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Gemini Compatibility and Experiences

All about You Gemini

1 000 Best & Worst Experiences With Gemini Man And Woman. [5x PDF Books]

Sex with a Gemini Man

Ruled by Mercury, the god of communication (as well as tricksters and thieves), Gemini men are attracted to sexual partners who can match their lightening quick wit. For them sex is a mental sport, as well as a physical one.

Do you love sex in strange places? Then youíre in luck. The risk of getting caught only adds to the excitement. The bonnet of a car, the boardroom table, the branches of a tree, be prepared to get your sexy on in all kinds of places.

Gemini men tend to bore easily so youíll need to keep him guessing. Suggest a sexy role-playing or fantasy game, the more adventurous the better Ė bi-sexual or group encounters are always a favorite.

Blow his mind: Set up a sexy treasure hunt. Send him dirty text messages as clues and choose an exciting location to award him the final prize Ė you!

His favorite position: Gemini men love talking dirty, so choose a position where he can whisper dirty sweet nothings to you, such as the Erotic End.

Gemini Compatibility

Gemini are effervescently charming and congenial, to the point where you cannot imagine a single soul they might not get along with. The Gemini personality is good humored, polite, and open minded. The most compatible signs are of course Libra and Aquarius, the two fellow Air signs. Libra is good natured and fair minded, much like Gemini, and this makes for a comfortable relationship. Libraís are also intelligent and worldly, which appeals to the Geminiís shrewd and political mind, which is always thirsty for knowledge. No relationship is perfect, of course, and problems are bound to arise in the romance department, because Gemini will never showcase the fiery passion a Libra requires, unless of course a fire sign ascendant is involved. And on the flip side, the Libran tendency to erupt occasionally due to their volatile tempers, wonít suit the generally calm demeanor of the Gemini.

Aquarians likewise make great partners for the Gemini, because they are spiritual, soulful people with an intelligent outlook on life. Intellectual compatibility is of utmost importance to the Gemini, and so this match will be a favorable one. Since both signs tend to be a bit free-spirited, Aquarius in particular, the only major challenge might be finding enough stability in the relationship. Gemini-borns find their own signs great buddies to hang out with, but this seldom makes a good match. There are simply too many personalities hanging around, and itís quite likely that they will frustrate each other long before attaining enough common ground to commit to the relationship for the long haul.

Fire signs are naturally the next compatible to the Gemini. Leo and Aries in particular make great partners, because the Gemini is very skilled at handling the fiery, passionate personalities of both, as well as fanning their considerably sized egos. The Gemini might occasionally employ their manipulative skills to undermine the authority of these powerful signs, or worse even try to control them, which will result in obvious friction. But as long as there is a sense of power balance in the relationship, these will remain good matches.

Sagittarians gel well with Gemini, for they are the mildest of the fire signs, and the hours of peace and warmth between the two will outnumber the occasional arguments. The only caveat here is that both signs have strong opinions and principles, which are not likely to always be similar.

Water signs do well with Gemini, purely because the mild-mannered personalities of this air sign soothes the sensitive nature of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. Cancer and Gemini make the best pairs in this lot, owing largely to their close proximity in the zodiac. There is generally a small overlap in personalities, particularly close to the cusp, but enough differences to create a temperate relationship. Cancer though like strong signs in partnerships, and the Geminiís somewhat weaker personalities wonít give the crab the stability it craves. Pisces and Gemini suffer for the same reason, and because the typical Piscean searches for a soulful romance in a relationship, a Gemini would be the wrong person to expect it from. Scorpios are Geminians can on occasion make stellar couples, owing to the fact that Scorpio is very much like a fire sign, and the two can strike a perfect balance. But if the Scorpio has more of an affectionate and sensitive side, and less of fire sign qualities, than the relationship is unlikely to prosper.

Earth signs make poor matches for Gemini, except on rare occasions, where ascendants no doubt play a helping hand. Both elements are just too aloof and separate for this relationship to have any connection or passion. Taurus has the best chance, particularly because itís the preceding sign in the Zodiac and has common ground. Capricorns are the most knowledgeable sign in the Zodiac, and this will appeal to the Gemini, but their extremely patient and measured demeanor will not. Virgos are the least compatible with Gemini, and the two very seldom even forge lasting friendships, owing to very contrasting personalities and interests.

Here are some of the visitor experiences from the book (with comments deleted).

Gemini man Aries woman

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