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MP3 Geoff Byrd and the Candy Shell - Featurette

Singer/songwriter going all mad scientist in the studio. Well recorded with excellent sonic quality and yet stripped down and raw with a real vulnerability and emotional rawness.

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POP: Beatles-pop, POP: Psychedelic Pop

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Geoff byrd was on the grammy ballot in 2004 in 4 catagories, as well as being up for an Emmy for "Friend is a Friend" (Toddworld).

#1 in the world on the internet for two weeks. The only independent artist to ever achieve a #1 position in the history of the internet.

Featured on Fox''s Next Great American Band as the lead singer/songwriter of The Likes of You. His song "When I Fall From Grace" was featured on the finale of the show.

https://www.tradebit.com''s all time best rated artist.

Internet breakthrough artist of the year, Live 365

Toured (solo) as the opening act for Hall and Oates on tour in the U.S. and Canada. (50 shows) including the Greek in LA, The Beacon in NYC and the Orpheum in Boston and the Hummingbird in Toronto and St. Dennis theater in Montreal.

Has been featured in many articles as the first artist to break through from the internet into the mainstream (wikopedia), as well as the Washington Times, the cover of R&R and the cover of Billboard.

- Geoff Byrd on the Grammy ballot (2006) in 4 categories:

Best New Artist
Best Arrangement
Best Pop Song
Best Pop Male Vocalist

-4 songs in the top 10 all time (https://www.tradebit.com)

-#42 song in America with the single, "Before Kings" on Hot AC radio, written and performed by Geoff Byrd

#3 song in America on AC radio from Jim Brickman''s record "Escape" with the single, "When It Snows" featuring Geoff Byrd singing lead and backing vox.

#1 song in the world for two weeks on the internet with the single "Silver Plated" written and performed by Geoff Byrd (radio wave monitor)

WON A "MIKEY" (a gold mic award from Live 365 for internet artist of the year)

Songs appear on: MTV shows "Next," "Real World," and "Road Rules" plus "America''s Next Top Model," "Underaged and Engaged," "The Hills," Byrd also co-wrote and produced the theme song for "Cheerleader Nation" (Lifetime) and "Top This Party" (Lifetime) and "Wanna Go Fishing" (ESPN) and many others...

Wrote the theme song for "Cheerleader Nation" on Lifetime as well as "Wanna Go Fishing" on ESPN2 with Josh Millman

Geoff Byrd is the vocalist on "Friend is a Friend" on the kids animated show called "Toddworld" (on the Emmy ballot 2005)

Top 10 downloads on MSN and https://www.tradebit.com, as well as charting on hundreds of internet radio stations.

featured on the Mark and Brian show in Nov 2005

Guest on the Rick Dees show (launch on his website and radio show in LA) played live on his radio show and website.

Appeared on PDXPosed, AM NW and won KGW Channel 8 "Gimme the Mike" show; a singing competition. Byrd appreared as a judge the next year on the show.

Sponsored by:
Alvarez Guitars
Elixir Strings

Featured On:
Billboard (cover)
Radio and Records (cover)
Unsigned Magazine
Washington Times
Hollywood Independent
Fox News
Music Connection
Hollywood Reporter
Forbes Magazine
San Diego Tribune
Ventura Star
Fox TV (Next Great American Band)
CNet news
West Coast Performer
Goldmine Magazine
Music Connection
MTV news
MSN News
CNN, The Oregonian
Willamatte Week
The Portland Mercury
The LA Independent
The LA Daily News
Yahoo news
Cover page of https://www.tradebit.com
All Access Music
and many more.

Hall and Oates, Jem, Seal, Kansas, John Waite, American Hi Fi, Michael Penn, The Superficials, James Guffee (The Tories). Jurassic 5, The Calling, and many others.


Daryl Hall, John Oates and Geoff Byrd


John Oates (Hall and Oates)
Jed Leiber (Cindy Lauper, Jeff Beck, Oates)
Billy Morrison (The Cult, Camp Freddy)
Michael Page (The Superficials)
Josh Millman (The Superficials)
Linda Foster (Whitney Houston)

Latest writeup in the Portland Tribune 5/6/06
"Geoff Byrd might be the most popular artist you''ve never heard of. The Portland native has worked hard and racked up a list of impressive accomplishments that include having four out of five most downloaded songs on MSN simultaneously. Byrd also has been played on a list of influential mainstream radio stations and has been invited to tour with Hall and Oates - all without the support of a major label. His latest album, "Shrinking Violets" is full of well-crafted, radio-friendly pop-rock. Catch this former Reynolds High School teacher and his ace band tonight at Dante''s."

Cover of Unsigned Magazine in March along with a 6 page cover story spread.


"Geoff Byrd is a Goldmine! And the band is tighter than a condom!"
-Isaac Hayes

Geoff Byrd: Oregonian Hot Pick!

Geoff Byrd''s "Candy Shell" mixed "down south" in Los Angeles by the recently relocated Portland, Oregon wunderkind Steve Sundholm (Geoff Byrd, Lowcraft), these tracks literally storm the castle, displaying desperate yet unshakeable confidence, shotgun wed to worldclass songcraft. Now cometh the roar...these songs bespeak a firebrand urgency and intensity- and they display sheer creative range that most bands are either too timid or too unskilled to ever, ever, EVER attempt.
-Daylight Assassin

Click the link below. The headline reads: A "Silver Plated" Bullet Hits the Music World
The Web is giving little-known musicians a way to reach new audiences. Are the big labels ready for a new development model?" -by ihollywood forum

Geoff Byrd: GarageBand Artist Fast Becoming a Pop Star via the Internet

Big Talent and Unparalleled Support from https://www.tradebit.com, Live365 and MSN Music Making New Pop Sensation the First Artist to be Discovered and Broken Via the Web
Click the link below for the full story:

Headline: Sallie Mae''s Benefit Concert Raises $60,000 for Shade Tree Shelter (this is the Vegas House of Blues show we played with Geoff Byrd, John Waite, Jem and Jurassic 5)

Here''s an article on Geoff''s performance at MUSIC 2.0 conference in LA on Dec. 8th:

Here''s an article from Forbes about Geoff Byrd and digital music trends (Scroll down to the headline that says: "MSN Music Showcases New Pride & Joy")

Geoff Byrd recently played shows at:

The House of Blues (Las Vegas), Baraccuda (Portland) 105.1 "The Buzz" sponsored show with The Calling. Dante''s (Portland), The Red Devil Lounge (San Francisco) The Viper Room (LA), The Roxy (LA), The Whiskey (LA), headlined the Billboard Digital Awards Conference (UCLA), Featured musician at Music 2.0 conference (ihollywood forum), KLOS, (LA) KRSK, (Portland) KPLZ (Seattle) in studio interviews and performances. The Mark and Brian show (LA). Soon to play the Knitting Factory NY (sponsored by Budweiser, https://www.tradebit.com and Billboard magazine), The Greek, The Beacon NYC, The Orpheum, Boston, Royce Hall UCLA, Mohigan Sun, etc.

Geoff Byrd has appeared in:

2''s "Offshore Adventures (Two songs "I''m In Love" and "Tale of the Rain and the Moon," MTV''s "America or Busted" ("I''m In Love"), Toddworld TLC/Discovery, BBC, ABC Australia, 2 full songs written by the folks that wrote the music for Kim-Possible and sung by Geoff Byrd, "Friend is a Friend" and "The Right Thing"...Smokey Robinson sang the title track on the sound-track. Both of these songs will be on the sound-track as well. Featured in "The Originals Tour" TV pilot.

Radio stations that Geoff Byrd has been in rotation on:
-105.1 FM KRSK "The Buzz" (Portland) #2 requested song "Silver Plated" A rotation,
-KPLZ "Star" in Seattle..."Silver Pated" in rotation
-KRSH in Santa Rosa...."Silver Plated" in rotation
-KLLY in Bakersfield..."Silver PLated" in rotation
-KINK in Portland spun as featured artist multiple times
-WMRF-FM/Lewistown, PA and WLAK-FM/Huntingdon, PA (Merf Radio)
-WMYX Milwaukie WI (Featured spins)
-Star 93.3 (WBWZ) Poughkeepsie, NY
-Radio P-4 Sweden
-XEB AM 1220 n MVS 102.5 FM (Mexico)
-KESC 103.7 Oklahoma ("Silver Plated" in rotation)
-88.1 KWVA (University of Oregon, featured spins and interviews).
-Geoff Byrd featured on KDEP 105.5 FM
-Feature and interviews at KSCU (Santa Clara)
-Featured on CBC Radio Canada.

Hundreds of web radio stations including Live 365 (went to #1 overall added song on their network just above U2 "Vertigo"), MSN radio, Yahoo radio, XM Satellite going to do a live full band performance and broadcast. M3 radio ("Silver Plated" went to #1 on their charts)

Also, DMX features much of Geoff Byrd''s catalogue and is played in retail stores across America.

https://www.tradebit.com (all 4 songs posted entered the top 10 in pop and pop/rock..."Elusive Butterfly was #1 for 6 months), -featured on more than 75 stations across the u.s. via Net Music Countdown hosted by David Lawrence. https://www.tradebit.com

Testimonials and press about Geoff Byrd:

"Geoff is a star on the rise. He''s talented, hardworking and his extraordinary vocal range delivers a fine mix of funk and soul." ~Tamara Allegra Conniff/Executive Editor/Billboard~

"Geoff has everything going for him. He''s got immense talent, good looks, a superstar personality and most important of all for us radio folks, a great song, "Silver Plated." It''s a perfect fit for Hot AC. I''m sold on Geoff Byrd! ~ Alisa Hashimoto, Music Director, KPLZ ~ Seattle.

"We all listened to the song and it is one of the best to come out of the Northwest in a long time! Best of success!" -Kent Phillips, Program Director KPLZ, Seattle.

"Geoff''s sound is exactly what this format needs! Fresh, unique and most of all, memorable. Geoff Byrd is the next superstar at the Hot A/C format!" ~Dan Persigehl Program Director, KRSK "The Buzz," Portland~

"Geoff Byrd is truly a breath of fresh air but at the same time
reminiscent of the glory days of the best pop and soul. He covers the
entire spectrum of what it takes to be a great artist - infectious
melodies, pop in it''s finest and most basic form, vocal deliveries from
the heart, and a tornado of soul especially when seen live. Geoff was an
absolute Star!" ~Jon Pleeter, CAA~

"https://www.tradebit.com receives daily submissions from 120,000 bands, and every
song gets rated by randomly-assigned members from our community of
450,000 listeners. Out of hundreds of thousands of songs, a few good
songs rise up the charts because hundreds of listeners have consistently
given them high ratings. It''s rare that https://www.tradebit.com sees an artist with such outstanding ratings as Geoff Byrd. Out of a deluge of submissions by hundreds of thousands of musicians, Geoff''s music has consistently risen to the top because hundreds of randomly-assigned https://www.tradebit.com listeners have consistenly given it high ratings. Geoff Byrd has not just one, but three songs in the top 10 of https://www.tradebit.com''s "Pop" or "Pop/Rock" charts, an exceptional accomplishment for any artist." ~ Ali Partovi, CEO, https://www.tradebit.com~

"If good looks and a little bit of talent are all you need to make it big in pop music, then Portland recording artist Geoff Byrd is one step away from his own platinum paradise. Standing well over six feet 6 inches tall, with chiseled good looks and a face that screams both boy next door and rebel without a cause, Byrd is a looker, but like his debut record Candy Shell, there´s a lot more substance inside this indie rocker once you make your way passed the sugary sweet exterior. He´s zealous, warm and sincere — rarities in the often fake and fickle world of the music industry." ~LA Independent ~

Read the whole article here.

~RUSS REGAN~ (former president of Motown Records, signed Elton John, named the Beach Boys, responsible for over 1 BILLION records sold and countless hits!)

"Geoff Byrd is one BIG-sounding indie artist, complete with quality songwriting and impressive vocals. He has a sound any Major Label would be proud to market." ~ Paul Loggins (CEO, Loggins Promotion / Editor-Publisher, New Music Weekly)~

"We''re really picky about what goes on the front page. We get about 75 new
albums a day coming in here now, (about 30,000 total), and yours is one of
the best I''ve ever heard." ~Derek Sivers, CDBaby President/CEO~ https://www.tradebit.com

"From the moment this tall, lanky lead singer opened his mouth and started to
sing, I knew he was a "hit waiting to happen"...any lead singer that can
stop me in my tracks when I''m headin'' out the door has gotta have some
serious ''magic'' that borders on ''spooky''..which is exactly what you need to
get to the top of the mountain that "is" rock n roll" ~Benny Mardones, (singer/songwriter, hit song, "into the night," 6 million records sold)~https://www.tradebit.com

"Geoff Byrd is incredible... he''s an unscratched multi-million dollar
lottery ticket... one of the best songwriters/singers/producers I''ve heard,
and he''s also a great guy. 3 million sold in the next year. Remember who
said it first!" ~Ced Moore ~ CEO American Skye Records/Aspen Agency, record
producer/songwriter (Usher, 2pac, 112, Nivea) {Over 15 million records sold}

"Geoff Byrd is the real deal. "He is Elton John, the Beatles and the Bee Gees all wrapped up into one charismatic package. He will soon be his own institution in this business mark my words!" ~Norman Ratner, (#1 Hit Producer, Co-Founder of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, millions sold)~

"Geoff Byrd has real talent, I get in 200 tapes a day and this guy stuck out
immediately, he needs to be all over the radio...great songwriting and great
vocals!" ~David Moody, (multiple Grammy Award winning producer)~

"Geoff''s got a great sound and if there''s more where that came from, he''s more than likely to be one of 2005''s Newest Star''s!" ~James Baker Music Director, KIOI/STAR 1013 San Francisco

"Geoff Byrd is a Class act! Music that finds a friendly ear appealing to all generations. Geoff''s lyrics are unforgettable, his music is unstoppable, his style: timeless. Geoff''s music is time passages of his life experiences that we all can relate to. His music is refreshing, unique and instantly liked! We are extremely picky about who we play on our radio station. Without a second thought and within a blink of an eye, we knew Geoff Byrd had to played daily on our station. His CD Candy Shell is a must have for any music lover. Soon, you too will be singing every word of every song. It''s that GOOD!" ~Doug "Dougo" Sims, Manager/On-air Personality/host of Rising Star 103.7 KESC, Oklahoma~

"Soulful pop songs from an up-and-coming singer who has earned comparisons
to John Mayer. Based on his melodic falsetto alone, we can say this may not
be enough of a compliment." ~The Oregonian~

"A solo performer with expert backup and producer (Steve Sundholm), Byrd has
a terrific pop voice that''s well suited to his material, which aims for
mainstream radio. "Silver Plated" is a straightforward, mid-tempo cut that''s
flawlessly mounted. "Elusive Butterfly" shows Byrd''s voice can easily take
flight when necessary." ~Music Connection~

"I once heard that Rivers Cuomo from Weezer carries around a three-ring
binder full of spreadsheets and diagrams - dissections of songs - which he
studies in an effort to uncover the formula for the perfect pop song. I get
the feeling that Portland''s Geoff Byrd may have gotten his hands on this
binder and added the crucial missing ingredient that Rivers Cuomo will
probably always be too off-beat to ever provide - mass accessibility. The
pop purity is flawless and the production and performances are top-notch.
Including a cover of the bee gee''s "How Deep Is Your Love", "Candy Shell" is
eleven perfectly crafted tunes, smoothly sung and undeniably radio friendly.
All this release needs is a little marketing money and Carson Daly''s
televised approval. In fact, if these songs aren''t all over the radio within
six months, someone somewhere did something horribly wrong. Mark my words."

"Byrd has a genuine gift for melody. Byrd comes with impeccable influences (Beatles, Elvis Costello, Bee Gees, Prince and Al Green), which helps to explain his tuneful songwriting. It doesn''t hurt that Byrd has a fine band backing him. Steve Sundholm''s crisp but never-too-slick production showcases these tight, pop-rock confections to their greatest advantage. Byrd seems very much his own man, one who excels in the kind of tuneful pop-rock songs that would be Top 40 material in a better world."
~Goldmine Magazine~

"appropriately described as john mayer with more conviction and a heck of a
lot more guts, or perhaps coldplay on too much caffeine. this album doesn''t
beat around the bush when it comes to instantly grabbing, mind-filling pop
rock with a three dimentional presence to encompass both light and dark.
while the production and texturing sparkles, this isn''t your overly-glossed
pop candy; it comes with many tastes and satisfies a full palate...first
sweet, then buttery with body and finally goes down with a creamy
satisfaction. definitely a mood lifter!" ~CDBaby~
(Geoff Byrd: "Candy Shell" TOPSELLER)

"Not many ballads make it into the rotation of Popbang Radio, mainly because power pop means energy! But in this case, Geoff Byrd has made an exceptional ballad reminiscent of the best stuff by Eric Carmen, Kyle Vincent and ELO. Wonderfly sung and perfectly produced, "Frozen" is just one of many strong tracks on the excellent "Candy Shell". Do not let this artist slip by your ears." ~https://www.tradebit.com~

"Geoff Byrd (and his stalwart backing band) are destined for very big
things. His songs are memorable; the arrangements are tight as a drum. Geoff
is an evocative vocalist gifted with a facile instrument, availed of a
remarkable vocal range and depth of emotion. Success seems not so much a
possibility for this talented young man, as a certainty." ~Two Louies Magazine~

"The right measures of pure talent, hard work and confidence have given
Geoff Byrd & "Candy Shell" an appointment with destiny and he will not be
denied. The music is completely engaging & friendly and they make one
believe that it''s all so easy. Geoff Byrd''s lyrics never waste a word and
his vocal deliveries are always in sync with the superb artists playing with
him." ~https://www.tradebit.com~

"Byrd has a versatile voice, including a fine falsetto, and he crafts catchy choruses."
~The Portland Mercury~

"Geoff Byrd''s music sounds like summertime. The lighthearted pop and breathy vocals found on "Candy Shell," his mainstream debut album, provide the ideal accompaniment to lazy days at the beach and Saturday afternoon lounging. A radio-friendly mix of John Mayer, Ben Folds and E, Byrd and his back-up band deftly perform their catchy melodies with practiced ease."
~Siren Song Magazine~

"Imagine a mix between Jellyfish, a young and horny Elton John and Ben Folds
and you''re there... and what a voice he has! Melodic madness... I just love
it. A big bravo to Geoff, splendid work!" ~https://www.tradebit.com~

"I have to admit -- I LOVE this guy!!!!!!! What''s his name again?? My God, he is going to be HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! What a voice - expressive, sexy, elastic -- I could go on and on. I dragged my husband Ben in to hear this and he said, ''Who the hell is that!?'' and "who is writing these great songs and getting these great people" ~Producer, "Toddworld" The Learning Channel~

"Byrd Starting to Fly: Geoff Byrd is the first unsigned artist to be given air time on The Buzz, Portland´s 105.1. The song "Silver Plated is off his latest release Candy Shell (reviewed in this issue) After winning the local Gimme The Mike contest, one of the judges, Sheryl Stewart, on air personality and Music Director at The Buzz, was so impressed by Geoff´s talent she took his CD directly to her Program Director, Dan Persigehl. They then asked him to perform at a Buzz event with the Calling and Howie Day and the rest is history. There is a candy coated future For Byrd, he recently signed with booking agency Creative Artist Agency (CAA) generating interest from major labels. Signing Byrd was an unconventional move for CAA, which books tours for national acts including Maroon 5 and rarely takes on artists without major label support. Byrd said that he is excited about his band´s future with CAA. "They just get it, they get us," he said." ~ West Coast Performer~

"Geoff Byrd is the first pop star truly born on the internet! 472,600 Internet listeners can''t be wrong!" ~https://www.tradebit.com~

"Local guitar popper Geoff Byrd sings elegantly and in key over catchy pop-rock jams, backed by an extraordinarily tight band!"
~Willamatte Week~

"One of my favorite artists." ~Bill Wadhams, (Animotion, hit single "Obsession")~

"I am a big Geoff Byrd fan...great classic pop songs!" ~Pat Boone"

"Geoff Byrd is a Goldmine! And the band is tighter than a condom!"
-Isaac Hayes

"One of the most talented singer/songwriters I have heard! I mean this guy is a star!"
~Phil Ehart, founding member of Kansas~ (30 million records sold)

"From the moment this tall, lanky lead singer opened his mouth and started to
sing, I knew he was a "hit waiting to happen"...any lead singer that can
stop me in my tracks when I''m headin'' out the door has gotta have some
serious ''magic'' that borders on ''spooky''..which is exactly what you need to
get to the top of the mountain that "is" rock n roll" ~Benny Mardones, (singer/songwriter, hit song, "into the night," 6 million records sold)~https://www.tradebit.com

"One independent artist who seems to be making headway on his own is Portland, OR singer/songwriter Geoff Byrd. Labels are knocking, and the buzz is spreading through the radio community. Sheryl Stewart, music director at KRSK, "The Buzz" in Portland, OR explains: ''we suggested that Geoff add more guitars to "Silver Plated" and the next day, we had a new mix in our hands. We put it on the air, and it instantly became one of our most requested songs. We''ve since had Geoff open up for The Calling at our Cheap Date show. He and his band are on par with any national band out there!"
~Radio and Records~
Read more testimonials from fans who have purchased the CD here: https://www.tradebit.com

Interact with Geoff here:

Other Facts:

Used to be a high school teacher at Reynolds High School in Troutdale Orgeon

Woked at Dark Horse Comics in Milwaukie Oregon as a colorist

Starred in a movie called "The Finest Hour" as "Robbie" coming out in 2008.

Is currently writing a book called "Clarity"

Has frequently appeared as a guest speaker at numerous high schools accross America promoting the arts in public schools and motivational speaker promoting the idea of going for your dreams and the power of positive thinking.


© 2008 Geoff Byrd
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