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How To Open Your 3rd Eye Chakra Stream Of Consciousness

The third eye is a term we use for the sixth chakra. A chakra is a vortex point where the stream of consciousness of your higher self... what we call energy or prana, feeds into the human form. The physical body organizes itself around the blue print of your chakras and meridians. And the sixth chakra is located in-between and just above the eye brows. All though every chakra is involved in extrasensory perception, the sixth chakra is the chakra that is referred to as the seat of intuition. It is the chakra, which is associated with clairvoyance, precognition, out of body experiences, the ability to see auras, recognition, imagination, visualization, dreaming, perception and extrasensory perception. Because of this, the third eye, is the chakra that is associated most closely with psychics. In this episode, Teal shows us an easy exercise to activate our third eye. This is a downloadable MP3 file that will download to your music file on your compute or device. This is rated the best MP3 30 minute Session ever. Enjoy

Mscreatefromwithin2 months ago

Thank you you saved me some time and energy. I was thinking about reading comments to know about others experience with opening their third eye but after reading yours I decided not to go any further :)
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Joe angelo1 month ago

Why is it when i concentrate i can see MILLIONS of small white dots and i see these "things" i don't know what they are but they are everywhere and they float around me..??? What is it
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Roxy Renucci5 days ago

Is that what it is ?

Mi sterM21 hours ago

all of the above :)

Rita R2 months ago

i have been meditating for many years now, and notice that when i concentrate on something with my eyes opened, everything becomes misty around my sight and the object im concentrating my eyes on starts to move in my vision not that hallucination? 
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Rita R2 weeks ago

+artemidoros34 thank you, yes i guess everyones experience is unique :

Emil Andreassen5 days ago

+craigpauly2005 i have add to but i can't meditate at all i can't concentrate on it 

E. Jacobs' Beats5 months ago

All of the symptoms you talk about that come from opening the 3rd eye I have been feeling almost my entire life. Does this mean I have always been in touch with my third eye?
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Marcus Campbell2 months ago

+joe Fabio What recording did you use? :)

joe Fabio1 month ago

+Marcus Campbell initially i used the holosync program by centerpointe research institute. Eventually i started making my own binaurals for various purposes, including 3d eye stuff.

Matthew Smith1 week ago

There are different realms of existence and the astral planes when you open up like this you can see things like shadow people ghosts and people doing astral projection and even thought forms if someone is angry with you and having hostiles thoughts to you or about you well open third eye your see them as dreams even so opening up without being able to control your focus or perception could lead to lots of scary experiences yes opening chakras and that can be beneficial opening your conscienceness but with that you must be able to control your point of focus and powers of concentration mindfulness.
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Ross P1 day ago

+Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst +Teal Swan +Spirit Science +SpiritScience Im a teenager (16 year old boy from the uk) and I've tried to practice meditation and astral projection. I've been watching spirit science as well. I have only gone so far with astral projection. I've felt the vibrations and the first time I did it I head piping. Yet I am still in able (I feel) to open my third eye. I eat a lot of salad leaves and take vitamin supplements (hemp oil etc) as part of my diet. I have also felt since I started to meditate that I'm eating more vegetables and fruit and am slightly put off by meat. What can I do to open my third eye (pineal gland) should I meditate on a daily basis. Should I form a regular sleep pattern I stead of when I'm tired. I don't know what to do. I want to have the experiences that the third eye allows. But I don't know what to do?
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celestialruby8883 days ago

For me personally just vibration of the letter (M) is all that's needed . And never think you need to open your third eye just know it's already open regardless of seeing auras or extraordinary perceptions like orbs, spirits, etc
The idea of having a closed third eye or expressing the need to have it opened is a flaw and only causes uneeded resistance. Everyone is already opened up to various degrees already so it's just having the mindset on what it is you are trying to accomplish on your particular life path and how open your third eye has no bearing on the one who already knows and realizes there true self.

Mark Moshchinsky via Google+2 months ago

How to open 3rd eye. #psychic exercises.
This 6th chakra is an #acupuncture point called Yin Tang which I often needle for my patients to help them relax and sleep better or reduce #anxiety. #Teal has a nice vibration to her voice and presence, just listening to her will make you feel better :)
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Abo Adham2 months ago



Mark2 weeks ago

...... I been listening to too much Ab-Soul
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Green Onion5 days ago

i see what you did there :D

Spotgecko3 hours ago


creepermachine90005 days ago

I saw white light after I close my eyes, but they don't become dark as usual after closing my eyes for a long time. Do I have any problems or is it mean my third is opening?

Briana Burks5 months ago

Ever since I was young I saw these white dots like static and I never opened my third eye before, what does that mean.
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