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INTRODUCING:A Marketing and Sales System For Online Business Success

Over 24 Weeks Learn To Setup Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Ads That Drive Non-Stop Traffic and Advanced Conversion, Sales and Marketing Methods And Watch Over My Shoulder Get Real-time Results On Auto-Pilot

Who am I?

I am a seasoned 7 figure internet marketer. I started my first business at age 14. A few years later I started a manufacturing (toys) and a publishing business (a classified newspaper for automobiles called CARS). I then went to work in the public sector for the next 15 years.

Why? Ive always been a person of service. I love helping others and I wanted to help them in a tangible way.


Before starting my current Internet business I was the Director of Economic Development and Deputy Commissioner of Urban and Economic Development for a city in upstate New York.

I was responsible for millions of dollars in funds that were designated by the Federal Government to help our community. I did that by coordinating investments in local businesses that had the potential to hire more people. I learned a lot about business from that experience I got to see the insides of many businesses, large and small, that few people get to see.

While I knew it wasnt going to be easy, I felt I could once again run my own business online this time. A lot of what I saw in some very successful businesses were ordinary people following a simple system that made money. It gave me the desire to get back into business again.

So I left public service to start my own Internet business.

Yes, I left my secure government job with great benefits and I started full-time at marketing information products online publishing digital products this time. For tax purposes, I formed my LLC, InfoProductLab a few years later.

I do not have a lot of employees. In fact my lifestyle choice is to keep overhead (employees, office expenses, etc) to a minimum in order to maximize my profits. I have one part-time employee, sometimes two. I outsource the rest and thats it.

Its a very simple and streamlined business that runs about 80 on auto-pilot. The other 20 is simply coming up with new ad campaigns and searching for more traffic sources which, to me is the fun part. Because once you have the System down, it pretty much runs on its own.

Which is exactly what youre going to learn to do.

I leverage technology, which as youll see is the one factor that can move mountains online.

Ok, lets talk about you and how I can possibly impact your life in a positive way

Despite all of the choices we face every day there are just a few things that are constants things that never change.

I know a lot of people really complicate Internet marketing to the point of being ridiculous. They appear to be really smart people. And I can tell you they do it because either:

A. They dont know really what they are doing and they just throw everything at you at once hoping you wont notice how pathetic their story, secrets and information really is

- or -

B. They want to purposely confuse you even more so that you buy more secrets from them in the future that will finally reveal the real secret of making money online. Making them rich and you poorer not just in terms of money but also in terms of knowledge. They want to keep the secrets to themselves so you keep buying more junk from them.

Youve heard the saying, Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime?

Most Internet marketers just give you the fish so you can come back tomorrow to get more fish from them, of course!

Well, Im going to teach you how to fish. Then you can do it on your own and never have to buy my or anyone elses system or program ever again.

Look, anyone who wants to learn anything must learn the basics before they can become masters.

Break it down. Reverse engineer it. Find out what you need to do each day to meet your goals. Stay on track. Stay focused and youll do it.

Thats what 6-In-6 is all about: Focus and determination.
It teaches you how to go from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to be) by staying focused on whats really important in your online business.
Its about getting you from Point A to Point B in a straight line instead of zigging and zagging all over the place which is probably what youre doing right now. Jumping from one program to another in the hopes that the next one will give you the straight up truth but instead just gives you another reason to keep looking.

The problem is most programs follow the give em a fish philosophy so youll come back tomorrow to buy another program.

I dont. In fact I hope after youve finished 6-In-6 youll never buy another internet marketing program again. Im not here to sell you a fish that lasts one day. Im here to teach you HOW TO fish in the Internet ocean so you can make your own living online so you never have to come back and buy another fish you can catch as many as you want, anytime you want!

As I mentioned here, the reason I called this 6-In-6 is because it took me 6 months in my 5th year of business to finally discover the secret of making 6-figures online: so 6-In-6 stuck.

Lets talk about how you can get on the 6-In-6 program and what its about.

6-In-6 is proprietary look over my shoulders daily video coaching program.
Every day, 5 days a week for 24 weeks you will participate in exercises and watch one or more screen cast videos as we go in-depth showing you everything you need to know to run a successful direct marketing business online.

Here are just a few comments from people who have purchased my programs (more are listed at the bottom of this page):

You are ingenious

You are ingenious for coming up with something like this! Ive watched it and although I know quite a bit about copy writing, I have to admit I gleaned some very good points from it. Superb job! -

- James Jones, Author & Publisher

Your product has really cleared away the confusion

Hi, your product has really cleared away the confusion Ive had (that I didnt even know I had) until I watched your tutorials. I have started to apply what Ive learned and I am no less than excited about the results Im going to get. -

- David Guindon, Editor/Programmer

The goal I want all my 6-in-6ers to set is both achievable and specific that helps you accomplish your goals.

What do we cover in the 24 weeks?

#1: Youll see me create landing pages, affiliate websites, sales funnels in real-time as you look over my shoulder and then youll do the same practicing what youve learned

#2: Youll see me go out and buy traffic to those landing pages with my own money

#3: Youll see how we measure the results and how to tell if the results are good or bad

#4: Youll see how we test different types of landing pages and LP elements: Headlines, body copy, format, offer and more

#5: Youll discover new and exciting networks that can generate traffic for you site non-stop for pennies per visitor.

In each week youll get in-depth discussion on things like:

- Landing page design, elements and psychology

- Landing page testing and measurement

- Landing page using heatmap overlays to determine interest and where people look and click

- Landing page traffic generation using specific networks

- Measuring results and which metric really matters most?

- Buying traffic the difference between networks, direct buys, ad resellers, etc

- The language of advertising online CPC, CPA, CPM, and what they mean..

- Tracking your traffic, clicks, interest, desire, heatmaps, source, trends, and more

- Building a viable sales funnel and what the best and most under-utilized page on your website is

- How miss-pricing your products is the biggest reason youre not making money online now

- What is RTB and why is it important?

- How to use the latest ad technology such as retargeting and Facebook audience builder

- Where your biggest source of leads, at the lowest possible cost (even free) will come from

- The difference between email lists, retargeting lists, physical mailing lists, and buyers lists

- Why retargeting is the biggest opportunity in online advertising right now and why most are doing it wrong

- The numbers in depth. Breaking it down: How to reverse engineer your goals to get what you want

- My exact automated, recurring income model (shown in the video)

- How to create your own products easily

- How to use PLR the RIGHT way

- New ad networks: Tested almost every week

- New markets: What to do if you want to sell in markets you know nothing about

- The reason most people fail online and what to do about it to finally succeed

Each week I reveal extremely valuable information and includes downloads of the instructional videos, case studies, campaigns I have run, scripts, help videos, help files, and more!

Youll get unlimited use of the information, strategies, methods and secrets I reveal for the rest of your life to apply to your own businesses as part of the program.

What do you say? Are you ready to make a straight line from Point A to Point B?

Ok great!

Heres how to get started: You can get started with as little as $9.95 on a trial basis for 30 days. If you like what you see then continue your training with just 6 additional payments of $97 Life Time or $37.00 each month. Oh, and did I mention you get free LIFETIME updates to the program?

Like I said, I will teach you how to fish which means this is no walk in the park training program. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you want to fish in the big ocean youll need to bring your game face and be prepared to play hard.

But, Im not going to try and convince you to join. Either this is right for you or its not.

The decision is entirely yours.

But if youve been struggling to figure out how to make a living online, and you know that its frustrating and unlikely youll get to your income goals on your own without some solid training, and you have the means and desire to invest in your future then I warmly welcome you to join.

Because youre ready to join I want your commitment to stay with the program to the very end. If youre just curious and uncommitted then dont waste your time or mine. But if youre committed to making your living online, then I invite you to sign up.

You are committed to the process of learning, practicing and then DOING what I teach in 6-In-6 because its the only way to succeed and I need you to succeed.

My goal in offering this program is to create raving fans that will spread the word and tell others about it so they can also succeed.


I recommend it for anyone

I buy *lots* of stuff and typically I see almost the exact same ol same ol stuff. Daves information is hot and from inside the trenches which makes it even more valuable. I recommend it for anyone who wants to build an online information business. -Yanik Silver

Ive learned more in the first day of your 6-In-6 program than Ive learned from about a dozen other gurus programs in the last 3 years

I am blown away. Ive learned more in the first day of your program than Ive learned from about a dozen other gurus programs in the last 3 years. Im actually getting optimistic that I can really make a living online. Thanks, I look forward to the rest of your course. Hope your health is improving. Regards, Andrea. Yes, you can absolutely share my comments. No doubt I will have questions along the way and will let you know. Thanks for writing back.

Andrea P.

Youre The Person I Learned The Most From

I was just thinking about the other day who would be the person I learned the most from, or who would be the person I would call one of my mentors

I think you would be the one. And I wanted to thank you for this. People just forget to say thank you in the daily grind. :-)

- Peter Lenkefi

puts out the very best quality information

this under the radar professor of marketing who only puts out the very best quality information in a wide variety of subjects. David doesnt just write about it, he DOES IT. Google his name and get on his David is a true gentleman in every sense of the word and one of the few guys who I havent pissed off yet Vegas Vince via his blog

The Information You Give Is Too Valuable

Ive been silent, but extremely active about your training. Ive learned a lot of incredible concepts.

You have changed almost everything in my business philosophy. I did everything wrong! I have learned from (other gurus) etc. and my own experience. But the information you give is too valuable and would never reveal it Im very serious about that.

-Yan Basil

Im Impressed!

Im impressed! I just finished your Training Program.

Ive followed many of them and to be honest I was a bit skeptical at first. Now I must admit that this course can easily compete with every training from the so called Gurus. It even goes beyond that since you also unveil your personal operations details based on your strategies! Ive never seen that before and it is invaluable .

I just want to let you know that right now Im restructuring my site based on your training program. Thank you very much for the insights and precious information.

-Case Stevens

You Didnt Charge Enough!

Your lessons are incredible. You didnt charge enough! I cant even imagine how much time youve put into this

- Ron V

Im Totally Blown Away!

David, Im totally blown away! I have spent over $20,000 in the past 12 months buying websites, how to make money info, marketing info, etc. Yours is the first one that actually shows me what to do.

Ultimately Im counting on making a living online by putting your teachings into practice. I want to be the poster boy for the Coaching Program! (Its) Excellent!-

- John B., entrepreneur

Straight Shooting

(Your) sharp focus on the readers wants and my USP came in stages. Planted suggestions like your Yes, this is good, and I think you can do better, your examples and suggested revisions, straight shooting but tactful feedback, impassioned instruction, and suggested reading have been my catalysts Mary Greene, writer

I simply, absolutely, love this course!

- Mark Rodell

These Lessons Are Dynamite

Just wanted to let you know that these lessons are dynamite . My mind has never been so focused and sharp, and the lessons answer my questions for me. I really enjoy this training and the lessons so far. For once I feel like I got a shot at getting somewhere with this Internet marketing stuff. :o)

-Dan Brock

Im Mighty Impressed

Some pretty awesome stuff youre sharing here. Im mighty impressed ! :-)

- Darryl

Im Enjoying Your Coaching Course Immensely

Im enjoying your coaching course immensely. Ive gotten several of your things before, and think very highly of them. If I succeed in getting this ball rolling, Id be glad to give you a testimonial. I like your program much better than (blocked), by the way, but his is not bad.

On a personal note, I am now 82 years old, and am pushing eBay & the net in order to supplement social security. In previous lives I have been both an artist & a printer. Keep up the good work! Cordially,

- Edward Kirkpatrick

The Past Three Weeks I Have Averaged Over $650 A Week

Just finished week sixs lesson and thought Id drop you a line on where Im at. When I started 6 weeks ago, I was averaging a weekly profit, enough to get by, but barely.

The past three weeks I have already hit my target this week, and its only 5 days. I admit, I skimmed through a lot of the early lessons, and will need to revisit them, but you have set me on the right track. In using the find technique today, I was able to craft the following killer headline for my low carb software:

Heres How To Cut Your Carbs To The Bone, Protect Each Hard Fought Pound You Lose, And Maintain Complete Satisfaction In Your Low Carb Diet, Without Ever Being Hungry Again!

I got this idea from the final lesson, thanks! Ill keep you posted Warmly,

- Scot Standke

Your Course Has Been Truly Outstanding

Your course has been truly outstanding and Ive picked up some valuable pointers even though I am a 31 year veteran of marketing.

- Ellery Coleman

real strategies from a true net marketing war horse

Ask any web marketer worth his salt and theyll tell you that most of the copywriting ebooks and manuals being sold on the net today are pure junk. Its either recycled verbiage, hyped up theory or a plane old lie. Bottom line is youd be better served spending your money on a pizza than to buy some of the crap online today.

This is different. It contains real strategies from a true net marketing war horse. You wont find any b.s. theory here. Every technique is time tested, simple to follow, easy to apply and above all devastatingly profitable. This program is a true marketing gem. Get this!

- Lenny Eng

Very impressive!

Just to let you know, I already purchased your Video. Ive only been able to watch the first video, but from what Ive seen so far, I think the videos are very impressive! Im convinced that the videos will certainly help me write more convincing sales messages -

- Joe Chengery III,

Your Video tutorials have hit the nail on the head

As someone who has been trying for the longest time to make money on the Internet I now see the mistakes Ive been making in trying to write in an effective way to make people buy. Your Video tutorials have hit the nail on the head and Im applying the techniques to my current advertising efforts. Ill let you know how it goes Thanks again

- Nancy Langston

It was fantastic, really educational

I just bought that video you did with the guy where you showed him how to compose the sales letter. It was fantastic, really educational and, at least for me, a bargain.

- Matthew Daniels

You are ingenious

You are ingenious for coming up with something like this! Ive watched it and although I know quite a bit about copy writing, I have to admit I gleaned some very good points from it. Superb job! -

James Jones, Author & Publisher

Your product has really cleared away the confusion

Hi, Im writing in response to your request for feedback on your tutorials. Your product has really cleared away the confusion Ive had (that I didnt even know I had) until I watched your tutorials. I have started to apply what Ive learned and I am no less than excited about the results Im going to get. -

David Guindon, Editor/Programmer

Join Today and Learn the Secrets of Internet WEALTH!!!

Dear Friend:

This Package Contains:



Package Contains;

1. Download Page to download these courses-

Expert Positioning Training

Info-Business Core Training for Gurus and Experts

Email Marketing Core Training

Integrated Conversion Campaign

Sales Funnel Mojo

Reverse Funnel Training Program

Watch Me Training

Video Sales Letter Toolbox

Advanced Optimization and Profit Techniques

Coaching Class Teleseminar Selling

Internet Funnel Videos

Offer and Conversion Training

Complete WSO Business

6in6 Membership Bonus Courses

Become a Guru Training

Complete WSO Business

Free Consult Selling Course

Conversational Copywriting

Targeted Traffic Training Program

Email Campaign Toolbox

Forum Consultant Master Class

Foundation Training

Targeted Traffic Training

WSO Consultant Training

Email Toolbox

Email Campaign Toolbox

Integrated Conversion Campaign

Offer and Conversion Formula

Automate Your Machine

Become an IM Guru Download

Guru Training

Coaching Program Launch Course

Content Based Email Marketing (Video Series)

Resale Coaching Lessons

Complete WSO Business

Content Marketing Manifesto

Expert Marketing Program

Complete System

Blackbelt Product Creation

List Building Toolbox

Digital Coaching Program

Email Mastery Program:

High Ticket Selling Class

Gold Membership

Information Business Blueprint

List Building Starter Course

7 Step Marketing System

Product Creation Training

Power List Building

Traffic Training

Adswap Mastery - How to Use Adswaps to Build a Big List Online (does not include mailing)

Advanced Funnel

Advanced IM

The Johnny System - Auto Pilot Secret

Complete Home Study Course Recordings

Complete Info System

Info Mastery Training

List Building CDs

Targeted Traffic

Advanced Discussion About Creating an Email Campaign

Integrated Conversion Campaign Using Video As An Example

How to Launch a New Program With An Email Campaign

Advanced Optimization and Profit

Advanced Discussion About Creating an Email Campaign

Integrated Conversion Campaign Using Video As An Example

How to Launch a New Program With An Email Campaign

Content Marketing Training Program

30 Day Info Business

How to Create a System on Your Site That Gets Unlimited Traffic From the Web

How to Become An Expert So That You Can Write Expert-level Content

How to Think Up Topics For Your Articles and Blog Posts

How to Build Trust With Online Prospects

Daily Content - How to Do It

How to Create Expert-Level Content

Future of Expert Presence Marketing

How to Anticipate Trends Online (For example, with traffic)

Blog Marketing Comments

How to Write an Email Campaign From Scratch

Email Layering

WSO OTD Formula

7 Traffic Sources

YouTube Traffic and Conversions

186 emails

Watch Me Write 9 Emails

FaceBook Conversion Training

Sales Funnel Mastery

139 Additional Emails

Fill-In-the-Blanks Video Sales Letter Template in Word, Pages, Keynote, and Powerpoint

coaching program sales letter

Adv Funnel Videos

Advanced Foundation Training

How Create Dozens of Products In Your Sales Funnel

How to Start a Coaching Program in 7 Days

coaching program lessons you can use in your coaching program

How to Easily Write a Sales Letter That Converts and Connects

How to Create a Personalized Blueprint For Your Business

Coaching Program Training Audio

The WSO Master Report Download Page

How to Sell $5000 Coaching Programs Over the Phone

Maven Influencer Blueprint

Coaching Program Launch Course

How to Turn $7 Wso Buyers into $1000 Clients

RT Mastermind Package

7 WSOS in 1

Presence-Based Business

68k in 57 Days

How to Choose a Niche Advanced With PLR

Upsell Funnel Training

Sell Consulting

90 E Campaign

2 Hour P&C

Coaching Program in a Box

My formula for Dominating the Warrior Forum

Simple Sales Letter Template and Video

WSO Master Report

60 Day Coaching Program Lessons Access (NOTE: There is no live coaching access, nor email access, or any other access with this -just the lessons)

How to Sell $5000 Coaching Over the Phone

Coaching Program Launch Course

Youtube Traffic Training Program

How to Determine Exactly What Your Prospects Will Buy

5,218 WSO Sales in 10 Months

How to Write a High Converting Email Campaign From Scratch

How to Integrate Video In Your Email Campaign

More wsos with plr

How to Write a Launch Campaign

Interesting Insight on the Way Gurus Drive Traffic

How to Sell on Webinars and Teleseminars Part 1

How to Sell on Webinars and Teleseminars Part 2

How to Write a Sales Letter

Watch Me Write a 9-Email Campaign From Scratch

7 Step Marketing System

Product Creation Training

Power List Building

Traffic Training

Adswap Mastery - How to Use Adswaps to Build a Big List Online (does not include mailing)

Advanced Funnel

Advanced IM

AutoPilot Secret (delivered over about 10 days, login to start the emails)

Complete Home Study Course Recordings

Complete InfoSystem

Info Mastery Training

List Building CDs (only .mp3 files, ignore .wav files)

Targeted Traffic

4 Pillar Training

Sales Letter Videos


- 1ST MONTH - $9.95

- Each month after - $37.00

- For 24 Months - $97.00

Your Membership Rights:


[YES] For Personal Use
[NO] Cannot edit
[NO] Cannot sell
[NO] Cannot giveaway
[NO] Cannot claim copyright
[NO] Cannot sell personal use rights
[NO] Cannot sell resell rights
[NO] Cannot sell master resell rights
[NO] Cannot sell private label rights
[NO] Cannot add to free or paid membership sites
[NO] Cannot be bundled with other products
[NO] Cannot be changed or branded with your own name
[NO] Cannot be offered as a bonus with other PAID products
[NO] Cannot be used to create audio/video products
[NO] Cannot be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.)
[NO] Cannot be offered through auction sites
[NO] Cannot claim full authorship


All products are sold as is,We do not guarantee that any form of financial success by using our
products and services. Results vary. Hard work, diligence, knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation
all play a vital role in your quest to make an income from your internet business,We do not
provide any support for the following, Wordpress, PHP programming, html, webpage creation/editing,
graphics or information product creation/editing.

ebooklover/ is not liable in any manner resulting from the use or misuse of this product.


6in6 Membership.

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