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SkyJack SJ643TH SJ843TH Service Manual

This manual is based on Serial Number(s):
SJ643 TH & SJ843 TH 87 110 032 & Above

Telehandler Definition
Purpose of Equipment
Use of Equipment
Service Policy and Warranty
Optional Accessories
Scope of this Manual
Operator Safety Reminders
Electrocution Hazard
Safety Precautions
Maintenance and Inspection Schedule
Owners Annual Inspection Record
Replacement Parts
Maintenance and Service Safety Tips
Jobsite Inspection
Hydraulic System & Component Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance Hints
About this Section
Service Bulletins
Maintenance and Inspection
Maintenance Instructions
1.1 Scheduled Maintenance Inspections
1.2 Function Tests

Table 2.1 Standard & Optional Features
Table 2.2 Specifications & Features
Table 2.3 Tire/Wheel Specifications
Table 2.4 Recommended Fluids/Lubrication
Table 2.5 Pressure Settings

3.1 Electrical Symbol Chart
3.2 Hydraulic Symbol Chart
3.3 Electrical Schematic Parts List
3.4 Hydraulic Schematic Parts List
3.5 Hydraulic Pump and Return Filter Ports Identification
3.6 Steering Control Unit Ports Identification
3.7 Service Brake Actuator (Brake Pedal) Ports Identification
3.8 Auxiliary Block Ports Identification
3.9 Joystick Port Identifications
3.10 Optional Reserve Brake Manifold Ports Identification
3.11 Major Components Identification and Location
3.12 Main Control Valve Port Identification
3.12 Main Control Valve Port Identification (Continued)
3.13 Enclosed Cab Harness & Wiring Diagram
3.14 Glow Plug Harness & Wiring Diagram
3.15 Road Lights Harness & Wiring Diagram
3.16 Work Lights Harness & Wiring Diagram
3.17 Boom Lights Harness & Wiring Diagram
3.18 Beacon Light Harness & Wiring Diagram
3.19 Console Harness and Layout
3.20 Console Harness Wiring Diagram
3.21 Engine Harness
3.22 Engine Harness Wiring Diagram
3.23 Chassis Harness
3.24 Chassis Harness Wiring Diagram
3.25 Electrical Schematic
3.25 Electrical Schematic (Continued)
3.25 Electrical Schematic (Continued)
3.26 Hydraulic Schematic
3.27 Hydraulic Schematic (Reserve Brake Option)

4.1 Electrical System
4.1-1 Engine Will Not Crank
4.1-2 Engine Cranks But Will Not Run
4.1-3 All Electrical Controls Inoperative (park brake will not release, all other dash switches and lights inoperative,
joystick electrical switches inoperative, etc.)
4.1-4 Park Brake Will Not Release (transmission remains in neutral regardless of shift lever position)
4.1-5 Park Brake Will Not Release (transmission will engage)
4.1-6 Transmission Will Not Engage (park brake will release)
4.1-7 No Forward Drive
4.1-8 No Reverse Drive
4.1-9 No 1st Speed Range
4.1-10 No 2nd Speed Range
4.1-11 No Boom Up, Front Steer Mode Only
4.1-12 Front Steer Mode Only
4.1-13 No 4W (Round) Steer Mode
4.1-14 No Crab Steer Mode
4.1-15 No Boom Up, Frame Level Operates Normally
4.1-16 No Boom Up and No Frame Level
4.1-17 Frame Will Not Tilt Over 4° With Boom Below 40°
4.1-18 No Frame Level
4.1-19 No Frame Level With Boom Angle Below 40°, Works Above 40°
4.1-20 No Frame Level With Boom Angle Above 40°, Works Below 40°
4.1-21 No Frame Level Left
4.1-22 No Frame Level Right
4.1-23 Function Does Not Switch from Telescope In/Out To Frame Level Left/Right With Frame Level Switch
SW5 Depressed or from Boom Raise To Carriage Tilt Up With Carriage Tilt Switch SW6 Depressed
4.1-24 Function Does Not Switch from Telescope In/Out To Frame Level Left/Right With Frame Level Switch
SW5 Depressed
4.1-25 Function Does Not Switch from Boom Raise/Lower To Carriage Tilt Up/Down With Carriage Tilt Switch
SW6 Depressed
4.2 Hydraulic System
4.2-1 All Controls inoperative
4.2-2 All Boom Functions Inoperative
4.2-3 No Boom Raise
4.2-4 No Boom Lower
4.2-5 No Telescope Out
4.2-6 No Telescope Retract
4.2-7 No Carriage Tilt Up
4.2-8 No carriage Tilt Down
4.2-9 No Frame Level Right
4.2-10 No Frame Level Left
4.2-11 No Aux. functions
4.2-12 Hard or No Steering
4.2-13 Park Brake will not Release
4.2-14 Park Brake Will Not Engage
4.2-15 Service Brake Will Not Engage

Safety and Workmanship
Engine and Transmission
5.1 10 Hour or Daily Routine Maintenance
5.1-1 Check Engine Oil Level
5.1-2 Check Coolant Level, Radiator and Hoses
5.1-3 Check Transmission Fluid Level
5.1-4 Check Air Cleaner Restriction and Filter Elements
5.1-5 Check Hydraulic Oil Level
5.1-6 Drain Fuel/Water Separator
5.1-7 Fuel Tank
5.1-8 Check Parking Brake
5.1-9 Check Tire Pressure and Condition
5.1-10 Check Seat Belt and Mounting Hardware
5.1-11 Check Windshield Washer Fluid Level and Wiper Condition
5.2 50 Hour or Weekly Routine Maintenance
5.2-1 Grease Axle Pivot Bearings and King Pins
5.2-2 Grease Drive Shaft U-joints and slip joints
5.2-3 Check Fork Pins
5.2-4 Grease Frame Level Pivot Bushings
5.2-5 Grease Boom Pivot and Boom Cylinders
5.2-6 Grease Bottom Front & Top Rear Slide Pads
5.3 250 Hour or Quarterly Routine Maintenance
5.3-1 Check Lug Nut Torque
5.3-2 Check Oil Level in Axle Differential Planetary wheel Ends
5.3-3 Check Oil level in Axle differentials
5.3-4 Replace Engine Oil and Filter
5.3-5 Change Engine Fuel filter and Fuel/Water Separator
5.3-6 Clean Hydraulic Tank Breather
5.3-7 Torque Axle Mounting Bolts
5.3-8 Inspect Boom Chains
5.3-9 Check Boom Slide Pad Clearances
5.3-10 Check Boom Chains Tension
5.3-11 Chain Tension Adjustment
5.4-1 Change Hydraulic Oil Filter
5.4-2 Change Hydraulic Oil and Clean Hydraulic Tank
5.4-3 Change Axle Differential Oil
5.4-4 Change Axle Planetary Oil
5.4-5 Change Engine Coolant
5.4-6 Change Transmission Oil and Filter
5.4-7 Inspect Boom Chains
5.5 Non-Routine Maintenance
5.5-1 Boom Hoses and Sheaves Replacement
5.5-1-1 Remove Hose Sheaves
5.5-1-2 Remove Boom Hoses
5.5-2-2 Inspect Boom Hydraulic Hoses
5.5-2-3 Install Hose Sheaves
5.5-2-4 Install Boom Hydraulic Hoses
5.5-3 Boom Chains Replacement
5.5-3-1 Remove Extend Chain
5.5-3-2 Install Extend Chain
5.5-3-3 Remove Retract Chain
5.5-3-4 Install Retract Chain
5.5-5 Slide Pads Replacement Procedure
5.5-5-1 Remove Slide Pads
5.5-5-2 Install Slide Pads
5.5-6 Hydraulic Pressure Test Procedure
5.5-6-1 System Pressure
5.5-6-2 Steering Pressure
5.5-6-3 Service Brake Pressure
5.5-6-4 Pilot Pressure
5.5-7 Hydraulic Pump Testing Procedure
5.5-11 T12000 Modulation
5.5-12 Deutz Fault Codes
5.5-13 Starter Replacement Procedure
5.6 Electronic Tilt Switch Setup Procedure
5.6-1 Tilt Switch Replacement
5.6-2 Reprogramming Existing Tilt Switch
5.6-3 Test and Verify Tilt Circuit
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