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73 Vertical, Beam, and Triangle Antennas by Edward M. Noll

73 Vertical, Beam, and Triangle Antennas by Edward M. Noll (160 pages). This is a fantastic book that covers all aspect of building your own antenna setup.

From the Preface:
An often-heard comment of the present is: “The days of amateurs building and operating their own equipment are a thing of the past.” To a great extent this is true, since the advent of sophisticated single-sideband equipment has convinced many hams that construction of their own gear is no longer practical.

The one big exception to this is in the field of antennas. The amateur, at very little expense and without the requirement of an R&D laboratory, can indulge in experimentation with antennas, sometimes with startling results.
73 Vertical, Beam and Triangle Antennas is the second of a series of books which can make the hobby of amateur radio more than an operational spectator activity. Each antenna described in this book was constructed by the author without assistance. A minimum of tools and equipment were used. You can do the same and use the world as your testing ground.

Many of the antennas described in this book compete with, and sometimes surpass, the performance of commercial beams. A number of new approaches in the construction of basic antenna types are detailed. The book is not so much a rehash of common antennas and basic theory as it is a coverage of new approaches and ideas not often used by the amateur.

There are 73 individual vertical and beam antennas included in an order that begins with simple construction and progresses in a sequential manner to more complex arrangements. However, if you are interested in only one particular type, you can locate that type immediately and proceed with its erection.

73 Vertical, Beam, and Triangle Antennas is an invitation to some inexpensive education and fun. You will find it very educational and satisfying to put up an antenna that you have calculated, erected, and tuned. You have also gained a conversation peak that can bring you that much nearer to other radio amateurs all over the world. There are very few of them who are not interested in antennas.



Section 1: Quarter-Wave Verticals
1 - Half-Wavelength Dipole (Hertz)
2 - Quarter-Wavelength Vertical (Marconi)
3 - Quarter-Wave Vertical, Line-Tuned
4 - Quarter-Wave Vertical with Ground System
5 - 10-15-20 Quarter-Wave Vertical Wand Ground System
6 - Elevated Quarter-Wave Vertical with Wire Ground Plane
7 - Base-Loaded Quarter-Wave Vertical
8 - 20-Meter Quarter-Wave Vertical, Multiband Operation
9 - Elevated 40-Meter Ground Plane
10 - Vertical Radiators and Base Tuner

Section 2: 1/2- and 5/8-Wavelength Verticals
11 - Half-Wavelength Verticals
12 - Half-Wave Vertical and Balanced Line
13 - Half-Wave Coaxial Vertical
14 - 5/8-Wavelength Vertical
15 - Three-Quarter Wavelength Vertical

Section 3: Phased Verticals
16 - Quarter-Wave End-Fire Pair, 90°
17 - Quarter-Wave End-Fire Verticals, 180°
18 - Quarter-Wave Broadside
19 - Multiband Broadside with Tuner
20 - End-Fire Broadside Combination
21 - Closed-Space End-Fire Vertical
22 - Elevated Two-Element Phased Verticals
23 - Four-Element End-Fire Broadside
24 - 20-Meter End-Fire (180°), Broadside Combination
25 - Eight-Element 10-Meter Vertical
26 - Four-Square Verticals
27 - 10-15-20 Four-Square Vertical

Section 4: Low-Band Verticals and Inverted Vees
28 - TV Mast 80-Meter Vertical
29 - Low-Band Vertical with Line or Base Tuner
30 - 80-160 Vertical
31 - 40-80 Vertical
32 - Low-Band Vertical with Gamma- and T-Matching
33 - Short 160-Meter Vertical
34 - Low-Band Inverted Dipoles
35 - Inverted-Vee Antennas
36 - 40-80-160 Inverted Vee Antenna
37 - Three-Quarter Wavelength Titled Inverted Vee

Section 5: Two-Element Parasitic Antennas
38 - Parasitic Reflector, Wide spaced
39 - Parasitic Director, Wide Spaced
40 - Two-Element Parasitic Antenna, Closed Spaced
41 - Closed-Spaced Two-Element, Stub Matched
42 - Parasitic Reflector-Director Combination
43 - Inverted-Vee Parasitic
44 - Multiband Inverted-Vee and Parasitic-Element Combinations
45 - Single-Mast Inverted Vee with Parasitic Element
46 - Acute-Angle Vee with Parasitic Element

Section 6: Horizontal Phased Arrays
47 - Horizontal End-Fire, 90° and 180°
48 - Broadside and Collinear Two-element Horizontals
49 - Collinear, End-Fire (180°)
50 - End-Fire (90°), Broadside
51 - End-Fire Beam
52 - 10-15 End-Fire Beam, Open-Wire Line
53 - Stacked 10-15 End-Fire Beam

Section 7: Yagis, Quads, and Triangles
54 - Three-Element Yagi, Stub-Matched
55 - Three-Element Yagi, Open-Wire Line
56 - Multielement Yagis
57 - Stacked Yagis
58 - Two-Band Inverted-Vee Yagi for Low Bands
59 - 10-15 Three-Element Yagi
60 - Two-Element Quad
61 - Two-Element Quad, Tuned Reflector
62 - Two-Element Quad, Stright Reflector
63 - Two-Element Quad, Director
64 - Three-Element Quad
65 - Two- or Three-Element Quad, TV-Line Feed
66 - Multiband Quad
67 - Low-Band Triangle
68 - Triangle and Parasitic
69 - 160-Meter Two-Element Triangle
70 - 40-80 Three-Element double Triangle
71 - Single-Mast Triangle and Parasitic
72 - 80-Meter Triangle with Ground Radial System
73 - Triangle Turnstile
74 - 15-, 40-, and 80-Meter Triangles
75 - High-Band Triangles

Appendix I - Antenna Noise Bridge
Appendix II - How to Measure the Velocity Factor of Transmission Line with a Noise Bridge
Appendix III - Cutting Half-Wave Sections of Transmission Line Using the Antenna Noise Bridge
Appendix IV - Measuring the Rest Frequency and Resistance of an Antenna With the Antenna Noise Bridge
Appendix V - Cutting an Antenna to Resce Using an SWR Meter
Appendix VI - The Construction and Tuning of a Line Tuner
Appendix VII - Antenna Tuner for Long-Wire Vees and Rhombics
Appendix VIII - Base Tuner for Vertical Antennas

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