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Pisces Compatibility and Experiences

Itís All About Pisces

1 000 Best & Worst Experiences With Pisces Man And Woman. [5x PDF Books]

Sex with the Pisces Man

Ruled by Neptune, lord of illusion and imagination, and Jupiter, god of drama, itís little wonder the Pisces man is turned on by sexual fantasies Ė and the more elaborate they are, the better.

As a water sign, the fish loves to keep things changeable and will experiment with lots of different positions, often in the same night. Sex for him is about being creative and having fun, as well as making an emotional connection.

Those dating a Pisces man will want to invest in some sexy leathers and a whip. The Pisces man has a craving to be dominated, almost to the point of masochism.

Blow his mind: The fish loves to swim in all kinds of water. Arrange a midnight picnic and take him skinny dipping by moonlight.

His favorite position: Choose a position where you can stare into one anotherís eyes for a deeper emotional connection or take control and dominate him with the Joystick Joyride.

Pisces Compatibility

Pisceans embody the spirit of water in their personality; they are easy going and flexible, willing to deal with their partnerís changing moods and interests. They are soulful and sweet, and are refreshingly romantic. They need a partner who will not break their fragile heart.

Fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio make the best bet, if not purely for the reason that it takes a fellow water sign to understand and respect the sensitive, emotional nature of the Piscean, also because both Cancers and Scorpios are the more dominant members of the element. And though no Piscean will openly admit it, they desire domination. Not a cold, unfeeling dictatorship, mind you, but a firm and stable form of leadership. Even Pisces men like their partners to take the lead in the relationship, if somewhat understatedly. Cancers and Scorpios are both powerful signs, despite their sensitive nature, and the latter in particular is fiery and passionate, to counter the clingy nature of the Piscean. The at times harsh nature of the Scorpio can wound the gentle, Piscean spirit, but otherwise this is a good match. Cancerians and Pisceans will enjoy perhaps the most romantic relationship in the Zodiac, and are unlikely to hit any major hurdles. Pisceans make good partners with themselves, but the problem is that they will lack a strong, firm counterpart and the relationship will never enjoy a sense of stability.

Earth signs are very appropriate partners for the flighty Pisces that needs a stable home. The earth provides this water sign the stability it desires, but there will always be a tendency to control the flow of the water, which is likely to cause problems, particularly if the Pisces has a strong ascendant. Capricorns make ideal partners, owing to their gentle nature. This relationship will enjoy a perfect balance of comfort and compassion, and will endure a long stay together. Taurus similarly makes a very good partner, and is a little more emotionally giving than the Capricorn for the Piscean, but because of its stronger personality, the bull is likely to offend the Piscesí sensitive and often prudish outlook on life. Virgos make good friends and at times good partners, but being the least sensitive of the earth signs, also has a tendency to hurt the Pisceanís tender feelings. These relationships will endure many frustrating arguments over time.

Air signs are next best suited to the Pisces nature, owing to their empathetic nature. Libras are spiritually sound partners for the soulful Piscean, but the Libran nature to find control in a relationship no matter what the cost, might cause problems if the price proves to be the Pisceanís feelings. Aquarians and Pisceans often make best friends, and being the two oldest signs of the Zodiac, they possess the wisdom and soulful nature required to understand one another. These two make a gentle, sweet couple, but both are perhaps a touch too flaky to enjoy any form of stability. Geminians will appeal to the Pisceanís love for art and culture, but the Gemini personalities will not always line up with the Piscesí somewhat demanding and attention-seeking nature, resulting in frequent and abrasive conflicts.

Fire signs are the least suited to Pisces, and for good reason. The typical fire sign is bold and audacious, with plenty of arrogance in their manner. There is an aggressive manner to them, and a brash, ďwho cares?Ē outlook to life, which will invariably hurt the Pisces in a romantic relationship. Sagittarians and Pisceans will get along for the most part, owing to the fact that the Sagittarian is the gentlest of the fire signs and a generally affable personality. But the Sagittarian is also the least emotional of the fire signs, and will deprive the Piscean of the sensitive connection they desperately need. Aries and Leo are both powerful, dominant signs, which will attract the Pisces, but over time both these fire signs are guaranteed to burn through the thin skin of the Piscean and wound them harshly. Pisces wonít appreciate the Leoís tendency to withhold affection in a relationship for power, and will find the Ariesí arrogance very hard to deal with day in and day out.

Here are some of the visitor experiences from the book (with comments deleted).

Pisces man Aries woman......

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