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MP3 Martin Finch - The Garnet LP

If you like Classified, Jordan Croucher, Common or 90''s hip hop, this is the product for you. It is also display funny characters for the skits.

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HIP-HOP/RAP: Hip Hop, SPOKEN WORD: Educational

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From the Trailer Park to Hollywood to the recording studio, Garnet Estabrooks (aka Martin Finch) is making his mark on Halifax’s entertainment industry. He’s busy recording his album The Garnet LP due out in August 2007. Also an actor, Garnet has currently finished filming the movie Poor Boy’s Game in Halifax, in which he has a principal role. He can also be found acting on the popular Showcase program, Trailer Park Boys as a member of the character J-Roc’s entourage. He has been involved since the program’s inception and is excited to be a part of the feature film that was released in October 2006.

Operating behind the scenes for a large part of his career, this 28-year-old Sackville native previously managed the eight member hip-hop group Ground Squad. He successfully guided the group on three Maritime tours, twice with the Rascalz, and once with Choclair. He did everything from booking to accounting to executive producing.

He also contributed to Classified’s recent success and rise to fame having managed him for years. He is featured on Classified’s most recent LPs – Boy-Cott in the Industry and Hitch Hikin’ Music, and in two of his videos; Unpredictable and Unexplainable Hunger. Martin Finch’s relationship with this Maritime hip-hop ambassador has led to Classified providing leadership and producing many of the tracks on his album.

His extensive knowledge of the industry helped to prepare him to launch his own career. He soon realized it was time for him to share his passion for this genre of music. His hip-hop alter ego Martin Finch was born out of his desire to foster self-expression.

Although he respects the talent of current mainstream artists, he feels hip-hop is heading in the wrong direction, that it has lost its integrity. He wants to get back to the trail blazed by those he respects and admires. He feels confident that now is the time for him to contribute his vision. Fuelled by this frame of mind, he started composing rhymes and formed Dead Poets Society (DPS) and released an LP in the fall of 2005 which was very well received by local hip hop fans.

Driven and determined, Garnet is no stranger to hard work leading to success. He was an exemplary basketball player in high school, named to both metro and provincial all-star teams. He garnered acclaim and recruitment offers from 12 universities, choosing Champlain College in Quebec and eventually moving on to Mount Allison University for the 2002-2004 year. He is currently in the process of pursuing a career in Business Management.

A Martin Finch Minute…

You may not recognize Garnet Estabrooks aka Martin Finch, but there’s a pretty good chance you’ll recognize his work. He’s a bonafide entertainer, with a hand in just about every facet of the entertainment industry. He’s a manager, a composer, a performer, an actor and a hip hop artist. Read on to see just exactly what Martin Finch is all about:

· Managed a group called Ground Squad. Whose members shared the stage with Redman, Ludacris, Maestro, Saukrates, Swollen Members, Thrust, Solitar and Jully Black. Ground Squad went on to be nominated for three ANSMAs and received national media coverage (The Source, Exclaim, etc).
· Toured with Rascalz Reloaded tour, Choclair’s One Night Stand tour, and Classified’s Union Dues tour.
· Managed a group that released a compilation Cd with EMI entitled 44N/63W: East Coast Explosion.

· Featured on the Ground Squad release From the Ground Up (1999).
· Featured on Classified’s releases Union Dues, Boy-Cott in the Industry and Hitch Hikin’ Music.
· Featured on Dead Poet Society mixtape, (2005).

· Principal role in Poor Boy’s Game, a major motion picture starring Danny Glover and Rossif Sutherland, filmed in Halifax.
· Supporting role in The Trailer Park Boys movie The Big Derty.
· Regular character in Showcase program Trailer Park Boys.
· A part in Classified’s videos for Unpredictable and Unexplainable Hunger.
· Commercial for Amateur sports.(SOC).

Events and performances:
· Emcee of record release party –UNBSJ.
· Published in Exclaim, HFX Weekly, Cover of Reverb, The Coast, The Chronicle Herald, The Daily News, The Gazette and the Bedford/Sackville Weekly.
· Booked and performed over 200 shows at venues such as The Pavilion, The Marquee, The Lower Deck, Halifax Forum, The Party, Sidelines, The Dome, The Attic, Key Largo’s, Merrill’s, The Khyber, Myron’s, Velvet Olive, The Loft, Chandler’s, The Warehouse, Paddy O’s, UNBSJ.
· Recently organized and performed a benefit at Key Largo’s and raised $6,300 for the release of Short Shane’s (Mad Craz) album entitled “The Weekend LP”.
· Performed at the Seahorse Bar, Merrill’s. Pavilion and the Library.
· Atlantic film festival Red Carpet event in Sept.
· Poor Boy’s Game is released nationwide in Canadian theatres. (Principle role as Dwayne).
· Maritime tour from Sept 20th -October 1st 2007
“Poor Boy’s Game” red carpet event, CKDU, Adel’s Plaza, Key Largo’s, Z103, The Khyber, Seahorse Bar, Marquee, Savoy theatre, Chandler’s, Wrangler’s, The Rusty Nail and various radio stations.


Friday May 2, 2007 the Bedford Sackville Weekly News
Capton under photo of Garnet "EXPANDING HIS HORIZONS: Garnet Estabrooks is moving beyond his Trail Park beginnings."
By Kevin Toal-The Weekly News

When Garnet Estabrooks was growing up in Lower Sackville, he use to swipe his sisters'' rap tapes when they weren''t home.
"I became really passionate about it when I started playing basketball and listening to hip hop to psych me up for games," he said.
Estabrooks has since translated that passion into a career as a hip-hop artist, manager, producer and actor.
On May 1, he released his first solo CD, The Garnet LP. Produced by fellow artist, Classified, the CD features appearances from Knucklehead, Jordon Croucher, Mile Boyd. Class, Whitemic, and DJ IV. Previously, Estabrooks has been featured in mixed tapes with other artists, and has been part of the growing Halifax hip-hop scene for many years. Now, with the help of friends, he is prepared to offer his own musical vision.
With a fast talking rhyming style, Estabrooks uses music to talk about his life experiences and his dreams.
"It''s a good way to vent things, and I feel like I have something to say," he said.
He credits the Internet and campus radio stations such as CKDU 88.1 FM, for giving the Halifax hop-hop scene increased exposure. Estabrooks uses two websites to showcase his material.
The Internet has also opened opportunitites for CD sales. Although his CD will be availible at Music World locations in Bedford and Dartmouth, other record stores have not been accommodating.
"It is hard," Estabrooks said. " When I first started to put CDs into stores, it was easy. People were supportive. Now it''s tough to get them in there."
Aside from his given name, he is also known as Martin Finch, and to fans of the Trailer Park Boys, he is Greasy Greg, a member of the Roc Pile.
Unlike hip-hop, Estabrook''s acting career came about by accident.
"It all started from a CD being released by a local group that I was managing(in 1999), " Estabrooks said. "Tyrone(Knucklehead) and I scored principle roles."
The director, Mike Clattenburg of the Trailer Park Boys, heard the skits.
"He called me, and the whole crew went in," Estabrooks said. "Tyrone (Knucklehead) and I scored principal roles. My character never got aired, but all of us scored background parts as Roc Pile."
Estabrooks is also waiting for the upcoming release of the Clement Virgo-directed film, Poor Boy''s Game. The film, shot in Halifax, stars Danny Glover, Rossif Sutherland and features fellow Trailer Park boy, Corey Bowles.
"I play Dwayne," Estabrooks said. "I''m an aggressive character, a little hot tempered. It was a great time filming it. Danny Glover was really nice, he was down to earth. It was a great pleasure to work with everyone on set, even the people behind the scenes."
For more information or to sample tracks from Estabooks, soon-to-be released CD, go to https://www.tradebit.com and https://www.tradebit.com

Article in the Daily News April 5, 2007
Almost Famous
Garnet Estabrooks
Age: 28
A.K.A. : MArtin FInch. "It''s my alter-ego. It''s almost like the bad side of you. It''s like the balance of two evils within one person."
Hometown: Lower Sackville
Passion: Music
Online: https://www.tradebit.com or https://www.tradebit.com
Getting started: When he was 19 he started his own record company. Transparent Productions.
"A couple of my closest friends were rappers, and because I wanted them to be successful. I said "Well, I enjoy the business side of things," Estabrooks said.
He set up tours, did press kits, and managed several groups. The group that I managed back then , we toured with Choclair and The Rascalz nd I was the one working the deals."
What''s new: He''s put out a mixed tape before, and has been featured on other artist''s albums, but is about to release his first solo album. The Garnet LP will be released April 29, and can be purchased at MusicWorld in Bedford and Dartmouth.
Team Effort: Estabrooks has been working with a solid team, which includes his publicist. Dolby MacDonald and Deadbeat Promotions. His album also features Classified, Mike Boyd, Jordan Crougher, Whitemic, Knucklehead(Tyrone Parsons of Trailer Park Boys) and Boy-lll.
All About Acting: Estabrooks is more that jus ta hip-hop artist and music producer-he’s also a budding actor. HE filmed scenes for Trailer Park Boys that never aired, where he played a pimp called Greasy Greg. But has appeared on the show as one of J-Rock’s buddies.
He has a principle role in the Poor Boys Game with Danny Glover, which was shot in Halifax and opens in theatres this summer. Estabrooks says he landed the role in Poor Boys Game because of the guidance he received from Trailer Park Boys director Mike Clattenburg. He is very personable, in the whole acting industry, it feels like if you’re background, you’re nothing. But (Mile) would take us aside and explain the terminology, and tell us, from an actor’s point of view,” Estabrooks said. “He fed me the knowledge and guided me a great deal. So when I went for the audition (for Poor Boys Game) I had a lot of confidence.”
On Working with Danny Glover: ‘ His trailer was right next to mine and we were always talking. Whenever he met somebody, he came right over and hugged them and say, “God bless you, Much respect to you. He was just very happy to be here, and he embraced. It was the true sign of a professional.”
Day Job: Estabooks is a full-time student at Mount Saint Vincent University, and works about 72 hours a week in the health-care field.
Hanging Out: “ I use to play a lot of basketball when I was younger, but I suck now” Estabrooks said, “It’s hard, because you remember how good you were before, But I still like playing.”
Fave Books: Bowulf and David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire.
On The Tube: Hogan Knows Best and 48 Hours Mystery.
On The Big Screen: He likes Tremors and admits to a fondness for Dirty Dancing, “ I have two older sisters, so it was embedded in my brain.”
Fave Music: Hip-hop, especially from the 90’s.
Fave Food: Bruschetta.
Guilty Pleasure: Video games. “ I don’t own them, because if I did, I would flunk out of school and I wouldn’t make any money.”
Words of Wisdom: ‘Be yourself, don’t be someone else, just because you see
them on TV. Find your own identity.” -Heather Sawers

Shh… It’s a secret society
An interview with Martin Finch and Knucklehead of the Dead Poets Society

Garnet Estrabrooks a.k.a Martin Finch, Knucklehead and all the lyricists of the
Dead Poets Society are emcees who are “aware of hip hop’s past”. They are an
impeccable example of the impressive Hip-Hop talent that the Maritimes possess.
They capture the essence of old school Hip-Hop and incorporate it in ways that
express Hip-Hop as an art form rather than a corporate machine. This close
relationship to Hip Hop’s roots gives the dead poets society a pure, genuine,
and innovative sound.
The Dead Poets Society is “a legion of lyricists who do not wish to conform to
today’s Hip-Hop standards”. Their objective is simple, “to create dope music and
have fun doing so”. The Dead Poets Society “is not a group, it’s a culture and a
lifestyle” and its members are bound together by akin beliefs and values. The
legion of emcees have been together for many years. Right now, the members in
Dead Poets are White Mic, B.E.Z., DJ Prince, Knucklehead and Martin Finch. They
do not desire to be “compared to any crew nor be involved with what Hip-Hop has
turned into” which speaks volumes about their immense love for true Hip-Hop.
Their talent is intricate and diverse because all members can both freestyle and
rap exceptionally. The Dead Poets are a prime example of the undiscovered and
under appreciated Hip-Hop talent to emerge out of the Maritimes.
Growing up in Sackville Nova Scotia, what artists influenced you? Were they local?
M: I got props for a lot of artists man and I could name a few, but I’d probably
leave out a bunch. Buck 65, I respect him, Classified, I respect him, White
Mic, Knucklehead, B.E.Z, Short Shane, Skool boy, Mad Craze, all them guys, those
were the sort of people I came up with, so I got mad respect for them man.
There’s so many man, there is no way I can name them all.
K: Big Daddy cane, Wu-Tang…From around here, like, Class, Nathan C
What are you bumping in your playlist right?
M: Were bringing a little old school Helter Skelter with nocturnal, that shits
dope man, I’m always bumpin Wu-Tang non-stop.
K: Right now not really too many…Rocafella, Wu-Tang, Def Squad, Sean Price, my
own album knuckle up, dead poets society and just a few little mixtapes that we
do on the side.
If you had a chance to work with any artist, alive or dead, who would it be?
M& K: Old Dirty Bastard man! An Old Dirty Bastard, Knucklehead, and Martin Finch
track, it’d be the sickest shit ever man.
How many albums have you made?
M: I put out an album right here, it’s a mixtape called Dead Poets Society:
Secret Society Before though, I have helped artists put out some albums, I used
to manage a group called Ground Squad, who featured Classified, Knucklehead,
White Mic, Short Shane, Nathan C, Unknown, and DJ Mark Mirage.
K: Well this is actually my first solo debut album (Knuckle Up), my original
group when I came in this game was called Mad Craze, myself, Skool, Unknown,
Short Shane.
Do you have plans for more albums?
M: Right now the mixtape was sort of a marketing device to get my name out
there, so people know who I am, and just to get something done, cause we’ve been
slacking a little bit personally. I just wanted something out there. My album
is already 1/3 done, and we just decided to do it in May, we just recorded this
shit and got it out.
K: Well I want to release this mad craze album with the phella’s Skool, Short
Shane, and Unknown and hopefully go on right after that to release a second album
How would you describe your sound, or your style?
M: DPS is versatile, it has diversity. We can freestyle, we can rap, we can lay
it down. Its real rap. We’re speaking from experience, and not just some shit
we heard on someone else’s Album.
K: Just different…deep as in a voice…different as in unheard of and
blunt…Straight up!
So Martin Finch, you have a role on Trailer Park Boys, it must be pretty cool
M: Yeah, I don’t have a speaking part, I did at the beginning, it was a
character called Greasy Greg, but they decided not to bring that in.
Knucklehead has a part (Tyrone a.k.a T) but not Martin Finch. I’m just part of
the roc-pile.
Is acting just a side dish to your rapping, or is it something you wish to
pursue further?
M: Right now it’s like my third job man, but rap is a lifestyle, so I’ll always
live it. It’s not something that’s just going to die tomorrow. I can’t say I’ll
tour forever, I can’t say that I’ll keep recording, I just know that I’ll be
around hip/hop for the rest of my life.
K: Ya I would pursue it but it’s not something I’m trying to do full time as if
it were music, but if I got more roles to do acting I would definitely do them.
Buck 65, Classified, The Goods and Special K are all Maritime Hip-Hop artists,
do think the Maritimes is getting the respect it deserves?
M: Not at all, not at all. There are so many talented emcees in Nova Scotia
that don’t even get heard. It’s ridiculous. The only people who are getting
heard are getting breaks like with Canadian Idol but that’s bullshit, we got a
lot of talent, but we’re undiscovered
K: Not really… there’s too many people that have been doing music that are
actually good and aren’t getting the recognition they deserve and it’s time
that they do something… because the only people who can do something is
themselves so they got to step up, like us were trying to do something about it.
That’s the only way something is going happen. But to answer your question… no I
don’t think where getting the recognition we deserve.
True, now for a hypothetical question, if there was a movie about your life, who
would play you?
M: Of my life? A movie?
I’d play it. Fuck that Man. Gimme that money, I’d sell out and play myself. I
lived it, so I’d be able to act it.
K: Ah… it depends if I had a son, my son would probably play me…or me.
Martin Finch, You’re just finishing up a business degree, are you going to
incorporate this into your Hip-Hop, or is this part of your career plan?
M: I’m thinking about getting a degree in marketing. I mean, it’s always been a
strong point of mine, so I’m just going to go and get this marketing degree. I
figure wherever I go in marketing they are going to need scores or sound of some
sort, and they’re asking me who to get, I know who to get, cause I know the emcees.
Finally, Keith’s, or Keith’s Red?
M: I don’t drink Keith’s, I drink Rev.
K: ROUND A KEITH”S! … Keith’s green, normal Keith’s…Keith’s is the color of
green, the color of money.
To see freestyle videos, tour dates, or to learn more about Martin Finch,
Knucklehead and the entire Dead Poets society check out https://www.tradebit.com.

by: Peter Killorn
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