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MP3 Henry P. Middlebrook - Vote! Vote your self Out, Or leave yourself In!

I am, The Team Captain, Supreme Ambassador to the Federation of Planets and The Negotiator for the Planet Earth.

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Vote Vote your self Out Or leave yourself In!

So lets just call this My Team Captain''s Response to DR Steven Greer and Michael E. Salla, PhD. My Team Captain Responses!
The Documentations/Answers to of the Most importing questions asked and contested below.

DR Greer claims that his database of 450 military, government, and corporate whistleblower cases do not support the idea that extraterrestrials are engaging in such human rights violations, nor that some extraterrestrials have reached agreements with covert government agencies. He boldly claims that "not a single one of these insiders can confirm the xenophobic rumors proffered by Salla."

Greers explicitly refers to his database of 450 whistleblower cases as the source for his exopolitical view that extraterrestrials visiting Earth are exclusively benign advanced civilizations sincerely desiring humanity to evolve into a mature, sovereign and independent galactic species.

He has maintained that a nefarious and injurious group of ETs have made a secret pact with covert humans - and have a harmful agenda towards the human race." This, and more. The Disclosure Project has over 450 military, government and corporate insiders who have first-hand knowledge of actual UFO/ET events and projects. We find it odd that not a single one of these insiders can confirm the xenophobic rumors proffered by Salla."

[see: https://www.tradebit.com ].

On the Other hand as Noted by Michael E. Salla, PhD and Others.

This can be easily demonstrated by the case of Lt Col Philip Corso who is prominently featured as a Disclosure Project Witness, and is arguably the most widely known and significant whistleblower to ever emerge in UFO research. According to Greer, Corso did not confirm that some extraterrestrials were engaging in activities that violated individual rights which for Greer Are xenophobic claims. That is a gross misrepresentation of Col Corso''s position as evidenced in statements such as the following in his soon to be published private notes: ... the aliens have shown a callous indifference concerning their victims. Their behavior has been insidious and it appears they might be using our earth and manipulating earth life. Skeptics will excuse them that possibly they are benevolent and want to help, however, there is no evidence they have healed anyone or alleviated human ailments. On the other hand, they have caused pain, suffering and even death (https://www.tradebit.com ).

DR Michael E. Salla, PhD. You said According to and In addition to Corso who claims that the government had been forced into a "negotiated surrender" with extraterrestrials!

Is that statement True or Not True?

That''s the real question to ponder on! So I am presenting The Team Captain Documentation to clear up both those questions and Statements. Now About That Negotiated surrender Question and the Choice presented to us as the people of the world?

PROMO 29:22. The Team Captain Meet and Speaks To The World

Harrdrawk (Harry D.)
11/22/2003 5:06 am EST GLP Forum
Re: Mystery Of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!IMPORTANT!!!
Fly- by would be a helicopter visit from growling PTB. I´ve decided I´m not on their list of worries yet.

Okay, here it is. I printed it and it takes more than a full page if you keep it all. Feel free to alter any of this. It reveals what little I know about the science end. It´s me asking the questions I want someone to answer. Good Luck and don´t laugh.


As you may or may not be aware, a relatively unknown Public Internet Forum known as Godlike Productions has recently produced what appears to be a growing number of accessible links depicting unsanctioned biological and chemical exercises being conducted on Human Subjects with numbers for names, even as you read this. A topic Thread entitled -- "Mystery of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!Important!!!" and authored by a man from the Netherlands, who uses the Moniker HUMAN SUBJECT #58-001 has attracted various informants from within the Government and Military who are risking their lives to, not only make the public and fellow patriots aware, but also to, {for lack of a better term}, Save The World.

Among the many fearful participants in these unethical research programs is a retired Naval Microbiologist named Dr. Dan Burisch, who was missing and presumed dead. Arrangements were made by certain courageous contacts on the inside to allow the living Dr. to be interviewed on a Yahoo site with web cam, by at least 3 (three) different members of the GLP Forum. These personal interviews appear on pages Vol 1 47-49 {starting at page 47 "dondep" 11/13/2003 3:09 am EST} of the Burisch Thread for your review and consideration. (More interviews at => "Libraries")

Within the 75 + (Seventy-five +PLUS)(11/22/2003) pages of the Burisch Thread, there are compelling revelations about the signed treaties currently being honored between Human Beings and Extraterrestrial Visitors. The ET presence and cover-up is discussed behind the scenes in a startling matter-of-fact manner, by at least two opposing Factions. Dialogue reveals that the Faction hailing from the darker side would like to obtain permission to increase abductions rates to 10,000,000 (yes, ten million) humans per year, in addition to gaining possession of something called the "LOTUS". This secret treaty, (known as the T9 Treaty in the ET and black-ops community), is allegedly up for renewal shortly. Given the likelihood of an alien presences and in view of such claims, shouldn´t Voters be allowed to decide the parameter of such a treaty? What do you say? Is it okay if we ,(meaning the members of the peaceful faction),give up the Lotus Protocol, and allow an increase in fellow human abductions in the name of peaceful cohabitation?? Or is the abduction quota they now have enough?

The Premise Of Spiritual Warfare In Relation to Alien Abductions. https://www.tradebit.com
By Wesley M. Clark.

A key to understanding the premise of spiritual warfare is to understand there are generally two types of Christian; "talk the talk," and "walk the walk." The "talk the talk" Christian is carnally minded, nodding mental ascent to Christian concepts and principles, but either chooses not to, or has never learned how to apply them in his personal life, navigating his way through life his own way via the senses realm. The "walk the walk" Christian on the other hand is a Spirit filled Christian who has developed a relationship with Jesus Christ on an individual level and applies Spiritual principles in his personal life and is led by the Spirit in every situation. The data gathered so far indicates that each and every human being is potentially open to spiritual manipulation and deception by the enemy. A "talk the talk" Christian can, knowingly or not, open up doors to the enemy, but a "walk the walk" Christian, if confronted by the enemy, knows the power of the Spirit and knows how to wield it against the enemy, so the enemy seldom waste their time on "walk the walk" Christians. "Talk the talk" Christians make for an easier target.

You know DR Michael E. Salla, I also get that feeling of déjà vu in an earlier CD X-File story, the Conversation on the Duck Tape and the saran wrap theory, and the U. S. President order for us all to pray for 250 hours a year to destroy evil. But is it, "Prayer, I mean" Really Just a theory?

Decision, decisions, decisions those personal free will decisions/choice to make.

Only thing to do, make the choice to vote, Then Vote!

More? Understand the choices,. Is Understanding All The Team Captain X-Files! There is No short Cut!

Your Opinions?

[email protected]://www.tradebit.com

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