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Fatol Weight Loss Plan

Any idea why myriad diet plans like 5:2 diet, Cabbage soup diet, Grapefruit diet (a.k.a. the Hollywood Diet or the Mayo Clinic Diet) Fruitarianism, Israeli Army diet, Paleolithic diet, South Beach Diet, Gerson therapy, Low-fat diet, Morning banana diet, Low-carbohydrate diet, Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, Protein Power, Sugar Busters, Zone diet, Ketogenic diet, High carb/low fat diet, Dr. Dean Ornish: Eat More, The Good Carbohydrate Revolution, The Pritikin Principle, Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss, Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan, Food combining Diet, Fit for Life, Suzanne Somers' Somersizing, Liquid diets, Cambridge Diet, Slim-Fast, Baby Food Diet etc. do not work in the long run? They do not work in the long run because they treat human beings like some machines, robots or mathematical models. These diet plans place stringent restrictions on you and make your life miserable. They tend to forget that we feel hunger pangs which if not quenched will make us feel very uncomfortable and miserable. There is a fundamental reason behind why we feel the excess hunger pangs in the first place. Hunger is the most powerful urge. It the nature's way of preserving life and making us work towards bringing food. We cannot stay away from eating if we feel hungry.

Our FATOL fat loss plan - Fat Loss to be specific instead of just weight loss, because you can reduce your overall body weight by losing muscles, losing water content in the body or by reduction in bone density - which are the most unhealthy ways to reduce weight. The only proper way to lose weight is by losing fat. FATOL weight loss plan is about melting away solid and stubborn fat from your body.

There are 3 distinct parts of FATOL Fat Loss Plan. These are extremely easy to follow - as easy as breathing. Even if any one method is followed you will lose solid fat. If you can follow more than you will be a totally new person.
1. With FATOL Fat Loss Plan you will be drinking a specific FATOL BEVERAGE first thing in the morning and last thing at night before bed. There are just two very common ingredients in this beverage. You can find it in any grocery store around the world all the time. In fact you might already be having it in your home. This particular beverage was originally used in India by the yogis and prescribed by the Ayurvedic medical practitioners (Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice of India that has 3000 years of written history). This beverage drastically curtails the hunger pangs and cravings for carbohydrate almost miraculously. Indian yogis could just drink this beverage and survive only with frugal food intake for weeks in biting cold of Himalayan Mountains. Every single person who took this beverage found that they were no longer addicted to food. Food no longer controlled them. They begin to eat far less than what they normally used to and at the same time found a marked increase in their energy levels. Just drink this beverage. This alone will lead to drastic reduction in hunger pangs. You will consume less food automatically.

2 With FATOL Fat Loss Plan you will be following FATOL DIET . In this you can eat how much ever as long as you want. Do you want to eat 24 hours a day? Go ahead and gorge. Note the important point - you can eat how much ever you want but NOT whatever you want. You still can eat pizzas, burgers and fries in moderation (and not in the first 7 days of the weight loss plan). In fact you won't even feel like eating too much of anything. With FATOL fat loss plan the excess craving for food will be drastically curtailed automatically.

FATOL DIET . is further classified into two distinct Diet Plans 1) Honey Diet and 2) Thermogenic diet

You can follow either or both. You can follow both the diet plans at the same time. You can EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT - the way that is clearly outlined in the Diet Plans.

https://www.tradebit.comh FATOL Fat Loss Plan you will be doing FATOL WORKOUT . This is divided into two distinct parts and both are powerful fat blasting workouts that combine aerobic and anaerobic exertion.

FATOL WORKOUT is divided into two distinct parts both are extremely powerful fat blasting workouts that combine aerobic and anaerobic exertion.

FATOL Pro Intensity : This workout takes just 4 minutes including 1 minute of intermittent rest. It is sufficient to do this workout for just 5 days a week (no harm if done on all days). This is a high intensity interval training that fires up the metabolism. This workout tricks the brain into anticipating physical exertion continuously for all the 24 hours. The result is that the energy reserve in our body - the stubborn fat cells will be broken down and energy expended. You will need a treadmill or a stationary cycle or just a plain ground for this workout.
FATOL Pro Builder : This workout is for those who cannot do high intensity training. This workout takes a total of 30 minutes including 6 minutes of intermittent rest. This workout will again trick the brain into anticipating physical exertion for all the 24 hours and make it dip into fat stored in the body for energy. This workout will also build solid muscle tissues throughout the body and boost the basal metabolic rate. You will need a treadmill or plain ground and weight straps (the ebook will give instructions on how to make this weight straps within minutes)
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