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BASIC RADIO Vol. 1-6 - A Rider Publication (1961)

This is an introductory course entitled “BASIC RADIO - Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6” by Marvin Tepper (1961). This is a 6-volume set on, as the title implies, basic radio. The best introduction to how radio works Ive seen. The courses present one fundamental topic at a time, taken up in the order of need, rendered absolutely understandable, and hammered home by the use of clear, cartoon-type illustrations. The illustrations are the most effective ever presented. Every page has at least one such illustration – every page covers one complete idea! An imaginary instructor stands figuratively at the reader’s elbow, doing demonstrations that make it easier to understand each subject presented in the course.

This encyclopedic six-volume set on the fundamentals and circuitry of radio communications is exhaustive in its coverage. Starting with the basics of electricity and magnetism, the reader is carried on through the field of electronics as applied to radio communications.

Following the study of electricity, magnetism, vacuum tubes, power supplies, amplifiers, oscillators, etc., the various circuits are combined into simple and complex radio receivers. The text covers both AM and FM receivers as well as AC-DC consoles, portables, auto, and communications receivers. The subject of transistors as applied to radio receivers is covered with considerable information given in the development of transistorized radios. One portion gives thorough coverage to antennas, transmission lines, and transmitters.

If youre a beginner just getting into vintage radio repair, READ THESE BOOKS!


Volume 1 - DC Electricity (146 pages)
The Beginnings of Electricity
Electric Current
Cells and Batteries
Electric Circuits
Resistance and Resistors
Ohms Law
Electrical Power
Schematic Diagrams
Measuring Devices
Series Circuits
Parallel Circuits
Summary of Characteristics of D-C Circuits
Series-Parallel Circuits
Kirchhoffs Laws
Induced Electromotive Force
American Wire Gage Table
Index to Vol. 1

Volume 2 - AC Electricity (146 pages)
A-C Electricity: Fundamental Mathematics
Generating an Alternating Voltage
The Sine Waveform
Magnetic Field Around A Conductor
Self-Induced AMF
Inductance and Inductive Reactance
Inductive Circuit: Voltage and Current
R-L Circuit: Voltage and Current
Impedance in Series R-L Circuits
Ohms Law for A-C Circuits
Current and Voltage in Series R-L Circuits
Current and voltage in Parallel R-L Circuits
Parallel R-L Circuit: Impedance Calculation
Comparison Between Series and Parallel R-L Circuits
Transformers: Action, Types, Applications
Transfer of Power: Matching Impedances
Capacitors and Capacitance
Power in A-C Circuits
Time Constant in A-C Circuits
Characteristics in Series L-C Circuits
Characteristics of Series L-C-R Circuits
Series Rest L-C-R Circuits
Series L-C-R Circuits
Characteristics of Parallel L-C Circuits
Characteristics of Parallel L-C-R Circuits
Parallel Rest L-C Circuits
The Practical Parallel L-C Circuit
The Practical Parallel Rest L-C Circuit
Filter Circuits
A-C Meters
The Oscilloscope
Natural Trigonometric Functions
Index to Vol. 2

Volume 3 - Electron Tube Circuits (146 pages)
Electron Tubes
The Diode
The Triode
Multigrid Tubes
Rectifier Circuits
Power Supply Filters
A-C - D-C Power Supplies
Auto Radio Power Supplies
Voltage Regulators
The Load Line
Circuit Characteristics
Class of Operation
Phase Inverters
Power Amplification
Loudspeakers and Microphones
Radio-Frequency Amplifiers
Electron Tube Oscillators
Index to Vol. 3

Volume 4 - AM & FM Receivers (130 pages)
Receiver Fundamentals
TRF Receiver
The Superheterodyne Receiver
Volume Control
Special Superheterodyne Circuits
Special Receivers
Communications Receivers
Single Sideband
Fundamentals of Frequency Modulation
FM Receiver Circuits
Frequency Modulation Discriminators
Ratio Detectors
Gated-Beam Detectors
Automatic Frequency Control
Frequency Modulation Reception
Index to Vol. IV

Volume 5 - Transistors (74 pages)
Semiconductors and Transistors
The P-N Junction Diode
The Point-Contact Diode
P-N-P and N-P-N Transistors
The Alloy-Junction Transistor
The Grown Junction Transistor
Transistor Basing
P-N-P Transistor Operation
N-P-N Transistor Operation
Point-Contact Transistor Operation
Transistor Operating Characteristics
Basic Transistor Amplifier Circuits
Transistor Amplifiers
Biasing Transistor Circuits
Analyzing Transistors
Coupling Transistor Circuits
Transistor Circuits
Push-Pull Amplifiers
Transistor Power Supplies
Transistor Receiver
Index to Vol. V

Volume 6 - Transmitters (162 pages)
Introduction to Transmitters
Transmitting Tubes
Transmitting Oscillators
Crystal Characteristics
Crystal Oscillators
Special Oscillator Considerations
Class-C Amplifiers
Frequency Multipliers
Interstage Coupling
R-F Power Amplifiers
Transmitter Keying
CW Transmitter
Amplitude Modulation
The AM Transmitter
Modulator Circuits
CW-AM Transmitter
Frequency Modulation
Single-Sideband Transmission
Power Supplies and Controls
Transmission Lines
Wave Propagation
Antenna Characteristics
Cumulative Index

The original books were scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi and converted into these digital books in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

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