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Sakai SV505-1 (SV505T) shop manual

Sakai SV505-1 shop manual. This is the factory shop manual, 410 pages.

This factory service manual has easy-to-read text sections
with top quality pictures, hydraulic and electrical schematics. The step by step instructions show you how to fault find or complete any repair or overhaul, correctly and efficiently,saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. All specifications and tolerances are listed. Functions of components and systems are also explained.

About the Manual 1-1
How to Use the Manual1-2
Panel Symbols1-3
General Safety Instructions1-5
Acronyms and Abbreviations 1-15
Compactor Controls Identification
Left View 2-2
Right View2-3
Top View 2-4
Operators Station 2-5
Compactor Component Identification
Rear Drive Hydraulic Hoses 2-6
Front Drive Hydraulic Hoses .2-7
Steering Hoses 2-8
Hydraulic Brake Hose Network2-9
Brake Pedal and Linkage 2-10
Center Pin 2-11
Vibrator Hydraulic Hoses 2-12
Drum and Vibrator (Model D)2-13
Drum and Vibrator Motor (Model T and TF)2-14
Fuel System.2-15
Hydraulic Propulsion, Vibrator and Steering Pump Assembly2-16
Rear Drive Propulsion Motor2-17
Front Drive Propulsion Motor 2-18
Vibrator Motor2-19
Electric Components2-20
Instrument Panel and Relays2-21
Rear Axle 2-22
Intake System2-23
Exhaust System.2-24
Cooling Hose and Radiator2-25
Travel Controls (Forward/Reverse)2-26
Hydraulic Coupling.2-27
Engine Mount 2-28
Differential (1of 2)2-29
Differential (2 of 2)2-30
Final Drive 2-32
Steering Cylinder 2-34
Operating Systems Description
Diesel Engine.3-1
Hydraulic Drive System3-2
Hydraulic Drive Circuit 3-3
Hydraulic Vibratory System 3-4
Hydraulic Vibratory Circuit 3-5
Hydraulic Steering System3-6
Hydraulic Steering Circuit 3-7
Brake System .3-8
Combination Meter .3-9
Monitor Display3-10
Tachometer 3-11
Temperature Gauge..3-11
Fuel Gauge3-11
Engine Lamps 3-12
Starter Switch3-12
Parking Brake Switch 3-12
Horn Button .3-13
Vibrator Amplitude Switch.3-13
Vibrator Selector Switch.3-13
Forward/Reverse Lever Vibration ON/OFF Switch 3-14
Engine Speed Change Switch .3-14
Compactor Speed Change Switch3-14
Engine Diagnostic Switches .3-15
Forward/Reverse Lever3-15
Unloader Valve .3-15
Fuse Box 3-16
Operating the Compactor
Release Brakes for Towing..3-17
Before Starting Inspection 3-18
Starting the Engine.3-19
Stopping and Parking3-22
Stopping the Engine.3-23
Vibratory Operation .3-23
Loading Using a Winch Equipped Trailer .3-25
Self Propelled Loading 3-27
Working With the Compactor3-28
Periodic Maintenance
Compactor Maintenance4-2
Compactor Component Replacement Schedule4-2
Prior to Starting the Compactor .4-3
Lifting Compactor with Hoist 4-4
Maintenance Procedures Every 10 Hours or Daily4-4
Maintenance Procedures Every 50 Hours4-5
Maintenance Procedures Every 250 Hours4-6
Maintenance Procedures Every 500 Hours4-9
Maintenance Procedures Every 1,000 Hours4-9
Long Term Storage 4-14
Connecting Booster Cable .4-15
Testing and Adjustment
Mechanical Adjustments
Seat Adjustment 5-1
Scraper Adjustment.5-1
Hydraulic Pump Testing and Adjustment
Measure Hydraulic Pressure Main Propulsion Circuit5-2
Adjust Hydraulic Pressure Main Propulsion Circuit..5-3
Measure Propulsion Charge Pressure 5-4
Adjust Propulsion Charge Pressure .5-4
Measure Parking Brake Release Pressure5.5
Measure Vibrator Circuit Pressure.5-5
Adjust Vibrator Circuit Pressure5-6
Measure Vibrator Charge Pressure 5-7
Adjust Vibrator Charge Pressure 5-8
Measure Steering Circuit Pressure5-9
Adjust Forward/Reverse Cable 5-10
Troubleshooting Guidelines.6-1
Wiring Diagram Color Codes.6-2
Engine Warning Lamp is Illuminated 6-4
Engine Stop Lamp is Illuminated6-8
Wait to Start Lamp is Illuminated6-12
Vibration Lamp Does Not Illuminate When Vibration Engaged 6-16
Parking Brake Lamp Does Not Illuminate When Parking Brake Engaged .6-25
Engine Oil Pressure Lamp Illuminated 6-29
Hydraulic Oil Filter Lamp Illuminated 6-34
Tachometer Does Not Indicate Engine Speed 6-39
Hour Meter Does Not Work 6-49
Coolant Temperature Gauge Does Not Work6-55
Fuel Gauge Does Not Work6-60
Backup Alarm Does Not Work6-64
Horn Does Not Work.6-71
Compactor Steering Malfunction6-80
Vibration Does Not Work..6-85
Low Amplitude Vibration Setting Does Not Work .6-98
High Amplitude Vibration Setting Does Not Work6-104
Can Not Turn Vibration From Forward/Reverse Lever6-110
Compactor Will Not Start .6-116
Engine Will Not Idle Correctly.6-134
Engine Will Not Reach MID Speed6-139
Engine Will Not Reach Full Speed 6-144
Compactor Will Not Move Forward and/or Reverse or Does Not Drive Correctly .6-151
Parking Brake Does Not Work .6-158
Compactor Will Not Change Speeds 6-166
Compactor Repair
Remove .7-1
Disassemble (Vibratory Motor Side) 7-4
Disassemble (Drive Motor Side7-9
Clean and Inspect for Reuse .7-12
Assemble (Drive Motor) .7-16
Assemble (Vibratory Motor).7-20
Install 7-27
Center Pin
Remove ..7-29
Disassemble .7-30
Clean .7-32
Install 7-36
Operators Station
Remove 7-38
Install .7-40
Manual Vibration Control Switch
Remove .7-42
Install .7-43
Vibratory Control Panel Switches
Remove 7-43
Install 7-44
Combination Meter
Remove .7-45
Install .7-46
Parking Brake Button
Remove .7-48
Install 7-48
Engine Status Lamps
Install 7-50
Engine Start Switch
Remove .7-51
Install .7-51
Directional Control Lever Cable
Directional Control Lever Micro-Switches
Remove 7-56
Install 7-58
Foot Brake Switch
Remove .7-58
Install .7-59
Speed Sensor (Combination Meter Tachometer)
Remove 7-60
Install .7-60
Coolant Temperature Sensor (Combination Meter Temperature Gauge)
Remove .7-61
Install .7-62
Fuel Level Sensor (Combination Meter Fuel Level Gauge)
Install .7-62
Remove 7-63
Battery Relay
Remove 7-63
Install .7-64
Operators Station Relay and Diodes
Remove .7-65
Install 7-65
Remove 7-66
Install 7-66
Hydraulic Oil Filer Switch
Remove 7-66
Install .7-66
Tachometer Control Box
Remove 7-67
Install .7-67
Radiator and Cooling System
Remove 7-67
Install 7-69
Hydraulic Tank
Remove ...7-71
Install .7-72
Engine and Pump Assembly
Remove ..7-73
Disassemble ..7-78
Install 7-83
Rear End
Remove 7-90
Install .7-91
Back Up Alarm
Remove .7-92
Install ...7-93
Starter Relay
Remove ..7-93
Install 7-94
Engine Speed Change Switch
Remove .7-94
Install ..7-95
Forward/Reverse Lever Vibration Switch
Remove .7-96
Install .7-97
Fuses 65 Amp and Above
Remove 7-98
Install .7-98
Parking Brake Valve
Remove .7-98
Install 7-99
Vibration Amplitude Solenoid
Remove .7-99
Install ..7-100
Compactor Speed Solenoid
Remove 7-100
Install 7-101
Orbitrol Steering Valve
Remove .7-101
Install ...7-102
Electrical 8-1
Hydraulic ..8-2
Service Literature
Additional Service Literature9-1
Compactor General Specifications10-1
Compactor Overall Specifications 10-4
Overall Coolant Levels .10-4
Battery Electrolyte Reading 10-4
Compactor Capacity..10-4
Fuel Oil and Grease Rating10-5
Recommended Lubricants.10-5
Rear Drive Specifications ..10-6
Hydraulic Motor Specifications 10-7
Metric to US Torque .10-8
Fraction to Decimal to Millimeter Conversions10-9
Metric Drill and Tap Chart10-11
Weights and Measures Conversion Factors .10-15

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