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MP3 Hamada Takasi - Sunshine Music

This CD features 21 guitar solos, totaling 75 minute, from a Japanese ragtime guitarist.

21 MP3 Songs
JAZZ: Ragtime, BLUES: Acoustic Blues

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Sunshine Music´╝ĆHAMADA, Takasi

1. Morning Coffee (2003) EbAbCFCEb, Capo 2 (3:40)
Firstly composed as the song called "Class Reunion Song" (2003), and later I arranged it for guitar solo. I love Chet Atkins guitar style, and it has a major impact on this tune. I previously released it as in "special CDR" in 2003, but of course I prefer the version of this CD.

2. Madiana (1932) EbAbCFCEb, Capo 1 (3:37)
This runba was written by Maiotte Almaby (1890-1939), composer and singer of West Indies though based in Paris. I heard it in CD "Biguine, Valse et Mazurka Creoles (1930-1943)". I made it very simple from original version, but I always feel good to play this graceful song.

3. Lovely Matampusi (1996) EADGBE, No Capo (4:08)
I wrote it under the influence of "William Powell" (1989) by Leo Kottke, one of my guitar heroes. Once I planned to be in my other CD "Orion", but gave it up because of the CD running time, and I have previously released it as in "special CDR" in 2002. "Matampusi" means headband in Ainu, which I used to wear from younger days.

4. Savoia Rag (2004) EbAbCFCEb, Capo 3 (5:23)
My original classic rag in 4 sections, which was released in Japan Ragtime Club omnibus CD Vol.1 "Maple Leaf Rag" (2004). It''s my favorite work, so here I present this re-recorded version. "Savoia" was the name of a coffee house in Otaru, my home town. I once heard it was the place at where my parents met for the first time, so I imagined this Romantic mood.

5. Absence Without Notice (1997-1999) BGBEBD, No Capo (2:16)
Totally brief minor tune, which is unusual for me. Here I play the 12 string guitar, which hasn''t be played since my first CD "Ragtime Guitar" (1992). This tuning is half-dropped from original "CAbCFCEb".

6. Some Nispa''s Song (2006) EbAbCFCEb, Capo 3 (3:26)
Dedicated to Tatsumine Katayama (1942-2004), video creater, and student of Ainu language and culture. I use the Ainu word "nispa" as the meaning of "gentleman", because truly so he was.

7. August Dance (2007) EbAbCFCEb, Capo 4 (5:05)
Dedicated to the guitarist Ken''ichi Ito (1975- ) and Goro Noda (1962-2006), guitar improvisor. Ito-kun reminded me the young passion to the music, and Goro-san taught me his spirit of free improvisation. Thanks to the relationship with the finest musicians such as them, my music becomes joyous and meaningful.

8. Petetoko (1995) DADGBE, Capo 1 (4:30)
"Petetoko" means "source of the river" in Ainu. It is composed in the same period with "Cloud of Aynumosir", including in the CD "Flying Seagulls" (1995), but it seems too late to release it here... It is waltz, using the change of mood and expressing "the river" as the mysterious creature which goes up to the mountains.

9. Salon Mandolino (2001) EbAbCFCEb, No Capo (4:19)
Dedicated to a citizens'' mandolin orchestra in Otaru, Hokkaido. Once I released it in "Live Ragging" (2002), but this one is studio recording. I sometimes introduce it (and "Savoia Rag") as one of the best rags I''ve ever written.

10. Suppokasu (2001) EbAbCFCEb, No Capo (1:55)
"Suppokasu" means "bail out (the promise)" in Japanese. It is three step capriccio which is unusual for me. I think myself as an old style musician, so contrary to my effort, I couldn''t composed it like a New Age style at all.

11. Michelle (1965) CAbCFCEb, Capo 4 (2:58)
I guess almost all of you might know it, famous Beatles song. I often play this arrangement at Otaru Canal street.

12. Red Herring Rag (1992) DGDGBE, No Capo (4:05)
The term "Red Herring" is also used as the meaning of "taking one''s attantion away", which is on the contrary to 14 "Remarkable". On this classic rag, I was influenced from string ragtime, especially Dakota Dave Hull''s album.

13. Sobre las Olas (1884) EbAbCFCEb, Capo 1 (2:30)
"Sobre las Olas", better known as "Over the Waves", was composed by Juventino Rosas Cadenas (1868-1894), a Mexican composer. Many of us might know it in BGM at amusement park. Recently I prefer improvisation of such a simple tune.

14. Remarkable Rag (1992) EADGBE, Capo 2 (2:42)
Classic rag in 3 sections. Because of the technical difficulties, I couldn''t make its perfect recording at CD "Flying Seagulls" sessions in 1994-5, so it is the first recording. Through all the parts, it contains full of energy and high-speed passion with no rest, so I think it is just like a restive horse.

15. Marcel''s Rag (1996) EADGBE, No Capo (2:23)
Dedicated to Marcel Dadi (1951-1996), who was estimated as great gutarist of Chet Atkins style but unfortunately passed away by airplane accident. I managed to express his mood of brief guitar rag

16. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (1955) CAbCFCEb, Capo 5 (2:47)
Theme from the American movie in 1955 (by Sammy Fain / Paul Francis Webster). I learned this standard song from my father''s piano playing, and I have arranged it for guitar several years ago.

17. The Lantern Swing (2005) DGBEBD, Capo 2 (2:37)
Optimistic, simple tune like old Jazz. Here I play 12 string guitar same as M-5, with half-dropped tuning from original Otarunay Tuning (EbAbCFCEb). "Lantern" is named from mobile lantern I have previously used at Otanu Canal in the night time, so it is actually danger to swing the lantern!

18. Song of Mantis Shrimp (2006) CAbCFCEb, Capo 3 (3:13)
It has an image of jig which is often played in Irish music, though I think its unique melody went to far from traditional. Mantis shrimp is one of my favorite foods which I used to eat in my childhood.

19. Solace -A Mexican Serenade- (1909) EbAbCFCEb, Capo 3 (6:24)
Piano masterpiece with habanera favor, written by Scott Joplin (1868-1917), king of ragtime. It can be heard effectively in American movie "Sting" (1973). I think its B section has some ormanents which reminds us guitar music. Previously many guitarists such as David Laibman, Chet Atkins, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Tim Nicolai, Giovanni de Chiaro, Kazunobu Uetsuji, Tokio Uchida etc. have arranged it for guitar. As well as them, I made my best effort to keep Romanticism of original version and to express guitar oriented feeling.

20. Red Hot Rag (1995-1996) DGDGBE, No Capo (3:17)
Just hot as its title, too many notes to play. I wrote it freely, outside traditional classic rag format, with a litte adding of strain sounds like Bach. When I play it, my heart beats faster, and my fingers, my body, and my mind get heat.

21. Take Me Home, Country Roads (1971) EbAbCFCEb, Capo 6 (3:07)
Famous standard song of John Denver (1943-1997), written by Bill Danoff / Taffy Nivert / John Denver. Same as "The Third Man''s Theme" or "The Entertainer", I have arranged it earlier than other repertoires in Otarunay Tuning. I think it is the best selection to finish up the CD.

(Total : 75:31)

Profile of HAMADA, Takasi (same as Takashi, his first name. HAMADA is his family name.)

HAMADA was born in Otaru City, Hokkaido Island, Japan on December 11, 1964. He is all-time guitarist playing on the street, his own live concert, or playing at restaurant as BGM.

And until now, he has composed over 60 classic rag style tunes and several ragtime influenced tunes for guitar. He loves modern ragtime too, such as David Thomas Roberts, Jack Rummel, Tom Shea, Tom McDermott etc. In Japan, few people knows about them, and he hopes that they become more popular in Japan.

He is Japanese, but he is also an editor of "Ainu-Times", which is a quaterly newspaper writing in Ainu language.

His Guitar Tuning;

His guitar style is quite unique. He can play in standard tuning, but more often plays in "Otarunay-Tuning" (EbAbCFCEb : 6 to 1). Using this tuning, he can always play the alternative bass, and can easily play ragtime in Ab key.
It fits to arrange piano rags for the guitar, and when he plays classic rags, it is always used. Also it is very helpful to avoid Russian sailor saying "please let me play your guitar!"
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