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SEO Video Traffic Hits All Time High...

You Could Be Creating Quality Videos To Power-Market Your Website And Gain Mountains Of Traffic And Sales!

Now You Can Exploit My SEO Video Secrets Today!

Do You Want To Get On The Hottest Video Traffic Secret In Years?
Sure, vidoe marketing has been around for a while, but things change fast on the Internet..

Video SEO is taking the Internet by storm and quickly becoming the most powerful advertising medium in the entire world!

All of the biggest Internet marketers and companies are using video to sell their products and services. Why aren't you?

When you become an expert video marketer you'll be able to transform your entire online business and increase your profits astoundingly!

Video Marketing Is The Only Skill You Will Ever Need If You Want To Get Loads Of Targeted Traffic And Make Money Online In The FASTEST & EASIEST WAY.

Dear Friend,

Im going to show you why video marketing is the only skill youll ever need, if you want to make money online in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way.

And you dont need an email list, joint venture partners or any copy writing skills to make it happen!

I dont have a great voice and my Internet connection is very slow and jerky when it comes to video but all this does not stop me from creating mind-blowing videos for the whole world which I use for selling my own information products and to sell other peoples products as an affiliate.

Ive promoted physical products like surfboards, shoes, furniture, and also information products from sites like ClickBank as well as online services using video marketing, and time and time again, videos prove to be a better selling, attention grabbing, SEO-friendly tool than any other marketing method on the Internet.

Name one recent major Internet product launch that was done without a video!

All the major marketers such as Frank Kern, John Reese, Ryan Diess, John Chow and Eben Pagan are now using video to sell online.

In sales copyrighting, copywriters focus mainly on keeping the attention of the user for a very long time. This is usually done by bold red headlines, sub titles, and bullet points.

Videos engage the prospect on a much higher level because you can see, read and hear at the same time.

I dont have an expensive camera, green screen or a high performance PC for editing video, you do not need any of that to make money with videos on the Internet.

And best of all, Im afraid to get in front of the camera because Im just a salesman, not an actor!

In fact my weakness is my biggest strength because even if you could act, creating simple sales videos is usually always more effective than having a Hollywood-style hign end video!

Now, this is really good news for you and me because most of the marketers out there think that video marketing is tough and they ignore it. They think that it is expensive and time-consuming.

I will show you how you can create amazing, powerful, sales-converting videos in less than two hours with just a few dollars.

While the crowd goes on wasting time creating content and building tons of backlinks to that content for weeks and months, we can get our video into the search engines easily and get tons of qualified subscribers and buyers, in 24 hours or less!

Let me show you an example. Go to Google and search for How to Increase Your Vertical Jump.

The first result that you see is from, and that page has over 3,880 backlinks!

Now check out this video, it has only got 68 backlinks. Even the page that appears next to the video has got three times more backlinks!

I can show you thousands of examples like this where videos, especially YouTube videos, outrank other pages.

There is no question whether Google likes video or not, they love it! Or they wouldnt have bought YouTube for 1.5 Billion dollars, right?

Have you heard of the saying, Make Hay While The Sun shines?

Now the sun is really shining very brightly! Not for everyone but for those who are ready to get into video marketing, today, right now, this moment!

Have you ever wanted to get into video marketing but were not able to do so because of certain mental blocks and hurdles, like "I don't have the skills" or "That Sounds Expensive"?

If your answer is yes, then you should read on very carefully because I am going to show how I had the same obstacles as you and how I overcame it.

Around 6 months back I started noticing video marketing. YouTube was (and is) getting hotter day by day and one cannot expect to make money on the internet if he cannot adapt to the new trends.

I would see a lot of videos on YouTube where people talk in front of the camera selling an affiliate product and making a lot of sales.

There were also a lot of information products being released about video marketing but none of them addressed my problems.

My problem was that I was extremely camera shy. I wanted to market to many different regions and I was afraid at how people might react to the way I looked. I didn't even think my voice would be effective enough for a screen capture video with voiceover.

But I couldn't Ignore the Power and Popularity of Web Marketing. I had to find a way to utilize it and fulfill my professional and personal dreams!

It was obvious that I was leaving a lot of money on the table. Not only are videos good for promotion of affiliate products, but is also good for creating information products.

Video information products have a better perceived value than ebooks, articles, or newsletters and you can sell the same information for a higher price once you put it into video format.

Since no video marketing products were addressing my issues I had to come up with my own system of creating high quality videos without spending too much to do it.

My intense desire to get into video marketing led me to develop a system where I am able to create really high quality sales and information videos without using my voice, without the need to get in front of the camera, without a camera and without expensive equipment or software.

You can see the sales video in this page - I did it all by myself. I just outsourced the audio part at a really cheap price and voila: I had a great video!

I created this entire video coaching series with the same system that I teach in this course. You will learn every step that I took and in no time you will be able to create video information products like this on you are learning about now and also make videos for affiliate promotions.

6 Months back I wouldn't even have imagined that I would be releasing a video information product one day!

Apart from how to create videos, I have also included modules which goes over some basic mindsets, principles and strategies which is a must if you are just about to get into video marketing.

If you are already into video marketing and have created videos in the past, the 4th module will help you get your videos ranked in the search engines within 24-48 hours.

Finally, the 5th module will help you multiply 1 video into nearly 1000 videos and get viewers to it from every nook and corner of this virtual world called internet.

Here's a simple break down of what you will find in Video Warrior Information Product:
You get 6 Modules each containing 3-4 videos which explains step by step how to prepare yourself to be a great video warrior.

Module 1 - Introduction: Teaches you the most important mindsets and concepts you need to know before you start marketing with videos.

Module 2 - Demonstration Strategy: How you can use the power of demonstration in your videos - case study included.

Module 3 - Emotion Strategy: How you can use the power of emotion in your videos - case study included.

Module 4 - SEO Strategy: The most amazing module that everyone is talking about. This method shows you how to get your YouTube videos ranked in the search engines within 24-48 hours.

Module 5 - Video Rewriting & Distribution: A secret technique that I have been using to multiply my video marketing efforts by a factor of 100-200 times!

Module 6 - Making Videos Without a Camera: A step by step guide from which you can learn how I made the above sales video and the videos in this product with minimum tools. You will never need to buy another product about creating videos again!

Plus You Also Get My SEO Video Warrior report to help get you started fast!

Think About This...

If 1 out of 50 YouTube videos go viral, then according to statistics and probability, you can easily get 1 video to go Viral by creating 50 videos.

And creating 50 video is easy with the methods in this system. I have been using these methods for a VERY LONG TIME.


Terry Jett, Texas

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Video Warrior.

Was actually "riding" (not driving) down the road last night. Planned on reviewing it to pass some time and maybe learn something new. No way! There was so much information packed into the videos that I had to wait until I could settle into my home office chair...

I have been marketing on YouTube for a couple of years and doing it totally wrong, the Video Warrior just showed me that. Have tired to get the videos I make ranked, but always fell short.

After watching this series I have discovered exactly how to improve my search engine rankings and have just changed up a few of them with plans to go back and tweak all 60 I have on YouTube.

The video series is very easy to follow and they are narrated by a person with excellent English language skills.

If you are looking to grab your share of traffic with videos, get this course! It is worth many times what they're asking. I now understand how/why they are offering a 200 money back guarantee. I seriously doubt anyone will even take them up on it...


Here is my review of your six module, training and information system Video Warrior. Each module consists of two or three videos that does the teaching in a most pleasant way.

For newbies, this takes you from the beginning step-by-step through the entire process on creating, steady and very nice income streams using videos placed on place YouTube and other video sharing sites.
The more experienced, will be delighted with the amount of information that will help you increase your income, even more than you have thought it was possible to do.

Keyword research, SEO for YouTube videos, creation of the videos, editing, creating multiple editions of content rich videos and how to do easy distribution to many video sites.

How to create PowerPoint videos that have a high impact, without using a person to view while speaking on screen. Complete directions on how to use audio, and add it to your PowerPoint presentation. The bonus by itself, is worth more than the small amount that this WSO costs.

If you're sitting on the fence, thinking about it my advice is to make this investment. and you will be smiling for years to come.

I believe that this report will sell out so grab it while the price is lower,

RJ Parker

Great information. It starts off with the basics that many may already know then builds on very important aspects of getting the video ranked.

To me making a video is not so difficult with the many video tools that are now available. Getting the video to rank in Google for your keyword, not so easy. This was covered very well and I learned several techniques and resources to that end that I will be using going forward.

Well worth more than the asking price.


I feel very strongly that the author has created this product with his heart because when I got into the content I could feel his strong intention to share this knowledge with everyone with nothing held back. Such strong vibration of limitless sharing isn't very easy to come by nowadays.

Just to show what's included in this complete package, please see below:

Main Product: Video Warrior

Module 1 - Introduction
1 Introduction To Video Marketing
2 Five reasons why videos are so effective
3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Marketing

Module 2 - Demonstration Strategy
1 Strategy - Demonstration
2 How To Monetize Demonstration

Module 3 - Emotion Strategy
1 The Emotion Strategy
2 Monetizing Emotion Strategy

Module 4 - SEO Strategy
1 Keyword Research
2 Ranking Research
3 - YouTube & SEO Part 1
4 - YouTube & SEO Part 2
5 - Proof This Method Works

Module 5 - Video Rewriting & Distribution
1 - Distribution With xxxx (name withheld here)
2 - Distribution With xxxx (name withheld here)
3 - Manual Video Rewriting

Module 6 - Making Videos Without a Camera
1 Creating Videos Step 1 to 4
2 Creating Videos Step 5 and 6
3 Bonus Lesson - Voice Overs

All through these modules the author has revealed many of the "hows" on top of the "whys" in regard to fully maximizing all efforts put into video production as well as video marketing. And he does that in some very unique "sharing" way, the true feeling of which can be better "felt" than simply being "told" about it.

So, this package is way over valued many times more than its asking price - get it and you'd see what I mean about his "sharing" part.

Excellent work!

Sam Carson

Purchased it this morning and here's my review. It is a thorough course on not only Video but also SEO. the author combines Videos with SEO and that literally guarantees top search engine rankings. A sequence of steps have to be carried out to implement this and he covers this all in great detail.

Though some concepts are not that new, you have to take the newbies into account. So this is a product that benefits everyone.


This is definitely the BEST step-by-step clear laid out presentations for someone who is into video marketing and needing to get your videos SEO to get higher rankings. The author does not waste your time because in each video that he presents in the 6 modules, you go away with clear information as to what to do and how to take actions.

This is a WINNER because too many reports go around the circle and assume a lot of things. These videos all go straight to the point. No time wasting at all and I love this!

These videos laid out a very CLEAR foundation that will really get your video marketing skyrocketing in the right direction.

Excellent product, keep up the excellent work!

Mike Lantz

I can HIGHLY recommend this course, as it really is EXTREMELY complete in taking on the subject matter at hand. You will understand exactly what you need to do with the STEP-BY-STEP methods that will make you a more successful marketer.

PLUS, you are backed by a 200 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so you really have NOTHING to lose, and quite a bit to gain, whether you decide you like this course or not.

Get a copy of Video Warrior today so you can start making excellent videos!

This Package Contains:

1. MP4 Videos - SEO Video Warrior

2. PDFs - Proof This Method Works and SEO Video Warrior

3. Website

4. SourceFiles

5. OTO-

- 5 Day eCourse
- BannerAds
- Email Solo-Ads
- Graphics
- Kunaki Files
- PowerPoints

6. MRR License

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products and services. Results vary. Hard work, diligence, knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation
all play a vital role in your quest to make an income from your internet business,We do not
provide any support for the following, Wordpress, PHP programming, html, webpage creation/editing,
graphics or information product creation/editing.

ebooklover/ is not liable in any manner resulting from the use or misuse of this product.


SEO Video Warrior - MP4 Videos with MRR.

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