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The Spark with MRR

ATTENTION: If you're sick of scaping by and want to get top marketers EAGER to get your projects soaring, read closely...

Transform NO TRAFFIC and NO PRODUCT into leads, leverage, and loads of cash... I'll show you exactly how it's done.

Want to conceive, create, and profit from joint ventures? It's not what you know, it's who you know. But how do you get your foot in the door?

Dear Friend,

If you've been struggling to get big-time sales on a small-time budget... you may be wondering what the hell you have to do to finally get ahead. Let's face it, it just stinks going from product to product, from opportunity to opportunity, and never seeming to get anything out of it.

How is it that some people seem to be everywhere at once in their marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, writing for their own niche, getting traffic, and creating killer products? It's not money... it's connections.

It's Because They Understand Some Things The "Average Joes" Simply Don't.
First of all, they aren't running around trying to do five or six different things at once - they specialize in one or two things and become incredibly attractive and effective at that one skill. So while some people are trying to understand...


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The professionals are just cracking up, laughing at their ineptitude and sending off a paragraph email to a "graphics guy" or a "copy guy"... often without having to pay a cent on the front end!

When They Say "It's Easier Than It Seems"... They're Talking About The Power Of Networking.
And it's not just a way to get products out the door at lightning speed - joint ventures can deliver massive traffic to your doorstep. In fact, if you don't already have a network bringing you fresh traffic and buyers, and you aren't putting your energy into one-to-one communication with the superstars in your niche, then you're doing yourself a massive disservice.

But I know how tough it is to get started, and I know it can sound a little pit in the sky when you haven't actually done it yet.

You don't need to be a genius at anything, either. There are plenty of things you can do without a lot of technical skills, just volunteering a little time. But very few people actually make those steps... because they're terrified of getting bad responses, wishy-washy responses, or no response at all!

Is The Marketing World Full Of Bitter Sociopaths That Thrive Off REJECTING YOU?
How painful is it to spend hours (or even days) trying to craft that perfect email...

You know, the one that's going to make some established big shot stop what they're doing, give a damn about your situation (and what you bring to the table) and let you inside the very small inner circle that's actually making a full time living?

It only gets worse when you get flippant and disrespectful answers like:

-"Sorry, it's just a busy time for me right now."

-"I only work with people who have made me a hundred sales as an affiliate."

-"Yeeeeah, I'll totally think about it. In the meantime, buy entrance into my mentoring club."

Or worse than all of those, you just get nothing, a little static because they've decided you're not even worth clicking the reply button.

You do too much of this and you feel like a spammer or a vacuum cleaner salesman, selling your awful, inadequate wares from door to door. it's no wonder that people give up within a couple of days of attempting to form a JV partnership. Dejected, demoralized, and resigned to a life of mediocre results going it alone.

And at the same time... you're always getting new emails in your inbox announcing products by the "in-crowd"... you would do anything for that kind of exposure but you just can't get it.

What's wrong with these people? It seems like if you need help getting a business off the ground, you can't find a helping hand, and once you have all the resources, then everybody wants to get you to the "next level". Isn't that terrible? Is that the internet marketing you're trying to hard to break into?

But reconsider this for a moment. What if all this stuff wasn't your fault, and you just hadn't been taught the right way to speak their language?

Don't sweat and don't stress: I promise you that new marketers are forming partnerships with their peers and getting the backing of big dogs in EVERY NICHE. Instead of slaving over a book of C++, learning the finer points of Photoshop, why not learn the very simple people skills that allow you to...

Escape The Slow Lane And Light "The Spark" That Boosts Your Cash And Credibility!

This is a simple but actionable course that's effective whether you're looking to make your first connections or you're already running a stable business and want to break through to the next step. I know what an absolute grind it is to handle every important aspect of your business solo - why not do half the work and make ten times as much?

That's not an exaggeration - the time that you're spending getting rolling and building traffic can go right out the window and you can focus on delivering SALES - or whatever it is you're best at.

This isn't something that's going to take months, either. Dig in and get started today!

Section #1 - Become An Incredible Asset
Before you begin, you need to know how JV partnerships work, the special things that are demanded of effective JVs, and how to determine what you can offer - that means that everything you do will be like a laser targeted directly at the burning needs of the big dogs. Think that'll have some impact on your success?

- What are the four skills that separate an attractive JV from the scrubs? Learn how to crush it starting today.

- When you're trying to get the attention of the big dogs, your resources are overrated! You should put your focus towards this before you start.

- Five reasons that you have to take the risk and keep working to form JV partnerships.

- The "no skills, no money" method for making big profits from JV networking.

- Know your skills: how to never get shortchanged when it's go time.

Section #2 - Developing Magnetic Visibility
Here's how Newbies think JV partnerships are formed: sending a longwinded email or a forum PM, talking about your product, your plans, your hopes for the future... is it any wonder they get a big who are you when they want to cash in? Before you make your proposal, this section will show you how to become visible to get over that "who are you" burden and make them want to work with you.

- What should you do when the word gets out about you - and it's negative?

- These two elements create a "formula" that always works to determine success. If you haven't had any successful JV deals yet, you're missing one or the other.

- How to show prospective JV's that you're serious (even if you don't have money or a mailing list)... it's very small but very impressive, and can take as little as half an hour...

- Three questions to ask before you approach: if you're getting rejections, it's usually because you haven't really asked yourself these.

- Exactly where to go to find compelling joint venture deals both online AND offline!

- The "power circle" concept explained - why you shouldn't filter JVs based on size. Instead consider this... and save yourself hours and hours chasing down partners who won't really help you.

Section #3 - Pitch Perfect Proposals
Why is it that some proposals get opened, read, and acted on while others get tossed straight into the trash can? Part of it has to do with the way these JV arrangements are "sold" to potential marketers, Try to treat these deals like you're selling some ebook, and you'll find yourself flat on your butt. You have to do better, and this section will show you how.

- The four elements of a good JV proposal.

- Should you share your previous efforts? Here's the answer and here's why.

- How much of the take should you offer to a partner? How much money should you be prepared to hand over, and how much does it matter?

- Before you ask for help with your Big Project, try hooking them with these "rejection proof" deals that can make money for you AND your partner while improving your reputation.

- When are JV partners (even the big shots) guaranteed to be happy to hear from you? Hint: it's about offering help when they need it the very most!

- How can you avoid legal issues, and how can you deal with screwups from your partners? This will even work if you're the one who screws up.

- 7 Deeper JV Proposals: You will never ever be at a loss for ways to quickly improve your relationship with any pro marketer.

How Much Are These Results Worth To You?

- How much would you pay not to get another three-line "sorry but" response from one of the big dogs (if you aren't ignored altogether)? How much would you pay to find where the people with the money, products and resources are, with their guard down, so that you can be a friend and someone they want to help succeed?

- How much easier will your career get when that happens?

Trust me, when you compare the small price of "The Spark" to the very real costs of stumbling in the dark and hoping for the business kick start that just won't come, you'll see there's a dramatic difference.

But still, I know that everybody doesn't have $397 to spend even on information as valuable as this! So today, you don't have to empty your paycheck out and you don't have to wait to discover the life changing ideas inside. I don't want you to spend months on forms, weeks on seminars, or hours on hard manual labor to crack the code and be a successful JV marketer.

This Package Contains:

1. PDF - The Spark

2. Website

3. Squeeze eBook - PDF_JV 911

4. OTO-

- MP4_Spark Videos
- MP4_Squeeze Video-JV 911
- MP3_Spark Audio
- MP3_Squeeze Audio-JV 911
- Salespages
- 12 Follow Up eMails

5. MRR License

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The Spark with MRR.

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