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MP3 R.S. Freeson - Zacha
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Who Are These Men
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Hes a Clone
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At Any Cost
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Back in the U.S.A.
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Eyes Wide Open
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Welcome Back Son
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Ten Years
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Clone America
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I Cant Feel Love
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Free Us
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A rock opera.

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ROCK: Album Rock, ROCK: Euro-Rock

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Zachary Ryan
Based on musical works Zachary Ryan
by https://www.tradebit.comeson

Zachary Ryan is the story of a covert military soldier. It is the year 2025. âZâ and company are on an assassination mission in the jungles of China. Their assignment is to kill key NPC (National Peoples Congress) memberâs resistant to environmental policy changes critical to reducing the devastating effects of global warming. Z and his black ops team are discovered by the Chinese military and are ambushed. Z is the only survivor. Unconscious, he is taken to an interrogation room where samples of his DNA identify him as Zachary Ryan, a convicted felon currently serving a ten-year sentence in a Michigan State Penitentiary. The Chinese military had heard rumors of such an army, but Z is the first one caught aliveâ¦He is a Clone.

After heated debate, the Chinese NPC decide not to kill Z, but instead to launch a worldwide P/R campaign to return the boy to his home. While looking like great humanitarians, their real intent is to humiliate the United States (whom they believe sent the black Ops team) and divert world attention away from Chinaâs irresponsible environmental policies. Z is claimed by the U.S. government and is returned to the states where he becomes a reluctant media sensation. U.S. president (unaware of secret clone military) wants Z back as a âheroâ. The parents of Zachary Ryan recognize Z as their son, and frantically plead for his return. Clone America Corporation wants him back tooâ¦but they want him dead. No one was to discover that Clone America had been developing clones for the U.S. secret military for the past 25 years. They are infuriated that Zâs kill code has not engaged. All clones have a capsule implanted in the base of their skulls for remote termination. Zâs isnât working.

Z has been trained, like all clones, to adapt to new environments. Z has never experienced civilian life. He is fascinated with the attention he receives, but he has no way of really connecting to any of it. He views all of this as just another mission. Although hailed a hero at home, world outcry erupts against Z and the use of military clone âassassinsâ just as the NPC had planned. Z is carefully guarded by U.S. government agents, but is eventually allowed to meet with his biological parents. Although Z is a clone, the Ryanâs feel that this is their second chance to be âgood parentsâ. Their son Zachary was a great disappointment, and has now seemingly lost his mind in prison. They choose to embrace Z as their own with love and care⦠itâs a feeling Z remembers as a young child. A nurse named Trina gave special attention to him as a baby. Something about Z reminded Trina of her own baby boy who died many years before. Each evening while the other clone babies slept, she secretly held Z for hours at a time.

Trina inserted the âkillâ capsule into the base of Zâs skull as she did for all clones. This was a fail-safe mechanism in case a clone was captured or tried to escape. When engaged, a chemical reaction breaks down the capsules outer shell, releasing a fatal dose of Ricin into the blood stream. Trina sealed Zâs implant inside a capsule invulnerable to the chemical reaction, thus preventing the toxin from penetrating into his body. Trina told Z about this when he was 12 years old. She also told him that he was a clone, and that he has a flesh and blood brother somewhere on the outside. She warned if he ever revealed this secret, Clone America would have them both killed. All though Z is incapable of love, he does understand sacrifice and loyalty. Z is forever indebted to Trina. Throughout Zâs life, he is especially protective of his fellow clones, as he knows of the deadly implants. It weighs deeply on Zâs conscious and uniquely shapes his personality. It also impacts the way other clones feel about him. They donât fully understand it, but they sense that there is something different about Z. The other clones respect him for this quality and see him as a leader.

Clones donât experience love. They are raised to kill and to be killed. Z is different because of Trina. He feels a deep connection to his brother Zachary and he thinks about him all the time. It is very much like the connection twins share with one another but even more intense. Z senses Zacharyâs emotional and physical pain. This is very confusing to him. Zachary too feels the connection, so deeply it torments him. He has felt Zâs pain and suffering all his life. Unlike Z, Zachary is an anti-hero. Deeply troubled, he is a loner who suffers from psychotic visions. It is the reason he is in jail. Zachary killed a man during a psychotic episode.

With political pressure mounting, U.S. government officials turn over classified information to the Ryan family allowing them to press charges against Clone America. The trial attracts worldwide media attention. Public opinion strongly opposes Clone America. Defense attorneys offer the signed certificate of informed consent dated 01/10/2006. When Zacharyâs mother authorized the circumcision of her son, she unknowingly released all rights and privilege to the discarded foreskin. The Court finds Clone America legally obtained the full and unrestricted use of this material. The public is shocked and outraged. Accusations of conspiracy explode.

Sara Johnson, a girl with emotional wounds of her own, identifies with Z and has become his girlfriend over the course of time. This is a hopeless love story because Z simply doesnât have the ability to love her back. It is the fate of being a clone assassinâ¦they are all raised to be sociopaths. Sara is desperate to heal both herself and Z, but she needs his love in return. Frustrated and consumed with conflict, she eventually leaves him.

Z visits with his brother Zachary weekly. It is a time for them both to heal. Zachary, who has never connected with anyone, feels âwholeâ for the first time in his life. He pledges allegiance to Z and begs him to break him out of prison. Z is consumed with the loss in court. He knows Clone America will continue growing more soldiers. Z plans Zacharyâs escape so they can sabotage Clone Americaâs underground facility.

Z knows this facility is built to keep the clones from breaking out, but he knows of a way to break in. Clone America monitors all employeesâ communications. They are only allowed to speak with pre-authorized family members. In addition to these family members, a list of all family and friends were required to be kept on file. Trina had Z memorize her sistersâ number in case he needed to contact her. Trinaâs cousin Samuel was on her list. He only went by his formal name âSamuelâ. Trinaâs son was named after him, except she called him Sammy. This was the code Z was to use. Z contacts Trinaâs sister and shares their plan to free the other clones. She in-turn calls Trina and shares that âSammy was coming for a visit and said to say helloâ. Trina knew Z was planning something big. Z and Zachary successfully break into the underground facility. When the alarms begin to sound, Trina disables alarm system while Z begins shutting down the implant kill codes from the central security terminal. When the other clones see that it is Z, they know to follow his lead as he has always looked after them in battle. A firestorm of bullets ignites during the break out. Zachary is hit. Z goes to his aid, he looks up and gasp âoh Godâ and then a loud gunshot is heard.

Both Z and Zachary are dead. Devil spirits begin dancing around them, pulling at their legs and chanting, âDefile your soul, to Lucifer you goâ. Z cries out âoh God free us, free our soul from deep belowâ. Angels appear and reply in chorus, âLove, only love can change you, love can save youâ. Zâs and Zacharyâs souls rise up and begin circling around each other, slowly joining into one complete soul. They ascend with the angels.

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