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Virgo Compatibility and Experiences

Who Else Wants To Be Sexy Like A Virgo And Blast Past Stuck Points …

This One’s For You Virgo

1 000 Best & Worst Experiences With Virgo Man And Woman. [5x PDF Books]

Sex with the Virgo Man

Want to get a Virgo man in to bed? You’ll need to talk your way in. Ruled by the planet Mercury (the god of communication, amongst other things), the Virgo man is turned on by a ‘meeting of the minds’ and likes there to be a mental connection before he throws his clothes off.

The good news is that Virgo men make sensitive lovers and will put your pleasure first. Seeing you turned on turns him on – so don’t be shy about telling him what you want.

The Virgo man takes a great deal of pride in his technique and will spend hours perfecting it so you can achieve the best ever orgasm. He’s happy to experiment too, as long as it doesn’t make a mess on the bed sheets.

Blow his mind: Wear your best lingerie and tie yourself to the bed. He’ll love taking control of the situation and making sure your pleasure is nothing short of perfect.

His favorite position: The Virgo man likes to be in charge – simply so he can ensure that things are done right. Let him take control with the Lusty Lean.

Virgo Compatibility

Don’t bother telling the Virgo who their ideal partner is, because they’ll let you know when they decide. But just in case you need a little helping hand, keep in mind that the Virgo’s best bet in a partner is a Capricorn. Gentle, intelligent and deeply faithful, the Capricorn’s sense of home and practicality appeal to the Virgo’s rational side, which strongly craves stability in a relationship. While such relationships will lack a sense of passion, they will nevertheless last the long run. Taurus and Virgo invariably make marriage work, though how is at times a head scratcher. For practical reasons, both signs find solace in each other. Neither are too expansive with romantic gestures, and are too pragmatic to bother with sensitivity. They are both emotional enough to keep fire in the relationship, and enjoy stable and affluent households. Two Virgos generally make a bad match, owing to the fact that while they find each other’s qualities easy to get along with, there is simply not enough to hold their interest. Virgos need sensitivity, passion and a little eccentricity in a partner, so that they can be the stabilizing force. A fellow Virgo won’t cut it.

Water signs are well suited to the level-headed, composed manner of the Virgo. Cancer and Virgo make phenomenal partners, whether as friends or lovers. The depth of Cancer’s feeling and their sensitive personalities appease the Virgo that has a hard time expressing emotion. Cancers, with their humor, their passion and their soft, caring demeanor, offer the Virgo the ideal combination for a loving relationship. Pisceans are next best suited on the list, for much the same reason. Pisceans are also a little easier to manipulate for the Virgo, who prefers to be the driving force in a relationship, even more than being a leader. A Piscean will happily allow the Virgo to take charge. For that same reason, Scorpios and Virgos, two signs that are otherwise seemingly perfectly compatible, encounter roadblocks. The Scorpio is a dominant sign that rules any relationship they are a part of, and the Virgo’s lack of control over the strong Scorpion personality will eventually impede this partnership’s long-term prospects.

While on the surface, fire signs provide passionate mates for the Virgo that secretly craves heat in a partnership, such matches also tend to dissolve due to a lack of sensitivity. Leos and Virgos can be great buddies, have wonderful chemistry and an enviable rapport. But the Leo’s tendency to be a closed book won’t suit the Virgo’s taste, who likes to be the mystery in a relationship.

Virgos need partners that are expressive with gestures, and while Leos can be demonstrative, their lack of feeling will invariably hinder the partnership. Sagittarians and Virgos have cordial relationships built on mutual respect, but when push comes to shove, neither sign will see eye to eye. The Sagittarian’s reasoning will just not make sense to the Virgo’s unique mode of thought. But both signs have great staying power, and as long as the Archer is willing to be the one who apologizes first, these relationships will last a long time. Aries and Virgo can share great chemistry, but will suffer on the battleground. Virgos like to control their partners and an Aries is unlikely to ever relinquish control or accept defeat. Depending on the ascendants or the emotional flexibility of either sign, this match might work, but don’t count on it.

Air signs make poor mates for the Virgo, for the simple reason that neither will affect the other. Aquarians can earn the admiration of the Virgin, but the two are such polar opposites as personalities that a decent match is unlikely. Libras are sensitive enough to forge relationships with the Virgo, and being adjoining signs, good chemistry is guaranteed. But the Libran is too volatile for the Virgo to handle, so long-term relationships are unlikely. Gemini can make a good friend on occasion but will be a poor partner for a Virgo who will find the Gemini lacking in sensitivity, passion and stability. The Gemini in turn will find nothing interesting about the Virgo for they keep their true personality hidden, and only display a plain exterior.

Here are some of the visitor experiences from the book (with comments deleted).

Virgo man Aries woman......

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