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Scorpio Compatibility and Experiences

Who Else Wants To A Scorpio And Blast Past Stuck Points Ö Untangle Your PastÖ And Rocket Up The Learning ?

This Is All About Scorpio

1 000 Best & Worst Experiences With Scorpio Man And Woman. [5x PDF Books]

Sex with the Scorpio Man

Ruled by Mars, the god of war, and Pluto, lord of the underworld, the Scorpio man is a potent mix of primal passion and dark energy Ė a combination that can prove hard to resist.

Like Aries, the Scorpio man is blessed with a naturally high libido and impressive sexual stamina. Unlike Aries, the Scorpio man adores foreplay and itís not unusual for his sexual encounters to go on all night. Sleep is for the weak.

Scorpio men are masters of seduction and once he decides he wants you, he wonít stop until he has you. Be warned though, anything goes for the Scorpio man. At times overwhelmingly insatiable, there is nothing too kinky he wonít (and hasnít) tried.

Blow his mind: The scorpion loves a mystery so learn the art of intrigue. Instead of throwing your clothes off invite him to remove one sexy garment at a time.

His favorite position: Enjoy a more intense connection with a position that allows you to get wrapped up in one another, such as the Wow-him Pow-wow.

Scorpio Compatibility

The question is never whether a Scorpio is a good partner for you, but if youíre a good enough partner for Scorpio. Because they combine both the passionate nature of fire signs and the emotional, sensitive qualities of water signs, they make attractive partners. Their best partner though is Pisces, the fellow water sign and tamest of the Zodiac, which suits the dominant nature of the Scorpio. Such relationships are loving, emotional and very passionate, creating picture-perfect marriages. Cancers are equally compatible with the Scorpio, and their more dominant personalities (as compared to Pisces) make for a more electric romance. But the Cancerian will have to learn to be immune to the Scorpioís flashes of arrogance and temper. Scorpios make good pairs with themselves, largely because it takes one to know one. And since there are so many varieties of Scorpios within the same month, there will be enough variation in the relationship to keep it exciting, with the promise of passion the only guaranteed common ground.

Virgos tend to find a Scorpio partner very attractive, because for them it combines the best of both worlds. For Virgos are typically drawn to emotional water signs as well as to passionate fire signs, and in Scorpio they find a neat combination of both qualities. Scorpio also appreciates the Virgoís knack for enforcing stability and composure, for they act as the perfect platform to support the Scorpioís often flamboyant aspirations. Taurus and Scorpios either make incomparably great couples, or notorious enemies. There is seldom indifference or anything half-way between these two signs. If they find that they get along, then they really get along, forging enviably passionate yet strong partnerships. These two signs also tend to make the best of friends often, so such marriages tend to work great when they do work! Capricorns and Scorpions again enjoy good friendships, owing to the fact that both have such contrasting expectations and needs from a friendship, that they rarely get in each otherís way. But the Capricornís stubborn pride an the Scorpioís arrogance can often create splits, and when that happens, neither sign will be willingly to compromise or make the first move towards making up.

Libras, being adjoining signs, are good companions for the Scorpio and are well equipped to handle both the passion and the flamboyance that the Scorpio likes to throw around. The Libra knack for diplomacy will help this relationship prosper, while the Scorpio will provide the life and entertainment that every partnership needs. Aquarians and Scorpios enjoy a great rapport, along with very good romance in the bedroom. Scorpios, above all other signs, desire passionate partners and though Aquarians donít typically fit the bill, they have a zest for life and a love of experimentation that will work just as well under the sheets. Gemini for the most part arenít great partners for the Scorpio, but the two will be able to forge stable relationships if forced to, as long as one of the Geminiís many personalities appeals to the Scorpio.

Though it is generally believed that fire signs make poor partners for the Scorpio, many such relationships prosper owing to the fact that Scorpio is essentially a fourth fire sign on its own. Leos and Scorpios, two signs notoriously famous for heating things up in their sex lives, surprisingly enough just are not capable of flash-in-the-pan romances. In fact, these two often forge long-term, meaningful partnerships. Sagittarians, being the other adjacent sign to the Scorpio, enjoys great camaraderie with them. These relationships tend to be very giving both ways, and are fiery and passionate, but for all their chemistry, there will tend to be a basic lack of emotional balance. The Sagittarian is simply too detached at times for the Scorpioís liking. Aries and Scorpios can get along very well, and there will probably always be a curious fascination with each other. But put the two in a relationship, and despite the electric sex life that is bound to ensue, both signs are too dominating and controlling to strike harmony most of the time.

Here are some of the visitor experiences from the book (with comments deleted).

Scorpio man Aries woman......

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