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Beyond The Secret - Law of Attraction

We're inviting you to look beyond "The Secret"

Although Thousands Now Control Their Lives Who Never Thought They Could, Are You One Of The Ones Having No Results?

If you're reading this, I bet you're just like me (Terrie Wurzbacher). Well, maybe not JUST like me but pretty darn close. You see, I've studied this stuff for almost 20 years.

By the way I"m writing this to you on behalf of Anne & I so when you read "my", you shouldn't think you're going nuts.

You see - that was part of the problem - I was "studying" the material, I wasn't acting on it. The great manifestations I had were amazing in retrospect but they were not intentionally masterminded by me. They "just happened". Why did they just happen? Because my subconscious knew what it was supposed to do but would only take action when my emotions got to their highest power. That should have been a clue right there. But of course it wasn't.
Before I get to my story let me ask you...

Have you ever dreaded something so much and then next thing ya know it's happened to you?
Have you ever had difficulty taking off weight?
Have you had problems wtih your relationships (and having the same problems appear over and over again)?
Have you had difficulty maintaining an exercise program?
Have you had difficulty achieving financial prosperity?


Have you been at the 11th hour with your debts and then all of a sudden a surprise check shows up just when you can use it the most? Would you like that to happen to you?
Are you having medical problems that seem to be getting worse and worse and you feel you're in a downward spiral?

Answer these questions honestly (it's ok, it's just to yourself, not to the world):

Are you totally happy with your current circumstances?
Do you long for:
- A credit balance that speaks to you and says "Hey, you can take ANYONE you want out to eat ANYWHERE you want!",
- A new house - with a pool, a family room, an exercise room whatever?
- A new car that turns heads as you zoom by with your tinted windows?
- A healthy and fit body that receives praises from your friends, family and even your doctor?

Do You Want To Make "The Secret" Work? If So, You Have To Go Beyond The Secret!

Beyond The Secret

Here's a quote from "Beyond The Secret"

" What your e missing is not a particular visualization technique or the ability to concentrate harder on your objective in fact, Im sure youre thinking skills on the surface are absolutely fine. But in order to manifest your every desire, you need to realize that thinking I want money isnt all there is to attracting some green into your bank account. Quite the contrary, youve got a little more work to do."

Positive thinking is not enough
Why do you need more than "The Secret" or The Law of Attraction?

Did you think "The Secret" with all it's popularity and apparent success was going to solve all your problems only to be severely disappointed?

Don't blame "The Secret"! Many have condemned it. I praise it for it's brought the Law of Attraction to the forefront of conversations and teaching throughtout the world. That is a very good thing. Plus, it's done miracles for many - I am one of them.

But "The Secret" and The Law of Attraction are just parts of the picture. There are "Universal Laws" and they are just that - laws that govern the Universe.

Have you heard of "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles? or "Think and Grow Rich" By Napoleon Hill? These were masters of abundance, of prosperity! Napoleon Hill wrote a voluminous work on the Laws of Success. Abundance is much more than just prosperity - it's health, happiness, piece of mind, relationships and much, much more.
Take a look at what you'll get from
"Beyond The Secret"

This is a digital, downloadable file in the PDF format - so you can read it on your computer, print it out, or even read it on your smart phone or mobile device.
This ebook is formatted beautifully which makes it a pleasure to read. Simple additions, such as graphics and page numbers, mean we put your reading comfort and understanding first.
This is the complete package - no background reading required. Whether you've seen or read "The Secret" the information in this book can change your life.
While some prosperity guides focus only on money accumulation, we've included all areas of your list. So you can focus on what matters most to you right now - health, relationships, wealth, love, peace of mind.
You can pick up anywhere. No matter what your level of experience with the Law of Attraction and the other universal laws, you can start transforming your life.
While you may have seen or read "The Secret" multiple times, there are some blind spots you're not even aware of. That's why we've included information about how the major Laws work. You'll be able to unlock the obstacles that have been holding you back.
We've included an abundance of stories and examples in the book so that you'll undoubtedly find one that catches your eye - and lets you hone in on the lesson, immediately changing your focus and energizing your motivation with emotion.
You'll learn the power of specificity. Once you've understood that and apply it to your every wish, the process becomes so much simpler (and quicker).

I'm Ready To Order NOW! Take Me There!

You'll learn to "speak with authority" so that when you get up every morning, you'll be able to look in the mirror and declare what it is you want and what it is you'll do that day!

We've presented concepts are presented in a practical manner, so that you'll be able to apply what you read immediately. There's no need for deep study. In fact, action is much more important than study when you want results.
Although other information products on the Law of Attraction mention gratitude, we've emphasized mastering the practice of Gratitude every day so that you'll see immediate changes in your life once you begin to apply it in your life.

You'll discover what effects the folks around you have on you and you'll be able to identify that you can control what happens to you instead of being a bystander unknowingly influenced by those around you.
We've provided simple phrases and affirmations so that you'll have material to start with right out of the chute.
We've demonstrated the effect you have on others. If you have children, uncover the importance of your behavior around them. Teach them the way to control their own being.
We've given you easy ways to recognize the signs the universe is sending your way so that your journey will be much smoother and without struggle.
We've simplified the three steps for implementing the Law of Attraction, ensuring that you'll so that can explore the results you achieved from these 3 steps already and then be able to manifest anything you want.
While other books on prosperity and abundance emphasize the "why" you want something, they don't focus on the "what" behind that "why. Once you do that you'll become the master of specificity, placing your exact "order" with the universe and receiving it just as you wish.

Just Who Are We To Be Teaching You This Material?

Dr. Anne KunathDr. Anne Kunath is an ordained minister, a doctor of divinity of Divine Science, a published author and lecturer. She has appeared on television and radio in connection with her books and seminars on a variety of subjects dealing with prosperity, relationships and success.

Annes dynamic personality is a reflection of her power and intelligence which shows forth in her membership in American Mensa, Ltd., The World Whos Who of Women and the Directory of Distinguished Americans. She was the 2006 recipient of the International New Thought Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award.

Here's a quote from one of her students.

"Anne has the unique ability to cut out the extraneous and get right to the heart of the matter. She keeps her audiences attention with her practical stories and heart warming examples, yet at the same time, takes them to the center of their being with words of profound truth."

Anne has done over 100 hours of New Thought Teleseminars reaching across the country and across the world via the power of teleseminars.

Dr. WurzbacherDr. Terrie Wurzbacher is a retired Navy Emergency Department Physician who was stationed in San Antonio, TX in 1984 and met Anne at the Church of Today by accident.

Knowing that there are no accidents, she

knew that it was her destiny to return to San Antonio after her tour with the Navy was up. So, in 2004, Dr. Wurzbacher retired from the Navy and returned to her home and has started Getting Unstuck, LLC.

OK I'm Convinced! I Want "Beyond The Secret"
Now Here's My Story
You can click on the audio if you'd rather listen than read it

Picture this. I haven't seen nor heard from my brother in 30 years. In fact I had no idea where the heck he was OR if he was even still alive. So as far as I know I'm the only one left in my family.

Stay with me now. It's the weekend after Thanksgiving

2006. It's cold and gloomy outside. I'mlonely because the holidays are supposed to befamily times.

I don't even remember when "The Secret" was released. I'd had it for several months but hadn't watched it yet.

With nothing else to do that weekend, I shoved the DVD in the player and began to watch it. Almost immediately I was mesmerized. All of my years of training came back to me.
"I can make things happen!"

I shouted to my dogs after the 3rd time I watched it.

The characters in "The Secret" jumped out at me over and over again that weekend to the point where I could have sworn they were right there in my living room!

At the same time I had been reading Joe Vitale's book "The Attractor Factor". There is a page there where you write down what you want. So, I

wrote "Tuck will contact me" (knowing what I know now I realize I should have been more specific but I'll tell you about that in a minute).

My Brother and I

Monday rolled around and it was back to work as usual. Nothing major happens.

Tuesday 5 December 2006 comes and it's one day closer to the weekend - yea!

About midmorning I'm having a cup of coffee and realize I have a voicemail on my phone. So I check it. I just about faint. The voice says "hey, it's your bro" - my heart stopped beating...and then the message continued on. It was from my very good friend who took me on as his adopted sister when I had no one.

I was devastated. You see, I had put my statement away and forgotten it. I could NOT remember if I had put my brother's name or just said "my brother will contact me."

That was my first lesson on specificity. So, I went and called Anne and told her how disappointed I was but that I had learned this valuable lesson (even though I really didn't care about that at that moment) about having to be extremely specific about what you want.

We talked and laughed and I began to feel better. I mean, after all, I hadn't had any contact in 30 years so what difference did it really make.

The day drags on. It's about 6:30 p.m., dark, cold and depressing. I pull into my garage, calm the cacophany of my Siberian Huskies saying hi to mom, and head on over to my computer to check my email.

For the second time that day my heart stopped . This was staring me right in the face on my computer screen:


I don't know how long I stared at the screen before opening it. Finally I double clicked. These 17 words changed my life.
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