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Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2 with PUR

Need QUALITY graphics for your websites and blogs?

Grab 21 Original Graphics Tools and Templates For One CRAZY Low Price...

Dear Friend,

My name is Max and Ive been a graphic designer online for over 7 years. As any quality designer, Ive compiled and created my own set of shortcuts and hacks over the years, to make my design job easier. And in the past few years, I started turning my own personal shortcuts into do-it-yourself tools that others can use to do what I do.

Just a month ago I released a package with some of my best personal graphics tools and templates called Marketing Graphics Toolkit. It was a HUGE success and sold over 3,000 copies in just over a month of release, and had some amazing customer feedback.

So, for the past month (right after the release of V1) Ive been working away on a brand new Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2 package.

I took the best ideas from the V1 pack, improved them, added some new never-before-seen content, and put it all together into this....

Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2

This Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2 package consists of some of my very best tools and templates that are geared specifically towards Internet Marketers. These tools and templates will add some KILLER visual flair to all your websites, blogs and even WSOs.

Ive been doing this graphics stuff for over 7 years now, and I charge up to $100 an hour for custom design work, so you wont get any amateur content (youll see samples for yourself below).

With 21 different Modules, theres something for everyone here. Just one piece of content from this package can save you either a hundred bucks on designer fees, or hours of time trying to do it yourself.

What makes V2 different from V1?
First of all, the new V2 pack is BIGGER and BETTER than V1. I did a survey to V1 customers and asked what they liked best about the package and what they wanted to see more of. And based on the feedback I created more of what people wanted to see. I took the best tools and improved them and added more of them, plus I added brand new tools. V1 was already great, and V2 is even better.

The BIGGEST thing I added was the ability to...

Create ALL the graphics
without Photoshop!
About half of my customers dont have Photoshop and I want to make this new package accessible to everyone. So you no longer need Photoshop to create killer graphics (although you CAN still use Photoshop and you get PSD source files to everything).

Everything you see below you will be able to create without Photoshop using a free online graphics editor called Sumo Paint. Sumo Paint is very easy to use and is the most powerful free online graphics editor.

I created special templates based on the Sumo Paint format for all of the tools in this package. These templates are layered and editable so you can add your own details and customize things fully (just like in Photoshop). And Im including video instructions on how to use Sumo Paint to edit all these templates and create killer graphics yourself.

Again, youll be able to create EVERYTHING you see below (even 3D eCovers) without Photoshop, using an easy to use and free online graphics editor called Sumo Paint. You can use Sumo Paint on any computer with an internet connection (PC or Mac) and its 100% free without restrictions.

* Theres actually just 2 things you cant edit in Sumo Paint (since its not an HTML editor), and those things are the Mini Site templates and the Squeeze Page template. Youll need an HTML editor for those. For everything else though you can use Sumo Paint.

A few more things to mention...

* All of the graphics and tools in this package were created by me personally. This is NOT some rehashed PLR material. Plus Ive never sold PLR or any kind of other reseller rights to this package.

* Ive offered similar tools before... for THIS package Ive updated

21 Modules Of
Premium Graphics Content...

Module #1
Mini Site Templates

These Mini Site templates will save you hours of time. These are actually the same templates I use to put together sales pages for my own products and my clients.
What makes them special is that they come already pre-formatted with professional and clean CSS styling for things like text, bullets, boxes and more. Just type in your own sales copy and it gets formatted automatically.

You can literally put together a great looking mini site sales page in just a few minutes with these templates.

Your get 2 templates:

1. Comes with a header and footer (its the same template I used for this page youre on now). And you can either just type your own text into the header and footer right in your HTML editor, or you can insert your own logo image.

2. Comes without a header or footer, and can be resized to any width.

These are the same Mini Site templates I created for Marketing Graphics Toolkit V1, only I added some new things to these V2 templates...

What I added to V2 templates:

•Section headings

•New bullet lists

•New boxes

•Testimonial boxes

•Guarantee Box

•Disclaimer text at the bottom

Module #2
Squeeze Page Template

This is a premium quality squeeze page HTML template for capturing email leads. Its based on a popular Product Launch Formula design that many of the big name Internet Marketers use. Everything on that template is editable. All of the text (except for the part that says: Get Free Access Now) is plain text that you can edit in any HTML editor.
Everything is really nicely formatted and all you have to do is copy and paste your own details (which is very easy to do). Can be used with ANY autoresponder.

Module #3
Premium Headers

These are premium website headers for your sales pages or blogs. They fit perfecty into the Mini Site templates above.
These headers come in 2 formats: Layered PSD format and Sumo Paint format.

In both formats all of the elements on the headers can be modified - you can change the text, change the colors, add your own images, move things around, combine elements from one header with another, etc..

Lots of possibilies for customization, or just use them as is after editing your own text

Module #4
3D eCovers

With this module youll get tools to create killer 3D eCovers (book, software box, DVD and magazine).
Theres 2 options here:

1. Action scripts (for those with Photoshop).

Action Scripts are basically a recording of steps you take in Photoshop to create a certain effect. So if there are certain tasks that you always do in Photoshop, you can record your steps and save them into an action script. And you can later play back all of the steps that you recorded by simply playing the action script.

In this case, Ive recorded the steps I took to turn 2D covers into 3D covers. So all of the distort, resize, and other commands got recorded and can be played back with just a few clicks, and turn a 2D cover into 3D in seconds.

2. Sumo Paint 3D templates (for those without Photoshop).

If you dont have Photoshop, you can still create the same 3D eCovers you see below. I created a set of special templates for Sumo Paint that will allow you to do this (it will just take you a few more steps, since Sumo Paint doesnt have action scripts). And yes you will get step-by-step video instructions on how to do it.

Module #5
Visual Headlines

Visual headlines are a great way to REALLY make your headlines POP. With this module youll get several different things...
Main headlines, sub-headlines, section headings, underlines and highlights.

They come in layered PSD format so you can easily modify the text in minutes. Plus Sumo Paint format which you can also modify.

Module #6
Layer styles

Layer styles add an effect to any layer in Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) with one click. So if you want your text to look cool you can add an effect to it by simply clicking on one of the layer styles.
Its really easy. Just type your text, click on the layer style you want to apply, and your text will get an effect.

And you can also use layer styles on more than just text. You can apply them to things like web buttons, headers, footers, banners, logos, etc.. Pretty much ANY layer. All with just a few clicks...

* The above layer styles require Adobe Photoshop 6 (or higher) or Photoshop Elements 6 (or higher).

+ Sumo Paint Layer Styles
If you dont have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements Ive also created a set of layer styles specifically for Sumo Paint. You can apply these Sumo Paint styles to any text, shape or any other layer, just like in Photoshop.

Module #7
Call To Action Buttons

A collection of clean and professional Call To Action buttons. They come in 2 formats:
1. Animated GIF format with a slight shine animation

2. Transparent PNG (which means they can be used on any color background).

They also come in a variety of colors, with and wthout Credit Card and PayPal icons, and with different Call To Action phrases: Add To Cart, Buy Now, Download Now, Get Instant Access.

You also get PSD source files and Sumo Paint layered files so you can make the text say what ever you want, and make other changes.

Module #8
box shadows

These box shadow images can make any HTML box or table stand out. Just put the shadow image under any box you already have, and it will instantly POP out of a page. These box shadows come in 2 formats...
1. You get the source vector file that you can resize to ANY size. So you can create shadows for any size box.

2. You also get web ready Transparent PNG shadows in 8 sizes... 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650 and 700 pixels wide.

Module #9
Visual StylizersPowerpoint Backgrounds

Add some flair to your designs with these Visual Stylizers. This is a pack of some popular special effects that can enhance an existing design. Youll get sparkles, mouse cursors and a sunburst effect. The sunburst effect comes as transparent PNG images and also as a Photoshop brush.

Module #10
Icon Maker

Create professional looking iPhone style icons in a few minutes with this Icon Maker. Very easy to use and creates great results in minutes. Comes in layered PSD format and also layered Sumo Paint format. Both formats are fully editable and you can add your own details - put any text, any shape, or any image inside the icon, and change the colors. The PSD template is in vector format (can be resized to any size).

Module #11
Powerpoint Backgrounds

These backgrounds come in web ready JPEG format, so you can easily paste them into Powerpoint or into your websites. Plus you also get PSD source files so you can customize them to fit your needs.

Make your powerpoint presentations really professional with these backgrounds and create marketing videos that look just like the guru style videos.

Module #12
Hand Drawn Arrows and Underlines

These graphics come in transparent PNG format (can be used on any color background) and you also get the PSD source files so you can modify them.

These hand drawn arrows and underlines are a great way to make certain parts of your designs stand out and to direct your visitors eyes to a ceratain important area on your design.

Module #13
Hand Written Fonts

With these hand written fonts you can add some personal notes to your websites that say things like check this out, watch this video, etc.. Its a great way to direct attention to certain places on your sites, and to give your sites a personal touch.

I didnt create these fonts, but found them on the web for free. I will give you direct links to web sites where you can download these fonts.

I didnt create these fonts, but found them on the web for free. I will give you direct links to web sites where you can download these fonts.

With these hand written fonts you can add some personal notes to your websites that say things like check this out, watch this video, etc.. Its a great way to direct attention to certain places on your sites, and to give your sites a personal touch

Module #14

Add these ribbons to any of your existing graphics like headers, banners, eCovers, videos, etc.. They come in layered vector files and can be edited fully - type in your own text, change the colors, resize to any size, rotate and move around, etc.. Plus you also get ready-to-go transparent PNG files in different colors.

Module #15
ModuleSigns and Tables

Create a really clean and professional looking guarantee box in just a few minutes. Add your own guarantee text (or use the pre-written one), change colors, etc.. You get layered PSD and layered Sumo Paint files, so every element on the template is editable.

Module #16
Note Maker

Any time you have some important text that needs to stand out, you can use this note maker. You type any text you want, in any font you want. You get layered PSD and layered Sumo Paint files, so every element on the template is editable. And you can resize the PSD note to any size (width and height).

Module #17
Empty Shapes

Create your own badges, guarantee signs, price signs, etc.. Just type in your own text and you have a nice design in minutes. This way you can put any price amount, any guarantee day peioed (30 days, 60 days, etc.).

You get layered PSD and Sumo Paint files that you can fully customize. The PSD files are in vector format and you can resize them to any size. Plus you also get web ready transparent PNG files.

Module #18
Video Tutorials

Yes you do get video tutorials on how to use the Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2 package. Ive created tutorials for the more technical tools that require Photoshop, plus Ive also created brand new tutorials for Sumo Paint.
In the Sumo Paint tutorials youll learn things like: How to create the same 3D eCovers without Photoshop. How to edit the Premium Headers and other graphics. How to work with text, change color schemes on your graphics, add images to your graphics, and more.

These videos are really fast and simple, each one averaging about 5 minutes. So youll be up and running with the graphics tools in no time. I have 10 videos for Sumo Paint so far and Im working on more, and youll get these additonal videos as a free update.

Module #19 Secret Module ??? Get the package to see whats inside....
Module #20 Secret Module ??? Get the package to see whats inside....
Module #21 Secret Module ??? Get the package to see whats inside....

Okay, so you get a lot of stuff with this package. If you add it all up theres over 250mb of premium content. So the big question is...

Whats the price for all this?
There are 21 modules in this package. I could sell each module for $10 - $20 a pop. But I really want to over deliver with this deal so I decided to price ALL modules for one ridiculous low price of.....................$5.50

Your Rights:

[YES] For Personal Use
[NO] May sell personal use rights
[NO] May be changed or branded with your own name
[NO] May be added to PAID membership sites
[NO] May be packaged with other PAID products
[NO] May be offered as a bonus with other PAID products
[NO] May Resell on auction sites within the pricing guidelines.
[NO] May be given away free
[NO] May be added to FREE membership sites
[NO] May sell PLR rights
[NO] May sell master resale rights
[NO] May sell resale rights
[NO] May claim copyright


All products are sold as is,We do not guarantee that any form of financial success by using our
products and services. Results vary. Hard work, diligence, knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation
all play a vital role in your quest to make an income from your internet business,We do not
provide any support for the following, Wordpress, PHP programming, html, webpage creation/editing,
graphics or information product creation/editing.

ebooklover/tradebit.com is not liable in any manner resulting from the use or misuse of this product.


Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2 with PUR.
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