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MP3 Marta G. Wiley - Bra
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Wicked Smart
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Glass & Steal
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Brain the Soul
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Dont Come Home
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Lunatic of Love
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God Help Me Now
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Fuck Corporate Death
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At Deaths Door
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Contemporary Avant Garde

10 MP3 Songs
AVANT GARDE: Classical Avant-Garde, CLASSICAL: Contemporary

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Marta Wiley releases 100 albums:

2007 releases- SkullPrincess, Flaw, BraintheSoul, LoveunderWill, Amnesia, WoundedLittleGirl, TheMissingLink, Icarus, Markmywords, WatchMeRise.

2006 releases- SoulAssasins, Killwithalook, SpoonBender, Stricken, Widdlemedown, RaisingHolyHell, Sistersatan, Treasure, Joylessboy, Kidnapyourself, Prythemelon.
2005 releases- Corporate RockStar, WireHangerBaby, HeavensComingDown, LostDaughter, Hybrid, EnviromentalTerrorist, MyBeloved, Replaced, WitchHunt, FuckFame, Swan&TheStarryVault, AtomicLove, ScreamingFairy's, ToxicAngel, BrokenButterfulyDreams, MotherofMercy,
2004 releases- Unknown host, Red honey, Flesh Flower, Dragon Queen, Omega Theorem and the fair Maiden Voyage, God is a girl, La La Land, Mechanical heart, Spacepagan and Radioactive, HathorsSister,
1997-2000 https://www.tradebit.comriorsofmakebelieve,https://www.tradebit.cometic music for the people.

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Lyrics for Brain The Soul

Wicked Smart

Oh give me the power to renew and regenerate. Oh the power reverse time, and the power subdue and dissiminate evil and darkness, give me the power purge, purify and enlighten. Wicked Smart. Oh give me the power of fame and glory, the power of seduction, sex and beauty. to manipulate the source of all energy, to manipulate me only Me manipulate myself. I want to be wicked smart. I want to manipulate energy for me, just to see if I can walk through this wall, just to see if I can stand real tall, just to see if I can fly, fly FLY! Oh!
I don't want to be sad anymore. I am so tired of being a depressed little whore. Oh give me the power of beauty, oh give me the power of love, oh give me the power of mystery. I want to be wicked smart! WICKED SMARTA!

Glass and steal

Cars of drugs and stuff we conceal so we don't ever have to feel second skin won't beat me up. Car of metal and plastic and glass and steal. I'm in love with your car. Pin me not against the wheel, pain of isolation is real, second skin inside and within, Mother Fighter won't give in. glass and steal, I'm in love with your car. Don't play with boys! Nothing can be true weather, your the one like neal's son of a gun. Daughter of noise don't play with boys just breath and sing on everything you know. Glass and steal, I'm in love with your car! So you can listen inside your car, never alone but far, driving my second skin. Oh Identity theft! Right and left, the cold gasosline in my engine in never clean! Never clean! When nothing is driving, when noone is hiding, I mean everything I say. Glass and steal, I don't want to be my car, I don't want you to love my car, I don't want you to love me for my car!

Brain The Soul

I feel so empowered by your wrong actions, so used and abused, I quess that's how you like them, but you can't seem to break me even when you rape me, you can't seem to crack me and even when you track me, every look and every sigh ever thought of every guy, just to catch a glimpse of my love for you, that's all you live for, some sort of approval, some edge of foreplay, some have and some have not. But with me the one you cannot crack, you say hey what's the game you say this way. Hey what's the game, how do you know how to PLAY! If you won't play I say, you will do it anyways, It's not important for me to win, besides it's all just repetition, every time it's worked for me, so why waste my time on winning every battle, when I can win the war. Hey what's the game, what's the game, how do you know how to play. It brains the soul of all it knows, It plagues the mind and seeds it so and watches me with mean eyes and grows cold. My way is better I figured it out, my game is common and not far out. I just play the game and that's how I win.

Don't Come Home

Freedom is a costly thing once you found your dream of love. But what can we say god damn I never thought out loud I never did so.. Don't come Home! Thinking out loud will get you into trouble the costly desicions we make, and now your the one crying for your one treasured mistake. Don't come home! To send the heart of a ruined relationship, the stars have no path so why should we, so tender and true but what's the use, we had no clue, no clue and Don't Come HOME! You just might find some cyanid in your coffee, you just might find I'll pick up that knife and cut your dick off, you just might find I'm not so kind if you fuck me over, you shouldn't have thought me so weak in the knees, when I asked you so politely please don't fuck with me. But you took my kindness as weakness and now I'm killing you.


The self representation of a masochistic person, so unworthy, guilty, rejected deserving of punishment. I am mistreated.I am a moral masochistic, suffering your scorn and those lesser mortals who cannot endure, oh tribulation, my tribulation. Enjoying my suffering. I am mistreated! But there is a sly smile, so sadistic pleasure in defaming my tormentors, attaching to my suffering, they fight back by not fighting back, savoring my victory! I am mistreated. So damn massochistic, love being mistreated. Self defeating patterns.

Lunatic of love

You should be in a mental institution the way you love a woman and then tear her eyes out to skull fuck her! Lunatic! You fucking lunatic, you witch of a man, you womanizer now your a lunatic! Lunatic! I should be so lucky to win you over, you play so hard I think your my lover, your wound so tight I think that you might crack, Oh I give you a whisper and you just might whack the bitch who loves you hey! Your driving me crazy! When all I want to love you daddy, why else are we here, when all I want is to love you baby, Why else are here You make me crazy with all your dreams I THINK THEREFORE I AM! Lunatic! Oh your just a lunatic of love! Witch of a man!


One of the most striking aspects with people with scitzo personalities is their disregard for conventional social expectations, in dramatic contrast to narrasistic personalities. Schizoid! A scitzo may be markedly indifferent to the effect he or she has on others and to evaluate responses coming from those in the outside world. Compliance and conformity go against the grain for the schizoid person. Schizoid! Even when they see some expediency in fitting in, they tend to feel awkward and even fraudulent making social chitchat and participating in communal forms, regarding them as essentially contrived and artificial. The scitzo stands at a safe distance from the rest of humanity! Someone with schizoid dynamics self esteem is often maintained by individual
Creative activity issues of personal integrity and self expression tend to dominate the self evaluative concerns, where psychopaths pursue evidence of personal power, the narcissist seek admiring feed back to nourish self regard. The scitzo person wants confirmation of his or her genuine originality sensitivity and uniqueness this confirmation must be internally rather than externally bestowed and because of their high standards for creative endeavors schizoid people are often rigorelesly self critical. They may take a pursuit of authenticity to such extreme length that their isolation and demoralization are virtually guaranteed. The alienation of contemporary people from the communal sensibility reflects the demonstrative perspective of the 20th century. Attitudes of alienation, detachment, rationality and irrationality gone virtually mad!

God help me know

Oh what is this life, Iâm afraid to die. God help me now. Oh Iâm so afraid to dance, but if I donât I may loose my chance. God help me know, god help me now. Oh I donât know, Oh I canât see. God help me now.

Corporate death

Death is the thing that we all win in the end. We ignore till the whore of love and sin letâs us in until the clock of time and we fuck to the rhythm, never mind my trash mouth. Irresponsible, blablabla, fuck corporate death. I wonât repeat myself again, how can I no one else knows the rhythm Iâm in. Go ahead and peal my head, steal my bed and make me bleed in the cold so I can grow old, thereâs a wrinkle another wrinkle another wrinkle. Fuck corporate death. Stars are out again, shining twinkling again, heal my mother. Coca cola on the streets and pepsi sprite I think the sugar is in my eyes, pain pill a corporate slave. Corporate slave. Blablabla, fuck corporate death. Star are out again, shining twinkling again, heal my mother.

At Deaths Door

Oh if youâre dying, then why donât you stop trying. Why where when how and what your experiencing. Youâre at deathâs door. You are dying, I think your falling, I think your expiring in extremes, so extremes...Your at deaths door, your at deaths door, your at deaths doorâ¦You keep dying on me. You canât know, I know you donât long for this world. Donât stop trying, NEVER STOP.

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