the next day. The same thing happened. More sales.. I finally found something that worked and boy did it feel good. So I branched out and built on what I had learned. And the money kept pouring in, this was way back in 2004 and since then I have never stopped. The results are so far this year I have already earned over $250,000.

That's Over Quarter of a Million Dollars.

And here's the proof!

(This is just one of my many accounts)

Here's another account over the same 30 day period

My PayPal Earnings in November 2007

And I Have Many Many More Accounts That Bring in $1000s

And here comes the good news. I have created a product that will teach you how you can do the same.

Introducing: The Resale Rights Blueprint.
Your 7 Day Blueprint to Resell Rights Success.

The resell rights blueprint is my complete manual to online marketing success.

I teach you to do the exact opposite of what is taught by the so called 'experts' and instead I give you a powerful system that will allow you to start making money with resale rights products starting today.

This is a complete 7 part guide to online success using resale rights. I'm going to break down the barriers and show you exactly what works and how you can do the same.

The resale rights blueprint is NOT some dusty old eBook that no one can understand. This is a complete 7 part home study course that will guide you through the whole process day by day and step by step.

This Is Your Battle Plan

It's one thing to read a book about how to cash in on resale rights products, but it's another thing entirely to get a step by step blueprint with detailed video instructions from a guy that's MADE A FORTUNE creating resale rights products.

John has put a lot of planning, thought and detail into this and it's worth far more than the price he's asking. If you are ready to take action this is your battle plan.
Jim Cockrum

I'm Very Impressed John

I have been recording marketing and training videos for almost 2 years with great success ... and I am very impressed with the way you present this new blueprint. Step 1 ... do this, Step 2 do that .... ect.

All with reading material, checklists and training videos! Excellent concept and a very enjoyable experience. I am thankful to have the opportunity to experience your latest step-by-step training series.

Dave Guindon

You Are The Real deal

I just want to say how impressed I am with your 7 day blueprint
to resale rights success. Finally, an easy to follow, actionable plan
that will help almost anybody pull out huge profits from resale rights products.

You are a proven and trusted marketer who doesn't hide behind fake screenshots and bogus claims. You are the real deal and your new step-by-step product is going to help a lot of people make a lot of money online. Great job!

Jason James

My Hat Off to You For a Great Product

Excellent work man! You are literally taking people Step-by-Step to BIG Money with resell rights. I've built my entire business on some of these core principles and I know first hand how well they work. My hat off to you for a Great Product.

On a Sidenote: Man, I really think you should take out some of the stuff you included in this package and sell them separately.
I bet you can make 50 more money selling that that unadvertised bonus you are giving away on the download page, for at Least $97 extra. You definitely over-deliver even by taking that bonus out.

Socrates Socratous

You've Created a Detailed Action Plan

I just had to send you a quick message to say well done on your Resell Right Blueprint. It's fantastic!

You've created a detailed action plan detailing how to start profiting from resell rights from day one, and I'm convinced that absolutely anyone could profit from this course.

In fact, I have a beginner friend who's looking to start his own online business and I'm going to recommend he downloads this course today. I really think it's that good!

Great job with the course....I just wish it was around to buy when I was first starting out!"

Lee McIntyre

I'm Still Reeling

I'm still reeling from the quantity and quality of your course.

I think you're one of few marketers who actually listens to their subscribers, and you do everything you can to provide exactly what they want.

With 'Resale Rights Blueprint' you're not just providing a 7 day roadmap to online success, you're also offering access to years of marketing experience.
Sara Brown

I'm Really Thrilled

Wow John, Talk about perfect timing!

I've just spent an hour skimming through the content in
Resale Rights Blueprint, and I have to say I'm really thrilled.

Because it's a product you've created and I have been a customer for years?.... Not exactly..

Due to the value of the package, and the fact that anyone could follow your step by step daily guide to making real money?...
Well sort of...

Maybe because so many people have products like this that don't really deliver what the salespage says and yours does?....

To Be Blatantly Honest John ......
Because you've saved me from a month of work !

Would you believe my 20 year old daughter has decided to take up marketing online because she now has a computer and spends her days at home with her children ..........
And guess who was expected to teach her step by step how to start making some real money online. ???

That's what I meant about perfect timing....
I need my time to run my own business - not spend it answering an msn from her every 30 minutes as she completes a task and wants me to show her the next step...
So thanks John - having looked over most of the days tasks and videos, I can safely continue with my own business while sending her straight to Resale Rights Blueprint as a fantastic starting point.

Warm Regards

P.S. - I'm thrilled that she'll be learning from a guy who taught me so much over the last couple of years. Oh and by all means use this as a testimonial John...

Randy Smith

John, You Astound Me

John, you astound me!! Are you ever going to drop the ball and produce anything that might have even a chink of a weakness? I seriously doubt it - there are certainly no dropped balls in this, your latest product.

Not only is it easy-to-follow and informative but it's also fun! There's never a dull moment, always something to be getting on with, always a video to watch, a section to read and action and a check list for each section so you can make sure you're on the right road.

This is one of those products where you are constantly having that light bulb moment - "ah, yes, of course......." I love it!

I would seriously challenge anyone who says that they can't get their business up and running and start making money with this course.

Another brilliant product to add to your already huge arsenal! Thank you.
Paula Brett

You Have Put Together Such a Comprehensive Blueprint

My first impressions when I saw the download page were very positive. Each day of the 7 day resale rights blueprint was there for me to download day by day. As well as a PDF worksheet for each day, you've also provided step by step videos which I think are a great added benefit alongside the worksheets, sometimes watching a video is a lot easier then reading through pages and pages of text!

You have put together such a comprehensive blueprint, I'm very impressed with both the content and they way you've managed to present it. It would have been easy to just create a massive report and throw it out there, but the way you've split it up into different sections makes it a lot more accessible.

Dan Thompson

Genius If You Ask Me!

Hey John,
What can I say, another truly excellent course aimed at helping others! This one has got to be one of your greatest yet, a proper day by day, step by step blueprint to earning from resale rights products.
Genius, if you ask me!
This home study course will really open up the flood gates for all those people who want to start earning money online!
Excellent work John.

Dave Nicholson

You Have Gone The Full Mile Again

It makes me wonder sometimes where you get all this great content and fantastic ideas from!!

You have gone the full mile again and made another great product for people to learn from. I would say the price was too low but I know you like to over deliver! Well done.

Daniel Sumner

He Covers All You Need to Know

Ive always felt that all that stands behind many people becoming successful is having a step-by-step approach and a scheduled course time.

If youve ever tried to learn a business method only to get frustratingly stuck in the middle then youll want to check out Johns resale rights course.

How do you learn easiest? By reading? Then Johns got you covered. Do you prefer listening and watching step by step videos? Well John has put those in to.

He covers all you need to know to start making money using resale rights, step by step, and all worked out to a 7 day schedule.

John knows his stuff and walks the walk. He has done a great job in spelling it all out so easy that anyone willing to make a little effort can succeed!

Great job John!

Mike Enos

The Process You Have Created is Very Simple
Hey John, you've done it again.

You have made the whole process of profiting with resale rights so step by step that no one can have any excuses for not taking action. The process you have created is very simple and easy to duplicate, and definitely very useful for marketers who have tons of resale rights products sitting on their hard drive and not profiting from them.

Well done.

Stelios Eleftheriou

It's Easy, Fast and Extremely Profitable

Wow John! You have yet again impressed me with your work. This is definitely one of the most fool proof training packages I've ever seen. 7 days and you are guaranteed to see results. I honestly can't see why anyone else can't.

I'm going to recommend this to my friends, my readers, even my Mom! This 7 day program really is that simple to follow.

It's easy, it's fast, and it's extremely profitable. What's not to like? :)

Cheers man,

Ernest Tan

Inside this killer course you'll find...

7 days worth of downloadable PDFs showing you the fastest way to resale right profits Who has the time to download and read a boring 100 page eBook? Instead let me give you a powerful 7 part course that will cut out the guess work and take you to online profit fast!

Innovative training videos that cut out the mystery and show you exactly what to do and how to do it - It's no surprise that so many people fail online when they have tired old eBooks to guide them. Forget trying to get to grips with long winded eBooks and instead download these exciting videos so that you can get your online business up and running in no time at all.

Detailed check lists to help guide you every step of the way - Do you ever feel lost and not know what to do or when to do it? Yeah me too! Let me cut out the confusion and give you a set of powerful checklists so that you know exactly what to do and when to do it. Once you accomplish a set task check it off and move onto the next one.

Unique plug and play templates that can start earning money today - Forget buying an eBook for $97 only to be told that you then need to go away and try and figure out how to create squeeze pages, OTOs and the rest. Let me save you time and money by giving you a set of unique marketing templates so that you can start earning money today!.

And much, much more!

If you've ever struggled to make money online then there's a good chance it's because you've been given terrible advice.

Let me set the record straight once and for all and show you how you can start earning money with resale rights eBooks today with my powerful and never before seen blueprint for success.

And remember this isn't a dated old eBook that makes you so bored it makes your eyes start to water. This is a complete 7 day home study course that will guide you from complete beginner to online profits in just 7 days time.

Look below for a small sample of what's included in this powerful blueprint...

How to find an in demand resale rights product and sell for maximum profits - I'm going to show you how to take a product that someone else created and turn it into your very own money spinning cash machine. I make a ton of money from resale rights products and I'm going to show you how to do exactly the same!

How to get your creative juices flowing and find the resale rights gems that are hidden from view - Making money with resale rights is all about getting the best products that are the most in demand. I'm going to show you my proven system for getting so creative that you'll find resale rights products in places your competitors didn't even know existed!.

How to lay solid foundations for instant online profits - Forget eBooks that give you the theory and then leave you scratching your head trying to figure it all out. I'm going to show you everything you need to do, and I'll help you lay the solid foundations you need for online success!

The most effective way to write articles that drive traffic to your sites on virtual autopilot - I'm going to show you how to write articles and then use them to drive a tidal way of traffic to your resale rights product. HINT: this might be a little different than what you've been taught before!

How to create a cash sucking squeeze page to set your earnings on fire - Let me show you how to create a powerful squeeze page that will help fill your autoresponder with people desperate to buy your resale rights products! Get this right and you're going to be earning auto pilot income for a long time to come!

How to turn your resale rights products into a powerful OTO that will suck cash into your account on autopilot- I'm going to reveal the most effective way to create a magnetic One Time Only offer that will make make your resale right products irresistible! HINT: I personally use these techniques and they earn me thousands each and every month!

How to create a killer autoresponder sequence that will sell for you even while you sleep - Forget about trying to sell the products yourself as I'm going to show you how to turn your autoresponder into a lean, mean selling machine. I'll show you how to have your autoresponder make sales for you day after day with you having to lift a finger!

How to blog for maximum effect and send a tidal wave of traffic to your site day after day - I'm going to show you the fastest way to set up a popular blog that scoops traffic from the search engines by the bucket load. HINT: Get this right and you're going to enjoy more traffic than you know what to do with and you'll send your PayPal account spinning!

How to use eBay to drag traffic to your sales pages and make sales with your hands behind your back - Using the power of eBay I've built a monster list and sold thousands of dollars worth of products too. Let me show you how to do the same so that you too can enjoy the feeling of autopilot income!

And much, much more too!

Resale Rights Blueprint is a Complete 7 Day Blueprint
That Lays Out Day by Day Exactly What You Should Be Doing
Look below for a small sample of what's included in this powerful 7 day home study course...
Day 1 - Research, Development & Preparation

On Day 1 you will start performing research and narrowing your sales niche. You will also begin to build the foundations for your resale rights business. Step-By-Step Videos will show you what you need to do.
Day 2 - Advanced Research & Preparation

On Day 2 you will be taking a closer look at your research so you can accurately decide the most important questions concerning your resale rights product. You will also take the final steps to set up your business.
Day 3 - Content Creation

On Day 3 you will create the marketing content that you need to effectively sell your resale rights product.
Day 4 - Website Construction

On Day 4 you will begin building your website and working on your sales process. Most of today will be spent watching me build a money making resale rights website right in front of you. It's like having me sat next to you showing you what to do. I also reveal the killer tactic that has seen me earn over $75,000 from this single method alone. You will be able to copy my tactic and add it to your sales process.
Day 5 - Start Marketing

On Day 5 you will focus on marketing your product in a number of different ways. You'll be presented with a multi-pronged approach to enable you to hit as many different types of marketing avenues as possible in the shortest amount of time. Today is the day your efforts pay off as you start to drive traffic to your site.
Day 6 - Working With eBay To Drive Traffic

On Day 6 you will learn how to drive traffic to your resale rights sales page using eBay. You will learn how to use eBay to your advantage. You'll also start the pre-sell process, getting potential customers to line up to buy. There's also a special bonus at the end of today. I can't say too much here but lets say the information I reveal here will make me a millionaire within two years. And I reveal everything so you can apply the same methods to your business.
Day 7 - Review and Sell!

On Day 7 you will review your entire marketing and sales processes to make sure that they are all foolproof and that all your bases are covered before your resale rights product goes on sale.
Day 8 and beyond - Advanced strategies.
This is where you take your business to the next level as I show you advanced strategies and how to 'keep it going'. There is no turning back now as you follow the path to success.

Let me be straight with you. Selling resale rights products isn't brain surgery. It isn't difficult to do and isn't difficult to do well. It just takes a little bit of work and a little bit of time.

Resale Rights Blueprint will show you exactly how to profit from resale rights products in just seven days.

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