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Strategy To Get Her Sexually Aroused

Every guy knows intellectually that all women are unique. Right?

But when it comes to their methods, they treat all women the same.

Whether you realize it or not, you (and every guy out there) have [1] a method for getting a woman to like you in a sexual way and [2] getting a woman horny.

You might know what your method is or you might not be fully aware of your process, but you do have a method.

One of the best ways to improve your method is to put a lot of energy into deeply realizing that women are unique.

That means if youve ever had thoughts along the lines of: Whats the best way to get a woman turned on?, then youre operating with the assumption that all women all the same.

That means youre making a huge mistake from the very beginning because a question like that secretly reveals your operational process.

In reality, women very unique with different preferences with different ways they like to be talked to by a guy with different sets of fears with different hobbies with varying levels of confidence/desperation with different experiences with guys (which forms her expectations/beliefs about men/relationships/sex) with different tastes with different ideas about romance etc etc.

One of the best and easiest strategies for getting your target woman extremely sexually aroused is to DO SOMETHING (a series of steps) that takes into account unique information about her.

You see, its almost like the planet is divided into two different species.

Species #1: The One-steppers. Theyre only interested in doing things that require one step. These are the same people who will send the same exact résumé to 10 different jobs. They use the same exact opening line when they meet a new woman. The list goes on.

Species #2: The Strategic Customizers. They understand the concept that different people are looking for different things. They have an enormous advantage over the one-steppers. The strategies they apply accounts for the information about the person. So theyre always interested (and excited!) in taking the extra step to gather/know the right information.

A One-stepper will walk up to an attractive woman in a bookstore and say some corny ass line like: Hello there. Does Heaven know that it just lost an angel?

Indirect Signal/ Hidden Message: Im interested in you even though I know nothing about you + Its pretty obvious that I say this to all women that I like.

A (Super Smooth) Strategic Customizer is a guy who embraces himself and isnt interested in trying to dazzle her in 10 seconds. He treats a new woman like shes a normal regular person with interests/hobbies and a desire to meet new down-to-earth guys who dont try so hard.

Hes a Strategic Customizer.

Hell observe her grabbing a particular book and say something like, thats a good book. By the way, if youre into XYZ, you might also want to check out blah blah blah.

Hes not trying to dazzle her in one-step. He doesnt expect her to have a huge hands shaking orgasm after saying that.

He just takes things one step at a time.

In relationships, there are husbands who are One-Steppers.

Just in case you dont know, my main blog is at https://www.tradebit.com I post Free reports and Q&A reports. And I also encourage readers and customers to email me questions.

I cant tell you how many times a guy will ask, I want to get my wife horny tonight. What should I do?

(Thats a one-stepper question. Although, give him credit for at least realizing there is something he can do.)

And very rarely a guy will ask: Im looking to get my wife to want sex more often, while providing some information about her (her interests, things he did in the past that got her horny, her desires, what type of woman she is, etc.).

Why do guys treat all women if theyre the same?

On a big picture level, theyre generally the same.

Yeah, I know. It seems like Im contradicting myself.

But what I mean is there are common big picture desires. Its just they have unique ways of going about it.

In other words, they all want to feel beautiful and desired. They all want to feel special/unique. They all want a special guy that understands them. They all want to be loved, appreciated and admired.

Although, they are very unique when it comes to what it takes to make her experience those feelings.

If that makes sense (as simple as it is) youll be operating with a method that is beyond what 99 of guys naturally do.

Some women are hyper people-pleasers. Some women are just the opposite.

If Toms wife has a pattern of deriving pleasure from pleasing others, then it would be reasonable for him to (at times) create a strategy designed to compliment something amazing she did sexually.

Of course!

A simple upgrade in his method (along those lines) could easily get her to associate sex with a feeling of success.

And if this is a starved feeling (in other words, her brain is addicting the emotional sensation of knowing that she successfully pleased), then why on earth would the guy NOT align his method to her craving patterns.

Again, you (and every guy out there) has a method for getting a woman to crave sex (whether you know your method or not).

And one of the best and easiest strategies for getting your target woman extremely sexually aroused is to DO SOMETHING (a series of steps) that takes into account unique information about her.

With people-pleaser types, you want to constantly feed them compliments about their decision making and their ideas.

But were getting ahead of ourselves.

For now, just understand that the Lesson: Realizing that she is unique is just one of 27 lessons (for getting her in the mood more often).

So this is just scratching the surface.

If its still available, you can go to my main blog and download the free report:

27 Lessons For Getting Her In The Mood (New Free PDF Report)

You dont have to sign up.

Just download it. Read it.

If something works great, feel free to send an email.

Im really passionate about helping guys out in this area. And I feel honored because in this day and age, there are too many people (on lots of subjects) who have actually solved XYZ problem and have taken it a step further to actually share their method.

So I would love to read your emails. But more importantly, if something from that free report works great for you, make a note of which lesson(s) it was and make it a point to do it more often (at a higher frequency).

Using better successful methods (@ a higher frequency) = More sex per month.

Much success!
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