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Wouldnt It Be Great To Be Able To CLONE The Type Of Mind-Blowing Success That The Owners Of Google, MySpace & YouTube Have...
Now You Can! Sensational!
Welcome To Your Very Own Multi-Million Dollar Business!

From The Desk Of: Mark Young

Dear Friend:
If youve ever wished you had the limitless funds required to develop your own wildly popular web sites like the well-known sites shown right here...then youre in for a real treat today!
Introducing MillionDollarScriptBox! Your instant business empire in a box.
Weve virtually made it possible for you to have the same style of scripts that not only Google, MySpace and YouTube run on, but 11 more highly successful business sites. Heres the entire list of domains that you can emulate the success of with our quality scripts:
You wont need to worry about paying for the expensive script development fees that these companies initially paid, or spend years researching for what works and what doesnt... In fact, youll only be asked to invest a tiny fraction of the real value of these scripts... because the best parts have been cleverly cloned from the original web sites to include the most powerful features, without infringing on copyright.
What Can YOU Do With MillionDollarScriptBox?
Simply come up with a catchy new domain name to run these same type of money-making services as your own business empire, or resell the scripts separately and keep 100 of the profits!
When you consider the infinite earning potential, it really is mind blowing!
In the new millenium, its defiinitely the web sites that cater to social networking and free online services that are truly raking in the big bucks! Especially from advertising. Right now, Web 2.0 social networking is all the rave, with millions of people visiting these highly trafficked sites every single day. Look at the statistics below and imagine how having the immense power of these types of businesses at YOUR fingertips could make you an internet mogul:

Googles mission is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful. Thousands of advertisers use Google AdWords program to promote their products and services on the web with targeted advertising, and it is the largest program of its kind. In addition, thousands of web site managers take advantage of the Google AdSense program to deliver ads relevant to the content on their sites. Google has grown into a substantial business answering 18 million user queries every day.

YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience. It allows people to easily upload and share video clips online and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email. People are watching hundreds of millions of videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily. In fact, every minute, ten hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

RapidShare is a Web hoster that provides an easy way to share files world wide. With its one-click Web hosting solution, you can upload your files online for free with just one click. RapidShare hosts millions of files for its members today.

MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends friends. You can create a community on MySpace and share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends. MySpace is in over 26 languages, has over 100 million user accounts, attracts 500,000 new users each week, and generates over $25 million per month in advertising revenue. is an Internet directory that compiles and disseminates Web programming-related resources. is aimed at webmasters and programmers who are looking to enhance their Web sites and intranets with dynamic development tools etc. It is the premier network of online communities for technology professionals and technology enthusiasts, delivering over 20 million page views and over 3.3 million unique visits/mth.

ImageShack is the 5th-largest image hosting website on the Internet. They have a subscription service, but the majority of their revenue is produced from advertising related to their free image hosting. ImageShack receives over 26 million visitors per month.

UploadGalaxy is a free file sharing service that allows millions of user to upload and store files.

Xdrive is an online storage software platform through hosted, free and subscription-based services and is an easy, powerful and cost-effective way for individuals and businesses to store, backup, share, access and organize files. Xdrive provides data storage with all of the benefits of a networked environment. Thousands of individuals, small businesses and corporations use Xdrive.

TinyURL was created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier. By using the nifty form on this site, you can make any long URL much shorter. There is also a function to include the tinyurl bar in membership sites or affiliate resource areas in programs. Users have created more than 74 million tiny URLs, with over 2 billion hits/month.

Savefile File Hosting is a free service than can be used for uploading files up to 60MB each. After uploading, users are given a link that others can use to download the file. The file size limit is 60MB, and each file can be downloaded unlimited times. Registration isnt required for uploading files, but it provides more advantages. Thousands of users take advantage of this valuable service.

WhatIsMyIP is a free service that allows user to find out their own IP address, look up others IP addresses, and lookup country IP addresses. The site is accessed many 1000s of times each day.

Anonym is a free service that enables you to anonymize the links you use in your home page, web site, blog etc. It is available in 5 languages and is a highly trafficked site.

. Free Domain Name project was developed to provide Free Domain Names or Free Subdomain of . domain name to those who wish to get a cool and free domain name, free subdomain or free short URL, that looks like a real paid domain name. In addition to a free domain name, they also provide a number of value added features, such as Free URL Redirection, Free URL cloaking (URL Masking), Free Path Forwarding, meta tags support, and more. It is currently in the top 10 web hosting sites in Google.

YouSendIt is the trusted global leader in digital content delivery. Their innovative platform empowers people to send, receive and track digital files on-demand. YouSendIts reliable service provides a convenient email attachment solution, an easy-to-use FTP replacement, and eliminates the need to send files on disk with an overnight courier service. With more than 4 million registered users from 220 countries, YouSendIt transfers over 30,000 GB per day and over 500 million files to date.

MillionDollarScriptBox Allows You To Create A Web 2.0/Social Networking Or Free Online Service Business That Will Generate An Income For You!

- Plug N Play - This system is the easiest road to creating your own highly trafficked and highly active social networking or free online services site quickly. Just plug it in, configure and upload -- and youre ready to go!

- Robust Features - Even though the system was designed for complete simplicity of use, dont let that fool you! This thing is packed with hundreds of easily usable features you get access to as the site owner and administrator of the system

- Secure & Stable - We all know that it doesnt matter how revolutionary a new system or piece of software is if it doesnt run properly... Thats why weve designed the MillionDollarScriptBox software to be so super-stable and secure, so it will never break or go out of order!

- Web 2.0 Revolutionary - As you are going to see when you start using the scripts yourself, there are tons of proprietary & extremely cutting edge technology in YOUR new system. Your site will be attractive and easy-to-use to attract maximum visitors, signups and active members, guaranteed!

This is just a small sampling of the incredible benefits youll get from using the MillionDollarScriptBox package yourself... And anyone who purchases this package from you will also receive the very same benefits! Its extremely easy-to-sell, and not something that youve seen plastered all over the Internet. You can rest assured that this complete empire in a box will become a highly sought after package that will generate an income for you on autopilot.
This Sounds Great! But Can I Really Do This?
Yes, absolutely! Were going to answer your questions in advance here to assure you just how simple and straightforward putting this package to practical use is for anyone.
If you intend to use the scripts yourself on separate domains, or even on one domain, firstly lets assume that you know how to go about setting up a new domain. (If you dont, then go to and search for a domain name, then follow the instructions).

- Each script comes with full, easy-to-follow instructions for installation on your web server. Basically, all you need to do is follow the instructions to be literally up and running within hours.

- Brand your business by adding you own header and footer to each site, then add the sales letter. Make the layout of the site fit to your own preferences.

- Add your payment buttons and links where appropriate. Save and upload all the files to your server.

- Configure the program through the administration panel that only you have access to. Test your sites functionality to ensure its working correctly.

- Promote your site and wait for new members and users to start signing and/or using your service.

We highly recommend that you start with one script, get that up and running, then continue onto the installation of the next script. Then you can be making money while youre working on launching the next program. Make good business sense?
If you intend to resell the scripts, this is the easy 3-step procedure you will need to follow:
1. You can resell this entire package if you wish. It comes complete with a sales page and associated graphics to sell the script package. Simply add your name to the sales page, update the payment buttons and links, save the page and upload all the files to your web server. Alternatively, you may prefer to sell the scripts separately, in which case you can do so by adding them to any existing web page that you own -- or create a new web page. All you need are a few details about the script and a payment button.
2. Test out the sales process and make sure it works properly.
3. Promote and wait for the sales to roll in! Remember, YOU keep 100 of the profits!
Just think of the time youll be saving by not having to be a pioneer and develop these scripts yourself... You wont have to go through the trial and error of getting the script perfect either. Its already been done in advance for you!
Imagine how much your income potential will increase by adding the outstanding value of these scripts to your existing business, or by creating a completely new business as you see fit!
The flexibility of this package suits webmasters of all experience levels, and makes it a definite must-have resource for any budding entrepreneur wanting to make a dramatic impact online.
Imagine how good it will feel to be able to call yourself a successful business owner...

MillionDollarScriptBox Has The Ingredients To Boost Your Profits Into Overdrive!

The invaluable power in the entire MillionDollarScriptBox package is so extensive and potent, but still so easy-to-use and profit from, that youre going to be totally pumped about wanting to start promoting your new business immediately! But dont just take our word for it, look at what our satisfied customers have to say below...

Id been looking around for something like this for a long time... then I gave up because I couldnt find it, and certainly didnt have the dough to get it made myself! Needless to say, I jumped at the chance of buying these scripts. Nothing would stop me.
Im glad I did. I now have an online business I can be proud of, and all the hard work was already done for me!Thanks!

--James Wheeler Jr, Ca, US
I bought the Million Dollar Script Box package because I hadnt seen such a range of successful business style scripts offered around the web before. Reselling was a good choice! Ive made my money back multiple times!

--Maurice Clarke, Fl, US
This time last year, I would never have thought that Id be running a site like Google or MySpace! These are all businesses Im proud to own and be associated with!
--K. Anderson, Sussex, UK
Im blown away by the extreme value offered here! Dont pass this one up folks!
--Barry Brown, Vic, Australia

Everything you need is laid out clearly so even a total newbie can leverage the booming Web 2.0 marketing trend, and really become an authoritative social networking business owner. And you can seriously take advantage of the advertising revenue available from the awesome free online services at your fingertips now!

Did you know that you truly deserve to have all the success, sales and customers that you could ever dream of? Its not as hard as you think... All you need to do is make a positive decision to move forward to secure your business future by purchasing the MillionDollarScriptBox package today.
Youre probably worried that the MillionDollarScriptBox will cost you a lot of money... but you have nothing to worry about.

We always strive to provide extreme value in every offer that we put together, and this time is no different.

In fact, if you are decisive and take action today, you are going to get the entire MillionDollarScriptBox package for the incredibly cheap price of just $5.99! (I know, it really IS cheap right?)
Dont You Deserve To Finally Start Making
More Money From Web 2.0 Marketing & Highly Sought After Web Services Like You Hear Everyone Buzzing About Online?
Arent you tired of trying to grind through all of that fluff online to find something that really works, only to be let down time and time again?

Well you dont have to suffer that awful gut-wrenching feeling ever again!

With the security of the MillionDollarScriptBox package, youll finally be able to generate a REAL income online without all of the fluff, clutter, confusion and lies! No training course required to implement or resell these scripts - guaranteed!

Just use or resell this package and itll be like youve found the golden goose!

Even if you feel a bit on the fence about buying right now... Think about this for a moment... Were 100 sure that once you use the scripts in this package for the first time, you will be convinced that youve made the right decision, and extremely happy with the profitable results!
Are you ready to emulate the success of the big multi-million dollar companies now?

Just by ordering now, you will gain instant access to the MillionDollarScriptBox package, that will dramatically change your Internet presence like youd never believe. But we wont leave you there on your own... If you have any further questions, you can submit a support request at any time.

Listen, its not every day that an opportunity like this comes around, but when it does, you need to be decisive and take action.

Once you start putting the MillionDollarScriptBox package to use, youre going to feel a whole new level of financial security and abundance that will fuel you to succeed even more!
Order Right Now
The MillionDollarScriptBox
With Full Master Resale Rights
Including Reseller Website Kit
For Just $5.99 Only!
Simply click the button below and enter your payment details to order now!

Remember to remove this line & Link the above order button to your payment page

To Your Success,

Mark Young

P.S. MillionDollarScriptBox comes with Full Master Resale Rights & Complete Reseller Website Kit. Allowing you to Sell this Package to Others.
P.S.S. Can you believe how affordable this is? Act now before your competition beats you to it!
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Note: For installing some of the script you may have to take help of a professional programmer. Tech Support for the script is not provided.


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Distributor: 2012-2018 Web Marketing Solutions

Guarantee: This product is refundable

Includes FREE Web Marketing Solutions Power Marketing Pack?: Yes

Have any questions? Please visit my contact page:

Thank you for taking interest in our products and have an excellent day

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