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Mind Method Course

Mind Method Course: Presented By 6 Figure Internet Marketer

Dear Friend,

What does a 19th century Russian peasant, a character in JD Salinger's Franny and Zooey and a noted Para-Psychologist from 1968 all have in common? They all knew how to use a certain power of the mind to get what they really wanted. We humans have a remarkable power but we rarely use it - well actually, we use it all the time but don't harness it - wasting dozens of opportunities to moving closer to what we want each and every day: Peace, happiness, money, love, joy, friendship, fun, success... and more Think of this certain power of the mind as a river - constantly flowing and raging. This river has a great power that we can use to get what we want but just like a raging river it's possible to harness it and direct it to get what we want.

For over 25 years I studied successful people in business, politics, sports, religion and more. I practiced positive thinking, mediation and more but nothing seem to work. Each technique I learned - like positive thinking - was so vague that it was really worthless advice and in some cases a complete waste of time. The basic premise of positive thinking is that you should not let negative thoughts control your mind and instead force yourself to focus only on positive thoughts. Sounds good in theory but some of my greatest successes have been the result of negative thinking. For example many years ago I wanted to start an Internet business. I soon found myself in a pile of debt buying and trying different business opportunities. I accumulated about $50,000 in credit card bills and it got so bad at one point my wife and I were in danger of losing our home. The fear of losing our home and worse motivated me to start making more money.

I had plenty of negative thoughts at the time, yet I started becoming successful in several little businesses that I was working on. Eventually my Internet business started taking off and I was able to pay off my mortgage, buy an Audi A8L luxury car with cash and pay off a second home within just a few years. What made the difference? It certainly wasn't positive thinking. In fact most of my thinking at that point was still very negative - in fact it was the fear of being poor that motivated me! If that's not negative thinking I don't know what is.

The year was 2001: I discovered a simple but powerful method that takes me less than 10 minutes a day to start using. It has allowed me to be successful quicker and faster than any other method - and it was also the simplest and easiest and most fun method I have ever used! It may seem hard to believe but let me give you an idea how powerful this is by the results I received after implementing this Method:
I was suddenly able to go from earning $500 a month in my part-time business to making as much as $513,000 in one year!
I was suddenly able to pay off all my loans, including 2 mortgages and a pile of credit card debt in less than 2 years!
I was suddenly able to travel anytime I wanted, eat at the best restaurants, buy cars (for cash) and live a lifestyle most people envy!
I was able to live a life filled with peace and confidence because I had found THE secret to getting almost anything I wanted!
The BEST part? With this technique you can "turn ON" and "turn OFF", this method anytime! (I suggest you use it frequently though to maintain your new found success). In other words, it's ALWAYS there when you need it even if you forget to use it for a while
Finally, I believe this is the greatest method for success for anyone in the world. Why? Because the Method doesn't require any practice or skill or much effort to use. As soon as I decide to use it, it works perfectly with almost no effort on my part!
Using it takes no more effort than turning on a light switch!
But do not make the mistake of thinking the The Mind Method is only for attaining success with money or business. It can also be used to help you succeed in almost anything you want (exception noted below). The Mind Method can help you be healthier, lose weight, be and feel happier, find love, find a job, gain confidence, enjoy life, feel younger, have real peace in your heart as well as be more successful with money and business and much more...!

I have read over 300 self-help books in the last 25 years. You've probably read a few books yourself about success or those in the self-help category. What kind of feeling do you get when reading these books? You feel great right? You feel like you have all this potential that you're not living up to - you feel excited that you've discovered how to be successful! Finally!

Maybe you've attended one or more live success seminars. You get the same feeling - wow! I have all this potential! This is great I'm ready to make it happen! Then what happens? If you're like most people... nothing. You go home all excited but after a few days you're right back where you started. Nothing has changed. Those great feelings you had are all gone. You try to get them back. You try and remember what was said at the seminar. You feel a little better. You promise yourself you will change now. You make a commitment to do whatever it takes but eventually, after a few more days, those good feelings are completely gone. Now, you and I are smarter than that. We both realize that there is more to being successful or changing your life than reading a few books and going to a few seminars.

You realize that change has to come from within if it's going to be permanent. And you'd be right. The change you're looking for cannot come from outside (by reading or attending seminars), it has to come from the inside. So... you start to work on your inner game. You ask yourself, "What's the main theme of almost all of those books on success or the seminars that I've attended?". The answer, you say to yourself, is that in order to be successful at anything you need to change the way you THINK. You need to think in a certain way to be successful. Successful people just THINK differently than everyone else, you conclude! That's why they are successful - they THINK SUCCESS! So you read more books about how to think like successful people.

What do they read, what do they think and you come to the discovery that they also have different beliefs than you. Your research has uncovered some amazing secrets! One secret you discovered is that rich and successful people believe money is easy to make. "There's a lot of money out there", they think, "...and I'm going to get some". Now, I discovered the same thing. And it's partly true that if you change the way you think you can be successful. It's even more true that your beliefs have a lot to do with your success. But again, any change you make usually does not last. For others it helps a little to change their beliefs.

Then I made an incredible discovery. I discovered something amazing...

In the beginning of this letter I mentioned ..."a 19th century Russian peasant, a character in JD Salinger's Franny and Zooey and a noted Para-Psychologist from 1968". Let me tell you a little more about the role each one of these people made in my discovery as well as their own story of success. In the 1890's there was a Russian peasant that only wanted one thing: To be closer to God. So he did the only thing that seemed natural to him if his goal was to get closer to God - talk to those who are already close to God and ask them what the secret of being close to God was! (He was searching for success like we are!) One of the first holy men he visited gave him the answer he was seeking.

The holy man told him that if anyone wants to be close to God he must do as the Apostle Paul said, "Pray constantly". The pilgrim was so excited! He now knew the secret to getting what he wanted, to be close to God! The problem is, he didn't know what he should do! Praying constantly is almost impossible he said to himself. He tried a few days and got tired! There's no way he could pray every second of every day! The pilgrim spent the next year trying to discover what the holy man meant by "Pray constantly". After a year of searching he found the answer and his entire life changed. Suddenly he felt as if he was one with God and miracles were happening in his life. He was very happy and lived the rest of his life close to God. This story gives us a clue of how the way a person THINKS causes success, but it's only a clue.

The real discovery I'm about to share with you is even more powerful becuase it helps make success almost "automatic".

And by the way, the Mind Method has nothing to do with religion or God or spiritual things. It is a principle of success, and has nothing to do with religion as the next story of success illustrates. In the 1960's a parapsychologist, who, after 45 years of research and thousands of experiments discovered a way to unite the conscious and subconscious minds to help people get what they want. He wrote about his discovery in a book . The author claims that with the use of his technique , you can,
Conquer all fears
Learn to relax
Free yourself of bad habits
Gain money and prosperity
Set goals and achieve them
Be happy always
Instantly find lost items
and much more...
What's fascinating about his book is that he gives his entire technique along with some amazing success stories. It's really fascinating reading. My only complaint about the way the book is written is there is very little introduction and background of his discovery. The book focuses almost entirely on the practice of his technique but not the theory. In any case, The Mind Method goes far beyond this mans discovery and is much more powerful as you'll soon see. Finally a character in JD Salinger's Franny and Zooey had a way to focus her attention on getting what she wanted. The technique is almost the exact same technique the Pilgram I mentioned earlier used in Russia 75 years earlier!
So What Exactly is The Mind Method? And Does It Really Work?
Now, before I tell you a little more about The Mind Method let me make this clear: If you want to be a professional basketball player but you're out of shape and 5 feet 2 inches in elevated shoes, then The Mind Method will not help you become a basketball superstar. If you want to be an astronaut, but failed 9th grade algebra, then you're simply deceiving yourself and The Mind Method will not work for you. The Mind Method cannot change you physically and it can't make up for any shortcomings in your ability to learn certain things. And it can't change who you are as a person.

But, what it can do is extremely powerful. It can...
... Change Your Life Forever. You Will Never Look At Your Life The Same Way Again
The Mind Method works by helping you achieve focused concentration and desire on what you want - just like the Russian peasant, the para-psychologist and the character in Franny and Zooey. Just like those lucky souls you'll be able to harness the power of your mind and focus it to get what you want within MINUTES. Once you begin to use The Mind Method you'll discover how quickly it acts to help you and, if you don't know what you want yet...

... the Mind Method can help you generate the focus and desire you need to find your purpose in life, then help you get what you want.

It's that powerful. The question is: Can it help you get what you want? I have no doubt that it can take you to entirely new level of power if you use it but the results are up to you. I can't guarantee it works for everyone because I haven't tested it on everyone in the world. But if it can work for the most successful business, sports and religious leaders in the world (and a 1800's Russian peasant!) then there's a good chance it will work for you too. What I can tell you is that this is a very powerful inner game program that could change your life starting in as little as a few minutes after using it. The Mind Method Training Program consists of 7 life-changing written and audio sessions. One lesson will be delivered to you each week for 7 weeks.

Even though there is no personal coaching you are encouraged to send me questions and I'll answer each and every email I receive for the entire 7 weeks that you are enrolled. That alone is worth more than the entire course. Let's see what you get:

Session 1: An Introduction to The Mind Method: a 19th Century Russian Pilgrim, a Para-Psychologist and a character from Franny and Zooey.

Session 2: What Do You Want? Using The Mind Method To Find Your Goal and Purpose In Life

Session 3: How Are You Going To Get What You Want? What Really Successful People In Business, Sports and Religion Know That You Don't

Session 4: What You Need To Do NOW To Begin Using The Mind Method Effectively

Session 5: The Mind Method DAILY POWER PRINCIPLE

Session 6: Putting The Mind Method To Work For Success

Session 7: The Mind Method Habit For Life Success

I listed, earlier in this letter, some of the amazing things I've been able to accomplish when I discovered The Mind Method. But I want to make it clear that I was already highly motivated to be successful in my own business. The problem was I just couldn't get anywhere! I had all the knowledge I needed to be successful, I had made some money and I had the desire but I was working too hard, too long and not really showing any results! At least not the results I thought I should have had. The missing ingredient was The Mind Method. Try my method for yourself. You be the judge. You risk nothing.

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Mind Method Course.
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