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Leo Compatibility and Experiences

All about you Leo

1 000 Best & Worst Experiences With Leo Man And Woman. [5x PDF Books]

Sex with the Leo Man

Ruled by the sun, the Leo man is fiery and passionate and can make a supremely loyal and protective lion of a lover – if you stroke him up the right way.

Leo loves to be the centre of attention. Stroke his mane and marvel at his roar and the king of the jungle will roll over and show you his tummy like a pussy cat.

The Leo man is open to trying new things and can be persuaded to take a walk on the wild side, especially if it shows him in his best light. The lion is, however, proud by nature and turned off by anything degrading or perceived to be beneath his dignity, so master-slave scenarios will only work if he’s the dominant one.

Blow his mind: Leo men love to see you naked, so treat your man to a sexy strip tease or turn up wearing a coat with nothing underneath but a pair of sexy knickers.

His favorite position: Leo men can’t help showing off in the bedroom. Position yourself in front of a mirror where he can admire his own prowess, as well as you, of course. Let him take centre stage with the Leg Lock.

Leo Compatibility

A strong, fiery personality such that of a Leo, deserves a worthy partner. Leos will seldom settle for weak partners, who cannot match them step for step. Though a Leo will typically be (or at least try to be) the dominant partner in a relationship, they don’t want the advantage to come easily. They would rather fight for supremacy in a relationship, and will think highly of any partner that challenges them for the title. A worthy match would therefore be those born under the sign of Aries, who being fire-signs themselves, are naturally aggressive, competitive and passionate. A Leo-Aries romance will be hot enough to steam even the neighbor’s windows, and the passionate, fiery exchanges during arguments will invariably end in the sack. Sagittarians, the other fire sign in the Zodiac, will be another suitable partner, and though they are milder than the Aries and therefore less of a challenge to the Leo, are also more likely to soothe the Leo’s large ego. Two Leos are unlikely to form an ideal relationship, for neither one will likely to concede leadership. But depending on the ascendants for either Leo, one might be more willing to “concede” for the sake of the relationship. Such a match is still fraught with consistent friction in most circumstances.

Air signs go well with fire, so a Leo will enjoy compatible relationships with Libras, Geminians and Aquarians. Libras make the best match out of this set, for they have the generous, cordial personality that calms the Leo, and their knack for flattery will come in handy when manipulation is needed to handle the Leo’s quick temper. Geminians and Leos often share close, intimate friendships, and any relationships between these two signs tend to generally prosper.

The only caveat is that each of the different personalities of the Gemini-born must be equally adept at handling the Leo, or else friction will likely arise. Aquarians are spiritual partners for the Leos, and the two will have many similar interests and passions. As long as the Aquarian doesn’t put off the Leo with eccentric behavior, this will be a good match. In general, Air signs have the knack for fanning the ego of the fiery Leo, but the tendency to suffocate and control the flames will often result in arguments.

Earth signs can be stable partners for the Leo that needs a good grounding (which every Leo invariably does). Virgos and Taureans have the stable, practical outlook that will calm the flamboyance of the Leo, though neither the Virgo’s penchant for control nor the Taurean’s need for dominance, will particularly sit well with the Leo. Capricorns make good buddies for Leos, but there is a tendency for the goat to always seek higher ground in the relationship, which Leos don’t appreciate. It’s very rare for these two signs to consider each other equals.

Water signs generally make poor matches for Leos, purely because both are powerful elements that can never strike a balance. Leos lack the sensitivity to handle a Cancer or Pisces partner, though might enjoy a passionate relationship with the Scorpio, who is as fiery as any of the natural fire signs. Such relationships though will predictably endure constant disagreements.

A Leo is not an easy partner to have, despite all their favorable qualities. Partnership is not the forte of the attention-seeking lion, but with the right partner, one who provides a challenge but will not threaten the Leo’s dominance, a stable relationship will ensue.

Here are some of the visitor experiences from the book (with comments deleted).

Leo man Aries woman....

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