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Aries Compatibility And Experiences

No Matter What You’ve Been Through, Experienced Or Encountered, At Last You Can Turn Confusion To Clarity And Losing To Learning, Within Half An Hour

1 000 Best & Worst Experiences With Aries Man And Woman. [5x PDF Books]

Sex with the Aries Man

Aries isn’t the sign of the ram for nothing! Physical and fearless, Aries men are easily turned on and have the sexual stamina to keep rutting all night long.

Ruled by Mars, the god of war, Aries men rush straight into the heat of battle. Foreplay? Who’s got time for that?

For Aries, the thrill of the chase is everything. Once he’s conquered you, the ram can easily become bored. The best way to keep him stimulated? Stroke his sizeable ego. “That feels amazing… you’re SO big”. He won’t tire of hearing it.

Blow his mind: Act the innocent. Invest in some sexy white lingerie and prepare to be conquered. Even better, let him think he’s taught you a new sexual position or two.

His favorite position: Aries men love a challenge and like trying new things – as long as he’s in charge. The lets him control the depth and speed of thrusts with the Head Game.

Aries Compatibility

Aries is a very powerful, dominant sign that craves validation and lots and lots of attention. They are the “infants” of the Zodiac, because the Astrological cycle begins with them and ends with Pisces, and therefore tend to be a bit childlike, particularly in their streaks of petulance and competitiveness. It therefore takes an expert hand to tackle them, and the chief competitor for such a task is a Leo-born.

Leos and Aries share the fire element, and thus embody enough of the same personality traits to form a compatible relationship. They feed each other the passion they crave, and form powerful partnerships. A common area of dispute will be determining who has the lead, because both signs want to assert dominance over the other; but once one of the two compromises and relinquishes the lead, the relationship will prosper and endure.

Sagittarius similarly gel well with Aries, and though competitiveness is likely to be an issue yet again, Sagittarians are less likely to go for the lead as opposed to the Leo. Aries and Sagittarians also usually share a love for sports, and are likely to be physically expressive, enjoying a passionate, fiery romance.

Two Aries can be friends, even lovers, but long term relationships provide obstacles. Both lack the emotional maturity to sustain relationships without a stabilizing partner and the mutual need for attention can at times leave both deprived of it.

Gemini tend to be good mates for the Aries, and their good natured, caring personalities mesh well with the charm of the ram. Gemini can help keep the Aries temper and irrationalities in check, while still relinquishing the lead in the relationship and letting the ram “have his way.” Of course, nothing is ever a constant with the Gemini, and if they decide to one day seize back control of the relationship, things will change quickly.

Aquarians are good matches for the ram too, and have the wisdom and rationality to temper the Aries’ flamboyance. But Aries needs stability in a relationship, and the free-spirited Aquarian can often not be around to provide it.

Libras could be ideal partners, for they are stable, generous, intelligent and ideal recipients of passion, but they are also a strong, controlling sign, which won’t suit the typical Aries.

Earth signs lend the ram the solid footing it desires, and this promise of stability is often the glue for such relationships. Taurus and Capricorn make good partners for the Aries that likes a reliable, stable partner. Taureans are very strong and determined themselves however, and are likely to lock horns with the ram on even trivial matters. The Capricorn is likewise as ornery as you would expect a goat to be, and this can frustrate the ram that likes everything to go its way. Virgos offer Aries the ideal partnership, built upon trust, loyalty and stability, but the often insensitive and attention-seeking nature of the Aries will not sit well with the easily-irritated Virgo that likes a bit of attention as well.

Aries make poor matches with water signs, owing to the fact that their strong personalities can prove too harsh for these sensitive signs. Scorpios, however, are a different story, and are close enough to a fire sign in qualities to possibly enjoy a good match with the ram. But this is on paper alone, for in actuality these two signs are notorious for how poorly they get along. Being two powerful, passionate signs with a near-equal love for the spotlight, Aries and Scorpio might enjoy the physical aspects of their relationships, but will never see eye to eye on the emotional matters. Aries is too insensitive and Scorpio too vindictive for such a match to normally work.

Pisces is a sign that likes a strong partner, and can find the Aries an attractive prospect, while Aries in turn will enjoy the submissive and soulful nature of the Piscean. But insensitivity is yet again a problem, for diplomacy and affection don’t come easily to the ram, and these are of paramount importance in handling a Piscean. The same holds true for the Cancerian. Cancers are deeply affectionate and emotional people, with an absurdly sensitive exterior. It’s almost impossible for an Aries partner to not hurt the ginger feelings of the crab several times a day, and not know how to make up for it. The Aries and Cancer make a very poor match.

Here are some of the visitor experiences from the book (with comments deleted).

Aries man Aries woman......

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