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Managing Menopause - Ebooks + Infographic Bonus- Package 1

What kinds of symptoms indicate that you are entering this stage of your life?
When is the time to consider hormone replacement therapy or alternative remedies for menopausal symptoms?
These are questions many women begin to ask themselves around the age of 40-50 years of age.
High quality E-books about Menopause and how to manage it:

E-book #1 - Managing Menopause
What Is Menopause?
Menopause is the period of time in a womans life in which her menstrual periods stop and she is no longer fertile. The average age of menopause is about 51 years but it can last anywhere from age 40 to 59 years of age. Menopause is usually preceded by perimenopause by a few years.
In perimenopause, the hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone normally produced by the ovaries begin to decrease. The periods become irregular but do not stop altogether. Women can get symptoms of menopause during perimenopause (hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes, to name a few) but they arent as frequent as when a woman reaches menopause.

Table of Content
- What Is Menopause
- Premature Menopause
- The Three Stages of Menopause
- Symptoms Of Perimenopause
- Symptoms Of Menopause
- Hormonal Changes In Menopause
- Hormone Replacement Therapy
- Sexual Problems Associated With Menopause
- Health Risks Following Menopause
- Will This Ever End?
- Finding Support and Getting Help
- Conclusion

E-book #2 HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy Report
Hormone replacement involves the giving of estrogen, progesterone, and sometimes testosterone to women suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, and other premenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
It is during menopause when ovaries begin to fail to produce these hormones on a regular basis. Some women have symptoms that are so severe that the only option is to take hormone replacement therapy to control the symptoms. Sometimes, hormone replacement therapy is called menopausal hormone therapy because it is given around the time of menopause.
As you will see, hormone replacement therapy or HRT is not without risks and side effects. This is a type of therapy that is not for every women, as women with an increased risk of breast cancer, stroke, or heart disease will have increased risks of these diseases if they take HRT.
You need to discuss these risks with your doctor to see if HRT is right for you. Sometimes hormone replacement therapy is taken for many years at a time. Other times, it is taken only during the time of menopause, when the symptoms are the greatest.
Usually the lowest effective dose is recommended to reduce the chances of risks and the use of HRT is reevaluated by the doctor every few months.

Table of Content
- What Is HRT?
- Administration Routes
- Risks Of HRT
- Uses For HRT
- Benefits Of HRT
- Alternatives To HRT
- Key Considerations Before Starting HRT
- HRT: Frequently Asked Questions
- Conclusion

E-book #3 - Meditation For Menopause
Introduction To Meditation
Many people think that meditation is tied to religion. This, however, isnt the truth at all. While some religions do focus on meditation, meditation itself is a state of mind.
The term meditation refers to various types of practices and techniques that are designed to promote relaxation stimulate internal energy and develop patience, compassion, love, generosity, and forgiveness.
Some of the many practices include Mindfulness Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, and Kundalini Meditation, which are three of the best types of meditation when dealing with symptoms of menopause.
Meditation has been in existence for thousands of years, and is a staple of Eastern culture in healing, general wellness, and improving ones physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.
It has frequently been used to clear the mind and ease many health conditions, and can help alleviate the very same problems many women complain about experiencing when they enter the menopause phase of their lives.

Table of Content
- Introduction To Meditation
- Meditation To Alleviate Menopause Symptoms
- Mindfulness Meditation For Anxiety And Depression
- Practicing Mindfulness Meditation
- Stress Relief To Improve Menopause Symptoms
- Meditation For Menopause-Related Insomnia
- Meditation May Cool Hot Flashes
- Transcendental Meditation
- Kundalini Yoga
- Kundalini Yoga

E-book #4 - 66 Ways to Improve Menopause
Menopause can be a difficult time in a womans life. There are many symptoms that may come all at the same time, overwhelming a woman in this time of her life.
Here 66 things you can do or consider to improve the menopause process.

***Check List Bonus - Menopause Symptoms Checklist
A checklist of menopausal symptoms that might help you identify that you are at least premenopausal and should start trying to change your lifestyle in order to better cope with menopausal signs and symptoms.
***Check List Bonus - 30 Questions To Ask Your Doctor When Going Through Menopause
Menopause can be a confusing time, with many changes going through your body and mind. You are bound to have many questions for your doctorquestions that come up as you go through the process.
Here are some questions you might have for your doctor, with Probable Answers to help you get an idea of what your doctor might say...

*** Infographic Bonus - 7 COMMON MENOPAUSE MYTHS
*** Infographic Bonus - Reduce Your Risks For Post-Menopause Related Medical Conditions
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